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"Fire Alone Can Save Our Clan", with help from his friends.

"The strength and the fellowship of the Clan will always be with you, even when you hunt alone."
Bluestar, Into the Wild.

For generations, four Clans have ruled the forest, fighting for land, prey, and honor. Whenever darkness comes to the forest, their warrior ancestors chose a hero, and give them the duty of saving the Clans. Now, the time has come for prophecies to unfold and for heroes to rise.

Warrior Cats began in 2003 as a book series by Erin Hunternote  chronicling the life of a house cat turned wild cat named Fireheart. Due to its massive popularity (and world that was perfect for sidestories), it expanded into a multimedia franchise focusing on an assortment of cats from different groups and time periods.

Warning: Beware of huge spoilers in the titles ahead!

Works this franchise includes:

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