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Fridge Brilliance
  • In the episode Glitchin', I was confused about why the Zentners in the simulation were red instead of blue like they normally were. But when I watched it again after the premiere of Season 2, it hit me: This simulation was a training program from the time before Krytus was betrayed by Zemerik!
  • In Shadow Zone, something bugged me: Why did Rawkus take Vert and Zoom through the Shadow Zone to find the Blue Sentient minds when they could have gone through the safer, mainstream Multiverse? Then it hit me: He didn't want to be seen by Sage. As was revealed at the end of the episode, if Sage knew the Blue Sentient minds were in her head, they would be released prematurely. Thus, traveling through the Shadow Zone guaranteed that Vert and Zoom could find the minds, without Sage noticing.
    • Additionally, it gave Vert a chance to learn about the Shadow Zone before he got trapped there with Krytus. Because antimatter and shadow-matter would destroy the Multiverse if they ever mixed, destroying a Red Sentient in the Shadow Zone would be extremely dangerous. If Vert hadn't known as much about that place as he did in Shadow Runners, he might actually have gone through with running over Krytus!
  • In Unite and Strike, after providing the Battle Force 5 with the coordinates to the Blue Sentient shells, it seems like his job is done, right? '''Wrong!!!''' At this point, he goes to the Red Sentient planet and warns Krytus of the Battle Force 5's plan! While it may seem counter-productive at first, it's actually part of a bigger plan; by getting Krytus to engage the Battle Force 5 in battle, Rawkus guaranteed that he would not be around when his people came out of stasis, and thus couldn't decieve them further. Furthermore, Krytus's destruction in battle ensured that it would take him even longer to return home, giving Sage the time needed to present her case to the Red Sentient populace. In short, not only is Rawkus pro-Balance, but he's also pro-peace!
    • Which adds more Fridge Brilliance, as a mutual peace between two factions means balance between them as well.
      • Not to mention this alliance will be necessary with the Ancient Ones on their way.

Fridge Logic
  • In Sol Survivor, the group has to chase down Kyten's energy across the multiverse to try and catch it but then it's revealed in Better Off Red that he didn't need to as there were devices that automatically transported them. However, considering Krytus had a Batman Gambit to destroy Sol, it's likely Kyten did it on purpose to lure Sol to his doom.

Fridge Horror
In Full Throttle Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon guest stars as himself, arriving in Handler's Corners in secret to practice a new driving move unobserved. Though eventually he helps the team to save the day, multiple times throughout the episode he nearly crashes into walls and at one point utters the phrase "I feel like a twenty four cylinder engine just exploded in my head!" Chilling memories considering he suffered a fatal crash during a race.

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