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Feliciano Vargas is a Time Lord.

Because every WMG page needs one of these. (And in case you're wondering how an earth nation can possibly be a Time Lord, he's not actually the nation of Italy. Romano's actually the only real personification of Italy.)
  • Conversely, Feliciano could be the representation of Gallifrey.
    • Okay, that's awesome; but...wouldn't that mean that Italy would end up like Gallifrey? I mean, with the Time War and all...
  • Well, he's definitely this in Heta Oni. Obviously either the big clock we occasionally hear about or the journal is his TARDIS. And whoever that Ryuuzu guy is I'm willing to bet he's one too.

Gilbert Beilschmidt is a Time Lord.

St. Maria Order, Teutonic Knights, Ducal Prussia, Kingdom of Prussia, Free State of Prussia, almost certainly East Germany...sure sounds like regeneration, doesn't it?

Feliks is a Time Lord.

  • The personification of Poland is described as having risen like a phoenix despite having been partitioned and beaten around for centuries. Does that kinda sound like regeneration as well?

The Holy Roman Empire is/knows a Time Lord.

Lala Ru is a Time Lady.

  • The series at least shows interdimensional/interstellar travel with Lala Ru apparantly able to hop between places, her pendant can carry practically an ocean's worth of water within it powered by her lifeforce AND she's tens of thousands of years old and yet she looks no older then a little girl, however its implied in myth that Lala Ru was an old and scary lady meaning its possible if true that she got younger as time went on. She even matches Tennant's worst moody moments in her disattachment to affairs.

Sakaki is a Time Lady.

  • First, Kimura's picture with his family. His waifu shows up but not his daughter, which is a huge Plot Hole. Kimura's daughter looks pretty much like Sakaki, but younger.
  • At some point she runs away from home —thus all that's left is an old picture— and she's grown up in the process of becoming a Time Lady. Then she comes back via time travel, making it improbable to be the same as her child self.
  • Someone as spaced out as Osaka must also be one.
    • Perhaps Chiyo's dad is both Osaka and Sakaki's TARDIS.

Osaka has to be one of them, of course.

  • I'd say Chiyo is a strong contender. Is she actually a genius, or has she really been around a lot longer than she lets on?... actually, there's a hole in this theory regarding her ignorance about non-academic things. Maybe she regenerated, and her academic memories remained intact, but a lot of other memories were wiped, leaving her with the body and mind of an extremely intelligent ten year old girl. It might also explain why she doesn't seem to grow. (much)
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  • KIMURA! It makes perfect sense when you think about it! Unless, of course, you think about.

Roger is a Time Lord, and Big O is his TARDIS.

  • Roger has the unique ability to regenerate into an identical body, hence the confusion over tomatoes.

Everyone is a Time Lord.

  • They are a whole city's worth of Time Lords, who set up a system where they get fobbed every 40 years, and have a set of false memories "over" the set of memories that they have discovered to be false, because they would rather think that they destroyed just one world by war than the entire universe.
    • Dorothy is a robot who is charged with preventing the Time Lords from ever discovering who they were, and so keeping the universe safe from them.
  • Roger has been partially de-fobbed so that he can use his Battle TARDIS to defend the city against other Battle TARDISes which want to rescue their Time Lords.

Black Jack is a Time Lord or hybrid of Time Lord and human DNA.

Black Jack is a manga series which was created by Osamu Tezuka back in the seventies about an unlicensed surgeon with a troubled past who travels the world and tries to help the client for a certain price. His actual name is Kuro'o Hazama but most people call him Doctor and/or Black Jack, he can also be seen travelling with a girl called Pinoko which he obtained through bizarre origins.When it comes to him talking about his past it does not appear his age matches up to his claims.

Neliel and Nnoitra are Time Lords.

Nnoitra declares "How many years has it been since you left, Neliel?" Aizen didn't have the Hogyoku years ago, he's had it for three months at best. Any natural Espada before he got it were demoted to Privaron Espada; Nnoitra was promoted, which means he and by default Neliel are artificial Arrancar. For him and Neliel to have been Espada (and for him to still be one) years before Aizen even had the means to create artificial Arrancar means something weird's definitely going on in Hueco Mundo. Maybe Bawabawa is their TARDIS.
  • Perhaps they are just Vizards that lost their Shinigami memories and had the current ones jammed into their minds. It's probable, taking in consideration Aizen is capable of... Well, anything.

Orihime is a Time Lady.

Obviously, taking in consideration her powers... Hairpin is her TARDIS.

Aizen is the Master.

This would explain a lot actually. His complete hypnosis. His talent at fooling and manipulating others. And of course, his hair styling techniques. How does he do it?

Giriko Kutsuzawa

Come on. It's obvious.

Sakura is a Time Lord who was sentenced to be a human.

Sakura did intentionally invent a method to create immortality when he was a Time Lord. Due to the consequences this had, the other Time Lords chameleon-arched him into being a 12 year old Japanese boy and hid the arch. Sakura planned around this to ensure that he does invent immortality, and so the Time Lords had to send other Time Lords disguised as angels to try to prevent this. Sakura, being the Magnificent Bastard he is, has come up with billions of ways to invent immortality. The only recourse for the other Time Lords is to disrupt his life as often and as violently as possible.

The Time Card was a Time Lord

He angered Clow Reed, so he took revenge by turning him into one of his cards. His TARDIS becomes whatever object he possesses.

Clow Reed is a Time Lord.

  • Somebody had to say it.
  • He even regenerated (in a sense) and changed in appearance and personality!

Anya's a Time Lady who regenerated from Marianne.

She may have suffered amnesia and forgot about her former life as the loving empress of Britannia. It'd also explain why Lelouch's eccentric, hammy, yet clever demeanor.

  • Pretty much Jossed, she knew Lulu whilst Marianne was still alive.
  • Confirmed! Epileptic trees for reals. Marianne had a Geass which implanted her personality in Anya.

