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This page is for general guesses about the series. For guesses about specific installments of the series, see below.

The books shift between parallel realities.

It explains the inconsistencies we see throughout the series. Such as names being changed characters color schemes and eye color being different. What characters know and don’t know ect. It might also explain why the series is getting weirder as it goes on.


Greystripe is a reincaration of Grey Wing.

Think about it, they are both grey, they both have mates with one word in their names (Millie and Slate), and they are both friends of a thing that makes fire. The problem with this is that Grey Wing lives in WindClan while Greystripe lives in ThunderClan, but I think Grey Wing's spirit moved because living in WindClan was too hard.

When she dies, Hollyleaf will be reincarnated as Hermione Granger.

Hermione and Hollyleaf both start out as rule-abiding goody-goodies, which eventually lands both of them in trouble, but Hermione, after being saved by a pair of apparent rule-breakers, quickly learns and accepts that rules are sometimes meant to be broken, while Hollyleaf has a heart murmur at the mere mention of it. Also, Hermione is best friends with Harry Potter, who wields a Holly wand, though this could be a coincidence. They both presumably feel insecure and out of place where they are because of their heritages (Hollyleaf is a half WindClan ThunderClanner and Hermione is a muggle-born witch) and appear to crave respect. Also, black cats are often classically associated with witches as familiars, and Hermione's familiar also just happens to be a cat.


The main propose of the rebirth is to see if Hollyleaf's spirit can do better on a similar path a second time, and make better choices. It makes the final leap of faith in delving towards the end of their respective arches to when they face their supposedly disgraceful heritages, in which Hollyleaf fails by lashing out and betraying her so-called 'code'. Hermione however, succeeds with flying colors by boldly declaring that she is proud to be a 'mudblood'.

Ashfur was drowning when Hollyleaf found him.
Even though she wanted him to die, Hollyleaf cared a lot about the warrior code. So, she tried to save him. but, because she wanted him dead, but she also had to obey the warrior code, she got confused and ended up biting him in the throat instead of trying to pick him up. seeing that he was dead, she let him float down the river instead of bringing him back and being blamed.

Leafpool and Ashfur were actually somehow connected
If Ashfur was training in the Dark Forest *more likely forcibly, Hawkfrost and all*, he showed no signs of it. It would also explain part of the psycotic breakdown as well. Leafpool may have felt bad for him because she treated his wounds from the fights. Beats the 'he was a good warrior' excuse, anyway.

ThunderClan is the USA.
Acceptance of diversity and outcasts? Interfering in other clans businesses? Most varied land of all the clans? It all makes sense now! No idea who the other clans would be though.
  • I would find it very amusing if ShadowClan was Russia.
  • I think ThunderClan is the Good old US of A, WindClan is Great Britain, RiverClan is Germany, and ShadowClan is Russia.

One or more of the characters is a Time Lord.
  • Heavystep!
  • Rock! And the stick is his TARDIS!
    • And he gives his TARDIS stick to Jayfeather, who becomes a Time Lord and should introduce time travel to Stormfur, who will also be a Time Lord! Rock, Jayfeather, and Stormfur will all have their own sticks, and will all be Time Travellers.

Ravenpaw is Scourge's Son.
After browsing the allegiances in Into the Wild, you may notice that there were no black tomcats in Thunderclan besides Ravenpaw. Who's another black cat? Scourge.
  • So Firestar is Ravenpaw's uncle...?
  • Jossed, Ravenpaw's father is Fuzzypelt. It was confirmed on Vicky's Facebook.

Alternately, Scourge and Sandstorm mated.
Squirrelflight and Leafpool are, in fact, Scourge's daughters. This would explain Squirrelflight's one white paw- something that has only been shared by Scourge- as well as her personality. It also might account for Hollyleaf's murderous tendencies. Since the three are still Firestar's kin, (distantly) the prophecy still works.
  • Actually, since Firestar and Scourge are half-brothers, the white paw was probably just a gene given by their father, Jake, though he wasn't mentioned to have had a white paw. Theory still works, though.
    • Doesn't really when you consider the timeline (or biology), though. A cat's pregnancy lasts two months/moons. We can estimate that Firestar and Sandstorm left, let's say a week after the epic battle. Traveling and rebuilding SkyClan, together, must have taken at least a moon or two, perhaps more. Sandstorm showed no signs of plumpness throughout Firestar's Quest, so Squirrelflight and Leafpool must have been conceived long after Scourge was dead. Word Of God dismissed the theory herself, although this is WMG, so...
      • And the Hollyleaf thing doesn't really make sense. Hollyleaf rabidly supports the Warrior Code, whereas Scourge is pitted against it. Plus, Hollyleaf went mad out of fundamental insanity, which made her murderous, and Scourge just dedicated his life to getting back at Tigerstar. Although, this could've been an intense plot point if it were true.

StarClan cats are powerful enough to alter the fabric of reality.
  • And this is what allows them to walk in cats' dreams, enter the living world, and such like that.

Jay's Wing is Skystar.
  • When Jayfeather went into the tunnels and came out in the place of Jay's Wing, Jay's Wing had to have gone somewhere, right? But clearly he didn't go to Jayfeather's era—someone would have noticed a copy of Jayfeather wandering around and smacking into trees, wailing "I'm blind!" Clearly, Jay's Wing was sent to a time where he was never reincarnated; he would have forced another reincarnation to some other era if he had (Sense? What's that?). And we've no idea what Skystar was like (though it would be safe to assume that he's a grayish color, judging by his name), right? Then perhaps Jay's Wing was dumped into the time of the early Clans, passing through the lake area...
    • Jossed by Sign of the Moon. Jayfeather is explicitly a reincarnation of Jay's Wing.
    • Jossed by Warrior Cats Dawn Of The Clans, Skystar is definitely his own cat.
  • Jayfeather isn't a reincarnation of Jay's Wing: they're the same cat in a Stable Time Loop created by Rock. This can only mean that: Rock is a Time Lord and the stick is his TARDIS!
  • How do we know Jay's Wing went anywhere except the ancient cats' equivalent of StarClan?
  • Also jossed by the Dawn of the Clans arc, where we meet Clear Sky, and the authors confirmed that he is the founder of SkyClan.

