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"Darkness we saw born like littermate alongside the light. Now all must stand and fight."
Midnight, The Last Hope

Why is this series so popular? Part of it is definitely the high degree of PURE UNDILUTED AWESOME it offers.

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     The Original Series 
Into the Wild
  • Rusty defeating Graypaw, who was much stronger and more experienced than him by using his I Surrender, Suckers tactic! He showed how badass he would be from the first chapter!
  • When Longtail obnoxiously goads Rusty into a fight by ridiculing his kittypet roots in front of the entirety of Thunder Clan when he first arrives, Rusty - who, bear in mind, is several moons younger than Longtail and has had zero battle training at this point - royally kicks Longtail's ass and basically publicly humiliates him by splitting one of his ears after Longtail attempted to strangle him with his collar before it broke, solidifying Rusty's entry into the Clan and his dubbing of his apprentice name: Firepaw.
  • When Tigerclaw flees from the Moonstone in terror, Firepaw just sits around wondering why he was so scared.
  • Yellowfang, the injured, old, and out of practice she-cat takes on Blackfoot, ShadowClan's deputy and rips him a new one. This was so awesome, it got Yellowfang formally admitted to ThunderClan!
  • Yellowfang's fight with Brokenstar at the end. Not only does she hold her own, just when it looks like she might lose, Firepaw jumps in to save her. They then defeat Brokenstar and drive him out of ShadowClan.
  • Ravenpaw, for laughing off Tigerclaw' attempts at an Uriah Gambit. When he's assigned to hunt in enemy territory, he actually pulls it off. And when Tigerclaw sends him hunting in Snakerocks (named after the loads of snakes living there, who might kill a young cat), he actually kills an adder and brings it back. He may suffer from low self-esteem, but he seems to actually be pretty skilled.

Fire and Ice

  • When Fireheart figures out Brokenstar's gambit to get rid of all the warriors and then attack, how does he respond? By gathering up all the apprentices and elders so that they can beat defeat Brokenstar.
  • All four Clans going to battle! Especially Tigerclaw's fight with Crookedstar and when Fireheart and Runningwind fight Nightstar!

Forest of Secrets

  • Yellowfang feeds her own son deathberries so that he won't be able to threaten the forest anymore.
  • When Tigerclaw is raging about Graystripe's kits Cinderpaw tells him to shut up and lick one so it will survive. He does.

Rising Storm

  • Cinderpelt healing Littlecloud and Whitethroat despite the possibility of punishment.
  • Ravenpaw: even after several moons away from his camp, he still has a lot of skill left - which comes in handy when he helps Fireheart and Sandstorm bring back Cloudpaw from the Twolegs. He's gained self-esteem too - he doesn't respond to Sandstorm's teasing.
  • The ending of the book features a massive villainous one. All hail Tigerstar!

A Dangerous Path

  • The end of the book. Bluestar sacrifices herself to save Fireheart from the Pack Leader, then uses her dying breath to tell him that he is the fire that will save the Clans.

