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Jade's mum was an alcoholic/druggie
Jade was raised with single-mother, who spent all their money on booze. She got into Hollywood Arts on a scholarship. Shortly before the show started, her mum was arrested and/or lost custody. Jade went to live with her dad and stepmother. They were a more stable home, but disapproved of her upbringing and life choices.

The show is a fantasy Tori made up.
In the real world, Tori is a normal girl who is jealous of her sister Trina and her friends at Hollywood Arts. So she imagines attending HA and being loved by everyone.

She envies Trina, so turns her into an untalented diva. She crushes on Beck and Andre; so Beck becomes a 'prisoner' of his horrible girlfriend Jade. (Who is nicer in reality). And Andre becomes Tori's puppy-like 'best friend'. She's jealous of other students; Cat and Robbie, so turns them into emotionally stunted weirdo's who likewise adore her. And she makes sure everything in the world goes her way. Tori is a self insert Mary Sue!


Jade was nicer before Tori arrived
While still keeping up a Jerkass facade, pre-show Jade was less mean than we see now. When Tori arrived she Took A Level In Jerk Ass. Why? Because from her perspective, Tori stole everything - her boyfriend, respect and friends.

Before Tori arrived, Jade had no competition for Beck's love, was recognised as a good arts student, and had a close group of friends. (Cat who she has affection for, Andre who she respects, Robbie who she 'tolerates' and Beck who she adores).

Then Tori rocks up: She crushes on Beck instantly - Jade becomes unecessarily paranoid about Beck cheating on her. Then Tori is shilled as 'the best student' of HA - Jade who worked her way up, feels resentful. Finally Tori muscles her way into Jade's group, everyone loves her, Cat and Andre become her best friends and Trina arrives - Jade feels shoved out and bitter towards everyone.

Gradually, the anger grows, to the Jerkass of present day, instead of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Tori is Jade's long-term Berserk Button, explaining why Jade is so mean to Tori, why Beck dated her for years before Tori arrived and why everyone puts up with her. Before, she wasn't as bad.


Beck knew Jade was watching
  • In 'Tori Goes Platinium' Beck tries to kiss Tori, while Jade is watching via webcam. (She'd been chatting to Cat). This troper thinks Beck knew Jade was watching, but guessed Tori would pull away. He tried to kiss her, not because he liked her but because a) It would make Jade like Tori more and feel guilty about stealing her chance to perform. And b) Test if Jade was still in love with him. Point A, paid off - Tori got to sing. Point B...we'll see. Given the smile they shared at the end, Beck&Jade screen time might increase.

Beck's parents are abusive
  • Maybe physically, definitely emotionally. He lives in an RV, is very independent and never talks about his family. He moved out because his parents ignored/bullied/pressured/manipulated him. Possibly over dating Jade, his acting or something else.
    • That would explain how he and Jade became so close: They both have abusive and distant parents, who disapprove of their life choices.
      • This has been hinted at in the show with small clues, such as Beck's aunt refusing to let him bring Jade to Cancun and his father insisting him to break up with her. It's most likely then that his parents are somewhat controlling, and it worsened when he began dating Jade, so he decided to distance himself by living in an RV.

Hollywood Arts is a school for emotionally damaged teenagers.
  • Students aren't picked for their creative talent, but for their emotional issues. They're told they are 'special' to boost their confidence. Look at the main cast: Tori and Trina parents are emotionally distant. Andre's looked after by a crazy grandmother. Beck lives in an RV. Jade is obsessed with sissors and incapable of forming trusting relationships. Robbie's abused by his dummy (i.e. his sub-conscious). And who knows whats up with Cat, but she's implied to come from a broken home and has lost touch with reality because of it. Cat mantra-ing, "I'm under the bed," repeatedly while covering her ears in "The Worst Couple" as Jade/Beck argue implies that her parents may constantly argue at home too, making it a very depressing thought. That explains why none of them are ever kicked out. Its not a school, but an institution.

Trina is a foster child
  • The family is illegally collecting unneeded disability checks off of her. It would explain how a cop with a shopaholic wife can afford such a nice house in Los Angeles, and why they glaringly prefer Tori (their "real" child) over Trina so much.
    • It could also explain why they allowed Trina to get her wisdom teeth removed despite not caring about her, as they were afraid they would be busted if they didn't keep up with some check-ups.
    • Jossed in Driving Tori Crazy.

Beck is a First Guardian
  • Clearly, he gets around everywhere, and if these people were to enter the Medium, he's in a perfect position to get a hand on the beta and help his friends and girlfriend (whom he's more loyal than a dog to) than just doing things from behind the scenes.

Trina has no friends because of Jade
  • Considering that Jade is popular in school (the time one girl was worried Jade would ruin her socially), it's possible none of the students are willing to be nice to Trina (who Jade seems to hate for being "untalented") because they fear Jade's wrath.
    • Every time Jade tells Trina that no one likes her (this has happened at least three times), no one sticks up for her, even though Cat seems to be her (Trina's) friend most of the time and you would think that Tori would probably stick up for Trina. It is possible that they were too afraid of Jade to say anything.

Jade is Sailor Mars
  • Both are gothic mean girls, perpetually torment people that are suppossed to be their friends, and have bad relationships with their fathers. Using this, Beck is probably Chad; that would explain why he's disappeared.

Cat has brain damage
  • In an episode of Tweet Time With Cat she answers questions but for only 10 seconds, one of the questions is "What's wrong with you?" Cat says she wished she knew, that she'd been taken to the doctors and been tested but even they didn't know but they do suggest that it might have been caused by her mother who was a competitive breath holder (apparently she can do it for 4 minutes) which she used to practice whilst pregnant.
    • It also sort of explains why her brother is so odd; it's possible that she held her breath a lot more when she was pregnant with her son because she wasn't aware she was pregnant, but when it came to Cat she cut back from competitions but didn't realise it would do damage and they only realized several years down the line what had happened.