We haven't seen the last of Ashfur.
  • Though fans have asked where he went after dying, Vicky has been almost as vague as she has with Hollyleaf's status of existence. As "villains" go, he was fairly pathetic, lasting about three chapters. You've also got Leafpool's outpouring of emotion for him, which was so strong that Jayfeather thought she was in love, but gets handwaved in the next book as being "Oh, he was a loyal warrior and I'm sad he's dead." Plus, if Hollyleaf really does come back as a villain in the next series, it would make sense for the only one she actually killed so far to make a reappearance from StarClan or TPoNS.
    • In addition to the above, when This Troper used the Warriors email address to ask him where he went, he told her that a twoleg named Vicky told him not to say.
      • But isn't the Warriors email address run by fans, and unofficial?

StarClan grew bored one day, and decided to give Heavystep nine lives.
  • Why else would he die so frequently, only to return the next book? Perhaps StarClan found it to be too tedious to toss out prophecies. So they convinced a med cat or two to lug him to the Moonstone/Moonpool and let them give him nine lives. They figured he'd never do anything rash, so there would be no harm. Whenever he died of one illness or another, he'd escape and return to RiverClan, who may or may not have been on the secret. StarClan had the benefit of screwing with everyone's minds, and for once in their afterlives they got to do something For the Evulz.
    • Frequently? He only came back once, after his greencough in Sunset. In fact, he only makes one non-Allegiances appearance after Sunset, and disappears from the Allegiances altogether after Power of Three. There are possibly two other cats (at least) that have come back once as well: Smokepaw/Smokefoot (fell off a cliff in Dawn), and Tornear (who was mentioned in The Darkest Hour as "lying motionless" while it mentions that the Clans have sustained losses in the BloodClan battle.)
      • He was an elder then, and had likely lost 7 of his lives by that time. After all, you don't get the name "Hevystep" by being agile and quick. And it was confirmed Smokepaw and Smokefoot are two different characters.
      • I thought Tornear was dead too, but he could have randomly been unconscious.

'Code of the Clans' and 'Rise of Scourge' were written by Unreliable Narrators.
  • 'Rise of Scourge' is Scourge's maddened attempt to justify his actions and make himself look harmless in his own eyes. His 'real' rise to power was much more sinister. First of all, "the dog saw his shadow and thought he was a monster?" If you believe that, I've got a bridge I'd like to sell you. Second, it's clear that Rise of Scourge skirts over the culture of fear portrayed by Barley (and who are you going to believe, the kindly old hermit with nothing at stake or the murderous dictator?) — who's to say it didn't skirt over more?
    • As a matter of fact, I think you may be on to something. When the manga side stories were written, most things that were presented were taken out because cats appeal to younger audiences right? The main canon telling of Tigerpaw attacking Tiny was far more violent than presented in the manga. Then again, Scourge probably told this version as at first, may have wanted to gain his first followers out of pity taking advantage of being a kit all on his own.
  • 'Code of the Clans', on the other hand, is presented by Leafpool to an unnamed loner. For a start, there's a natural instinct to portray one's lifestyle in a positive way (for example, the way the questionable rule demanding absolute allegiance to the leader is portrayed as being a mistake made in the name of a crazy leader) showing. And look at the story explaining the dangers of cross-Clan relationships. On one level, this is just the basic story told to kits; it's been passed down for generations, and is probably skewed a little in order to convince kits not to emulate the behaviour shown. On another, it's also coloured by Leafpool's own experiences. We all know how her cross-Clan affair ended. Also, observe the way Darkstripe's eating prey before feeding the elders (a crime committed by Firestar in book one) is shown to be Darkstripe's first step on the path to darkness. How would Leafpool even know anything about that? At best, it's third hand, with Longtail telling it to Leafpool (and would he do that?), or made up out of whole cloth.

Pinestar is Firestar's father.
  • Pinestar had a reddish pelt and green eyes like Firestar. It has also been commented many times that Firestar has true heart of a warrior and is naturally gifted in hunting and fighting. This would then make Firestar, Scourge, and Tigerstar all half-brothers....
    • This has been disproved by Word Of God, though.
      • Although the idea was suggested by a fan shortly before the release of Bluestar's Prophecy, to which Vicky replied she wished she had thought up the idea...
      • Wait, when he became a kittypet, maybe his name changed to Jake?
    • No, because Jake showed up in the same book.
    • Jossed. Tallstar’s Revenge confirms that Jake is Firestar’s father.

Flametail is going to die.
  • It's been said that Night Whispers will be in his point of view. The blurb for the book says one cat will make a stand for what's right, but at a price. This may mean that Flametail will try to stop something bad from happening and get killed for his troubles.
    • Actually in Night Whispers he drowns while playing cat hockey.

Sol is a robot.
  • Think about it: he never expresses any emotion other than fleeting rage, he's charming for no explainable reason (as is R. Daneel Olivaw of the Foundationverse, another famously realistic robot), and he knew that an eclipse would happen when NO ONE ELSE DID (this suggests that he was programmed with eclipse schedules for the British Isles). All of this can only point to one thing: Sol was built by R. Daneel and then sent through the Foundationverse-Warriors trans-continuity vortex to bring about the rise of Galaxia!

