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Soulja Boy is a genius.
He is known to speak near-perfect English. He can spell and use proper grammar almost obscenely well. And he is incredibly popular for his music, which literally anyone could come up with after toying with FL Studio for half an hour. He's essentially doing nothing and getting paid handsomely for it. He's created terrible songs on purpose to make millions. That makes him something of a Magnificent Bastard.
  • Odds are, he's in some great library with his well-educated musical friends listening to Beethoven and discussing all the money he made. And why does he NEVER take off those stupid glasses?
  • If that's true... yikes! Many DJs played that "YYYYYOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUU" bullshit every day for like a year, and nobody played anything else. And it's horrible. But that is an impressively evil scheme to bilk money from people with bad taste in music.

"Supaman Dat Ho!" does not refer to a sexual act, but rather Clark and Lois.
Soulja Boy actually means "Superman! That Ho!" in his song, thus showing his clear disapproval of Lois as a character.
  • Alternatively, it is "Superman, that ho!", referring to his belief that Superman is clearly a whore.
  • If I venture a guess, it just means to do something in a really awesome way.

"Goku" is actually from Turles' point of view
'Cause bitch, he look like Goku.

"Goku" is satire
Soulja Boy is a true Dragon Ball fan who disapproved of the casting choices for Dragonball Evolution, and later used his song to mock the seemingly haphazard nature with which they portrayed the characters in his beloved anime. By following up the first line "Bitch I look like Goku" with "Bitch I look like Vegeta," (who was not even in "Evolution") Soulja Boy may have meant to suggest that the filmmakers saw characters in the series as "interchangeable."

Furthermore, lines such as "Bitch I look like Gohan, smokin' up that marijuana, bitch I'm having so much fun" (as well as the song's overall profane tone) suggest that the actors are too much like the average Joes you would find goofing around and taking drugs, in stark contrast to the heroic characters they are meant to be portraying. "Swag, swag, I look like Vince McMahon, swagging money yeah, I look like Peter Pan" goes further to suggest that such actors are not at all emotionally invested in their roles, going from one to another not at all for the art, but for a paycheck. On this point, it's important to note that "I look like" is almost always the term used to compare the speaker with his characters, as if to hammer the point home that the "acting" in question stops at a superficial level.


Besides a final refrain, the song ends with the line "Swag, Swag, I got Death Note swag, that anime swag put a nigga in the bag," perhaps a sort of cautionary comment to fellow anime fans that (as evidenced by the rumored American Death Note adaptation) anime may soon become popular with filmmakers, as well as young actors wanting nothing more than cash and exposure.

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