    The Darkest Hour 
  • The Darkest Hour has its own folder because it's just that awesome. Behold the awesome moments!
  • Firestar's nine lives ceremony.
  • Tallstar refusing Tigerstar's offer to join TigerClan.
    Tigerstar: "Tallstar, I understand. These are important matters, and an older cat like yourself will need time to see that what I'm suggesting is for the good of all our Clans."
    Tallstar: "I'm not so old that I've lost my wits, you piece of fox dung!"
  • Stonefur has the audacity to defy Tigerstar himself when surrounded by nearly two full Clans of Tigerstar's supporters. Ordered to prove his loyalty by murdering his own apprentice, he instead challenges Tigerstar to kill him. Darkstripe attacks on Tigerstar's orders, but Stonefur, who, it should be pointed out, is starving and greatly weakened, defeats the well-fed and rested warrior in combat, and is only killed when the strongest warrior on Tigerstar's side steps in to help.
    • Just before that, Stormpaw reassures his sister that he will protect her and won't let Stonefur hurt them. This despite the fact that they are surrounded by two Clans' worth of powerful warriors, and he is starved and half grown. His statement cause Stonefur to nod in respect before telling Tigerstar to go to hell and kill him if he can.
  • Bramblepaw publicly announcing that he would rather die than join his tyrannical father.
    "Join you?" Bramblepaw growled. He paused, swallowing as he fought to control his anger. When he spoke again his voice rang out clearly so that every cat in the clearing could hear him.
    "Join you?" he repeated. "After everything you've done? I'd rather die!"
    • Followed by some epic burnage.
      Tigerstar: "Are you sure? I won't make the offer twice. Join me now or you will die."
      Bramblepaw: "Then at least I'll go to StarClan as a loyal ThunderClan cat."
    • Firestar's thoughts on the situation are just the icing on the Awesome Cake:
      Firestar: There could be no greater challenge to Tigerstar's power than for his own son to reject him in favor of the Clan he despised.
  • Scourge gets a CMOA when he rips out ALL NINE OF TIGERSTAR'S LIVES AT ONCE, and followed with this in the Rise of Scourge manga: "My littermates said I was too small... too weak. But I've proven them wrong. I've learned how to be to live for blood. Because that's the key. The only answer. I am leader of BloodClan. I am Scourge. AND I HAVE WON!"
  • Graystripe's deputy ceremony on the field of battle.
  • Morningflower kicking BloodClan's ass.
    Morningflower: " Gorsepaw! Gorsepaw! Gorsepaw!"
  • When Bone, the BloodClan "deputy," is killed by a pack of apprentices.
    • "Let go of my brother!"
  • Firestar fulfilling his prophecy and defeating Scourge, the cat that killed Tigerstar nine times with one blow... after already having died at Scourge's claws.
    Scourge: "How!? I killed you!"
    Firestar: "You did. But I am a leader with nine lives who fights alongside StarClan. Can you say as much?"

     The New Prophecy 
  • Feathertail kills a mountain lion with a stalactite.
    • To be more specific, she impaled it with the stalactite.


  • When the Clans are exposed and freezing on a mountainside, an eagle swoops down and snatches a kit up. Brackenfur tackles the eagle in midair, forcing it to release the kit. Becomes a "Heartwarming Moment" when you remember how he tried to save Snowkit from a hawk in the original series and failed.


  • Cinderpelt's defense of the nursery during the badger attack is pretty awesome. Cinderpelt is a medicine cat, although trained in basic self-defensenote , she's not expected to do any actual fighting. On top of that, she's crippled by a twisted hind leg. Yet when the badgers invade ThunderClan and move in on the nursery, she barricades the entrance with herself and fights them off. She dies in doing so, but StarClan rewarded her with a second chance of life, and reincarnated her as her own niece.


  • Tawnypelt gets one when she rejects Tigerstar's offer to gain power, saying she'll gain respect and power her own way.
  • Brambleclaw calling Firestar out on not appointing a deputy after so long and pushing him to do so, even though this means sacrificing his own ambition of being deputy. Because it's for the good of the Clan, he doesn't mind much. And then Firestar subverts everyone's expectations and appoints him as deputy anyway.
  • Brambleclaw, when faced with the chance to become leader by just strangling the helpless Firestar to death nine times over, refuses. And then gives a "Reason You Suck" Speech to Hawkfrost. When Hawkfrost attacks him, Brambleclaw promptly impales him with the stick from the fox trap.

     Power Of Three 
  • Lionblaze in the battle at the end of the book. He comes out absolutely covered in blood, and none of it is his.

Long Shadows

  • Jayfeather leads his siblings in faking a sign from StarClan to restore Blackstar's faith after he'd been led astray by Sol... and then the "fake" sign gets hijacked by StarClan and turns into a real sign. From this, Blackstar's faith is renewed, he drives out Sol, and ShadowClan as a whole is saved from falling apart.
    • Not just the idea of the fake sign, but the sign itself. As Hollyleaf said: "Only Jaypaw would have thought of digging up trees as a message from StarClan."