Aiber is A from Wammy's House

A is a Time Lord who committed suicide to escape Wammy House. However, he still wished to beat L and tried to do so by both exceeding his detective skills (while using the name Eraldo Coil) and by being a con-man that L wouldn't be able to catch. Unfortunately, he failed on both fronts thus losing the right to use the alias "Eraldo Coil" and being forced to either help L when needed or spend a great deal of time in prison. Hence why Aiber uses an "A" to identify himself and is able to act as Eraldo Coil during the Yotsuba arc without anyone noticing any discrepancies between his behavior and Eraldo Coil's known behaviors.

L is a Time Lord

He regenerates into Near. Now, one might ask why Near would have to deduce certain things all over again when he already came to that conclusion as L. The answer is that, like the eighth Doctor, Near is suffering from partial amnesia.
  • In addition to the above...

The time lord that is L/Near is a regeneration of Mytho from Princess Tutu

Near, who resembles Mytho is already a regeneration L and Aeon. L and Near have cut out parts of their heart in order to defeat Kira. Notice that neither are ever scared or lonely or loving or anything that might get in the way of their duties. In fact, all they might have is Curiosity. After that, Near reconstructs most of or all of his heart and becomes Aeon.

Naomi Misora was once L's Companion.

They had many adventures of horror and wonder together but she eventually returned to get married to Raye.

Light is also a Time Lord

Because a watch is an essential part of the memory restoration process. ...Ergo Light is the Master.

Light is the 10th Doctor. The TIME LORD VICTOROUS!

For so long he lived in boredom and despair. There was so much that was rotten but there was nothing he could do. But then one day he realizeed the rules, time, this world-they are his to manipulate! Being the only one of his kind (super genius) around didn't make him some freak, it made him VICTORIOUS!

Light is a Time Lord and Ryuk is his Companion.

Who says Companions always have to come from Earth?

Light Yagami is a Time Lord and he regenerated into Lelouch Vi Britannia.

Who in turn regenerated into Paul Atreides...

L is Light's regeneration gone back in time to stop himself.

However he doesn't remember everything from his past regeneration. It'll explain all of the Gambit Pileups that were made in the first half. Also, this will explain, why L wasn't really satisfied with his results. And why he still suspected Light, even if he couldn't be the murderer, and why he predicted Light's every move (remember those "fights", that they had?) Think about it.
  • The fact he's missing his memory could be from him using the chameleon arch to avoid the 'Time Lords can recognize each other despite regenerations.'

The Death Note is a Tardis.

It's bigger on the inside (it has an infinite amount of pages) and it can manipulate events in time and space but it's malfunctioning so that it always brings about the death of those that go inside it.

The Shinigami are Time Lords

Specifically,they're a bunch of renegade Time Lords having used up their regenerations.They've been experimenting with genetic engineering for this. The Death Note has both TARDIS and Chameleon Arch technology in it,allowing them to feed. Part of their reason for this is that,like the Weeping Angels,they feed on your potential lifespan-only they just straight up kill you. Ryuk is a clone of the Master.

The Shinigami are cousins of the Weeping Angels.

They "gain" lifespan in a similar way as the Angels do (the Angels transport you to a different timeline and feed off the potential energy. The Shinigami kill people and gain more lifespan). Their powers are only limited to humans, so the Time Lords don't care (who cares about the cosmic equivalent of cavemen?)
  • The Doctor!

Mello is a Time Lord

I think Mello is the child of River Song and the Doctor
  • This would explain the gun thing and why when a god of death shows up, everyone else tries to kill it, but Mello? He just calmly hands it a bar of chocolate. That is so Doctor.
    • This also explains why he showed Takada his face- he knew the Death Note wouldn't work on him!
    • Plus, he physically looks like both River and the eleventh Doctor, as well as Amy and Rory
  • He could have regenerated into Willy Wonka.

Mikami is a Cyberman.


L is The Master

In the episode where he dies L mentions that he can hear bells. While everyone assumed that this was something to do with his human past due to the opening flashback with Big Ben, that isn't necessarily true, and if it is, may actually be part of the fabricated memories implanted when he chameleon arched. When The Doctor psychically connects with The Master in EOT, The Drums...don't really sound like drums. If they were quieter, they could easily be mistaken for bells, and they might well be slightly dulled by the chameleon arch. While this may lead some fans to think that, due to Chameleon Arch personality flips, this makes Light The Doctor, it is my opinion that Aiber is actually The Doctor. What's the one piece of character development we got about him? He hates guns. It's entirely possible that, (Although not true every time due to 10 training his students in rifles and machine guns as John Smith) that the flip's severity varies, and that when they chameleon arched for whatever reason, The Doctor got a very mild one which put him on the wrong side of the law but left him a mostly peaceful man who despised killing, thus his willingness to work the Kira case, while The Master got a somewhat more severe flip which, while it still left him a somewhat cold manipulator, brought him much closer to good.

Hakuba Saguru is a descendant of a Time Lord. Or just plain Time Lord.

He's got a pocketwatch. A pocketwatch so accurate it's almost obscene. Only a Time Lord could make a watch that accurate. But more to the point, he's British, which is really all you need to know.

Vermouth is a Time Lady

First she's Sharon Vineyard. Then she fakes her death and starts living a new life as her own daughter, Chris Vineyard. According to Jodie over the span of ten years she has not aged in the slightest. Sounding very evil-Time-Lord-y.

Kaito and Shinichi are Time Lord twins a la Season 4 finale

Which would explain why they look so much alike. One of them is facing imminent regeneration but channels spare energy into handy spare (insert body part here). Then something happens to trigger meta-whatsits-thingy-mo-bobber, and the other one grows out of the handy spare (insert body part here).
  • And Shinichi was probably the original, which was why he could survive the apotoxin. Which by default would make Haibara a Time Lady...
  • Being born in the middle of a fleet of Daleks trying to destroy everything you hold dear turned 10.5 into a slightly genocidal maniac. I would like to see the chaotic stew that spawned Kaito, though I may need some brain bleach afterwards.

