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Drinking Game / Warrior Cats

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A Drinking Game for Warrior Cats. You can substitute the alcohol with catnip if you're a cat.


  • Have a sip when someone mentions a rule in the Warrior Code when that rule isn't actually part of the code.
    • Have two sips if it's Hollyleaf.
  • Drink when half-brothers try to kill each other.
  • Have a sip every time a StarClan cat gives someone a prophecy.
    • Take another whenever the Expanded Universe reveals that a character's actions were influenced by a "secret prophecy".
  • Have a shot whenever someone trusts someone who they know is completely evil. (Two if it's Sol.)
  • Take a drink whenever someone freaks out about the leader dying, despite knowing that they can come back.
  • Have a drink when forbidden love crops up.
    • Take a shot whenever they angst about it.
    • Drink half the bottle if, throughout the whole relationship, they never angst about it at all.
    • Take another shot if they angst about falling in love with a cat they're actually allowed to be in love with.
      • Take two if it's Dovewing.
    • Down the bottle if they have kits together. Make sure you call an ambulance beforehand, though.
    • But only do this if you have someone nearby to call an ambulance for you.
      • Be prepared for a stomach pump, too.
  • Take a drink when a tom's love interest dies.
    • Take another drink if the same tom is oblivious to love from another cat.
      • Half bottle if the love interest's death conveniently allows the other two to get together.
      • Full bottle if the dead cat's spirit encourages their former mate to jump into bed with someone else.
  • Take a shot whenever destiny forces someone to do something.
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  • Take a shot every time someone has psychic/magically-influenced dreams in some way. (Yes, Lionblaze's nightmares count- they're a side effect of his powers.)
  • Take a drink every time an omen is sent.
    • Two if it's a fake omen.
  • Take a drink every time someone is implied to have sex offscreen.
  • Take a shot whenever someone catches an eagle.
  • Take a shot every time it's revealed that StarClan lied, or if they admit that they're pretty much ineffectual.
  • Drink for every warrior ceremony.
    • Take a shot for every leader ceremony.
    • Take an extra shot if StarClan gives the new leader a prophecy directly afterwards.
  • Take a shot when someone comes back from the dead
  • Take a shot whenever a cat's fur color/eye color changes.
    • Drink instead if it's Dovewing or Ivypool.
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  • Have a few shots whenever a character changes genders.
  • Take a drink whenever someone complains about his destiny.
  • Take a drink whenever someone talks about the Good Old Days.
  • Take a shot every time someone insults a different Clan.
    • Drink again if someone says that ShadowClan smells bad.
  • Have a drink whenever ambition is portrayed as evil.
  • Take a drink whenever a Strawman Has a Point.
  • Take a drink whenever someone Makes A Point about how other cultures and ways of life Are Not Wrong Just Because They're Different.
    • Two if it's a protagonist saying this.
  • Take a drink whenever a villain is a Large Ham.
  • Sip every time a cat uses marigold, poppy seed, cobwebs or mouse bile.
  • Take a shot every time greencough breaks out.
    • Take another if a leader gets it.
    • And another if they lose a life to it.
    • Take another if there's a crisis due to supplies of catmint running out.
  • Take a shot whenever the series references WW2
  • Drink whenever a cat gives birth.
  • Drink whenever a cat dies.
  • Drink whenever someone meets Tigerstar and/or Hawkfrost in the dark forest.
  • Sip whenever someone sees an emotion in another cat's eyes.

Warrior Catsnote 

  • Have a sip whenever Cloudpaw acts like a brat.
  • Take a sip when Sandstorm is easily offended.
  • Take a sip when Darkstripe acts cruel.
  • Have a shot whenever someone "shakes their head to clear it".
  • Sip whenever dull eyes or bright eyes are used as an indicator of illness or sadness.
  • Have a shot when Firepaw insists that someone go see Spottedleaf.
    • Hell, whenever anyone suggests to go see Spottedleaf.

Power of Three & Omen of the Stars

  • Take a shot every time Jayfeather gets ticked off because of the way someone treats him.
    • Take another if it turns out he had no reason to be angry.
  • Every time Toadstep seems to be having a relationship with a new she-cat, take a sip.
  • Drink every time the words 'mutinous' and 'Jaypaw' are used in the same sentence.
  • Drink every time someone reminisces about the old forest.
  • Take a drink when someone says that Cinderheart's memories are obviously inaccurate.
  • Take a shot whenever the narration mentions Dovewing and Tigerheart sitting together.
    • Take two if Ivypool is said to be watching them suspiciously or disapprovingly.
    • Take a third shot if this results in Dramatic Irony on the part of the narrator.
  • Drink every time one of the Three uses their powers. (Jayfeather's mindreading doesn't count since he does it near constantly.)
  • Drink every time someone mentions Jayfeather's blindness.
    • Drink again if he gets annoyed.
  • Take a shot whenever Hollyleaf, Lionblaze or Jayfeather is glad that Crowfeather is not their father
  • Drink every time Hollyleaf, Lionblaze or Jayfeather angsts about their parents.


  • Take a drink whenever Clear Sky says 'community'.
  • Take a shot whenever Gray Wing thinks about one of his family members.


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