Cat is on new medication
  • The reason for Cat taking a level in dumbass in season 2, is that her North Star antics are discovered and she is forced to up her prescription dramatically. It most likely fully kicked in during the episode Tori Gets Stuck where she just kind of stumbles around and giggles. She is basically a complete moron for the rest of the season.

There will be a Whole Plot Reference to 13 that's a Musical Episode.
  • Except it's reversed. A new kid comes from Indiana.

Tori is Lola from Zoey 101 in an "ironic hell"
  • Think about it. Lola tortured Zoey by practicing her screams for so long, Tori was tortured by Trina. Lola was supposed to make Quinn look adorable, but turned her into a creepy clown, while Cat made Tori "permanently" look like a zombie.

Beck cheated on Jade
  • Beck was shown to be perfectly fine with flirting with Tori in the pilot (although this was scrapped in later episodes) and other characters often wonder why he chooses to put up with her intense jealousy and clinginess. He cheated on her previously in their relationship, which caused Jade to become jealous and paranoid, and Beck is now trying to make it up to her by resisting all of the flirtation that comes his way and being the best boyfriend he can to her.

Jade is a mind-controlling witch
  • Okay, her morbidness is a given, but this also might explain why Tori got into so much trouble for something that looked like an accident in Stage Fighting, her inability to get into trouble, her inability to sweat, and why the fanbase is really defensive of her when she has never really done anything nice (except when it benefits her).
    • The Wicked Witch, West?
      • Holy Shrimp! You're right! Jade's last name is West, if you don't get the joke.
      • And a recent episode had Jade inexplicably fill Tori's prom dress with shrimp. Dear Hell, the writers are onto us!
      • And the mind-control?
      • Silly; mind-control is the easiest way to get dead shrimp to go in someone's bra. You see, you force the dead shrimp to reanimate themselves and go in the bra, go in the bra while alive and force them to commit suicide, or manipulate the girl (Tori in this case) wearing the bra into not realizing that the dead shrimp are going into the bra. Jade seems like the kind of girl who would go with the second one.

Tori and Trina are related to Vincent Vega or Mr White.
  • The girls would likely be nieces, making their father Vince and Mr White's brother. When their father saw the carnage their life of crime was causing, he quit being a criminal and started living straight and narrow (or he's still criminal, but has been lucky enough to not have been killed yet). The proceeds of their crimes built the house they live in and paid what would obviously be extremely high tuition fees for both Trina and Tori.
    • As the show continues to air, any backstory regarding their father may help to fill in details. For example, Vincent could be the father of both girls, with Tori conceived just before he died around 1994 or 1995. If their father is another Disappeared Dad, like Mr Benson and Mr Puckett in iCarly, this could be an explanation.
      • Okay, their father isn't a Disappeared Dad, and may be a cop (depending on if Tori saying that was meant as a hollow threat). Perhaps he had something to do with getting the mole into the Reservoir Dogs crew.
      • Could be their stepfather, but they just call him their dad.
    • This also fits the iCarly WMG that Dan Schneider is just a front for the real producer, Quentin Tarentino.

Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII is Cat's brother
  • And her sister is Faye Valentine.
    • You could also say that Vincent and Faye are her parents. They somehow met, made love, and then came Cat.

Rex and Robbie are two separate people

Jade is really Lucy
  • For one reason or another, she ended up moving out of Indiana to California, started dressing relatively gothic, and changed her name and now goes to HA. It's not that they both are played by Elizabeth Gillies, but they seriously behave alike.
    • They do have some major differences. For example, Jade doesn't act like the Alpha Bitch as much as Lucy does (except maybe in Stage Fighting). But this is just acting. She hides by acting all goofy and eccentric and pretty much "playing dumb" so she can fit in better at Hollywood Arts, or she was (as a younger child) out of the closet for her intelligence, but a lot was expected of her and she was being put in advanced classes and she wanted to be able to have fun and live in her own world, so she began to play dumb and eventually went to Hollywood Arts. She could in fact be like Malcolm, but after being in a "krelboyne" class, she decided she would intentionally act dumb and was put into regular classes and then for high school went to Hollywood Arts. She continues to play dumb so people won't think of her as a know-it-all and she can just live in her own world.
      • In an interview, Ariana Grande says pretty much this. Cat isn't dumb, she just lives in her own reality.
      • How the hell did this conversation go from being about Jade to about Cat? There doesn't appear to be any appropriate segue. For the record, Jade has never acted goofy or eccentric.

Jade is emo
  • Really, if you've seen the show and read The Slap, this is undeniable. She dresses emo, and she makes comments like, "I got a haircut yesterday. It didn't even hurt. What a waste of time."
    • She's probably masochistic.

Dan Schneider has a fetish for punk girls
  • There's Megan, Sam, and now Jade. They torment their respective co-stars just because they feel like it and never get what they deserve. They were all created by the same person. Coincidence? Unlikely.
    • Megan was a full-on evil witch and constantly tormented her brothers and never got karma. Sam has and Jade already has. I don't think it's a fetish so much as it is him liking writing for such character types.
      • Also, Megan wasn't really much of a punk. You could see she was a girly girl, but she just loved torturing Drake and Josh.
      • I think "punk" was meant in the sense of a brat, not the style. Also, Jade never was punished for her nastiness to Tori, just her (arguably justified, since she is his girlfriend) clinginess to Beck.

Robbie is Crona and Rex is Ragnarok
  • Somehow they both ended up being sucked into an alternate universe. Crona ended up becoming a nerdy teenager and Ragnarok ended up becoming a puppet. Rex seems to treat Robbie similarly to how Ragnarok would treat Crona, and Crona and Robbie do have similar personalities.

Cat is going to be lost in LA causing a massive search
  • Come on, you know it's going to happen.
    • That could easily be the plot for the inevitable Victorious TV movie. All of Schneider's recent shows have ended up with TV movies early on (the 1-hour episodes aren't movies, Nick), so Victorious will probably get one this season or next season. They all think she's in LA, but she actually ended up somewhere else, like in Canada or something. Or for more hysterics, overseas.