The Boss is the Master

He has no name, we've never seen him, and he's very, very evil. Also there's that phone number thing going on. I can definitely see the Master choosing a phone number like that just because he can. It would also explain why the Boss lets Vermouth do pretty much what she pleases and why she's his favorite if she's a Time Lady.

Anybody who deages as a result of taking Apotoxin is a Time Lord

The Apotoxin kills human. Something that kills a human only make a Time Lord regenerate.The reason why they look like kids is because regeneration makes you look younger, as proved on Doctor Who. The Doctor looked sixty-ish, so it makes senses that his later incarnation were adults, but when Shinichi and Haibara regenerated, they looked rather young. It explains why a teenager like Shinichi could know so much about anything : he was Really 700 Years Old.

His alleged « father » is actually a past incarnation of him, they only meet because of the Timey-Wimey Ball, and they avoid each other because they are aware of that fact.

Agasa is a Time Lord

Agasa is probably a time lord too, which explains a lot about his inventions and unheard of technology. His house and that of Shinichi are parts of a broken TARDI that can no longer travel, and he's trying to fix it. So far, he has only managed to inflate time around Shinichi, which explains why so much things happen during the short time between the beginning of the series and now.

Aoyama Gosho is Shinichi's future self

When Shinichi regenerates, he's going to become Gosho Aoyama, and, knowing that it can only be taken as fiction, will go back to 1994 and make a manga about his adventures.

A large chunk of the Earth's populace are Time Lords or Time Lord/Human hybrids.

It explains why there are so many smart people, why time is so wonky, and why Genta's father wears glasses to make himself look clever.

Gennai is a Time Lord. Either his house, or the lake it is found in is his TARDIS.

We see him once in the far past, and whatever Piedmon's attack did to him eventually killed him. He regenerated as an old man, appeared in Digimon Adventure to help the kids out. Sometime between that and Digimon Adventure 02, he regenerated as his past form, and used some time travel shenanigans to appear all over the world. He also appeared elsewhere in the various series... as Rika Nonaka's Grandmother, Homer Yushima, and as The Clockmaster. Hell, in his last form, he brought back most of the older protagonists, so we KNOW there are some time travel shenanigans going on... there's a Time Lord somewhere, certainly.
  • Maybe given evidence with the Xros Hunters ending. Clockmaster is Bagramon. We just need proof that they can regenerate into Digimon.

Myotismon is also a Time Lord.

He comes back many times. Sometimes even after being in places normal Digimon should not survive dying in (see also: Gotsumon, Pumpkinmon, or anyone else not named Blackwargreymon who died in the real world.) His past form was Daemon from 02, and he ends up becoming Lucemon, Kurata, and Bagramon before his time spent as Impmon (and later Beelzemon) causes him to realize he screwed up, causing him to go back in time and try to fix things. He then reincarnated as Wizardmon and Richard Samson. This ALSO explains how Wizardmon lived all those near death blows, and how he came back in 02, and, hell, how he was so resilient in the first place. It also explains why he died - HE LET HIMSELF TO STOP A PARADOX FROM HAPPENING IN A FULL OUT BATTLE WITH HIMSELF.

Millenniumon is a Time Lord.

He controls Space and Time. When Ryo defeated him the first time, he regenerated into Moon=Millenniumon, and later ZeedMillenniumon. As for what his TARDIS is... TARDIS? Where he and Ryo went, they need no TARDIS... "Now, let us go! Ryo! Come fly with me in the worlds of time!".

Professor Bumble is a Time Lord, the Flying House is his TARDIS, and Justin, Angie and Corkey are his companions (he also happens to have a robot aisstant; in this case, SIR).

It all fits, really. The Flying House can travel through time and space (even though the show limits it to the days of the New Testament), plus look as Bumble's Japanese name: Tokio Taimu, which sounds similar to a certain English word...

Hoenheim of Light is a Time Lord, and the house is his TARDIS.

When the Elric brothers burned the house down, it damaged Hoenheim, causing his body to fail in a similar way to Dante's. This doesn't happen in the manga, because Van Hoenheim is a regeneration of Father (who in turn is a reincarnation of the Homunculus, which had its regeneration deactivated and went Dobby -only more so- like David Tennant in season 3 finale) that went to the past and temporarily turned himself human, and Xerxes (then Gluttony) and Amestris are their respective TARDISes. Hoenheim of Light dresses the way he does in the series because he went to Earth's future and saw an episode of Doctor Who with the 4th Doctor. (The red water is actually an underground pipeline for a now-destroyed Jelly Baby factory; there are different flavours made in different factories, just all on different continents in case someone destroys a factory.)
  • So red jelly babies taste of souls?

Father and Dante, depending on series, are both incarnations of The Corsair, which is the real reason for all the Ouroborus marks.

Chichiri is a Time Lord

His hat is his TARDIS.

Taiitsukun is a Time Lord

Mt. Taikyoku is her TARDIS, Chichiri is her companion.

This series' resident Time Lord is Chitose Kurasama.

Why Chitose? She pops in during the second game, and is immediately a Mary Sue. She holds significant talents above the others (her game specialization is sniping), and sacrifices herself in the Manga - a surefire sign of a Time Lord who has regenerations handy.

This series' resident Time Lord is NORMAD.

He just got the really short end of the stick when what he could regenerate into was selected.

Gilbert Durandal is a Time Lord

He regenerated into Ingram Prisken. They have the same hair.

Hinagiku is a Time Lady and the Student Council President's office is her TARDIS.

Mostly because it's a TV Tropes Running Gag (possibly overused, but meh). Besides, with all of Hinagiku's (parodied) sue-ness and given the nature of the series, would it really be a surprise if this were true?

Alucard is a Timelord. His coffin is his TARDIS.

Just think about it!

The Major is the Master

with his history that coincided with Alucard and them knowing each other, along with his love of war, not to mention his way with words, it's not hard to tell.

Inuyasha/his father is a Time Lord, and the Shikon Jewel is his TARDIS.