Sol is a member of the Dark Forest incarnate.
  • (Think Cinderpelt, but he remembers everything.) This could be the reason he knew the eclipse was going to happen and why he tried to stop ShadowClan from believing in StarClan, so he could recruit warriors for the Dark Forest. Also why he knows so much about StarClan; he probably used to live next door to them.
    • If you don't believe in StarClan, you don't go to the Dark Forest.

Sol has XXY genetics and Redtail is a functional hermaphorditic chimeria
They are both male calicos (Well Sol is a tortie). Male Torties are rare, and virile ones are rarer.- The only way that Redtail could have the colouring he does and have sired offspring is that. It's quite possible, it means that when before he was born he had a sister who was developing next to him. However their fetuses merged at a very early stage. It ended up with mostly her body and the reproductive parts of both a male and female cat. However he identifies fully as male.

Swiftbreeze and Robinwing are littermates.
  • Robinwing, a brown she-cat with a ginger splash on her chest had Frostfur (white she-cat) and Brindleface (grey tabby). Swiftbreeze is tabby-and-white. It's safe to assume that she's a grey tabby, since some of her kits are variations of grey or black. Frostfur and Brindleface seem to look more like Swiftbreeze than their actual mother. It could just be the father's genetics, of course, but these two being sisters seems to be a reasonable assumption.
    • Swiftbreeze is actually a brown tabby. She probably has a gray-furred gene considering that her cousins Moonflower and Bluestar are both gray.

Rainwhisker was Molepaw's mentor.
  • Upon drawing up a list of all possible mentors for Molepaw, this troper concluded that Rainwhisker was the only option. Brambleclaw, Dustpelt, Sandstorm, Brackenfur, Cloudtail, Thornclaw, Ashfur and Spiderleg all had apprentices at the time; Brook and Stormfur were still getting used to the forest, making them unsuitable mentors; Sorreltail and Brightheart were said to have never had apprentices; Leafpool has never mentioned an apprentice that came before Hollyleaf; Ferncloud and Daisy are more or less full-time queens; and Firestar seems to only take on special cases. The only cats to have ever brought up Molepaw are his parents and sisters, and no one has ever mourned him as a mentor would. Rainwhisker and Molepaw both died in between the second and third arcs. For this theory to work, Molepaw would have died before Rainwhisker, since he would need a replacement mentor if Rainwhisker died first.

Rock was using Jayfeather.
  • Yellowfang said that when dead cats were forgotten by everyone they fade away. Rock lured cats into the tunnels and showed Jayfeather the stick in the hopes that they would find and remember him and the other cats who had died in the tunnels so they wouldn't disappear. On page 161 of Dark River the stick says "Thank you, Jaypaw. We will be remembered as long as you guard us."
    • Or maybe the stick was really a horcrux and Rock was really alive, and that's why he grew so wretched- living for hundreds of years with no food in a cave. And no, WMGs don't have to make sense.

Sharptooth escaped from a zoo.
  • Mountain lions are not native to Britain, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Warriors has to be on "an island in the middle of the Atlantic". Sharptooth could have escaped from a zoo in any of the three known Twolegplaces, and found its way to the mountains (the closest thing it would find to familiar territory).
    • I subscribe to this theory!
    • Doesn't explain the wolves, though.
    • They escaped too!
      • Or it was some kind of reintroduction program to return wolves to Europe, like with the beavers.

Sharptooth is literally a living legend.
  • While I actually wondered about the above WMG, I remembered some research I did studying cats. Back in ancient times in England there actually used to be cave lions LIVING there. But studies hint that they may have been hunted to extinction. Sharptooth may have been descended from one of those ancient cave lions that have somehow managed to survive extinction.

Hollyleaf will kill Leafpool in the next series, whether Hollyleaf is dead or not.
  • My thinking is that Tigerstar was able to injure Lionblaze even though Tigerstar is a ghost. So, why wouldn't Hollyleaf be able to kill Leafpool? She almost killed her once already.
  • Jossed. Hollyleaf forgives her and dies not long afterward.

Hollyleaf left the yarrow outside the camp in Night Whispers.
  • When she was an medicine cat apprentice, in The Sight, Hollypaw didn't know tansy from yarrow. She then became a warrior apprentice, so she wouldn't have gotten any more training in herbs. Tansy would have been useful to Jayfeather. Hollyleaf tried to help (from wherever she is, living or dead) but got the wrong herb.
    • She might have left the squirrel, too. And it might not have been help: it could have been signalling Squirrelflight and Leafpool, the two cats we can be fairly sure Hollyleaf will most want to destroy.
  • Proven and a tad dis-proven in The Forgotten Warrior when somebody asks "Wait was it you who left the Yarrow?" Hollyleaf:"Yes I overheard that you needed it so I went to find some" (Not exact word for sadly I don't have the book at the moment but this was proven)

Lionblaze will kill Breezepelt
  • First, Firestar killed his half-brother Scourge. Then, Brambleclaw killed his half-brother Hawkfrost. Since Lionblaze and Breezepelt are also half-brothers, they might continue the pattern...
    • Don't forget about Graystripe and Darkstripe!
    • Jossed. It doesn't happen in The Last Hope, and Breezepelt is still alive and well at the end of Bramblestar's Storm, with his own apprentice.