Jade and Beck are having sex
  • A bunch of people on this site have already said it.
    • If they are (and I have no reason to doubt it), they probably get really sweaty like everybody else. However in Survival of the Hottest, Jade insisted she doesn't sweat because she finds it gross, and when she finally did start sweating in his trailer with everybody else, she was damn near on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Beck probably tells her it's all him to make her feel better.
  • Well considering that Beck lives alone in an RV and it's canon that Jade spends all her time with him, it's not exactly surprising.
    • Plus, there's been heaps of hints to it, like in one episode Beck was trying to convince Jade to do something in his car but she didn't want to because she didn't shower and ate tuna for lunch. And in The Breakfast Bunch, in a homage to The Breakfast Club's scene about Claire being a virgin, Beck and Jade mention that Cat and Robbie are the only 'vegans' in the group and they should share a taco together ...

Hollywood Arts is a magnet school
  • That's how both Tori and Trina would be able to go there even though they seem to be a part of a middle class family. For those unfamiliar with magnet schools, they are public schools that focus on a certain area, for instance, in what might be HA's case, the performing arts.
    • The Vegas? Middle class? Have you seen their house?
      • They'd be upper-middle class based on whatever their mom earns. The dad's a cop, so even a high level one probably wouldn't be enough to make them as rich as they obviously are, but mom as some kind of professional would make enough to bump them to that high level. It'd also fit how they had only two children, and had them close together, so the mom could go back to her career relatively quickly.

Robbie suffers from depression
  • Based on the way that Rex is always insulting him, even though he controls Rex.
    • If he even has control over what Rex says.
    • He has such depression, low self esteem, and trouble expressing himself that it manifested itself an alternate personality called Rex. Rex would say what he was really thinking and what he wanted to say. After several years, he became so used to expressing his thoughts through Rex that his actual self became meek and shy.

Rex is really the dead twin of Robbie
  • Robbie and Rex may have been twins when in the womb, but Robbie could've absorded the Rex fetus like some twins do. Rex could be like a replacement for his brother while at the same be a device for self loathing for being a lonely, only child who missed out on a cool brother by killing him in the womb.

Rex isn't the puppet, Robbie is
  • Rex actually controls Robbie. I mean, considering how much Rex torments Robbie. And Robbie always insists that Rex isn't a puppet. It makes you wonder.

Jade was an experiment
  • An experiment designed by Beck to give a living human being the physical capabilities and perhaps functions of an animated corpse. For example, no need for sweating. The proof that this is the case, and that the experiment has obviously been one failure after another, is as follows.
    • In Survival of the Hottest, when Jade sweats, she totally freaks out. Only when Beck tells her it's OK does she calm down. She hates failing him as an experiment, so she requires his approval to feel better. She tells Cat to "never speak of it" because Beck is going to keep experimenting on her to try and get it right, and doesn't want people to expect her to sweat ever again.
    • In the episode where Beck and Jade break up, Beck says he's glad they broke up because she never did a nice thing for him. This is really a cover for the fact that he believes, in the process of removing certain physical limitations, he accidentally removed her more human emotions as well, and can't stay with her. When he sees her crying over him, he realizes that while he failed on one hand - she shouldn't be able to cry - she kept her emotions, and so he takes her back. When he says he never stopped loving her, it's the truth. He always loved her, but couldn't stand the idea that she couldn't love him because he screwed up.
    • Jade has an unhealthy obsession with violence, gore, and things like that. This can only be a result of years of gruesome experiments - they're bound to desensitise you to that sort of thing.

The Victorious world isn't really as bright and happy as everyone thinks it is
  • Think about it. It's all an act. Jade clings to her boyfriend, Beck moved into a RV to live away from his parents, Robbie speaks out through his puppet, and Cat is strongly bipolar. They only act as outlandish as they do to distact from their horrible home lives. The only normal ones are Tori, Trina, and Andre, but who knows what they could be hiding.
    • Also, how many graduate students have actually become famous? Do they get bombarded with drug use and alcohol problems and other typical celebrity problems early on?
    • It's implied that Andre lives with his crazy grandmother. Maybe he uses music as a way to deal with it.
      • Jade's play "Well Wishes" is a clear indication of this. A play about a little girl who falls down a well and drowns in her own tears. The dialogue, the invitation to her father, and the last line is a blatant theatrical plea to her father to let her pursue her artistic ambitions.
    • I wouldn't use the word normal to describe someone like Trina. As for Tori, alongside having Trina for a sister, several scenes throughout the show feature Tori and Trina's parents (particularly the mother) exhibiting neglectful or abusive behavior.
      • Likewise, I wouldn't call Tori normal after seeing "Crazy Ponnie" and "Ice Cream for Kesha". Come on, that girl's hiding quite the scary psychopath...

Sikowitz does drugs
  • Watch his appearances, then tell me it's not likely.
    • His coconuts are spiked with LSD.
    • Or he did drugs in the past, and the drugs he did causes him to get flashbacks from coconut milk.
      • Sikowitz is 34 years old, so it's conceivable that he got high at a lot of Lollapalooza concerts during the 1990s.
    • "Do not look under the sink in my bathroom" from Sleepover at Sikowitz's suggests this is where he hides whatever he's on.

Why Trina sucks.
  • When you consider how stupid the whole "Bird Scene" idea is, it becomes much more realistic. Consider this, Trina, happy to have joined HA, eager to impress, but with a touch of cockiness. She performs the bird scene, and when the teacher tries to get her to fail, she just replies "Pfft, like I need your advice. I'm the greatest." Teacher passes her, and this gives her validation about her supposed talent. From that moment, she's ignored all criticisim, and not bothered trying to improve her performances.

Cat is bisexual.
  • She flirts with Tori and seems to have a crush on Jade. We also see her flirting with guys in "Survival of the Hottest". More importantly, does Cat really seem like a person with many restraints?
    • The majority of the Fan Fic community seems to agree with you
      • Seems more likely that she's pansexual.

