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Sometimes, Warrior Cats can be hilarious. These are those times.

For examples from Dawn of the Clans, see here.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     The Original Series 
Into the Wild
  • "Darkstripe is neither young nor pretty." Even funnier when you realize Darkstripe and Graystripe are half-brothers.
    • This gets even funnier when you realize that Darkstripe is actually younger than Spottedleaf, who Graypaw was comparing him to.
  • One of Graypaw's jokes:
    "Well, I'm more lopsided than a one-legged badger. I think I'll have to settle for hunting stupid mice. I shall just wander up to them and sit on them until they surrender."
  • After Graypaw tells Firepaw that Ravenpaw managed to impress Tigerclaw. His reaction:
    Firepaw: "What on Earth did he do to do that? Fly?"
  • Firepaw calling Darkstripe "Dirtstripe" behind his back. Bear in mind that "dirt" is Clan terminology for excrement.
  • This tidbit when Yellowfang is taken prisoner:
    Darkstripe: But the Clan cannot support Yellowfang! We have too many mouths to feed already!
    Graypaw: (to Firepaw) Yeah, and some mouths are bigger than others.
    • Especially considering this is Graypaw who spoke.
  • This conversation:
    Graypaw: I'd go and see Yellowfang if I were you. She doesn't look very happy.
    Firepaw: Well, here goes. Wish me luck!
    Graypaw: You'll need the whole of StarClan on your side for this one. Call out if you need a hand. If she looks like she's going to have you, I'll sneak up beside her and whack her on the head with a stiff rabbit.

Fire and Ice

  • We get this gem from chapter 1:
    Graystripe: I hope [Whitestorm] has [Sandpaw and Dustpaw] chasing blue squirrels all day.
    Graystripe: Exactly.
  • After Graystripe nearly drowns:
    Silverstream: You idiot! What are you doing in my territory?
    Graystripe: Drowning?
    Silverstream: Can't you drown yourself in your own territory?
    Graystripe: Ah, but who would rescue me there?
  • When taking Cinderpaw and Brackenpaw out to teach hunting techniques, Fireheart mistakenly shows the apprentices how to stalk a bird when he wanted to show them how to stalk a rabbit. Oops, dude!

Forest of Secrets

  • Sure it was an incredibly depressing scene, but Tigerclaw's reaction to Graystripe's kits was hilarious.
    • Not to mention Cinderpaw chewing his ass out for wasting precious time bitching about the fact that Graystripe was mates with a River Clan she-cat when, y'know, there's two newborn lives on the line.
    Cinderpaw, placing one of the kits in front of Tigerclaw: "Here, now lick."
    Tigerclaw, indignantly: "I'm not a medicine cat."
    Cinderpaw: "You've got a tongue, haven't you? Lick, you stupid lump of fur, do you want this kit to die?"

A Dangerous Path

  • Cloudtail rages about Bluestar having given Brightpaw the cruel name Lostface, deciding that he won't use that name anymore: "And if Bluestar objects, she can... she can go and eat snails!"

     The New Prophecy 
  • The scene where Tawnypelt first meets Crowfeather.
    Tawnypelt: "Is that a WindClan warrior? Undersized specimen, isn't he?"
  • The running gag about prophecy dreams coming from fresh-kill.
  • Midnight on why she prefers talking to cats instead of foxes or rabbits: "Fox talk is all of kill. Rabbit have thistledown for brain."


  • A Tribe kit proudly tells the Clan cats that he's going to be a cave-guard, but he has to be a to-be first. Crowpaw asks what a "tooby" is, and after the kit explains, Brambleclaw points out, "He means an apprentice. Like you." Crowpaw snarls irritably and the kit goes, "You're only a to-be? You're way old!"


  • Brambleclaw's Keet tendencies coming out after he gets named deputy.
    "He partially hoped to find a ShadowClan patrol just so he could tell them about his new position...if a mouse had crossed his path at that moment, he might have stopped it to tell it that it was about to be killed and eaten by the new ThunderClan deputy."


  • Cinderpelt echoing Yellowfang. "Do you think I talk just to hear my own voice?"

