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Funny / Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

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  • When Spinner tried driving the Buster Tank.
    Sherman: The clutch, use the clutch!
    Kalus: The clutch you fool!
    • Not to mention when Spinner pointed out a major flaw in Zemerik's data storage warehouses:
      Spinner: Your cooling fans are too small. Do you want your warehouses to overheat, all your data to go "poof" into thin air?
      Zug: The organic makes good point.
  • When Zemerik had Spinner captured in order to scan his brain, Spinner was able to convince Zemerik to provide him with a few things:
    Zemerik: Very well, what do you need?
    Spinner: For starters, I'll need some 'za.
    Zemerik: Define "za".
    Spinner: Pizza, you know, round pieces of baked dough, with tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and hot peppers!
    Zemerik: Zug, have the Sark factories produce some 'za!
    Zug: Yes, Lord Zemerik.
    Spinner: And a beanbag chair.
    Zemerik: A what?
    Spinner: A little bag with beans in it. It's really comfy. This seat is killing me!
    Zug: Zug will order factories to produce beanbag chair.
    Spinner: And last but not least, I'll need a personal cloaking device.
    Zug: Zug will order factories to produce personal cloaking dev--
    Zemerik: FOOL! He'll use it to escape!
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  • There's also this priceless gem from the episode, "My Man Zug":
    Zug: Lord Zemerik, Zug test Master's hypershock-baton!
    <Zaps one Zurk, which falls to pieces, then another...>
    <Points it at himself>
    Zug: Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt!
    <Collapses onto the floor>
    Zug: Working well!
  • Almost the whole episode of "Battleship 5". First, any screen involving Sir Fluffalot. Second, Kalus' issues with water and he's teased by Stanford while seasick to the point where the poor kitty pukes non-stop. And playing pirates, ninja style.
  • A blink and you'll miss it moment from "Sol Survivor." As Vert, Zoom, and Sol chase Kytren back to his respawn chamber, they pass through the arctic battle zone from a previous episode. And the giant beast from said episode is still playing with the vehicles that belong to Zemerik and Zug.
    • That, or they got caught again!
  • Spinner and Zemerik's epic Secret Handshake in "The Blue Tide".
    "Go up, take it round' the backside, snake-bite, piston grip, snap, slap slap and slide it home."

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