Trina is an American Haruhi Suzumiya.
  • That's why she got into Hollywood Arts despite how she, well, sucks.
    • That'd probably make Tori similar to Koizumi, Cat would be Mikuru, Jade is the Human Interface (Jade isn't an experiment, but she is a robot), Kyon is Andre, since he was with her when they first showed Trina. Beck and Robbie are Taniguchi and Kunikida. Sinjin is Tsuruya or Ryoko Asakura.
      • You know this would probably work just as well using a "Tori is an American Haruhi Suzumiya" WMG on the basis of her getting into Hollywood Arts in the way she did.
      • Tori seems like more of a Kyon.

Cat and Jade are dating
  • They aren't ready to come out, so they hide their relationship.
    • So Beck is The Beard?
      • No, Beck is Jade's boyfriend, who happens to approve of her cheating with girls, as long as he can watch.

Cat's brother is Spirit Albarn.
  • This would mean both their hair colors would actually be natural. Or if you want to go creepy, Cat IS Spirit, but with a sex change.
Hey, LA isn't too far from Nevada, after all.

The reason Trina got into Hollywood Arts is...
  • She faked a terminal disease and used the Make a Wish Foundation and her parents even played along with it. Or she really has a terminal disease and she's gonna die soon. I hope the second one's true.

Cat is a sadistic former serial killer.
She was bailed out and takes medication to stop her from murdering more people. Her hair is permanently red because of all the blood she's gotten on it. She intentionally used the industrial glue on Tori's face as a sadist.

Cat is a cousin of Izzy from Total Drama.
It's very much hinted that the rest of Cat's family is crazy too.
  • Oh! Crossover special!

The sausage served at the Kick Back is people
Sikowitz's insanity took over completely before the Kick Back and he killed some students and turned them into sausage. He was insane enough that he thought that people eating other people was funny.
  • Alternatively, they're actually vegan sausages. And those silly students think there's meat in them! HAHAHAHAHA!
  • Makes me kinda worry about what was really in the cheese fountain then ...

It wasn't Tori's fault that she went crazy about Cat and Daniel dating.
It was the sausages! Obviously, Sikowitz put some sort of drug in them. However, the heat of the cooking destroyed/changed some of the effects, one new effect possibly being heightening someone's emotional state to a dangerous level.

Jade and Tori are pulling off the mother of all deceptions on the rest of the school.
Much like the cake, Tori and Jade's Vitriolic Best Buds routine is a lie. Every weekend, they secretly get together to come up with new insults to fling at each other. This is how they're able to insult each other without ripping each other's throats out. Why, you ask? Because they're secretly dating.

Cat imagined the four boys of "Survival of the Hottest"
Her mind came up with them on the spot, or maybe just imagined them when she got distracted by something and got herself a snowcone on the way back. Now think, if she didn't stop imagining them on time, the rest of the cast would've probably died of heat exhaustion.

Cat WANTED Daniel to kiss Tori in the hopes that they would end up having sex.
Because the idea of her boyfriend telling her all about his romp with her best friend would be a major turn on for her. She just pretended to be hurt when she came upon them because she expected them to have capered off by then, and Daniel was just playing along.

Robbie is Fran Fine's son and has a twin sister
In the episode The Birthweek Song you meet Robbie's grandmother it is the woman who plays Fran Fine's mother on The Nanny. In the episode she calls her husband Morty. Morty is also the name of Fran's father. And if you have seen The Nanny you know that she had twins(a boy and a girl) around 1991/1992 putting Robbie at the right age to be her son. Also, Fran and her husband Max move to California in the final episode putting them in the right place for Robbie to go Hollywood Arts. Yes, his last name is Shapiro, but it does sound like Sheffield and his last name could of just been altered by the creators to be more 21st century.
  • That's a great WMG however, The Nanny finale was around 1996/1997 so that means Robbie would be 13 or 14 but it could still be true if Fran and Maxwell divorced and Fran met someone with the last name Shapiro and Robbie doesn't have a twin.
    • Robbie and his classmates are supposed to be sophomores in high school. Robbie could very well be 14 years old. Robbie has said in an episode that "I'm still working on the last stage of puberty." Suggesting he could be a little younger than his classmates, maybe even skipped a grade.
    • I hate to say it, but The Nanny finale was 1999. Robbie would be 12 at best... definitely not in high school yet.
  • It's possible that his real last name IS Sheffield, but he was enrolled under the name "Shapiro" because he didn't want people to know that he was the son of a famous Broadway producer.
  • Alternatively, from what little we have seen of his Grandmother (and heard of his Grandfather), the two seem to bear resemblance to the Costanzas of Seinfeld fame, and so Robbie could be the son of George Costanza. However, this wouldn't explain the difference in name, so it's most likely just homage, or just a stereotype of Jewish families.
  • On there is a video of Robbie singing about broken glass. On the bottom, it says, "Robbie is wearing his sisters pants." They'd have to be pretty close in age to fit in the same pants. She's probably his twin.
Other character will now get more chances to sing.
Now that people are realizing that the Cat/Jade duet was completely awesome, characters other than Tori will be performing more and more.

Beck and Jade will break up again.
  • In "Freak The Freak Out", Andre calls Jade a "gank", (which has various insulting interpretations), and Beck answered "You have no idea." That he would agree with such an assessment suggests that their relationship is on the rocks.
    • Not really. "Gank" means to steal in a surreptitious or underhanded manner.
    • Somehow I don't feel like that's what Andre meant. For one thing, he was using it as an adjective, not a verb.
    • "Gank" is a noun, combination of gay and skank, hence g/ay + sk/ank = Gank.
    • Gank also means an underhanded person or someone who's sneaky. That fits Jade pretty well...
  • It may be headed that way, given in "Tori Tortures Teacher," Beck and Jade were text fighting (Without any resolution) and the next episode "Jade Gets Crushed" has a plot involving Andre's attraction to Jade.
  • Confirmed - it happened in 'The Worst Couple.'