     Power Of Three 


  • Berrypaw worrying about his warrior name being Berrystumpytail. This in turn makes Jaypaw worried that he'll be named after his blindness, and Hollypaw jokes that his name could be Jayno-eyes.

Long Shadows

  • Jayfeather trying to get Mousefur to eat some herbs. Her response is epic:
    Jayfeather: Mousefur, for the last time-
    Mousefur: The last time? Good. Go away.
  • Jaypaw coming up with a plan to restore Blackstar's faith in Star Clan.
    Only Jaypaw would have thought of digging up trees as a message from Star Clan.
  • The Three complaining about how small the space behind the warriors' den is.
  • Jaypaw has a vision of a badger. Lionblaze is skeptical.
    Lionblaze: Are you sure you saw it?
    Jaypaw: No, I'm just making it up for fun. What do you think, mouse-brain?
  • Hollyleaf getting her tongue stuck in the ice in Sunrise, was an extremely funny scene in an otherwise serious book. Perhaps a nod to the manga.


  • Most of what Jayfeather says in Power Of Three, but especially these:
    • "Oh great. Let's lump all the useless cats together and hope a tree falls on them." Though it becomes Harsher in Hindsight when this happens to Longtail.
    • "I'm a medicine cat. If you want sympathy, go to the nursery."
  • Pretty much anything Purdy says.
  • Sandstorm informing everyone that when she becomes an elder, she'll be the crankiest elder who ever lived.

     Omen Of The Stars 

The Fourth Apprentice

  • In The Fourth Apprentice, when Snowdrop is scaring away all the prey.
    Snowdrop: "Whatever you're doing, you don't seem to be very good at it."
  • Jayfeather flipping out over Thornclaw taking his stick.
  • When the cats return to ShadowClan camp.
    Blackstar: "Welcome to my clan. Rest here and take your pick of the fresh-kill pile."
    Lionblaze: "Who are you and what have you done with Blackstar?"

Fading Echoes

  • In Fading Echoes, when Squirrelflight finds out a ShadowClan warrior died after becoming unable to move, she thinks it was because he couldn't get the fresh-kill pile and starved.
  • Briarlight gets her own fanclub in Fading Echoes.
  • Jayfeather and Yellowfang's snark to snark combat.
    Yellowfang: Tell me, what don't I know?
    Jayfeather: Where do I start?
  • Lionblaze falling into a patch of wild garlic.
    Dovepaw: Should we all disguise our scents?
    Lionblaze: That wasn't my intention and you know it!
Night Whispers
  • The scene where Lionblaze and Cinderheart hook up.
    Lionblaze: "So we're more than friends?"
    Cinderheart: "Mousebrain."
  • Ivypaw being kitnapped by ShadowClan... and nicknamed Thundercat.
  • More Ivypaw in ShadowClan goodness:
    Kit: "Is it true ThunderClan cats can fly?"
    Ivypaw: "Oh yes. All ThunderClan cats can fly."
  • Ivypaw talks with Blackstar.
    Blackstar: "We're not going to throw you into the fresh-kill pile just yet."
  • Yellowfang decides to become Jayfeather's Exposition Fairy. When Mothwing comes to talk about how separating the Clans isn't right, this is what Yellowfang says:
    Yellowfang: "Mothwing was born an idiot. She'll die an idiot."

The Forgotten Warrior

  • When ThunderClan is fighting a group of WindClan cats in the tunnels, Dovewing accidentally attacks Dustpelt.
    Dustpelt: "For StarClan's sake, get down. Haven't we got enough trouble with WindClan?"
  • At one point, Mapleshade discovers Snowtuft taking a nap. She chastises him for being lazy, then literally throws him into a fight.
  • On page 122, Leafpool suggests to Jayfeather that he took Briarlight as an apprentice. His reply is hilarious.
    Jayfeather: "Oh, sure! One medicine cat who can't see, and another who can't walk! ThunderClan will be invincible!"
  • Ivypool runs into a bramble thicket.
    Birchfall: Didn't you see the bramble thicket in front of you?
    Ivypool: Oh, sure. I just walked into it for fun.