Minnowtail is Hawkfrost's kit, or at least she thinks she is.
  • We haven't seen much of Minnowtail, it's true, but from what we do see of her she doesn't really seem like the kind of viciously ambitious/vengeful cat who'd want to take over the Clans, like Breezepelt is or Hawkfrost was. It's possible she just thinks she's getting extra training, like Lionpaw thought, but now that there are all the other Dark Forest "apprentices", some of whom are outspokenly enthusiastic about the plot to take over, she would've realized sooner or later. But if Hawkfrost has told her he's her dad, then she might figure she has to be on his side.
  • Also, Minnowtail and her two siblings have much darker pelts than their pale-gray mom, Dawnflower, and two of them are tabbies, which Dawnflower is not. Hawkfrost is a dark brown tabby.
  • Even if Hawkfrost isn't actually Minnowtail's dad, Hawkfrost might tell her that he was, to recruit her. If Dawnflower never told who her mate was (and as this was back at the beginning of New Prophecy, when queens didn't have to tell, she may very well not have), then Minnowtail wouldn't know any different, and would probably believe him.

Thrushpelt and One-eye are Robinwing's kits.
  • Both are a shade of grey; Thrushpelt is sandy grey, while One-eye is pale grey. Robinwing's daughter, Brindleface, is grey, and her other daughter, Frostfur, has a grey kit, Cinderpelt. Thrushpelt is said to have only been a warrior for a quarter moon when introduced in Bluestar's Prophecy, and losing her sight in one eye would have caused Whitepaw's training to be postponed until she was fit enough to continue. The only other cat we know in this age range is Dappletail, who seems to have been One-eye's Heterosexual Life-Partner.
    • Jossed. However, they are foster siblings.

Rock and Jayfeather are the same cat
  • Jayfeather taught the Ancients how to be like the Tribe, and stayed with them, becoming their first Stoneteller and changing his name to 'Rock', as a tribute to his spirit advisor. After his death, he became a sort of spirit guide to his past self, who lived in the future. In the process, he created a Stable Time Loop much like the one mentioned in the "Jay's Wing is Skystar" theory, where Jayfeather would travel back in time and start the whole process again. I know, I'm probably either eccentric or plain out of my mind, but WMG doesn't have to make sense...

There will be a movie!
    • But Vicky will supervise it, thus pleasing the Unpleasable Fanbase, beyond what they would already be complaining about.
    • As of 2015, there are sadly no plans to make a movie.
    • If they do they had better NOT screw it up and make it something suitable for just kids. Considering how the books are distributed in SOME shops.

Spottedleaf is afraid of fading away, so she's trying to prevent it.
  • Yellowfang mentions in Fading Echoes that StarClan cats fade away when they are completely forgotten. Spottedleaf knows about this, and so she appears to as many cats as she can so that she isn't forgotten. After all, the living cats alone that have seen her in StarClan are Firestar, Sandstorm (FQ), Echosong (FQ), Leafstar (FQ/SD), Leafpool, Squirrelflight (Dawn), Daisy's kits (if you count them in Sunset), Willowshine (Sunset), Poppyfrost (The Sight), and Ravenpaw (Shattered Peace). With as many cats as possible remembering her and talking about her to their Clanmates, she's guaranteed to stick around for a while.
    • Spottedleaf ends up fading permanently in The Last Hope after being killed by Mapleshade.

Cat's reincarnate when they fade.
  • When a cat dies, they go to SC/DF. When everyone living forgets about them, they fade away. But what happens then?
My theory is that they are reincarnated as a similar cat, with no memories of their former life. However, since this takes a long time, nobody is aware of it.
  • Author Kate Cary supports this theory, at least for cats of importance, but there is no proof for it... yet

The "lion and tiger" prophecy in The Darkest Hour was really talking about what would happen if the Clans didn't join together to defeat BloodClan.
  • "Four will become two" obviously means that the Clans will divide. "Lion and Tiger will meet in battle" means that the divided Clans will meet and battle. "and Blood will rule the forest" means that BloodClan would take advantage of the battle and take over the forest.

It's All Just a Dream and only when Firestar loses his final life will it manifest
  • The reason for the series getting weirder and having more weird prophecies is Rusty is still at Twolegplace dreaming, he'll only wake up when Firestar "dies".
    • Jossed.

Mapleshade is still taking revenge on her mate's bloodline.
  • Two of the RiverClan Dark Forest trainees are Hollowpaw and Minnowtail. Hollowpaw is the apprentice of Reedwhisker, Mistystar's son. Minnowtail is the daughter of Dawnflower, who is likely one of Mistystar's kits, due to the fact that she became an apprentice in the same book that Mistyfoot went back to her warrior duties. Mapleshade will use them to take advantage of her mate's bloodline.

Sol is a shapeshifter.
This is why he was able to predict the eclipse- he found out about it as a human.
  • Jossed. He found out about it via Midnight.

One of Stormfur and Brook's kits will grow up to take a ShadowClan or SkyClan mate.
Stormfur has ancestry from three of the Clans (RiverClan, obviously, ThunderClan, and, according to Crookedstar's Promise, WindClan (Crookedstar's mate had a WindClan father); his kits will also have Tribe blood. One of them ends up taking either a ShadowClan or SkyClan warrior for a mate (this troper's money is on ShadowClan, since SkyClan appearing by the end of OotS is doubtful). The next arc after the prequel series will center around either Stormfur and Brook's grandchild, who will end up becoming mates with a SkyClan cat, or the child of said pairing; the prophecy for that series will involve a 'child of all the Clans,' a.k.a. a kit with ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, RiverClan, SkyClan and Tribe ancestry.
  • Greystripe's mother was Spottedleaf's sister, so the kits already have SkyClan blood.

