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Heathcliff was killed
There's a piece of fan art of Hector shooting Heathcliff. So I thought that Heathcliff died and the entire series was his dying last thoughts on the animal hospital's operating table.

Heathcliff and Garfield are twins and were Separated at Birth
Heathcliff was born in the same Italian restaurant kitchen as Garfield a few seconds after Garfield was born. Both were given away and Heathcliff was taken by Iggy's never-seen dad to Westfinster.

Iggy's parents died
Iggy's mom and dad were victims of Jeff the Killer. Jeff forgot Iggy lived in their house and ignored him. Iggy is now living at his grandparents' house until he can be adopted.

Westfinster is near Metro City
Which is why Inspector Gadget is seen alot in Season 2.

Riff-Raff is a timelord
  • And the Cadillac is his TARDIS. Riff-Raff and the Catillac Cats were schoolmates at the Academy.
    • Wordsworth's love for rhyming is because he attended Mark Mothersbaugh's classes, where he first sung "Jocko Homo" in Gallifreyan.
      • Riff-Raff was also schoolmates with Fievel Mousekewitz. Riff-Raff's hat is his spare TARDIS, and Riff-Raff helped create Fievel's hat (which is Fievel's TARDIS).
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