The Last Hope

  • At one point, Lionblaze finds Firestar taking a nap on the Highledge. Then Graystripe walks into camp, so Firestar wakes up and calls him fat.
  • Hollyleaf lecturing Lionblaze on his eating habits.
  • The conversation when Blackstar comes to visit, especially Lionblaze's "Are you calling me a rabbit-"
  • Dovewing insisting, "We're warriors, not worriers." Doubles as a reference to Kate's son, who used to joke that "Warriors" should be called "Worriers" because the Clans seem to do nothing but worry.
  • "Poor Bumblestripe. Always the first to the fresh-kill pile and the last to get fed."
  • After Dovewing learns that Jayfeather has returned from Moonpool, she is worried about him and asks Bumblestripe whether Jayfeather was fine. Bumblestripe replies with this:
    Bumblestripe: "He snapped at Hazeltail for getting in the way, hissed at Cherrypaw for trampling on Ferncloud's moss, and ordered Foxleap and Toadstep to fetch comfrey. So I guess he's fine."
  • Mothwing and Jayfeather discussing Willowshine.
    Mothwing: "If StarClan told her to jump in the lake, she would!"
    Jayfeather: "She can swim."


  • Darkstripe's treatment by the other Dark Forest members, especially Hawkfrost and Brokenstar is pretty funny, especially because of how much he was a Jerkass in the original series.
  • Tigerheart is about to tell Dovepaw everything - but then an elder shows up trying to make dirt.
  • When Dovepaw is meeting with Tigerheart:
    Dovepaw: "Do you know Ivypaw?"
    Tigerheart: "You mean, have I met her in the forest at midnight and had her save my life?"

    A Vision Of Shadows 
Thunder and Shadow
  • Sparkpelt declaring that her name would keep her warm.
    • This line, which arguably crosses into meta humor:
    Graystripe: "I thought they’d choose Sparkfire for her warrior name. She looks more like Firestar than any cat I ever saw. It would be a good way to remember him. But I suppose Bramblestar is leader. He must know what he’s doing."

Shattered Sky

  • Squirrelflight's reaction to Onestar's Purple Prose description of Smoke.
    Squirrelflight: [Annoyed] "I see."
    • Apparently all of the she-cats got the gist of where Onestar's story was going very quickly.
    Rowanstar: "What was the mouse-brain thinking?"
    Mistystar: "Obviously he wasn't thinking."

River of Fire

  • The night before Velvet leaves, Alderheart can't sleep and leaves his den to look at the stars. Jayfeather joins him and comments on how he knows Velvet and Alderheart are starting to have feelings for each other, and, despite Alderheart trying several times to interrupt him, does a whole speech about how relationships never turn out well for medicine cats and how the Clan needs Alderheart. Finally, at the end, Alderheart tells him that he knows all that and that Jayfeather doesn't have to worry: he'll never leave the Clan, and he was only thinking about how to say goodbye. Jayfeather awkwardly thanks him and quickly goes back to bed.

    The Broken Code 
The Silent Thaw
  • Shadowpaw and his mentor Puddleshine are about to leave to go to the Moonpool, and Puddleshine urges him to come. Shadowpaw, feeling that he hasn't earned his promotion yet, protests, "But I'm not ready." Puddleshine's response, not knowing what he'd meant: "Of course you’re ready. You have your whiskers and tail. What else do you need?"
  • Though it's quite a tense scene, Lionblaze's snark is great:
    Impostor!Bramblestar: "This oath is just so that your Clanmates can see that you're sorry and that you are committed to obeying the code from now on."
    Lionblaze: "Next time, I'll check who my parents are before I'm born."
  • Impostor!Bramblestar picks Narcissist BERRYNOSE of all cats to be his next deputy after he exiles Squirrelflight for questioning his authority and being a codebreaker. The kicker to this odd decision? Berrynose's already unbearable ego and arrogance inflates to the umpteenth degree, bossing everyone around 24/7 with a newfound god complex of sorts. Even Impostor!Bramblestar finds him annoying as hell, even when Berrynose is kissing up to him like a loyal servant.
    Impostor!Bramblestar: "Berrynose! Why isn't the hunting patrol back yet?"
    Berrynose: "They haven't been gone for long."
    Impostor!Bramblestar, angrily: "You should have sent them out earlier."
    Berrynose, hanging his head in shame: "I'm a mousebrain. I'll send them out earlier tomorrow."
    Impostor!Bramblestar: "Go away."