The three are result of StarClan's attempt to create Kwisatz Haderach.
To do this, they needed to combine fresh blood of a kittypet, ThunderClan and SkyClan, and the chosen had to be born from a medicine cat. Spottedleaf was cat originally chosen for this task, which is why she had shown interest in Fireheart, but after her death they needed somebody else. Since Cinderpelt didn't have the SkyClan blood, StarClan asked her to convince Fireheart to mate with Sandstorm, and to train one of their daughters as a medicine cat. Spottedleaf watched over Leafpool to make sure that she would fulfill StarClan's plan of kwisatz haderach, which succeeds, giving birth to the three.

Firestar is the ancestor of Puss in Boots.
They're both red-pelted and heroic. At least, I think Puss is heroic, i haven't read the story.

Bluestar was never mentally stable
Look at the depression she goes through when Moonflower dies. And again with Snowfur. She is easily wracked with grief, her belifs shaken. I'm no psychiatrist, so I don't know where that stands in between "Easily grief-stricken personality" and "Mentally reliant on those one is close to". Her beliefs and trusts are, and always were, fluid.

Sol and Rock are the Dark Forest and StarClan Founders Respectively
This explains why Sol always trolls everyone, and why Rock knows so much. They're founders! (This also makes Sol the Big Bad, which does make a lot of sense.)

Scourge's Soul Is...
  • Floating around, waiting for a newborn cat with a tragic future to take over.
  • In human hell, as Satan's right hand man.
    • Not likely, "Hell would have had the cat as its courier, could it have converted feline pride"
  • Already reincarnated.
    • Reincarnated as Sol.
    • Reincarnated as Hollyleaf.
    • Reincarnated as Jayfeather's stick.
    • Reincarnated as Cipher
  • Patiently waiting to make his comeback in Bramblestar's Storm.
  • Anything else?
    • Yes I have one, living near the forest he probably heard the legends and all but never fully realized that they may have been true until he saw proof of it. This may be hinted where it shows him killing Tigerstar. Perhaps because of the legends, he created a move that would cause more than nine fatalities for just in case reasons. But then again he was somewhat surprised when Firestar came back, but this could have also confirmed it for him. He may be drifting around somewhere between the Dark Forest and StarClan.

Warrior cats takes place in the same universe as Cats
It is just that Cats takes place in London while Warriors takes place in the countryside.

Sol has nothing to do with the Dark Forest
Sol is trying to persuade everyone away from StarClan. I'm pretty sure that he doesn't believe in StarClan. Thing is, if you don't believe in StarClan, you don't believe in the Dark Forest.

Firestar is descended from ThunderClan's first leader, Thunder.
On the Warrior Cats wiki, Thunder is described as strong, courageous and determined. Hmmm. He also has fur like autumn leaves. Reddish, perhaps? Obviously, before becoming a leader, Thunder mated with a pretty kittypet queen. A few generations later, and Jake was born. Why Jake? Well, one, that's where Firestar gets his fur color from and two, Jake, Firestar and Scourge were all drawn to the forest.

Lionblaze will end up being leader of ThunderClan.
Since Word Of God says that Brambleclaw won't end up being the leader, we can assume that he's going to die before Firestar does. Considering how long Firestar's been leader, and that after Omen of the Stars ends the next series will be about the beginning of the Clans, this troper will be highly surprised if Firestar doesn't end up dying, initiating a End Of An Era moment. Brambleclaw will die in the fifth book; considering that Lionblaze is part of a prophecy and seems like the best choice, Firestar will appoint him as deputy. In the last book, Firestar dies, Lionblaze has an Awesome Moment of Crowning, and this section of the Clans' history ends with the Clans continuing on with their lives.
  • Actually, I read the fifth book, and nobody dies. However, there's still room in the 6th. Probably during the great Dark Forest Battle, they'll both die, and Lionblaze will be a last minute type thing.
  • Jossed. Brambleclaw does become leader.

Mistystar's nine lives were give by...
  • OP's list
    • Bluestar
    • Oakheart
    • Graypool
    • Mosskit
    • Stonefur
    • Leopardstar
    • Crookedstar
    • Feathertail
    • Silverstream

      • Close. Instead of Mosskit and Leopardstar, it's Rippletail and Mistyfoot's kit Perchkit.

If Lionblaze is made a leader his lives will be given by...
  • OP's list
    • Ashfur
    • Bluestar
    • Spottedleaf (Jossed, she's much too dead)
    • Firestar
    • Skywatcher
    • Wind (his ancestor)
    • Brambleclaw (if dies)
    • Molepaw
    • Yellowfang

  • Another possibility...
    • Firestar
    • Bramblestar
    • Squirrelstar (assuming she survives her mate and becomes clan leader)
    • Hollyleaf
    • Cinderpelt
    • Yellowfang
    • Feathertail
    • Bluestar
    • Lionheart

Squirrelflight Will Be ThunderClan's Next Leader
Because I find this scene hard to get out of my head. Brambleclaw preparing to make a charge on the Dark Forest that he knows is suicidal, with his last words being, "Tell Squirrelflight I love her, and that... she is the next leader!" And also, she does have good leadership qualities.
  • Jossed. She is, however, Bramblestar's deputy. The original plan, too, was to have her become leader - Brambleclaw was going to leave the Clan for fear that he'd become the next Tigerstar - but Vicky explained that she doesn't always get her way with the story, and it was changed.

Firestar will be able to visit SkyClan's version of StarClan after he dies
He gave his second life in the service of SkyClan, which 'lives' with SkyClan's warrior ancestors. This anchors him there partially, so he will be able to look in on the living SkyClan cats whenever he wants, and walk in their dreams.