Tori and Trina's father is on the take.
Ain't no way in Hell they could afford a house that nice in southern California on a cop's salary.
  • Could be. Although there's also their mom's salary to consider, since she presumably also has a job. (Although, as far as I remember, we're never told what she does or how much money she makes.)
Beck and Jade are the characters from the Carlos Santana song "Into the Night."
Beck was at a very low point in his life and went across the border into Mexico to kill himself, but stopped when he saw Jade for the first time, on vacation with her parents. It was love practically at first sight for the both of them, and having Jade in his life helps keep Beck's bête noire at bay.

Schneider is trying to Retcon Tori into a nicer character.
  • We all know Dan likes to read the comments about his shows, so its possible that he has written the last few episodes to make Tori seem nicer, hoping that she will be redemed in the eyes of the audience.
    • Examples include (These episodes are fairly new, so don't read the spoilers if you haven't seen the episode):
    • Rex Dies Helping Rex come back to 'life' so Robbie wouldn't be sad.
    • The Diddly Bops Helping Andre get over his depression and be able to write a new song.
    • Wok Star Helping Jade get her play produced so her father would be happy.
      • If you think about Tori, none of those things are huge stretches on her characterization. Sure she isn't as insanely nice as Zoey, but she is the type of person who would do anything for her friends. (Or her frienemy in Jade's case.) That doesn't seem like a Retcon to me, it just seems like a natural thing for Tori to do.
      • Maybe Dan is trying to rebuild her reputation after the whole "kissed two other girls boyfriends" thing.
      • FYI, the episode is "Wok Star."
      • Yeah, apparently the next episode has Tori firmly back on the 'trying to get with someone else's boyfriend' wagon.
      • A possible explanation for that: The next episode is supposedly about a reality show about students at Hollywood Arts. Perhaps Tori's advances on Beck are an act for the purposes of the show. (It should be noted that her calling Beck "baby" in the trailer does sound unnatural and a bit rehearsed.)
Cat is adopted.
Arianna Grande has said she thinks of her brother that is mentioned on the show, but not seen as of yet, to be Kenan Thompson. Given their different ethnicity, she is most definitely adopted. Given the age difference between her and Kenan, their parents could have been post-fertile but wanted another child, so they chose to adopt.
  • It was stated that Keenan will make an appearance on iParty With Victorious, will he be Cat's brother?
Tori isn't going to make Beck cheat on Jade.
  • The trailers for the newest episodes show Tori giving a call to someone and Beck answering his phone. You would think they were talking to each other, but the clips for the trailer could have taken both scenes out of context. Its possible that Schneider, knowing all the crap Tori has gotten for kissing two girl's boyfriends, made it look like she was going to do it again, bringing up those past two kisses, only to reveal she hasn't.
    • The new episode is supposed to be about them all ending up on a reality show. I'm seriously betting that the whole "Tori going after Beck thing" is the result of Executive Meddling to make a storyline for the show.
      • Confirmed. The reality show producers cut two separate phone conversations together so it would look like there was a romance between Tori and Beck.

Sam and Jade are cousins
  • Think about it, they're both tough chicks. They both hate the word "panties." Sam just dyes her hair blonde.
    • Sam's sister and mom are both blondes too, so I don't think her hair is dyed.
      • THEY DYE IT TOO! You know, to keep the illusion going. or maybe Jade dyes her hair. This theory is too good to be denied!
      • Cousins don't need to have the same hair color. And Jade does puts different streaks of color in her hair.

Jade and Beck are together because they love each other.

Jade and Beck are into BDSM.
  • Not that it will ever be proven on a Nick show, but it's already well-documented that Jade enjoys pain (and is even disappointed when something doesn't hurt). And their little "that's a time out/go sit on the steps!" interaction in Beggin' on Your Knees just reeks of some... alternative use, especially considering the compliancy Jade responds with instead of going through the roof at being ordered around.
    • And Jade is the submissive!!!! Just look at how Beck sent her in to time out in Beggin' on Your Knees. This is a common punishment in BDSM couples that are into ageplay.
      • Exactly! And in the Ke$ha episode we get, "This is actually causing me pain... and not the good kind!" She's totally the submissive.

Dan will sneak a gay bullying subplot into an episode of the show.
  • What better way for Dan "Crap Past the Radar" Schneider to use his radar ninja skills than to actually get a meaningful message through to the kids watching Victorious? Something along the lines of two guys (Maybe Robbie and some one-episode character) are found in a compromising position (Like if one fell on top of the other) someone takes a picture, shows everyone else, and the two boys become a laughingstock. It's resolved when someone spells it out for the students that making fun of another person is not okay, and that they really upset the boys. Never once does the word Gay come up, but it's also never said that the boys "Aren't like that", with most of the protests to the teasing being just along the lines of "Stop laughing!"
    • Another option would be all of the above, except it's two girls instead of two guys. Maybe Cat and Jade, or Cat and Trina.
      • Oh, the fans would love that.
      • Yes, yes we would.
      • It'd likely be Cat and Jade, seeing as that seems to be the most popular ship.
      • Well, Liz and Ariana do ship Cat/Jade, so they'd probably be willing to go further than "falling on top of each other".
      • I'm all for Trina and Jade. Plus, Trina is the show's Butt-Monkey.
      • Tori and Jade anyone?
    • It's a performing arts high school. The revelation that someone is gay would be "Yeah. So?" Which would actually be an excellent B-plot.

Beck will fall for another girl.
Beck is tired of having to deal with a possesive girlfriend and if he wanted he could date Cat or Tori,but he'll just earn a even crazier ex-girlfriend.So he gives up and dates some loser girl who's perfect for him.

Jade is going to seriously injure Tori in the next episode.
The descriptions of the next episode imply that Beck and Tori will share an inadvertant kiss and...well, you know how Jade gets about that sort of thing.
  • Kinda true. Jade did push Tori off the balcony and onto the air mattress and kicked her off her chair mid-sentence, but she wasn't seriously injured by either event.