The Place of No Stars

  • When Flipclaw returns to the Clan, he mentions in passing that he'd injured a leg while away on his wander (which had since healed). Jayfeather asks "Which leg?" and Flipclaw answers, "This one" while lifting a hind leg... then, realizing that Jayfeather can't see which leg he's talking about, reaches out with that leg and gives Jayfeather a poke with it.

A Light in the Mist

  • After a tense chase, Bristlefrost finds herself cornered by three Dark Forest cats, and prepares to fight to defend herself... but rather than attacking, two of them just collide into her, and the third just calmly puts his head against her and ineffectually pushes her backward against a rock. Bristlefrost is so confused she doesn't even fight them, just asks what they're doing. (Turns out they're trying to take over her body, but they don't actually know how to do it.)
  • After Spiresight opens a conversation with a cryptic statement, Shadowsight privately thinks that Spiresight will fit in perfectly with StarClan because he's already hard to understand.

    Field Guides 
Cats of the Clans
  • Rock mocks Tribe naming conventions:
    Rock: According to tradition, [kits] are named for the first thing their mother sees when they are born, although to my mind that would lead to a lot of kits being called Roof of Cave or Wall of Cave or Floor of Cave.
    • On Hawkfrost's page, he comments that "Tigerstar must have jumped for joy when he saw that one of his sons shared his hunger [for power]". The mental image of big, scary, ferocious Tigerstar jumping up and down in joy is hilarious.

Code of the Clans

  • During the code about the vigil:
    RiverClan Warrior: "I hope he gets better in time to jump into the gorge!"
  • Also from the vigil code, Squirrelflight's explanation of how to survive vigil night. Even funnier when you remember that she was made a warrior at the lake, not in the old forest, and that she actually never had a vigil.
    Squirrelflight: "Jump up onto high rock and pretend to be Clan Leader!"
    Squirrelflight: "If you hear anything, shout 'Who's there?'. Even if it's just a warrior making dirt, better safe than sorry."
  • The entirety of the story "Hunting Fish!". Special mention goes to Dappletail and White-eye being punished by being forced to eat fish, and Pinestar's line, "We are ThunderClan. We. Don't. Eat. Fish."

Graystripe's Adventure
  • Graystripe scares two kittypets pestering him in The Lost Warrior by threatening to eat them and sharpen his claws on their bones. They yowl in fright and flee, making Graystripe think "That wasn't as much fun as I'd thought."
  • Graystripe's reaction to Millie speaking Dog: "I don't think I'd be more surprised if Firestar floated down out of the sky and licked me on the nose."
  • In Warrior's Refuge, the scene when the dogs were, "Just Curious".

The Rise of Scourge

  • At the beginning of Rise of Scourge, Tiny runs out into the forest. When he comes back and tells everyone, nobody believes him. He quickly starts spewing Blatant Lies.
    Tiny: "It's true! It is! Plus, I, I built a house out of twigs and leaves, and I lived in it! And then I caught a fox and ate it!"
  • Tiny's imagine spot when he lies about defeating a dog. It involves him and the dog fighting in a dust ball and hilarious Art Shift.

Tigerstar and Sasha

  • Look closely at Tigerstar in the last panel on page 35 of Into The Woods. The way his eyes are drawn in that frame make it look like he's wearing sunglasses.
  • In Escape from the Forest, Sasha stows away on a ship.
    Random Girl: "It's a real live ship's cat!"