The Stick works similarly to SCP-140
In the original timeline, the cats who lived in the distant past of the forest were wiped out because they refused to move. The stick was a record of this happening, and whenever Jayfeather did anything to help Fallen Leaves, the record lengthened — the first time in Dark River where five more cats were edited into the timeline, and a second time when the timeline was changed so the cats moved after all. The Tribe of Rushing Water is actually a completely different group of cats.

Each protagonist is supposed to represent a well-known sue archetype
The four protagonists are frighteningly easy to pigeonhole into Invincible Hero, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Angst Sue, and Relationship Sue respectively. This will be subverted or lampshaded at a later point.

Jayfeather's eventually going to snap and Screw Destiny
Jayfeather was forced to become a medicine cat Because Destiny Says So. Through the books, he's had to continually make sacrifices, once again Because Destiny Says So, culminating in Sign of the Moon when Rock pretty much bullied him into appointing the new Stoneteller, an action which pretty much alienated all of the ancient cats. If this continues, he's going to become so tormented that he realizes that he can fight fate after all and be much happier for it.

Lionblaze isn't invincible, he just thinks he is.
If he really can't lose in battle, then how did he get defeated by Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Breezepelt, Shredtail (almost), and Stoatpaw (granted he was trying to lose that one), and injured by a fox and a random ShadowClan warrior? The answer: he's so badass that he thinks he's invincible. His real power is his Super Deduction Skills used in The Forgotten Warrior.
  • His power isn’t that he can’t lose a battle, or super-strength or anything like that. It’s that if he tries, he cannot be injured in battle. He can still lose.

Tigerstar is Jesus
By killing him, Scourge doomed the world. Nice one, buddy.
  • Scourge must be the Anti-Christ.

And the whole "kill the halfclanners" schtick is part of his XanatosGambit to atone for his past sins.
  • Hawkfrost (aka The Dragon) & the rest of the Dark Forest are the strong-minded ones who can resist Firestar/The Antichrist's brainwashing.
    • Jayfeather will realize this, and join Tigerstar. This will seal Firestar's defeat by giving Tigerstar direct access to how his enemy thinks.

Lionblaze is Sherlock Holmes
It explains the Smart Ball in The Forgotten Warrior. Also, by the law of actor relation, this would mean that Lionblaze is Iron Man.

Scourge actually did end up in the Dark Forest
He just doesn't care about the other Dark Forest members because he believes that their schemes are doomed to fail. Also, as long as nobody sees him there, they'll think it's alright to keep telling stories about Scourge. This will ensure that he lives forever. Alternately, he has his own section of the Dark Forest, and the other Dark Forest members know better than to mess with him.

The "Sky Warriors" that Cinders was talking about weren't SkyClan
They were ninjas. Because how would Cinders how about SkyClan unless she had met Skywatcher?
  • She lived in the same area as the descendants of SkyClan. Hell, it’s possible that she herself was a descendant of SkyClan. It’s not hard to imagine that she heard stories.

The Dark Forest's Quirky Miniboss Squad will be in Dawn of the Clans
Sparrowfeather, Snowtuft, Silverhawk, Shredtail, and Maggottail have been hanging around for a while without anything in the way of backstory, but they have built up a pretty large fanbase. Even though it would mess with the already shaky laws of fading, it would be pretty neat to see them hanging around while the Clan Founders start building the Clans.
  • Jossed. The Dark Forest is not seen at all.

Lightningtail will be the Big Bad of Dawn of the Clans
Why didn't he succeed Thunder as leader? Because he was secretly evil, of course. Also, evil siblings are a thing in Warriors, and it's all but confirmed that he's Thunder's brother. And....... that's all I've got. Man, wouldn't that be cool?
  • Unless Clear Sky has a litter with another cat again, that’s not going to happen, at least on the sibling side.
    • Well, in Thunder Rising, the brother thing is confirmed, albeit foster brother.
  • Jossed. He is certainly not the villain.

Lightningtail invented the "Lightning Strike" from Battles of the Clans
At first it seems to be called such because the Clan using it is ThunderClan. However, considering how the same book has a technique named after an apprentice, why shouldn't an early character sharing a name with a technique have a paw in it's development?
  • Unconfirmed. However, Lightning Tail, alongside Thunder, did invent a move called the Thunder and Lightning.

Flametail is somewhat Bi polar
In Sign of the Moon, Flametail is seen happily studying herbs with Barkface, and invites Jayfeather to join them, but in The Last Hope he is depressingly sitting on the edge of ShadowClan territory, hiding and hopes Jayfeather dies.

Smoky, Floss, and Daisy practiced cat polygamy.
It's obvious that Smoky mated with both Floss and Daisy. Daisy believed that he loved Floss more. However, in Sunrise, he seemed a bit crestfallen when Hazeltail said that Daisy had another litter. So, instead of a background love triangle, I've viewed the Smoky/Floss/Daisy union as polygamy.

Lightningtail is Thunder's sister
Then if Thunder, Lightning, Wind, River, Shadow, and Sky set out to find the forest in The Sun Trail, the genders will be equal.
  • Jossed. Thunder is not one the cats who makes the journey to the forest, and he is the only surviving member of his litter.
  • Jossed.
    • Though technically, he could still have a half-sister from Clear Sky’s side.
      • As of "Path of Stars", He has two, as well as a half brother.
  • As of Thunder Rising, fully jossed. Lightningtail is, however, Thunder's foster brother.

There aren't four, but many clans
Like above, there aren't four but many clans all over the world, and StarClan is what binds them all together, And StarClan just chooses not to reveal this to any of them.