  • At the beginning of the book:
    Tigerstar: *Lionblaze's claws held at his throat* "You'll never do it."
    Lionblaze: "No." *backs away* "You're already dead."
  • When a ThunderClan patrol comes to take Sol prisoner, not only does he figure out exactly why they are after him in a matter of seconds, but him calmly agrees to go, offering no resistance:
    Sol: "You don't need to put me under guard, you know, I'm not going to run away."
  • Sol's backstory. He formed his own "Clan" and later taught them to fight just so they could fight off some dogs. When they eventually fought the dogs, most of the cats got ripped apart. Not only did he not help at all, but he calmly strolled in later and told the survivors that it was their fault for wanting to fight, and then tells them to get him some food.
  • Even Leafpool (probably the last cat you would expect) gets one at the end of Sunrise when Hollyleaf tries to kill her, and she asks her whether it would be easier for her to die or go on living. The answer is obvious enough to Hollyleaf, and she lets her go.


  • Pretty much every scene with Sol is a Moment of Awesome. Like Jayfeather getting Mind Raped when he detected his presence, how unbelievably calm and composed he is all the time, his deep, hypnotic voice, and this exchange:
    Firestar: "Then why are you here?"
    Sol: "I came because it was time."
    Spiderleg: "Time for what?"
    Sol: "Time to come."
    • And let's not forget how he predicted a total solar eclipse and, knowing it would scare everyone shitless, used it as an elaborate metaphor to (sort of) explain his motives.
    • Sol is capable of making the already confusing plot even more confusing in a single sentence:
      Sol: "Are you sure you have found the three?"

     Omen Of The Stars 
The Fourth Apprentice
  • The destruction of the beaver dam. Special mention goes to the fact that the team was helped by kittypets!
  • Breezepelt attacks Jayfeather with Brokentail helping him! Jayfeather manages to hold his own until freaking Honeyfern pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment and saves him!

Night Whispers

  • In Night Whispers we are introduced to Mapleshade, who is made of these. After Ivypaw yells at her for blocking her way, she leaps onto Ivypaw and says this line.
    Mapleshade: "Show some respect, apprentice. You don't want to die in a place like this. There's nowhere beyond here, you know. Only darkness."
  • Lionblaze, Leafpool, Crowfeather, Breezepelt, and Nightcloud randomly have a fight. No warning, just awesomeness.
  • Lionblaze taking on a fox.
  • Jayfeather teaching himself to swim in a few moments.

Sign of the Moon

  • Jayfeather volunteering to be eagle bait so that the Ancients can capture the eagle and become the Tribe Of Rushing Water. The fight with said eagle as well.
  • Toadstep defeating a dog.
  • Half-Moon's Awesome Moment of Crowning.

The Forgotten Warrior

  • From the prologue:
    Sol: "I have returned. Let vengeance begin."
  • Sol does not disappoint. He goes from the prisoner of a Clan who absolutely hates him to an honoured guest in one chapter.
  • Ivypool's rematch with Antpelt. Not only was her Heroic Resolve amazing, it finally proved that Dark Forest warriors could be killed, and got her accepted as a warrior of the Dark Forest. A major victory for the good guys.
  • After Hollyleaf saves Dovewing and Ivypool, she tries to return to the tunnels so that they won't take her back to ThunderClan. All of a sudden, Lionblaze shows up and spouts this awesome line.
    Lionblaze: "Hollyleaf, I won't let you run away again!"