Jade and Josh are cousins.
Josh Peck makes a cameo at the end of Wok Star congratulating Jade on her play. (She shrugs him off though.) Think about it for a good minute or so. Drake & Josh and Victorious both take place in California and San Diego (where Drake & Josh takes place) is near LA. And Drake & Josh, iCarly and Victorious are in the same canon. I think him and Jade are cousins because he came up and talked to her, trying to be a nice guy like in D&J but she shrugs him off, since in D&J he is a Butt-Monkey and there's no way they could be friends because he's a Butt-Monkey and Jade being the Alpha Bitch, would treat him like crap. So, maybe Josh and Jade could be cousins.
  • Since when is Jade the Alpha Bitch?
    • She always struck me as one, but YMMV.
    • Since she started being a bitch to everyone, so basically the Pilot.

Robbie projects onto Rex to the point where he believes Rex is real.
Rex and Robbie are the same person, but to Robbie, they're completely separate. Like Calvin and Hobbes, the puppet is only real to Robbie. That's why he gets so broken up when Rex almost dies; he feels he is actually losing a close friend. Furthermore, Rex is a projection of who Robbie wants to be. He's confident, abrasive, and is able to act normally where Robbie is quiet, not confident, and has poor social skills.

The sub-plot in "Cat's New Boyfriend" was a metaphor for teens being pressured into taking drugs, or underage drinking.
Think, they were all reluctant to try it, but caved in due to peer pressure. The use of drugs and alcohol can cause the user to be put under medical care, which they were, and both are supposed to have "good" effects on the user.
  • Possibly teen sex as well considering how people react to the puka fish nibbling almost orgasmically. Also, some VD can put you in the hospital.

The level of Cat's offbeat behavior depends on her level of pain meds she is on.
Cat is dying of cancer, her bright red hair? A wig. The reason she wears bright colors is to offset her sickly pallor. The only person who knows is Jade who treats her like everyone else to hide her own worry about her dying friend. Some days the pain is not so bad other days she really doses up and her antics really get out there.
  • Now I'm depressed.

Robbie has a twin sister.
Robbie has a twin sister who he was very close with when he was young but for high school she went away to a boarding school across the country. She left a pair of her pants by accident the last time she visited. That's why it says "Robbie is wearing his sisters pants" in the Broken Glass video on The Slap. Robbie likes getting manicures and wearing male makeup because he enjoyed doing girly things with his twin sister. The reason why Robbie is so attached to Rex is because he is a replacement for his sibling who he feels not confident and lost without.

Trina's only pretending to be horrible singer to gain attention.

There will come a time when Beck is fed up with Jade "torturing" Tori into sadness for her own fun, he'll break up with Jade.
Beck was only patient with Jade just because she is his girlfriend. His line to Jade about her getting a time out was just the start. It might be because he has secret feelings for Tori, or he's almost getting fed up with Jade's behavior on Tori, or both.
  • This troper would love if Beck broke up with Jade for the above reasons.

Jade Took a Level in Jerkass in response to finding out Beck's actions in "Beck Falls For Tori"
At the end, apparently her friends find out that Tori didn't actually take that fall. Given Jade's previous reactions to Beck just interacting with other girls, plus how she reacted to him actually breaking up with her, finding out Beck did something that was actually rather dangerous for Tori's sake made her more and more antagonistic towards Tori. Thus why she pushed Tori at the end and has become much worse sense. It's pure jealousy for the fact Beck was willing to do a dangerous (considering there was dried blood on the floor from the last stuntwoman, there's a good reason Tori was terrified) stunt for Tori. Given how clingy she was to Beck before, this is entirely within her character.
  • On the other hand, it's implied that Jade already knew that earlier than anyone else. Someone says "She did it" and Jade says "Yes, 'she' did" in a tone that implies she knew it wasn't Tori. At the time, her only reaction was to sit there and mock Tori for it. It was far from anger.

Jade is on a psycho spree because Beck is in Canada
Jade has become a lot more vicious in the last two episodes "Tori gets Stuck" and "Prom Wrecker" Coincidentally, Beck wasn't in either episode. It was explained that Beck was in Canada. Earlier in the series showed that Jade was very angry that Beck kept the "secret" that he was born in Canada. Since he was born in Canada, and he has been in Canada in the last two episodes, it can be concluded that Beck goes there from time to time to visit family. Jade is already clingy and possessive of Beck when he's in her sight, but being a great distance away proves too much for her to handle. Resulting in Jade doing drastic things that's even out of line for Jade. Normally Beck is there to calm her down and level her out, but without him she's free to endanger Robbies life by stealing blood he needed for surgery and crashing the entire prom.
  • Combine this with the previous WMG. Not only is he in Canada, he went out of his way to do a dangerous stunt for Tori's sake directly before it. The combination of him doing that with him leaving for Canada would certainly send Jade over the edge even more than either one. And it also explains why the focus of her wrath is Tori.
  • Seems confirmed, he was back in iParty With Victorious and she was back to normal.
    • Could be, but you have to remember that iParty With Victorious was supposed to part of Season 1 and was originally going to be aired earlier, but Nick decided to push it back.

Robbie is related to Isabella from Phineas and Ferb
  • Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, Robbie Shapiro.
    • well Isabella and Robbie are both Jewish...

Jade actually wants Tori around, but is too Tsundere to invite her places herself.
  • So she asks Beck to do it for her. It appears she gets annoyed with him whenever he does it, but that's a cover up. Seriously, despite the evidence that Beck does whatever he likes, I doubt he'd keep inviting Tori along with them in front of Jade when she always reacts negatively. It'd get really annoying. And when there's a viable excuse to hang out with Tori (a shoulder to cry on when her and Beck broke up, asking for help with Karaoke, etc.) she readily uses it. She even brought her goodies on one of the occasions (her idea, not Cat's!).
    • Seems to me there's a pretty sizable subset of fans (myself included) who agree with you on this. Also, a possible logical extentsion of this is...

