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  • There're quite a few, but having the fate of the world hinge on a soccer match with a battle key against evil robots while in their tricked out cars is definitely up there.
  • The rest of the Five-Man Band's debut, where they take on three Zurk before they get their wheels, is pretty awesome too.
  • The show has an entire Crowning EPISODE of Awesome in the "Shadow Zone".
  • Rawkus gets one when he defeats the Red Sentients single-handedly. Krylox even tried to run away! Think about it, Krylox, who has recklessly charged headfirst into danger before, and is effectively immortal thanks to respawn technology, screams and drives off at full speed! He doesn't get very far, though, when Rawkus dispatches him by throwing Kyrosis's vehicle at him.
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  • In the episode "Gladiators", when Vert heavily damaged the big... laser turret... in Bullet Time. Words simply cannot capture the pure coolness of this scene.
  • Agura vs. Kyburi in "Hunt for the Magmatrox". Get's even more epic when they get into a fist fight ending with Kyburi being thrown into lava!
  • Only on the episode "Artifact Attack", Junkyard Dog-Bot versus Artifact Golem! Saturday! Saturday!! SATURDAY!!! Be there...
  • Due to its Harsher in Hindsight implications, "Full Throttle" probably becomes twice heroic. Watching it after Dan Wheldon's death will bring you to noble, manly tears.
  • In Blue Tide, Blue Sark army vs Red Sark army. Cue the parts flying!
    • From the same episode, when Kytren tried to convert the Blue Zurk to Red:
    Kytren: Conversion process... failed!?
  • In "Grimian's Secret", the Enemy Mine with the Vandals against the Red Sentients. Epic is the only word that can describe it. The final showdown between Grimian and Kalus is also awesome.
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  • The climax of Rumble In The Jungle. Grimian's Vandals vs. Kalus' Vandals in a massive battle. Kalus gets a major one when the Red Sentients join in. Kalus singlehandedly rallies the Vandals, stopping the Enemy Civil War to unite his planet against the Red Sentients, sparking a massive battle between them. Kalus shows just how badass he is by fighting Krytus one on one and more than holding his own. In fact, if it wasn't for the bomb the Battle Force 5 set up to destroy all Sentient tech on the planet, Kalus might actually have defeated Krytus. Even though he's no longer a major threat in the war, Kalus takes this defeat gracefully and then finally decides to execute Grimian for treason.
  • All of Unite And Strike!
    • Particular mention goes to from Tezz and AJ's Big Damn Heroes moment onwards. They rush in with the Mobi and save Vert. As the Battle Force 5's theme starts up, he's launched out of the Mobi, completing the ritual to release the Blue Sentient minds from Sage. The group's cars rise into the air, letting off a shockwave that revives all the Blue Sentients, including Sage. Sage reunites with her old friend Boralis, floating into the air and using the fusion energy from the cars to fire a beam of blue energy that blows away the Red Sentient 5. Then Krytus reforms back on the Red Sentient homeworld, only to discover that Sage beat him there and made peace with the Red Sentients. Sage then banishes Krytus for good, ending his war once and for all.
  • Awesome Music: When Krytus shows up, and then later beats the team back single-handedly.
    • The leitmotif of the Negative Battle Force 5. Add in a bit of Genius Bonus when someone with the right sound-editing software can discover that it's a musical palindrome!
    • The theme of the Shadow Speeders is truly epic.
    • The intro theme of the show is also awesome.

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