Sol is coming back in Bramblestar's Storm
He said he would be back for one more round during The Forgotten Warrior. What better time than now, since his arch-enemy Hollyleaf is dead.

Bramblestar will get his nine lives from:
OP list:
  • Goldenflower - Protection
  • Feathertail - Love
  • Cinderpelt - Endurance
  • Hollyleaf - Forgiveness
  • Tallstar - Humility
  • Whitestorm - Loyalty
  • Mousefur - Wit
  • Bluestar - Leadership
  • Firestar - Courage
    • Almost all correct, except instead of Hollyleaf, Tallstar, and Whitestorm, it's Lionheart, Ferncloud, and Ravenpaw.

The Three don't actually have the power of the stars
Rather, they have the powers of Firestar! Jayfeather can conveniently learn any cat's deepest darkest secrets, Lionblaze can win fights he logically shouldn't be able to, and Dovewing can be wherever the plot requires her to be. Of course Firestar is the Fourth. All those powers were his to begin with.

Firestar, at one point, had a secret relationship with Bluestar, or something
The nine cats that grant lives in each leader ceremony seem to be arranged in roughly ascending order of importance to the new leader. For instance, Bluestar's final life was granted by her sister, Snowfur, whose death pretty much devastated her for many moons, and Crookedstar, who was a serious "Well Done, Son!" Guy, had his final life given by his father. Firestar's final life was granted by Bluestar herself, which means that for some reason she meant approximately as much as Spottedleaf, the cat who he spends the next 18 books moping over and who granted his 8th life.
  • Bluestar was the one who allowed Firestar to join ThunderClan in the first place, enabling the entire series to happen. Of course she's the most important force to him.

Blackstar's successor will be a she-cat
In the main time frame that the series follows (from the prequel Super Editions to the end of The Last Hope) every Clan except ShadowClan has had at least one female leader (Heatherstar for WindClan, Leopardstar and Mistystar for RiverClan, Bluestar for ThunderClan, and Leafstar for SkyClan). ShadowClan has had the most leaders out of any of them, but it has been a string of male leaders (Cedarstar->Raggedstar->Brokenstar->Nightstar->Tigerstar->Blackstar). It's about time they had a new female leader. Now, for the actual leader herself, Tawnypelt or Ivytail would be a good choice. Snowbird wouldn't be too bad either.
  • Jossed. Well, sort of. Rowanclaw becomes leader, but his gender was switched. Does that count? I don't know.
Thornclaw was never directly involved with the Dark Forest
It might be consider a longshot, but Blossomfall most likely sustained injuries while she trained in the Dark Forest and Thornclaw happened to notice those injuries and confront her about it. After awhile Blossomfall might have told him the truth and Thornclaw decided to keep it a secret for some reason and keeps a eye on Blossomfall.

Mapleshade is cannibalistic.
That's why she can't have her own book.
  • She says that she "earned her way into the Dark Forest", so she may have done other things on top of that.
    • Admittedly, I had her dead kits in mind when I wrote that (though that might not make sense). Considering her personality, it's quite likely that there's plenty of other nasty things on her record.

Blackstar is the father of Mistystar's kits.
one of them is dappled grey, proboly from her side. But two of them are jet black, possibly from one of Blackstar's ancestors. And the cream one could be from Oakheart's side.My guess is after Blackfoot went rouge following the first attack on ThunderClan, he didn't imideitly join Brokenstar's group. After wandering around a bit, he fell in love with Mistyfoot. He had seen her before at gathering and already liked her a bit. They mated but he joined up with Brokenstar's group soon after.
  • Jossed. It's been confirmed that Blackclaw is.

Spottedleaf will come back somehow.
Her fading from existence was totally unfair...But what if she does still exist? After all, energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed into another form—and I imagine the same goes for souls. So Spottedleaf may still be out there somewhere—but in a form we wouldn't recognize. (Twoleg doctor, maybe?)

Sharptooth was a perfectly intentional reference to The Land Before Time

Midnight is also an immortal.
It's mentioned that Rock and Midnight watched the first sunrise over the lake together. I assume this means the first sunrise they saw there; but given the timeline and Rock's age she'd have to be immortal as well. She looks normal because she gets out more.
  • I'm fairly sure that it's been confirmed that Midnight is actually a ghost.

Mapleshade's kits actually survived
I'm pretty sure Mapleshade's kits weren't mentioned as drowning. They were swept away on the river, and I think they were to be found, picked up, and raised by either a WindClan cat (they would grow up and mate, and their bloodline/family-tree would eventually lead to Crowfeather), a ThunderClan cat (leading on to... I don't know. Which ThunderClan cat do you think would descend from Mapleshade's kits? Though, Mapleshade would find out), a RiverClan cat (you pick who descends from them again), or... a Twoleg (leading to Jake, which might explain why Squirrelflight felt a little close to Stormfur during Midnight/Moonrise; they'd be half-cousins)!

Stories about mountain lions inspired the legends of LionClan, TigerClan, and LeopardClan.
In A Forest Divided, Sun Shadow mentions that the Tribe sometimes found deer killed by a sharptooth, meaning that there is at least a small population of mountain lions in the mountains. As for how the words for those big cats entered the Clan lexicon, perhaps kittypets who later joined the Clans had heard of them from Twolegs or other cats?
  • What if I told you that there used to be cave lions living in England... May have had something to do with that.
    • Cave lions went extinct thousands of years before cats were even domesticated. Why would the cats have animals that their species may have never encountered in their folk memory when there was something similar in their near, now legendary, past?

