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Heartwarming / Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

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  • Near the end of "My Man, Zug", Zemerik is ordering Zug to kill Stanford, who is at Zug's mercy. However, Zug decides to spare Stanford after shutting off the surveillance camera that allowed Zemerik to observe what was going on. Why did he do this?:
    Zemerik: Zug, what happened!?
    Zug: He... got away, Lord Zemerik.
  • Zug gets yet another one (noticing a pattern?) in "Get Zemerik" when they're in the badlands and Zug gets badly damaged. Zemerik wonders why he stopped and discovers that Zug's power is almost drained, who proceeds to give Zemerik his own power core in order to keep his master alive.
    • Adding to the moment is Zemerik praising his loyalty, calling him a friend, and promising to come back for him.
    • And in "Full Revolution" he does comeback and revive him.
  • Both Sentient civilizations being restored and making peace in Unite And Strike.
  • Spinner meeting Zemerik under the alpha code, and deciding to do the handshake again Sadly, despite its success, he still turns on them.
    Spinner: "Go up, take it round' the backside, snake-bite, piston grip, snap, slap slap—
    Zemerik, Recovering: "—and slide it home."

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