Jade faked her breakup with Beck and got him to play along so she could have an excuse to visit Tori
  • See the above WMG.
  • Seems pretty likely, the break up was really sudden and unrealistically impulsive and even did seem a little forced/rehearsed. Oh, and it all just happened to take place right in front of Tori and gave Jade an excuse to link arms with her.

Andre is a Heartless and Xander is his Nobody.
  • The basis for this guess is twofold: 1) If you rearrange the letters in "Andre" and add an X, it spells "Xander", which is how the Nobodies in Organization XIII name themselves. 2) Both Xander and Andre have the last name of "Harris".

Rex is a real boy after all
  • Rex is not puppet controlled by Robbie. He is actually a robot, with webcams in the eyes and a microphone/speaker in the mouth. The real controller of Rex is an anonymous boy, who has some sort of terminal disease that causes him to be bedridden and have minimal contact with the outside world. He is a friend of Robbie's and he uses the Rex robot as a tool to go to school and interact with others in the outside world. That's why Robbie and Rex have such different personalities. No one knows that Rex isn't a puppet except for Robbie and their teachers.
    • This is why Rex gets offended when people call him a puppet, because he is actually a real boy.
    • This is how it's possible for Rex to make other plans than go to the movies with Robbie in 'Wifi in the Sky'.
    • This is also why Sikowitz treats Rex as a real student in the class and why he has his own locker.
    • In iParty with Victorious it was Rex who tweeted about the party and Robbie was so adamant that it was not him. Rex also has his own TheSlap page and they only have pages for actual students at the school.
    • This is why Rex was so upset he didn't get a visitors pass.
    • In Freak the Freak out the MC said "That's the best ventriloquist act I've ever seen" and both Robbie and Rex are terribly confused.

Sikowitz created Rex
  • Sikowitz is extremely dedicated to making his students stay in character. And when Robbie first came into his class with a ventriloquist dummy, it seems likely that he would have enforced this rule by making Robbie treat Rex as a real person rather than a puppet. Over time Robbie's refusal to break character with Rex caused him to see Rex as a real person and developed a separate personalty. In short: Sikowitz's teaching drove Robbie insane.

Cat's brother is a hunter.
  • He was able to get twelve gallons of blood from the animals he killed. He painted a part of his body purple for a job interview to cover up a scar. (Why he didn't use some sort of cream or powder is because he's related to Cat.) He tried to get a job in the first place because hunting didn't provide money for him and his family well enough. The reason we never see him is because he's always off hunting far away because there aren't many forests plentiful in game near them. And the reason his favourite flavor of ice cream is Funky Nut Blast is because he's used to eating walnuts and such when he's out hunting.
    • Doesn't explain the bag of fake feet in his car...
    • He could have found it while hunting. This explains everything.

Robbie is Hiro and Rex is Excalibur
Rex is annoying enough... and Robbie is nerdy enough.

Beck is going to secretly date Tori.
  • Tori leaves Hollywood Arts and California to go live with her Aunt Sonya in Canada, due to Trina's constant bitchiness and selfishness, which is ironic since Beck lives in Canada and lives in Canada now, because Jade keeps bitching and moaning (not that kind, the annoying kind). They end up going to the same high school and end up dating because of the undeniable and built up attraction since they first saw each other.
    • Highly unlikely for several reasons:
      • Beck doesn't live in Canada. He was visiting Canada in "Prom(e) Wrecker," Jade never said he had moved there permanently.
      • Just because Trina and Tori don't get along (which they actually do in some episodes), that's not really a good enough reason for Tori to drop everything and move to Canada, if her parents would even allow her to. I realize that there's a certain amount of Willing Suspension of Disbelief in the Schneider-verse, but come on.
      • Status Quo Is God, not to mention the fact that in a series about a teenager going to a performing arts school, it would kind of destroy the point of the show for the main character to leave the performing arts school.
      • Canada is a big country. Who said that Tori's Aunt Sonya lives in the exact same city that Beck was visiting?
      • That is not what "ironic" means.

Jade is the best actor at HA
Jade in "Sleepover at Sikowitz" is the best example just all the bits where Tori is just being mean and trying to get Jade out of character and Jade still stays in character and when she gets burned by the tray she still stays in character.
  • When Tori wins in "Sleepover at Sikowitz" she wasn't even staying in character all she was saying was "I am a Police Officer" and "Would you like some Raisin Bran" at least Jade, Beck, Cat and Robbie didn't just state what they were.
    • I watched the episode recently and Tori does a lot more than that. I don't think she's the best but she stayed in character- it was a very Lampshade Hanging character but she was consistently in character.
  • Jade or Cat. Cat's character is by far the most difficult to play of the lot of them. A bad stand-up comedian from the 80s (though she was really early 90s-ish in her portrayal)? A bad stand-up comedian from the 80s would have trouble sustaining that for more than a couple hours.

Jade and Cat are competing for Tori's affections.
There are times when Cat is too close and nice to Tori, and sometimes Jade makes Tori miserable her way so Tori won't notice she likes her. In short: Jade is Helga (because she loves to torture Tori to hide her feelings} and Cat is Freddie (because she secretly likes him but acts a bit childish because she knows she and Tori can only be friends), leaving Tori as Arnold or Carly in the Les Yay love triangle.

The show will eventually reference 13 in some way.
  • Because they have two actors who starred in it, and the opportunity is there. And, be honest, who doesn't want some kind of 'It Can't Be True' moment involving Tori, Beck, and Jade?
    • "Everything Cat says is a lie... it's a lie, it's a lie, it's a lie~"

Tori is Lola pulling her biggest acting trick yet.
  • Think about it. When Lola went to PCA, she faked an identity just to see if she could pull it off. Now she's tricking a whole city into thinking that she's a sweet, innocent girl named Tori. And "Trina" is just a girl she hired to be her Foil.
    • Or Trina could be Rebecca (also played by Daniella Monet), who Lola bribed with something.

Jade is a Death Seeker.
  • The reason Jade wasn't grateful to Tori for saving her life is because she was hoping the prisoner would kill her.