The Last Hope

  • In the prologue, the cats of StarClan are squabbling as usual, only this time they are with the Tribe of Endless Hunting. Then Rock and Midnight show up, and it's revealed that all the prophecies come from the reflection of the first sunrise at the dawn of time in the lake. Midnight then says that the Final Prophecy is coming. How do StarClan and the Tribe respond? By snapping to attention and vowing to die for the Clan cats. If that wasn't cool enough, Bluestar gives this Badass Boast:
    Bluestar: "And I will die a tenth time to defend ThunderClan!"
  • Yellowfang tells Jayfeather off for keeping the secret of the Fourth to himself.
  • Jayfeather goes to the Moonpool and meets none other than fan-favorite Brambleberry. The utter trust she puts in him as she tells him to unite StarClan is beyond awesome.
  • Jayfeather's vision of the Dark Forest. It's horrifying, but incredibly effective.
  • Jayfeather wakes up and meets Mothwing at the Moonpool. And she promises to help fight the Dark Forest. It's as awesome as it sounds.
  • Dovewing runs into Firestar, who gives her this awesome boast.
    Firestar: "Remember, the final responsibility is mine. You don't hold the whole Clan in your paws. I just need you to do what you can. I'll take care of the rest."
  • Briarlight showing off how much mobility she's regained.
  • Nightcloud saves Jayfeather from a group of Dark Forest cats. Sure it was accidental, but it's Nightcloud. She utterly despises Jayfeather.
  • What Jayfeather says right here to Tigerstar:
    Jayfeather: "You'll never win! You can kill me! But that won't stop me! I´ll find you beyond my death, and I'll stop you!"
  • Rock throws down the stick to Jayfeather and tells him that it symbolizes hope. It records the struggles of many cats to enter the darkness and make it out again. When Jayfeather snaps back that not everyone made it, Rock replies that they tried, and now it's time for the Three to do so.
  • Midnight telling Jayfeather to find his own strength.
  • Hollyleaf makes an epic leap to catch a squirrel higher than any ThunderClan cat has ever done before.
  • Beetlewhisker finds out about the true goal of the Dark Forest, and is given the option of either dying or aiding them. He chooses death, and stares down Brokenstar, showing the basic goodness in all cats.
  • Mothwing verbally owns Crowfeather, then calls him out for his behavior in the past two arcs.
  • Mothwing single-handedly restores Jayfeather's faith by showing him a flaming reed. It is completely and utterly amazing.
  • Jayfeather stares down a patrol of ShadowClan cats who won't let him cross the border. And they give in.
  • Spottedleaf saving Jayfeather's life and convincing Flametail to fulfill his destiny.
  • Flametail finally fulfills his destiny by uniting the medicine cats.
  • Brambleclaw finally forgives Squirrelflight, which convinces Lionblaze to finally accept his destiny. Doubles as a heartwarming moment.
  • Jayfeather managing to gather and unite all of StarClan.
  • Midnight showing up in the battle and owning Dark Forest cats.
  • Daisy taking a level in badass to actually fight the Dark Forest.
  • Blackstar taking out Redwillow, despite being severely weakened from recently losing a life.
  • Mousefur reuniting with Longtail and kicking some Dark Forest ass as they invade the elder's den. Sadly, it was short-lived.
  • Hollyleaf's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Firestar defeating Tigerstar.
  • Ferncloud dying to save to save the nursery from Brokenstar.



    A Vision Of Shadows 

The Apprentice's Quest

  • Needlepaw entrance to the Journey to the Gorge. Five Thunderclan cats are cornered by a pair of foxes, and what does she do? She jumps on one's back and drives it off! For an apprentice treated poorly in her own clan, that's one hell of a save.
  • Darktail's takeover of Sky Clan. As horrifying as it is to see one of the clans driven from their home, his invasion with a group of disorganized rogues isn't just a feat that Bloodclan hadn't been able to pull off- it's also the catalyst for Skyclan returning to the lake.
  • Needlepaw's ease with the rogues. She fits in immediately, fighting for her food and flirting with the leader's right-hand-man. Not only that, but she stands up to Darktail of all cats. Even as an apprentice, we see shades of the fearsome warrior that emerges over the next two books.