The series takes place in the same universe as, or a universe accessible by, the SCP Foundation.
A forest of sapient cats? An afterlife full of cats? Cats gaining near-invulnerability? Some other things I haven't mentioned? Sounds like one heck of an anomaly.
Pinestar is Pineclaw from Battle Of The Clans
They're both thunderclanners, both with the same prefix, roughly the same color scheme (They both have varying degrees of brown in their similarily dark coats),and both lived sometime before Bluestar's prophecy.
  • Jossed. Pinestar's warrior name was Pineheart.
Tigerstar was a reincarnated Adolf Hitler.
They both were born in another nation, both had experience in battle, both came to power after their old-age leaders died. both tried to kill a certain minority, both formed a mythical Greater Nation and both doomed their nation and their life by doing something extremely idiotic.
Mistystar and Stonefur knew all along that Bluestar was their mother.
Come on, they were old enough to walk, talk, and follow Bluefur to the river. Oakheart knew he didn't stand a chance going, "Oh, yeah, and the last two moons of your life were a lie, you're actually rogue's kits and you reemember nothing." But, young Mistykit and Stonekit, smart future leader and deputy material that they are, realized that there was something not quite legit about what was going on, and decided that unless if they wanted to be kicked out into the snow, they needed to play along with the big cats, and just kept the secret very well their entire lives. Either that, or they took Bluestar's "secret escape" rule of not telling anyone very close to heart. So they went their whole lives pretending they didn't remember. They acted angry with Bluestar because they were infront of their clanmates and needed to keep up with appearences. (Which also explains why they believed Fireheart so quickly-they already knew he was telling the truth. Later they relented the masquerade and forgave her. (The reason they were attacking her before Fireheart intervened? Taking out their abandonment issues-even if they were old enough to remember, they probably weren't old enough to understand the threat Thistleclaw posed-as far as they knew, their mum just plain up gave them away.)

Swiftpaw and PJ are stuck in a Reincarnation-based Amnesia Loop and "Groundhog Day" Loop because of Vermont.
Every time Swiftpaw gets mauled by dogs, he becomes PJ. Every time PJ gets his plane hit by Pixy's Tactical Laser System, he becomes Swiftpaw, the cycle repeats until Vermont relinquishes Statehood.
  • Cipher and Longtail are gonna have a field day with this

Bramblestar will contract rabies in The Broken Code.
The blurb for The Silent Thaw mentions Bramblestar acting weird after losing a life, and the blurb for Squirrelflight's Hope similarily mentions the title character being torn between the warrior code and doing the right thing. If Bramblestar had lost this life to a rabid animal, he could've gotten infected in the process, eventually forcing Squirrelflight to Mercy Kill her mate.
  • Probably jossed. Lost Stars points towards a Demonic Possession.
  • Completely jossed as of The Silent Thaw. However, Bramblestar does die somewhat.

Garfield was a warrior cat.
I mean, Garfield is a perfectly plausible warrior name. A gar is a type of fish. A field, well, the cats know what that is.

Mapleshade is an Unreliable Narrator.
To an even greater extent than most cases, at that. The only information given to us about her backstory (aside from field guides, which are frequently contradicted) that isn’t a) coming from Mapleshade herself (Crookedstar’s Promise, The Last Hope) or b) filtered through her POV (Mapleshade’s Vengeance) is Nettlebreeze’s story about her in Pinestar’s Choice. From that story, we know pretty much for certain that Mapleshade did kill Ravenwing and Frecklewish, and that her stated reason for doing so was the deaths of her kits. However, that still raises some questions:
  • Crookedkit doesn’t recognize Mapleshade’s name at first. If Mapleshade killed Appledusk, it seems strange that Crookedkit would have heard nothing about her while in the nursery, even with Rainflower abandoning him after his accident- since at least in ThunderClan, telling tales of her violence to kits seems popular.
  • When Oakstar gives Pinestar a life, he makes no mention of casting Mapleshade’s kits out. Considering that he is permitted to give Pinestar a life for judgment, the fact that he seemingly never acknowledged this mistake (which was a breach in the code, to wit) seems incongruous- unless he never did cast the kits out, or if he did, it didn’t cause the kits’ deaths.
  • The Dark Forest warriors are said to be terrified of Mapleshade, including Tigerstar. If her crimes consisted of committing three murders and attempting a fourth in an effort to avenge her kits... that doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that would faze Tigerstar, who hosted public executions, betrayed and tried to kill his Clan leader, and murdered at least four cats at last count for the sake of ambition. Even the fact that one of her would-be victims was expecting probably wouldn’t have disturbed him that much. Her force of personality and notable battle skill may have played a part in this, but I don’t think it explains everything.
  • Why would Mapleshade ally herself with a cat who habitually murdered half-Clanners for being half-Clan, if her kits were cast out to their eventual deaths for that exact reason?

Crookedstar’s Promise establishes Mapleshade to be unafraid to manipulate other cats, even kits. With this in mind, it’s entirely possible that large parts of Mapleshade’s Vengeance didn’t happen the way that Mapleshade’s POV shows, and that Mapleshade is lying about her victims having played any role in her kits’ deaths- assuming her kits died at all, and that she wasn’t lying to Nettlebreeze when she said they did. She may also be lying about her crimes, and may have done something beyond just killing three cats.

As for what would have happened to the kits if they didn’t die, well... we don’t know much about RiverClan’s family tree prior to Hailstar’s time, so they could be squeezed in there without too much trouble. Nettlebreeze likely wouldn’t have known the difference. The main issue arising with this theory is why Mapleshade’s internal thoughts would misrepresent what was actually happening when she openly professes to having earned her way into the Dark Forest... but eh, it’s a WMG.


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