Not only did it have to be done, consider the fact that a tiny pearl that can fit in Inuyasha's eye held the entire world of the dead, coupled with the time travel and reincarnation themes of the show support this. Linking to a WMG on the Ranma page, Ranma is also a time lord, and is a reincarnation of Inuyasha.
  • And how is it that Inuyasha's father is some 500 feet tall after death? (yeah, most frickin' powerful demon EVAR, but still)

Tsumugi is a Time Lord.

It's right there in the theme!

Nebula was a Time Lord and Alisa is his TARDIS.

We learn that he is from somewhere where a planet once existed - Gallifrey, which no longer exists thanks to The Great Time War. So why does he look like a black thing rather than having a humanoid appearance? In the same manner the Master managed to regenerate into an worm in the 1996 television movie, Nebula managed to regenerate into a black thing. Like the Master, he swallowed a creature that allowed him to take that form prior to The Time War. Like the 8th Doctor after Gallifrey was destroyed, he has some of his memories missing. Alisa is like Compassion (from the Expanded Universe) - a sentient TARDIS able to take a humanoid form. Without the Eye of Harmony, this is why she has to consume beings of The Dark Race, she needs a way to power herself. Alisa once said that she and "daddy" have never been apart, perhaps they were together before the destruction of Gallifrey? What about the fact that all of the Time Lords wiped out by the Great Time War? Given some of the Daleks managed to survive, what's to say a few Time Lords haven't? The Master was able to.

Kululu is a Time Lord.

Word Of Funimation dub confirms it, more or less, when Kululu says he's an Honorary Time Lord.

Konata is a Time Lady.

Because every universe needs at least one.
  • Haruhi is her TARDIS. Go on, think about it.


She is both Starfire and pre-timeskip Nia. We all know what that means.

Lupin's coat is a Time Lord, and he is its TARDIS

Lupin has not visibly aged over the decades. His coat, however, has changed appearance a good deal several times. From this we can conclude that...

Wait, is this garrote wire?

Lupin himself is a Time Lord

The reason he hasn't aged is that he and Arsène Lupin and Lupin II are all the same person. Instead of dying he regenerates into a younger man, and claims to be his own descendent. As for why he looks the same, well, he doesn't. His looks vary quite a bit Depending on the Artist, and anyway he is very fond of Latex Perfection masks, so who's to say we have ever seen his true face? The long life span is also how he had time to get so good at being a thief.

Chao Lingshen is a Time Lady

Her TARDIS is stuck in the form of a pocket watch she calls Cassiopeia. We all know the Time Lords are opposed to magic, so she must be a renegade who is trying to stop them from destroying it. Also, as she is Negi's descendant, that means Negi is also a Time Lord.

Mr. Yotsuya is a Time Lord.

  • How does Yotsuya manage to live (and, presumably, pay the rent) without any signs of steady employment, or even a normal daily routine? Obviously, he completes his business by using his Time Lord powers, leaving the other residents of Maison Ikkoku none the wiser.
  • Room #4 is his TARDIS. This is why, on the rare occasions the inside of his room is seen (such as the egg episode and the Yagami tutoring episode), it looks completely different...they were just two parts of the larger complex.
  • Time Lords have a longer than average lifespan. This explains how, when Kentaro found the photograph album, there were pictures of Yotsuya going back to the 19th century, yet looking completely the same. (What, you actually believed the explanation that it was his family members? No two people, however related, resemble each other quite that much.)
  • Telepathy is another power of Time Lords. How else could Yotsuya know the exact moments to do a Stealth Hi/Bye and catch Godai in a blackmailable state, often in the middle of the night or in completely unrelated parts of town? This happens way too often to be coincidence.
  • Like the Doctor, Yotsuya's true name is too bizarre or unpronouncable for daily life. Hence his use of a simple pseudonym, and his lack of interest in giving out a first name. (Alternately, Yotsuya's statements that his first name "is spelt like X and pronounced like Y" are actually true, and it's just that humans haven't figured out the complexities of the Gallifreyan language that would make this intelligible.)
  • From The Other Wiki: "Time Lords are an aloof people, with a society full of pomp and ceremony." Sound like any traditional clothes-wearing, formally-speaking, haiku-quoting person we know?
  • Finally, a travelling Time Lord needs a pretty Companion...Yotsuya has Akemi. Or at least, he thinks he does. Unfortunately for him, she's also working for the Master...

Johann Liebert is the Master. Or possibly his son.

Admittedly the twin sister, cross-dressing and Dissonant Serenity don't quite fit, and his appearance doesn't change. Plus he spends long enough in hospital a second heart would be an issue (unless it was fobwatched away). That he appears to have been born on Earth is also a bit of a problem, but since the circumstances surrounding the birth are kind of murky and involve a giant conspiracy he proceeds to play for a bunch of Unwitting Pawns this can probably be handwaved. Anyhow, considering some of the shapes the Master's taken over the years, human child shouldn't be that hard, and Johann isn't a very convincing child, at that.

Failing all those, the son theory should work around the difficulties. Let the mother be human, even the Master would only have to pass himself off as human long enough to romance her and then mysteriously, tragically disappear. The twins can then both be his kids, possibly DNA-masked to appear more human than they really are – Anna anyway has that slightly odd, mildly Cloudcuckoolanderish kind of Beware the Nice Ones amnesiac air to her that John Smith and Professor Yana have. The fact that neither twin has a visible fob watch about them is obviously just a cover-up. And a TARDIS would come in handy for explaining how Johann's Gambit Roulette luck almost never fails, as well as his language skills. also, Johann is an Ersatz of sorts for MWs Michio Yuki, who's as close to the personality of Simm!Master in characterization as makes virtually no difference

Tenma can be a Time Lord too, if necessary. We never see his supposed Earth family, you know.

Dr. Reichwein is a Time Lord.

Not only Dr. Reichwein, but every one of Tezuka's mustache guys is the same guy. The mustache is his TARDIS, which is why it never changes, even when he changes ethnicity.

