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There won't be a 3rd season.
Honestly, I am starting to get suspicious if there will even be a 3rd season at all. With how the show has vanished from Cartoon Network's lineup, and there was nothing said at the Comic Con (the 2nd season got a preview at the 2010 one), things are pointing that way. The info at the wiki is just coming out of nowhere as well. Not to mention the fact that we haven't gotten a preview video of any type. Toon Zone doesn't list anything for BF 5 to premiere in October either. But who knows...they can always surprise us. I don't want to get anybody's hopes down, and I don't want to be disappointed either - but things are pointing this way.
  • Confirmed by the facebook page. There's a movie due out sometime in 2012.

A Very Special Episode...
Indy driver Dan Wheldon's real life demise will be the source of an angsty episode used to teach children about mortality. This will result in character development for Stanford's brother Simon, who was mentioned to be one of Wheldon's close friends.

Where the heck are Vert's parents?!
Every member of the BF 5 except Vert has an excuse for a lack of parental supervision in that Handler's Corners isn't their hometown. Sure, the Cortez bros mention a grandmother, Stanford's Jerkass brother pops by for an annoying visit, and Agura states she has five brothers and a three year-old nephew. If Tezz has been missing so long and no one's looking for him, he is possibly an orphan anyway; likewise for Zoom, who grew up in a monestary with Master Takeyasu and Zen being the closest thing he has to family. AJ's Canadian, so he was probably raised by geese or something and even if they do mention his folks they're up in the great white north and we won't likely see them. But Vert Wheeler was born and raised in Handler's Corners! People know him there! Vert's father shows up in Legacy, but they have yet to mention his mom even once. Is she dead or in an insane asylum? Where is she?
  • Easy! They are working for the Silencers.

The Shadow Speeders we've seen so far used to be Kharamanos.
  • They have similarly shaped heads.
  • They use one-wheeled vehicles to get around — environment suits for the Kharamanos, Shadowcycles for the Shadow Speeders.
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  • When Zoom mentally succumbed to the effects of the Shadowzone, the portions of his body that were transformed into shadow form still retained a generally human shape unlike those of the other Shadow Speeders.

The Shadow Speeders will be the Big Bad of a future season
If future episode summaries are anything to go by, the Sark, Vandals, and Red Sentients will soon meet their ends and the Shadow Speeders could easily make themselves into a major threat should they find a way out of the Shadowzone.

The "greater enemy" Sage referred to is herself
Notice how she also said "One I had hope we didn't have to face.." and she then looked at her hand, and covered it up.
  • Nevermind, Jossed. It turns out Sage was talking about a new evil known as the "Ancient Ones" in the Season 2 finale.

Season three will deal with finding a Blue Sentient Respawn Chamber and the Alpha-Code will be one of the Big Bad
Once Krytus and the Reds are dealt with (since they're the only remaining present Big Bad left), they'll start searching for the Blue Sentient Respawn Chambers. The Alpha-Code will also be searching for it in order to make Green Sentients and spread furthering across the multiverse. The "greater enemy" Sage was talking about might also be involved as part of a Big Bad Ensemble.

Krytus didn't actually invent the Sark.
In the episode Get Zemerik, we learned that there is a splinter-race of Sark living in the Toborian Badlands, whose programming was able to override Zemerik's free will. This proves that the "Alpha-Code" of the Green Sark takes software-priority over the control of any other faction. In other words, it's probably the original Sark code. Additionally, in Blue Tide, the hieroglyphs found on the walls of the ancient Sark factory were determined to predate the Sentient language. So not only was Sark technology most likely just found by Krytus, but the true inventors of the Sark are older than the Sentient civilization! To put this into perspective, the Sentients are the ones who created the Multiverse.
  • So that's why it's called the "Alpha"-Code!
  • Even further support comes from the fact that the Sark that guarded the factory share the same head design as the Old Sark of the Badlands.
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  • Alternate theory: the Sark are actually evolved Racing Drones from Acceleracers. The vehicle design and motive similarities can't be denied. Therefore, it wasn't Krytus who invented them. Rather, it was one of the final actions undertaken by Gelorum before the Ultimate Race. The Sark were an experiment in more intelligent drones, created using some of the more advanced Acceleron technology Gelorum never thought to use until that point.

The Kingdom of Equestria is located in an area of Vandal the Battle Force 5 have yet to visit.
Think about it: talking animals with acces to technology they view as sorcery? It's not that much of a jump to say actual sorcery exists on Vandal, as Sufficiently Advanced Technology is indistinguishable from magic and vice versa, or that there are talking ponies in a more civilized society on the same world. The Vandal Empire occasionally trades with the Diamond Dogs to acquire slaves. Equestria is protected by a vast forcefield and cloaking technology or magic. The weird jungle life is just a more tropical variation on the Everfree Forest.

Season 3 Guesses
Guesses for season three, discuss or add your own.
  • All 5 vehicles present in a Battle Zone will be able to merge into one. Sage keeps making refrence to "a fist has five fingers" and now the entire Sentient Race is behind the group, they've got the brain power to do it.
  • There will be a Big Bad Ensemble between the Ancient Ones and the Alpha Code.
  • There will be new members
    • One of these new members will be a Call-Back to characters in the previous Acceleracers films.
    • Oh, let it be Mark Wylde! I'd love to see Sheriff Johnson's reaction to his criminal record!
    • Or Karma— the BF 5 needs more ladies, and her technology/perfection based approach would be a nice compliment to Agura...
  • Zemerik will be Demoted to Dragon by the Old Sark Of The Badlands.
  • Rawkus will play a larger role.
  • The weapon Sage was making is a Fuser 2.0 that can combine 3 vehicles instead of 2.
  • There will be a story arc involving the corruption of a Battle Force 5 member at the hands of the Ancient Ones. This troper's hoping for Spinner Cortez, as you know things are really bad when something goes wrong with the Plucky Comic Relief!

The series takes place after Acceleracer.
Vert Wheeler is a dead giveaway. Also, the Sark vehicles are very much based on the Racing Drone vehicles. If the series had continued, no doubt there would be more Acceleracers references, and eventually, even Dr. Tezla or any of the Teku or Metal Maniacs would have shown up (I'd have LOVED to see the twins go at it with Monkey!).

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