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Simon LeBon is a Messenger from Space, a messenger from The Future, a Time Lord, or All of the above.

Early Duran Duran videos show the band in a futuristic, alien setting, supporting their being from both space and the future. Simon is here to help us, mind you. Unfortunately, The Rules state that he cannot just sit down and tell us the messenges; he can only tell us what to do through incredibly cryptic clues. He's figured out a way around this by using said clues as lyrics.

Till Lindemann is a Time Lord

And I'm more inclined to believe he's just good enough to avoid becoming The Master.
  • This troper has evidence! Compare this image of Till to this one of Werner Heisenberg.
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  • And he regenerates into The Pyro. I don't think I need to explain this one.
  • "Haifisch", if considered 'canon', actually could be interpreted as evidence that, if he hasn't regenerated, that he can handle more than a mere human should. If the fantasies the other band members had are true, he's been burned alive, deprived of oxygen, knocked off a cliff, and force-fed. How many regenerations he went through is unknown, but his latest one looks just like he had before-except with a Porn Stache.
    • And if "Pussy" is also considered 'canon', then it gives us a clue to Till's title-as it were- "The Playboy. Now hold that thought.
      • And if the live performance of buck dich is considered canon, than we've just proven that Time Lords can keep on going at it for quite a while. This raises even more awkward questions, about male and female Time Lord anatomy alike.


All six members are Time Lords.

If the above mentioned theory of "Pussy" being canon is true, then conversely there's an arguement to suggest the entire band consists of renegade Time Lords-and given how close they are, that they were possibly schoolmates at the Academy, much like The Doctor, Master, Rani, and others were (if you consider Divided Loyalties canon, anyway). For all we know, 'Rammstein' could mean something else in Gallifreyan, and was the name of the group even back then. Then they fled Gallifrey after the Great Time War and assumed lives on Earth as an East German band. Their identities? The Playboy (Till), the CEO (Schneider), the Cowboy (Paul), Mr. Pain (Olli), the Party Boy (Richard), and Heeshie (Flake).

Now the question becomes, which ones are more likely to Heel–Face Turn like the Master and Rani did? (I gun for Olli and Flake.)

  • Why those two? Well in Flake's case, he's The Chew Toy of the group, almost always getting the short end of the stick in music videos and performances. Sure, he might laugh with them at first but resentment might start to build up (especially since he got arrested for obscenity once) and one day he just might snap and go evil on our asses. As for why Olli? Well, it's always the quiet ones...
    • To be fair, Till was arrested too. Judging by the "Haifisch" lyrics, it's more likely that they'd all go evil for one.

Soulja Boy is a sparky time lord, the most brilliant and intelligent of them all.

Because of this, he has made millions of enemies (more if you count Daleks). So he decided to hide on earth as the most idiotic rapper in the world. Brilliant!


Both Time Lords.

In the intro for "The Rooster," Big Boi says, and I quote, "Too hot, too hot. Too motherfuckin' hot." or did he say: "Two hearts, Two hearts. Two motherfuckin' hearts." Being the more evil of the two, Big Boi is the Master, and given his tendency towards eccentricity and wacky clothing, Andre 3000 is clearly The Doctor. Their TARDIS is Atlanta.


Cher is half Cherokee, half Time Lord.

She inherited some Time Lord traits from her father such as regeneration and long lifespan, but not exactly all of them. Her song If I Could Turn Back Time is her lamenting that she's not quite capable of operating a Tardis.
  • Later on in life she regenerates into Lady Gaga.
  • Song for the Lonely is a message to other Time Lords who have survived the Time War, letting them know they're not as alone as they think. Aww...

Adam Lambert is The Master.

He's devious, likes music, and loves laser effects on stage. He wears dark clothing. His song 'Masterplan' is really about him being the Master.

Universe Man is a Time Lord.
The universe is his TARDIS (it's bigger on the inside. Possibly). This is why Triangle Man can defeat Particle Man and Person Man, but not Universe Man.

Chris Lowe is a time lord, and his synthesizer is his TARDIS. It sends out psychic waves to make every melody infinitely danceable. Neil Tennant is his companion.

Jimmy Owen Sullivan from the band Avenged Sevenfold Aka The Rev, is a Time Lord,. He's a bit weird and erratic at time, AND he has a Renegade Time lord name! He didn't die, Just regenerated into Arin Ilejay.

Florence Welch
Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine is a Time Lady, maybe even The Rani. "Drumming Song" is about how she too went insane after looking into the Time Vortex. And that voice is completely otherworldly. The blue doors in the music video's background lead to her TARDIS. Her band are her companions.

Set Abominae is Timelord
The astral beast, a lone traveler of time and space, that manipulates human events to bring them to their destruction. He's clearly a renegade timelord or the Master seeing as he was raised by the Omniscient Council of Vagueness to do this.
Andy Samberg is Timelord
"So, you fly into the Sun and die, every day, that's just normal for you?" "That's right, I'm The Boss"

We Are The Fallen are Timelord
Rallying humanity to defend itself against aliens by warning us about what we don't notice: Memories fade into the Silence.

Come on! A lot of her songs are about traveling, there is, of course "Only Time", and if you're not convinced, see the video for "Anywhere Is". She's been hiding in plain sight forever.

Marilyn Manson
The first incarnation was him up through Smells Like Children. The second is The Worm/Disintegrator/Antichrist Superstar. The third is Omega. The fourth is his pope/reverend persona throughout Holy Wood (during which he was much more actively preaching his views and arguing them), known as "Adam Kadmon" in the unreleased book. The fifth is his Golden Age of Grotesque persona, more obsessed with classic films and nice suits. The sixth is the short-lived, albumless Celebritarian era, followed by a regeneration into Eat Me, Drink Me Manson, with more traditionally gothic attire, more pronounced references to Lewis Carroll, and more trust and love, which was mistakenly put into Evan. Then, he regenerated into The High End of Low Manson, who was a more depressed incarnation, and the first one to not only be not anorexic, but an active over-eater. Then, he regenerated into Born Villain Manson. This Manson is still the one still going, and is more willing to keep pushing though, which is why he's lasting for so long.
  • The cause of the regenerations? In order, drugs, drugs, antidepressant OD alongside absinthe, Despair Event Horizon over Twiggy leaving causing a willing regeneration, another one to try to move on after Dita, suicide, drugs.

Rick Astley is the Thirteenth Doctor

His music video for "Lights Out" is pretty much a post-regeneration episode where he dresses pretty much like the Twelfth Doctor in some parts of the video (see 0:37 for example). He's also showing off his time-travelling skills by releasing this video in 2010.
  • The Doctor's never gonna give you up, either.

Bruce Dickinson is a Time Lord

Because no human of his (apparent) age should be able to fit "Historian", "Pilot", "Fencer" and "Metal God" onto a single CV.

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