  • OK, some thoughts on this: He's travelling inside his own moustache? Also: the Doctor thought a chameleon circuit stuck on police box was bad? Also, I think my brain's imploding.

Madara is the latest regeneration of the Master.

As Tobi's time-manipulation obviously seems to be way beyond any other ninja, and thus would speak of some form of alien technology befitting one of the Time Lords, it's clear through simple elimination that Uchiha Madara must be the latest incarnation of the Master (as the Doctor would rather be caught dead than wearing an outfit like that and neither wears a ring). This statement would also explain both Madara's goals of controling both the world as well as the process of war, (as the Master himself has an obsession with it), as well as his longevity and the fact that the current "Tobi" has a completly different hair-style than the Madara of the flashbacks. The fact that Madara also apparently has managed to serve as both Mizukage as well as leader of the Akatsuki without drawing any suspicion towards him would clearly speak of some proficiency with mind control, which has long been the forte of the Master. It's also worth noting that his persona as Tobi is extremely similar to the Master's latest guise as Harold Saxon in terms of personality. Hell, all that's missing is Madara making remarks about "the drumming" for the two of them to be nearly identical...

Angels and Time Lords are related beings

An angel's form is an addaption to the enviroment, similar to how the novels state regeneration works. Also, the Angels can bend space in strange ways, kinda like how a TARDIS is bigger on the inside than the outside. And the novels tell of regenerations in harsh enviroments that result in Time Lords that are...wrong. Alternatively...

TARDISes are derived/engineered/evolved/decended from Angels

TARDISes are living beings, so there must have been an ancestral source stock.

Pikachu is a Time Lord, Jessie is the Rani and the Pokédex is a TARDIS.

He's aware that Ash is important to the timeline (since he seems to be the Chosen One for almost everything ever) and is determined to make sure that no one screws up the timeline by killing him. The Ran-I mean, Jessie knows what Pikachu really is and is determined to take him and find out how he regenerated into a foot-long electric mouse.

All Pokémon are Time Lords, and PokéBalls are TARDISes

How else to explain evolution than it being a form of regeneration?
  • No, Dialga is the tardis and Palkia is the time lord.
    • When will anyone get this right? TIME. LORDS. CANNOT. CONTROL. TIME. They can only pass through it. Celebi is a time lord.

The Doctor is Ash's father

The WMG/Pokemon, suggests that a time lord is running around, so why not?

Togetic are a race of time lord descendants or TARDIS precursors.

If they're descended from Time Lords, the castle dimension is Gallifrey inside a TARDIS (probably the Doctor's once he got the chameleon circuit issue fixed and the council made him set it to invisible). If they are the precursors to TARDISes, well, it's kind of self-evident what with being "ancestors of the TARDIS species". Alternately, Togetic don't evolve (the non-Pokémon way) into TARDISes, that's just what you get when you breed a Togetic with a Kecleon, or give it a Gallifrey Stone instead of a Shiny Stone.

Ash's father is a Time Lord, his mother is Haruhi Suzumiya, and everthing takes place in instrumentality

I am unrepentant.
  • Hooray for running gags and memes!

Celebi is a Time Lord

  • As shown in Pokémon 4ever, Celebi can obviously regenerate (but chooses the same cute-ness filled form every time). The lake in which s/he regenerates is his/her TARDIS. Alternatively, Dialga is the TARDIS. S/He has also somehow managed to unlock the ability to regenerate infinitely.

In the same vein, Celebi can evolve into Time Lords

It just never happens in the games because it can only happen under very precise circumstances which are made impossible in the games.
  • The Celebi protagonist in Pokémon 4ever would later become the Doctor.
  • So Time Lords are Pokémon? That's interesting.
    • They aren't regenerating, they're evolving!

Team Rocket were experimented on by Time Lords

Wanting to find the secret to eternal life, two humans and a Meowth were experimented on by Time Lords. Though they age like human beings, it has allowed Team Rocket to survive countless falls. It's been advanced enough to extend the process indefinitely, however gradual use made them the failures they are. Also, it's controlled so they change their appearance a bit - they look the same for our world, but to everyone else's eyes they look different - hence why their disguises work so well. It's also why Giovanni hasn't fired them

Ginji Kawai is a Time Lord

Why not? He seems to have done everything and has a lot of licenses to prove it, so this seems like the most logical way for him to be capable of it.

Drosselmeyer, Fakir, and Edel are Time Lords.

  • Drosselmeyer already ran out of regenerations, though, which is why having his hands hacked off made him Killed Off for Real. But the loophole in time is his TARDIS, and he used his reality-warping powers to stay bonded to it and spectate over Kinkan Town. The 'other story' he goes looking for at the end of the story will really be another planet or universe.
  • As for Fakir, he already regenerated once - from the knight in the story - and his Time Lord powers were why he was able to seal away Mytho's sword. However, being killed by the Raven did something to him, so he didn't fully remember his capabilities until he connected with the Oak Tree (which, being Edel's birthplace, helped immensely). That's why HE used his reality-warping powers to channel Tutu's hope, and why he could break the machine Drosselmeyer left in the clock tower.
  • Something weird happened to Edel's first form, which fused her with the Oak Tree and prevented her from regenerating fully; that's Drosselmeyer and later Charon could use her remains to make the other forms, puppet-Edel and Uzura.

Homura and Madoka become Time Ladies after contracting with Kyuubee.

  • Homura's shield is her TARDIS; it's activated when she manipulates time and also happens to be bigger on the inside.
  • She also transcended time by transferring herself from her original universe into Madoka's new universe, and being the only person to remember anything.
  • Madoka is capable of traveling through all points in time in every possible parallel universe.

Homura was a Time Lady, but she retired at the end when Madoka became a Time Goddess.

  • During the series, Homura, with her shield-TARDIS and unwitting companion Madoka, is a Time Lady. At the end, it's unlikely Homura will time-travel again, what with all the madness it caused; but Madoka has become a transcendent time-space being, with no need for a TARDIS and every Magical Girl who ever lived as her companions.