Ravenpaw's Path

  • In Shattered Peace, the scene when Ravenpaw gets his tongue stuck to ice. The following exchange is priceless.
    Barley: "You were gone for a while. Everything okay?"
    Ravenpaw: "Yeth. Everything'th fine."
    Barley: "Are you talking funny?"
    Ravenpaw: "No."
    Barley: "Are you sure? Cause it sounds like you're talking a little-"
    Ravenpaw: "No. Eat your mousth."
  • The reactions Neo BloodClan has to the dogs in The Heart of a Warrior. Snapper and Pounce have huge bulging eyes, while Willie just gives a nonchalant "seen it all before" look.
    • Before that, Brambleclaw (seen as an apprentice here for some odd reason) bashes two cats' heads together with a trolling smirk on his face. Then, when the dogs join the fight, he cheers "Let's go, dogs!"
    • And the look on Pounce's face when Graystripe knocks him upside the head. The moment is sealed by the "bell ringing" sound effect accompanying it.

SkyClan and the Stranger

  • When Sharpclaw goes to report to Leafstar after dealing with some quarreling Clanmates only to awkwardly turn his head away once he realizes she's nursing her kits.
  • In After The Flood, take a look at Sharpclaw's face when Cherrytail tells him to relax about her helping the Clan while still pregnant.
    • After she teases him, he decides to talk to Leafstar:
    Sharpclaw: Leafstar. A moment of your time? Or would you rather torment me too?
    Leafstar: Oh, I'd rather torment you... but I won't. What's on your mind?
  • Billystorm trying to hint to Sol that he wants a private discussion with Leafstar:
    Billystorm: Ahem, Sol, don't you have a patrol to go on?
    Sol: Not that I know of. Why? Do you want to lead one?

    Super Editions 
Firestar's Quest
  • Bluestar and Firestar's argument in Firestar's Quest:
    Bluestar: "Why are there four oaks at Fourtrees if not to stand for the four Clans?"
    Firestar: "Are you mouse-brained? Are you saying SkyClan had to leave because there weren't enough trees?"

Bluestar's Prophecy

  • It's revealed that Brindleface once tricked Whitestorm into thinking there was a fox trapped in the dirtplace.
  • In the beginning of the book, Bluekit tries to get a piece of fresh-kill and it falls on her! Made even better by a warrior who happened to be nearby's comment.
    Warrior #1: "I've never seen fresh-kill attack a cat before!"
    Warrior #2: "Careful! All that fluff might choke you!"
  • In one unseen part, Lionheart (as Lionpaw) woke up his denmates in the dead of night just to show them how pretty the moon looked.
  • Bluefur's scary dream about losing Snowfur and Whitekit in a flood is interrupted by Fuzzypelt complaining that the den roof is leaking again.
  • During Bluefur and Oakheart's first encounter, Bluefur becomes infuriated with Oakheart's flirtatious digs and leaps at him to attack. However, Oakheart dodges her, and she ends up diving right into the river. Then we get this:
    "Help me!"
    But Oakheart stayed on the bank, his eyes bright with amusement. "Try standing up," he suggested calmly.
    Bluefur thrust her paws downward, expecting to vanish underwater. Instead, her feet stubbed against the round stones on the bottom of the river. She stood up, surprised to find the water barely lapping at her belly fur. Hot with embarrassment, she stalked onto the bank and shook herself, making sure Oakheart felt the spray. "How was I supposed to know it was that shallow?" she snapped. "ThunderClan cats don't have to get wet to catch our prey."
    Oakheart shrugged. "Sorry you got a bit damp." His gaze flitted over her pelt. "I was just defending myself."
    His feeble apology only made Bluefur angrier. "Why don't you shut up and get off my territory?"

SkyClan's Destiny

  • This moment:
    Leafstar: "He said SkyClan will need deeper roots if it is to survive."
    Echosong: "Maybe we should eat roots?"
  • One funny scene takes place at the Gathering.
    Leafstar: "Does anyone have any suggestions?"
    Lichenfur: "How about you get us fresh bedding once in a while?"