[[folder:Dawn of the Clans]]

     Expanded Universe 
The Rise of Scourge
  • Scourge has a scary-yet-awesome one in The Rise of Scourge:
    Ruby: "But Scourge! We're your kin!"
    Socks: "Doesn't blood mean anything?"
    Scourge: "Oh, yes. Blood is everything. But the only blood I'm interested in flows from my enemies. Look around you! These cats are bathed in blood. It soaks their fur and laps at their paws. We are BLOODCLAN!"

Ravenpaw manga

  • Barley calling out his brothers' lazy behavior in The Heart Of A Warrior. When one of them sneers at him, does he retort? No. Instead... he bitch-slaps him and THEN gives his retort.

Dovewing's Silence

  • Cherrypaw and Molepaw trick the cats who trained in the Dark Forest into attacking a wounded fox. While they get severely wounded in the process, they do kill it, which is awesome in its own right, but what's even more awesome is what Bramblestar does when he finds out. He promptly marches up to the Highrock, calls for a Clan meeting, and then gives an awesome speech both praising the cats' loyalty and calling everyone else out on their prejudice.
    Bramblestar: Some of you continue to blame these cats for the battle with the Dark Forest. You are wrong. ...If you feel anything toward these warriors, it should be gratitude, respect, and utmost loyalty. They have proved that they are willing to lay down their lives for you. In future, you will be prepared to do the same.

Bluestar's Prophecy

  • Thistlepaw in Bluestar's Prophecy fighting a fricking dog. Over PREY. And WINNING, thus earning his warrior name, Thistleclaw.
  • In Bluestar's Prophecy, Sunstar decides that the Clan needs Sunningrocks back. He also decides that it's not worth shedding blood over. What does he do? Takes a patrol, marches into the RiverClan camp, lists to Hailstar a bunch of reasons why RiverClan doesn't need it, then announces that Sunningrocks is theirs now and that any RiverClan cat who sets paw on it will be torn apart, and walks away. All while making it look like any blood to be shed will be Hailstar's fault. The best part? His bluff worked. No RiverClan cat dared show up the next morning when he sent patrols to reclaim it. Bad. Ass.
  • Bluefur and Oakheart having the willpower to have only one night together before throwing themselves back into their Clan's duties. In a series where most cats involved as Star-Crossed Lovers find some way to justify it, the fact that these two not only acknowledged that they were breaking the warrior code, but were able to stop seeing each other afterwards, is enormous, if tragic. And, unlike those other relationships, which usually end badly, they got their reward by being Together in Death.

Crookedstar's Promise

  • Crookedjaw calling Rainflower out after his warrior ceremony.
    "I'm sorry I can't make you proud of me. But I haven't finished yet. I'll do everything I can to make you glad I'm your son. You'll never make me ashamed of who I am or what I look like."
  • Also, Shellheart refusing to take Rainflower's crap. She's his mate, but does he ignore her abuse of Stormkit? Does he make excuses? No. He tells her outright that he won't tolerate it, and then - when Rainflower refuses to change - breaks up with her.
  • Crookedstar's speech to Mapleshade at the end of the book, which also serves as a Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming and a Tear Jerker:
    Mapleshade: "Your punishment is complete now, Crookedstar. You have lost everything."
    Crookedstar: "No, Mapleshade. You're wrong. I still have a Clan that I love and am proud to lead. And now... everything precious to me is here, in StarClan. My family is waiting here for me, when my ninth life has passed. It's you who have lost. You have no power over me anymore."
    Mapleshade: "I have destroyed you!"
    Crookedstar: "No, Mapleshade. I still have the cats that I loved. You have nothing and no one."

Bramblestar's Storm

  • Bramblestar's Dawn of an Era speech at the end of "Bramblestar's Storm". He adds a new edition to the warrior code that lets a Clan help another Clan in times of trouble and then split back up once the trouble's done, the first time a rule to the warrior code had been added that wasn't in the prequel era. Cooperation has been seen throughout the series like "The Darkest Hour", "Dawn", and " The Last Hope", which means that the Clans have been learning to work together at long last.
  • Bramblestar has finally learned to be himself while upholding Firestar's legacy.


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