Alternatively, all Puella Magi/Witches are potential Time Lords.

  • This is why the Incubators are interested in them for reversing entropy: time travel can reverse the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The situation about Homura is just the beginning.

Homura became a time lord to help out her friends from before she moved to Mitakihara.

The series is set on Gallifrey not Earth and all the cast are Time Lords except Mrs Tendo who died because she was human

All the cast have some sort of wacky power and can heal incredibly fast, even the Muggles. Add in Jusenkyo (shapeshifting training for future regenerations) and the weird locales and curses (Sufficiently Advanced Magic) and it's some sort of Time Lord training academy.

Happosai is the Master and Dr Tofu is the Doctor

Hey, Happosai likes messing with people for fun and likes TO BE CALLED "The Master", boasts about his age and can survive things that would kill other people (even in this series). He is The Master at the end of his first incarnation. Dr Tofu is likewise an early incarnation of The Doctor. He wasn't Put on a Bus, he left in the TARDIS!
  • Okay, you can have Nabiki as the Rani too if you want.

Sailor Pluto is the granddaughter of The Doctor.

She has powers over time, and is named Setsuna, which is similar to the Doctor's granddaughter's name Susan. (Time Lord names can be hard to pronounce and get shortened, as Romana's was, so it's plausible the name could have been shortened in different ways. Also, before the third season came out in English, Susan was one of the two rumoured English names for Setsuna, the other being Celia, neither of which were used.)
  • So, The Doctor is Chronos' father? It all makes sense now.
  • Obviously she's regenerated since being played by Carole Ann Ford.

Sailor Moon is a Time Lord.

It explains how she could go back in time as Sailor Cosmos, even after Pluto's defeat. The regenerations are pretty obvious, the first one being her "anomaly" as Sailor Moon, succeeding through phases, and the Ginzuishou is her TARDIS (although we never see it in the inside, but I'm pretty sure it's bigger there, to the point it could fit the entire sailor team confortably). Her last regeneration was Sailor Cosmos, obviously.

Asura and Shinigami are Time Lords and Eibon was their TARDIS.

Going off the above theory, Asura and Shinigami were two Time Lords confined to share one TARDIS, Eibon. However, Asura and Shinigami's conflicting views always caused mass confusion and arguements over how to use Eibon and so Eibon defected to Arachne's side, hence the island fiasco. Asura and Shinigami's fight over who's fault this was caused Asura's sealing and Eibon being a TARDIS gave him the power to make BREW, and of course to seal himself in a Demonic Tool to unlock BREW. Noah's "Book of Eibon" is really a giant, time and space encylopedia, which can capture things in a separate dimension in time and space using a modified version of Eibon's TARDIS powers.

Chris is a Time Lord and Gizmo is his TARDIS.

Joy is, obviously, his companion. Which makes Justin his regeneration and Angie his new companion.
  • Clearly the reason Gizmo isn't in The Flying House is because the chameleon circuit works, if sporadically.

Haruhi is a time lord

Don't ask how, some just had to say it eventually.
  • Her reality warping powers come from being hopped up on belief, like The Doctor was in the season 3 finale. The belief? Its OUR belief in her, affecting her in her world retroactively.
    • Or she looked into the Time Vortex.She didn't burn up thanks to formerly being a highly intelligent and professional Time Lady,but she still went nuts and recreated the universe.That or the Doctor regenerated into a woman and looked into the Time Vortex

Haruhi is The Doctor

Three years ago the Doctor saved the universe from some terrible event that nearly destroyed it, but due to his Heroic Sacrifice time was re-written instead of un-written, and he "died". He regenerated into a 15 year old girl, and was so shocked that he suffered amnesia like his 8th incarnation. She retains his brilliance and ability to be good at pretty much anything, but has no idea of who and what she is. However, she does have some vague memories: she's fascinated with aliens, time travellers, espers, and sliders. What person could all those terms describe? The Doctor, that's who. Her obsession with those subjects is her subconscious attempt to remember who she really is.

Kyon is The Doctor, only before Haruhi's god-like powers create the Time Lords.

In a recent chapter of the novels, Kyon travels back in time to the critical three-years-ago junction, meeting Haruhi in the process. There, he uses the nom de guerre "John Smith". The Doctor uses the same pseudonym on several occasions, including during the entire UNIT run.
  • By extension, this makes the series a prequel.
  • Also by extension, Mikuru has a TARDIS. ...or she is a TARDIS.
    • or she becomes his TARDIS, and they reunite years and years later when he steals her.
    • Well, there's always this...
  • This means Haruhi's powers are because she somehow has a stable Time Vortex within her that isn't killing her. Her unique form of egomania is what's preventing this from happening, actually. She can't burn out because she's constantly making the commandment "I AM."
  • Also by extension, Captain Jack is Calvin, who rather than being Touched by Vorlons, also has secret godlike powers, and at other points in his life, was Jeremy from Zits, Frazz from Frazz, and the unnamed lead of Fight Club. The logic behind this would take too long to explain here; read it for yourself.
  • Also he has the power to drastically alter history with just four words. "I am John Smith" or "Doesn't she look old?"
    • I call foul: The Doctor uses six words: "Don't you think she looks tired?"
      • He can use fewer. "I'm The Doctor. Basically, run. As well as variations thereof.
Kyon is a fob-watched Time Lord who escaped the Last Great Time War.
He found an irregularity in the time-stream (created by Haruhi), and figured that since it's hard to pilot a TARDIS into, the Time Lords wouldn't find him there. He also fob-watched himself so he'd appear human, hiding himself better. Unfortunately, he crashed his TARDIS and lost his watch. He still subconsciously gravitated toward Haruhi as the source of the irregularity.

Kyon is Omega

One of the founders of the Time Lords.
  • The Hand of Omega is Haruhi in suspended animation, wired into an interface of the IDE to allow direct control of her abilities
  • Then the Doctor using the Alias 'John Smith' is akin to a modern person using the alias 'Clark Kent'

Kyon is The Doctor.