Crookedstar's Promise

  • At one point, Oakpaw is carrying a frog when he drops it in surprise. Turns out it's still alive, and it proceeds to hop across the camp, unbothered by the other cats, before plopping into the safety of the river.
  • When training, Crookedpaw's mentor Cedarpelt tells him to fluff out his fur to look more intimidating in battle. Crookedpaw does so, and an amused Cedarpelt tells him he looks like a pinecone.
  • During a Gathering, Willowpaw complains to Crookedjaw about how her sister Graypaw is such a showoff because she's boastfully demonstrating her fishing moves to the other attending apprentices. Mischievously, Crookedjaw suggests that Willowpaw go over and demonstrate how loud Graypaw snores. Willowpaw laughs and says she isn't sure if the Clans are quite ready for that.
  • There's a typo in the book where the fresh-kill pile is referred to as the "fresh-kill pie", though sadly this was removed from later editions.
  • This quote is pretty much classic It Makes Sense in Context:
    Shimmerpelt: Are we supposed to eat an omen, or should we go catch some more fish?
    • There's also the fact that she says this in the middle of a dramatic moment where everyone's discussing whether Crookedjaw's the right choice for deputy. Shimmerpelt has her own priorities.
  • Oakheart catches a carp for Mistykit and Stonekit, and Stonekit complains that it smells fishy. Graypool replies, "I know, dear. That's because it's a fish."
  • Crookedstar's excitement about being a father. "I have to tell Oakheart! I have to tell everyone. It's okay, isn't it? If I tell everyone?" Willowbreeze just nods in response, and Crookedstar runs into camp shouting, "Willowbreeze is expecting kits!"

Yellowfang's Secret

  • Yellowkit and her siblings, Nutkit and Rowankit, experience their first snow. Nutkit believes WindClan did it and threatens to shred them, and Yellowkit is bogged down by the snow getting clogged in her long fur.
  • Yellowfang and her patrol find a snowman in a Twoleg yard. They're confused about it and discuss what it might be, and Yellowfang declares it a "Noleg".
  • Blizzardwing coming a few words shy of calling Foxpaw stupid when she brags that she'd never be afraid of a badger.
  • Yellowfang treats Scorchwind's rat bite:
    Yellowfang: "Fine! Bleed all over the place if you want! You've got the sense of an egg if you think you can trot around the forest with a hole in your flank."
  • One scene sort of dips into a bit of Black Comedy when Yellowfang and Nightpelt find Brokentail's young apprentice, Stumpypaw, hanging from a low-hanging branch by his teeth. When asked what he's doing, Stumpypaw falls from his branch when he opens his mouth to reply and explains that it was Brokentail's assigned punishment for talking too much during battle training. While it is understandably concerning for a mentor to reprimand an apprentice in such a way, the mental image of a cat hanging onto something like that by its teeth makes it somewhat funny.

Tallstar's Revenge

  • Hopkit and Hawkheart in the medicine cat's den:
    Hopkit: "What about fighting? What if I can't fight?"
    Hawkheart: "Then you'll just have to argue your enemies to death. You're great at arguing."
    Hopkit: "No, I'm not."

Bramblestar's Storm

  • When the camp floods, the apprentices' mentors briefly shelter with them. Dewpaw's reaction to this is:
  • This is more of one caused by an editing error than anything In-Universe, but: in Bramblestar's Storm, during Graystripe's retirement speech, he mentions how he'll never forget his two kits... Stonefur and Mistystar. Vicky considered it one of her worst errors ever, and it was actually corrected for subsequent printings of the book.
  • A scene worth noting is when Purdy is being assisted in climbing the slope and the other cats are helping him. When someone comments that Purdy is heavier than he looks, Purdy sheepishly jokes that he's eaten too many voles.

Moth Flight's Vision

  • Moth Flight, when using catmint for the first time and without instruction, accidentally gives Rocky too much. The old cat gets high and plays like a kit.
    Micah: "How do you know you're not [a natural healer]? Rocky seemed very happy just now."
    Moth Flight: "A bit too happy."
    Micah: "There's no such thing as 'too happy'."
    • Rocky then proceeds to try and find excuses to be given catmint for the rest of the book.
  • The Running Gag where Moth Flight insists she doesn't want to eat a toad (having done so earlier in the book), and the others wonder why on earth a cat would eat a toad.
  • The first thing Bubbling Stream says when meeting her new leader, before even "hello"? A blunt "I'm not eating frogs." Shadowstar, surprised, just says "Okay."

Crowfeather's Trial

  • Crowfeather runs into a tree while trying to talk to Hootpaw.
  • There's also the moment he meets a former kittpet called Yew and gets confused over his name.
    Crowfeather: Like, "Hey, You!"?
    • Which gets a Call-Back later when he's asking around Twolegplace for Nightcloud. He mentions Yew and the cat he's talking to asks the exact same thing he did, in the exact same confused tone.
  • When Onestar is sharing his plan to have the stoats ambush ThunderClan, there's this great line:
    "That’s the most mouse-brained plan I’ve ever heard!" some cat exclaimed, and Crowfeather realized with horror that it had been him.
  • Crowfeather goes to the border and asks a ThunderClan patrol if he can see Leafpool. Thornclaw suspiciously asks what business he has with her, and Crowfeather answer it's private business. That leads to Berrynose remarking that he's shared enough private business with Leafpool already.
  • Crowfeather tries to talk to Breezepelt about she-cats. It's as hilariously awkward as you'd expect.
    Crowfeather: Heathertail's not listening, you know. You don't have to act tough.
    Breezepelt: Are you trying to tell me you've never done the same?
  • There's a moment where he and Harespring are going to ThunderClan territory to ask for help, and Harespring wonders if they'll really be willing. Crowfeather snidely remarks that ThunderClan would never pass up a chance to stick their noses in other Clans' business.
  • Crowfeather grousing about Nightcloud's kittypet friend. "Pickle? Stupid name! Stupid cat!"
    • The sheer fact that some human named their cat Pickle.
  • Crowfeather's super-snarky narration in general.
  • When ThunderClan and WindClan are planning out how to drive the stoats once and for all, Breezepelt and Crowfeather both volunteer for the dangerous task of luring the stoats out. Bramblestar reviews the plan, saying (paraphrased) "so you'll go in there and irritate the stoats", and Jayfeather interrupts with a snarky comment that that will be easy for them.

Squirrelflight's Hope

  • This conversation between Mousewhisker and Leafpool:
    Mousewhisker: I just hope hunting in the wind doesn't make us as stunted as WindClan warriors.
    Leafpool: WindClan warriors are only smaller than us because their ancestors were smaller, not because of the wind.
    Mousewhisker: So what made their ancestors small?
    Leafpool: (shrugs) Only StarClan knows.
    Mousewhisker: It was probably the wind.
  • While in StarClan and wanting to check on the living Clans, Squirrelflight discovers to her delight that her spirit-self is able to teleport and wishes that she could always do that.

Graystripe's Vow

  • The existence of WarriorClan: a group of kittypets LARP-ing being a Clan, just as many young Warriors fans have done.
    • The members of WarriorClan are named Monkeystar, Fireface, Bugeater, Bigteeth, Clawwhistle... and Chester.

  • This exchange from Cloudstar's Journey:
    Apprentice 1: "Way to go, Cloudstar!"
    Apprentice 2: "Seriously? 'Way to go, Cloudstar'? He's our leader, don't you know?"
  • In the play Brightspirit's Mercy, when the Gathering ends, Lionblaze goes into a hilariously Out-of-Character Moment when he says "Yay! ThunderClan's the best! We win again!"
  • In Spottedleaf's Heart, Spottedpaw has to go back and forth between the camp and the stream several times, collecting wet moss for the thirsty elders. She gets so annoyed at having to bring so much moss that she considers telling all the elders to sit in the clearing with their mouths open the next time it rains.
  • Some readers have pointed out that Foxheart's name is a rather curious one, given that a "fox-heart" is a cat who is cruel and untrustworthy. Fitting for the character, without a doubt, but one can compare it to a human naming their kid "asshole".
    • There some funny or ironic names throughout the series given to some characters. Sneezecloud, Billystorm, Rileypool, Bellaleaf, Runningnose, Harrybrook...just to name a few.


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