The 13th Doctor had run out of regenerations and was dying, as a result the TARDIS lost control and crash landed in 2007 where the young Haruhi Suzumiya was nearby. Thinking she had finally found alien life, she went to the TARDIS and accidentally abosorbed the powers of the heart of the TARDIS. The then dying Doctor, no longer having the strength to pull the power from her to stop her from dying instead used his telepathic abilities to seal the power in her subconscious with psychic jiggery-pokery.This meant that the power that would normally be running rampant was now prevented from killing the young Haruhi, however this also meant that Haruhi's memories of the incdent were also removed.Finally The Doctor's mental seal required for him to survive and he used the chameleon arc of the TARDIS to become Kyon. He lost all of his memories but retained some of his telepathic abilty, thus causing the 'did I say that out loud' moments in his internal monologue by subconsciously broadcasting his brainwaves. 'Kyon' was written into the life of nearby family and the young Haruhi woke up a few minutes later with no memory of the incident. The TARDIS is currently hiding in a new form.This explains why Haruhi can never know of her powers, because they would kill her, and the 'link' she and 'Kyon' share, as well as why her subconious controls her powers.
  • So then that means, that means that at some point Rose Tyler was turned into a young Japanese girl, that we know as Sasaki.
  • No, Sasaki is an aspect of Haruhi created to balance Haruhi's chaos. Her abilities are derived from Haruhi's own,however she can become the true 'owner' of Harui's powers should Kyon (The Doctor and the one who the TARDIS is connected to) decide that she is the better choice for them. He already shown that he can transfer the power as shown in the new season one finale, and there is no reason why he needs to be The Doctor to do it he retained his link to Haruhi and the TARDIS.
  • This explains why we only know Kyon by his nickname: no one other than him can pronounce his name!

Mikuru is a Time Lady

The agency she works for is the Celestial Intervention Agency!

Tsuruya is a Time Lady

She obviously is something and with her hyperactive personality it wouldn't be hard to imagine her being Time Lady.

Kyon is The Doctor for entirely different reasons than the ones stated above.

They say that a Time Lord who looked into and absorbed the energy of the Time Vortex would become a vengeful god.
  • Clearly, in the future of the DW TV series, some event or series of events convinces The Doctor to look into the heart of the TARDIS. Then, to seal away his horrible power, he decides to use the Chameleon Arch. Since The Doctor's human character doesn't, can't believe in all of time and space etc. etc., he subconsciously foists his power off on Haruhi three years before he meets her, when she meets him under the alias John Smith (wibbly wobbly timey wimey).
  • Kyon's facetious and easygoing attitude is very similar to The Doctor's various patterns of behavior in his different incarnations.
    • Like The Doctor, no-one says his real name.
    • Like The Doctor, he's managed to surround himself with brilliant and virtuous people.
    • Like The Doctor, one of his companions is more important and more powerful than she knows.
  • Further, perhaps the reason The Doctor harnesses the power of the time vortex is to prevent the TARDIS from exploding and destroying the universe. Surely godlike powers could prevent a timey-wimey-spacey-wacey explosion? It's one of the few plausible reasons for him to do something so drastic, really.

Kyon is The Doctor, Alternate Version

Kyon is a regeneration of the Doctor and Haruhi is his TARDIS.

His companions are:

  • Mikuru - Time Agent
  • Koizumi - Carrionite
  • Nagato - Renegade Mondasian Cyberman from a parallel universe in which their kind are the first ones who discovered the secrets of Time and Space. In other words, a Cybertimelord.

Since The Doctor's regenerations had a tendency to become younger as time passes by, The Doctor is now a highschool age boy. Susan Foreman, who for the second time became a companion and avoided the Last Time War by not being in Gallifrey, finally convinced him to fix the Chameleon Circuit.

Somewhere in 20th-21st century Japan, The Doctor and his Companions got separated from the TARDIS. The TARDIS herself lost her memories, but The Doctor cannot let her know what is actually happening to prevent a time paradox. And so, he disguised himself, the TARDIS, and his companions as highschool students.

Haruhi's powers are actually the manifestation of the TARDIS's space-time capabilities. But since she lost her memory, thinking that she's a regular human being, she is completely unaware of her powers.

Washu is a Time Lord

Washu's scientific approach, near omniscience, yet odd vulnerability, make her a likely candidate, no?
  • Ryo-Oh-Ki is her TARDIS?
  • This implies a sort of heirarchy to nature, each level being able to seal its power to reduce it one level. At the top is the gods, such as the Choushin of which Washu is a member. She sealed her powers into the gems, reducing her to the level of Time Lord. As shown in Human Nature, Time Lords can seal their powers into objects (like fob watches) to become human. Presumably, humans can do something with ankle bracelets that turns us into chimpanzees. Possibly paramecia.

Simon is a Time Lord, Lagann is his TARDIS

Just had to get it out there. It explains much of the crazy bending of physics and space/time. Not to mention Perceptual Teleportation. Plus the fact that Lagann can seemingly fit six or so people inside.

Time Lords must be Spirals since their DNA seems to mix fairly well with that of humans. It's possible that all Ganmen are TARDISes left behind after the Time War, in mecha form so as to be more effective during the conflict. The anti-spirals were one of the many combatants who took part in the Time War, naturally. They may have even sided with the Daleks, considering the Daleks consider themselves perfect and have no will to change.

  • They still develop their technology when the need arises. Spiral enough.
  • A related theory: Gallifrey was destroyed by a Spiral Nemesis.

All of the Terrible Trios (but not the Battle Couples (especially since some of the shows just have one good guy), Robot Buddies, or their trademark vehicles/mechas) from the entire series are the same trio

The ones that come after the original Time Bokan are their regenerations. They are renegade/rogue Time Lords who were banished from Gallifrey and sent to Earth for not only being bad people, but also because of their constant bungling as well. It's also for this reason that they don't have a TARDIS (hence why they end up building their own vehicles). It would makes sense since all three of the individual members (including the short, fat one with the Kansai Regional Accent) are voiced by the exact same voice actors, and have a (more or less) consistent appearance.

Bernkastel and Lambdadelta are Time Ladies

All of Rika's resurrections in alternate timelines were regenerations. Bern managed to complete so many (as opposed to the twelve typically allowed) by synching with Hanyuu's own power. Since Hanyuu was not herself alive (until Matsuribayashi), she was able to devote all of her energy to Bern/Rika's regenerations. However, that created a massive drain that led to the problems seen in Matsuribayashi-hen. Indeed, those multiple regenerations are why Bern still looks like a child. They actually manipulate time and space through incredibly advanced Time Lord technology, but it's so ahead of our time that the only way for them to explain it is that it is magic.
  • Alternatively, Rika and Miyo are Bernkastel and Lambdadelta's Chameleon-Arched selves.
  • And Hanyuu could be the spirit of Rika's TARDIS.
  • And in the Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kira OV As, a younger Rika stumbles through a shrine that sends her forward in time. Perhaps another TARDIS?

Rudolf is a Time Lord

Rudolf is Jack Bauer and Jack Bauer is a Time Lord. Therefore, Rudolf is a Time Lord. Furthermore, since Rudolf mistakenly refers to himself as Jack at times, we can conclude that Jack regenerated into Rudolf. Also, since Battler in Kinzo's grandson though Rudolf this means that Kinzo (and/or his wife) must also be a Time Lord, and that Battler is also a Time Lord.
  • The cousin's room is a TARDIS, thereby explaining how in the sixth game "everyone else" was able to fit into it. Furthermore, this allows us to explain how Kanon was able to rescue Battler without resorting to trickery involving names. The TARDIS was activated, but left Kanon behind.

Quent is a Time Lord

But he was hiding as a human and lost his fob watch.

Yuuko is a Time Lady.

It has been shown that she commands a great deal of power of space and time and has a title, "The Witch of the Dimensions"/"Space-Time Witch". She freely admits that "Yuuko Ichihara" is an assumed name. This would make the house she lives in is her TARDIS, and she has installed a special perception filter so that no one can can "see" it unless they wish for something.
  • Yuuko seems to have studied at the Leland Gaunt School of Shopkeeping, though, especially in the anime.
  • If she is a Time Lady, she is/was on her 13th regeneration back when Clow warped reality.

Kidd is a Time Lord.

  • It's the only explanation for why he's so good at everything. His failing at school was merely a disguise in order to help Kuroyanagi and therefore stave off some invasion somewhere.

The Owner is a Time Lord.

Perhaps even the Doctor himself, on a final, desperate adventure to salvage the Earth he loves so well.
  • Oh! Oh! The Owner is Haruhi too, right? :p

Yotsuba is a Chameleon Arch disguise for Romana, of the Time Lords, Hiding on Earth

Yotsuba is a regeneration of Romana. Romana was inside E-Space during the Time War, and so she managed to survive; however, to save herself and bide her time until she was sure the Doctor was okay (or found her by the natural luck the Doctor has), she used the Chameleon Arch to place her mind at the body-appropriate mind-set of a five year old girl. After the Regeneration, she had the appearance of Yotsuba, but she was still Romana as we knew her until she used the Arch.
  • Some aspects of her Time Lady self have leaked through. Her TARDIS is safely locked away on an Island 'to the left', which Yotsuba only vaguely remembers as 'where she came from'. Her Chameleon Arch item is stored safely away in her Yotsubox. Romana was a Time Lady and thought herself nearly invincible, which carried over into the little girl's attitude. The five-year-old's natural affinity for curiosity combined with her strange ways is another aspect of Romana's Time-Lord intelligence. So, conversely, Yotsuba's advanced suppression (Thousands-year-old Time Lady to a five-year-old girl) on Romana's normal Time-Lord level intelligence has had the side effect of making her just a little stranger than most five-year-olds.

Paradox is a Time Lord.

  • TARDIS: His D-Wheel
  • Companions: Sin Paradox Dragon and Sin Truth Dragon (later expanded with the other Dragon cards)

We know that Paradox intends to avert a Bad Future, in which the entire world was destroyed by Duel Monsters. There is nothing but ruins, with not a single alive being around, except Paradox. He probably got severely injured during the destruction, which resulted in his Regeneration. When he came to his senses and saw what remained of the world, he was struck with grief and was willing to use his abilities to change everything to what it should be. He took his time traveling D-Wheel, which is actually his TARDIS, to travel back in time to kill Pegasus and alter history. Thus he went to steal several of the most powerful Dragon cards to fight fire against fire. He stood against the three protagonists, who in the end forced him to become a Duel Monster-Time Lord hybrid with Sin Truth Dragon, but was killed by the powered up Stardust Dragon's attack.

Or, Paradox was already insane from having looked into the Untempered Schism, which is why he went on to conduct his experiment to save the future.

Being a Time Lord would also explain his odd outfit, or why he would run around with suggestive spikes on his chest for no reason. Or why he wears a mask, because masks are cool!

And in the Abridged version, the D-Wheel made the TARDIS noise! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!

Justy Ueki Tylor is a Time Lord.

It still leaves open a question if it's Obfuscating Stupidity or he's just that lucky, but it does explain so much about his personality...

Maetel is a Time Lord.

She seems to transcend time in some way, especially if you read the sequel manga. She is also mysterious, with agendas almost no one else can understand.

Additionally, the 999 itself is her TARDIS.

Lawrence is a Time Lord.

  • ...and the wagon is his TARDIS. That means that Holo is his companion and that he's humoring her. ...Wolf's gonna be pissed when she learns that he's a lot longer lived than she thought. Thirteen lives, and if all of them die of old age, and a single incarnation of a Time Lord lasts roughly 2-400 years (if the First Doctor is anything to go by), then Holo can look forward to living with Lawrence for two-thousand years easy!

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