Jade is turning into a Type A Tsundere.
  • The reason why she acts ungrateful to Tori for saving her life is because she doesn't want to show her Dere side while she's in prison.
    • Hello updated headcanon.

Robbie is a post-op Transexual... From girl to guy.
It would explain a lot...

Robbie once listened to some dude who said put cheese on broken glass and have a sand-a-wich. It didn't end well.
And now he's teaching kids not to do that through music!

Robbie has Asperger's Syndrome.
  • He's socially awkward, tries to act like all his friends because that's what he's been brought up to act like, and actually cares very little about them. Its possible that he hasn't been diagnosed yet, causing lots of tension with friends and family, leading to this exchange:
    Tori: I thought your mom moved out?
    Robbie: She says she's giving me another chance.
    • Also, if any of this turned out to be true, it would make him even more of a Woobie than he already is.
    • Robbie's kind of a dumbbell. Aren't people with AS supposed to be really smart?
      • True, but if I'm not mistaken, people with AS often appear to be stupid to other people.
      • People with AS are really smart at what they like, because they focus all their time on it. Robbie is a master ventriloquist, and even though his song lyrics are weird, he's actually good at playing guitar. AS patients aren't general geniuses, anything they don't consider worth their time is like Latin to them. He comes off unintentionally offensive to his friends, and seems to be unsure of how to feel sometimes. "Robarazzi" had him being obnoxious, but it's possible he wasn't aware HOW upset his friends were. Plus, Robbie doesn't have common sense and can't pick up social cues. That doesn't mean he's a complete dumbell, he appears to be more booksmart than streetsmart.

Beck suffers from Clinical Depression.
It's not very apparent because he usually deals with it really well, but what most helps him keep his black dog at bay is having Jade in his life. Note how, after he and Jade broke up in Jade Dumps Beck, his voice was noticably lower and less animated than usual, because his mood was getting progressively darker. And that's why Beck's dad was sleeping in his trailer: he wanted to be around in case Beck tried to kill himself. He has never told Jade about this because he doesn't want her to feel obligated to stay with him.

Victorious will have a pregnancy scare episode, centering on Jade and Beck.
Because they're the only characters we can be reasonably sure are having sex. They won't actually use words like sex or birth control, but it will be clear that that's what they mean by the context. For example:

Beck: How did this happen?
Cat: When a man and a woman love each other very much -
Jade: We know HOW it happened!


Tori: Did you maybe . . . use the wrong brand?
Jade: It said "extra-strength!"

It will be a two-part episode. At the end of the first, Beck, determined to do the right thing, asks Jade to marry him. Part two will focus on preparation for both the baby and the wedding, until around the middle, when Tori (or possibly Cat) finds out that Jade just had her monthly and can't be pregnant. She confronts Jade in private, who will start crying because she's sure that Beck will no longer want to marry her if she isn't pregnant. The episode will end with Tori convincing Jade that they aren't ready to get married yet, and everything goes back to the way it was.

  • Seems a little too adult to get past Nick's censors, and Dan Schnieder seems to like hinting at things instead of having an entire episode about them.
    • Also, people might compare Victorious to [[Glee]] if that happened.

Trina's appearence in "Monkey Woman" is a favor to Robbie.
Besides the fact that it's an opportunity to perform, Trina's stint as Robbie's girlfriend in his music video "Monkey Woman" on is actually her returning a favor for his comedic review of her one-woman show, since without that review the audience would've left the theater in droves on opening night. Either she realized she owes him for the review, or he made her realize it.

Robbie was sexually abused as a child.
It's implied that he hasn't exactly had the easiest life (If his comment of being unable to stop crying is anything to go by). There's his strange consumption of mayonnaise (especially to calm himself down after a nightmare). And then there's his constant Ambiguously Gay moments (His fake screen name, wearing girl pants, etc.). Perhaps there's a very good reason for these moments (This is where it gets dark): When he was younger, an adult (whether or not if was a relative or not) would often touch him inappropriately, force him to crossdress, and then treat him like a girl. Needless to say, this left a harsh effect on his psyche (Easily bullied, prone to crying). If this was done by his father or a male family member (and with the media's track record, it probably was), then his relationship with Rex (If not his entire existence) is seen in a whole new perspective: Rex was quite possibly the only positive male role model he has (And given how he treats him, it really says a lot), considering that Rex consists of all the qualities Robbie believes a real man should have but he himself lacks.

Sikowitz used to be an international spy.
That's why he can't remember his trips to Yerba and all his other "vacations" when he was younger. He once had a mission to Yerba that lasted two weeks, and can't remember it because after he left the service his memory was partially eliminated, but couldn't be completely erased because there'd be a shit-ton of time that he just can't remember. He's been left to think that he was just drugged out the whole time, when in fact he saved the world. *sigh* My hero.
  • His partner was Crabman from My Name Is Earl, who if I remember, had the same issues with not knowing what he did whilst he was on missions. periods of not knowing

There will be a It's a Wonderful Plot episode (Whether it will be a Christmas episode is debatable).
Tori and her friends put on a special performance in Hollywood Arts, but something goes wrong (whether if its Tori's fault or not) and it causes such a huge consequence that it makes Tori wish that she never enrolled into Hollywood Arts. That night she meets a guardian angel who shows her what would've happened if she never had enrolled into Hollywood Arts:
  • Trina: The first person she sees, who has changed drastically: After being kicked out of Hollywood Arts (Since Tori wasn't there to help keep her in), Trina has turned to food for comfort as she is now obese, depressed, and trapped in a continuing cycle (She eats because she's depressed, she's depressed because she's fat from eating). They both go to Sherwood with Trina known as "Tori's older, ugly sister."
  • Beck: He and Jade break up and they, without Tori being there, do not get back together. He starts dating Alyssa Vaughn but not too long grows tired of her and he then starts dating other girls. Without Jade's Clingy Jealous Girl behavior, he becomes a player who becomes a douche in the process (near Ryder Daniels or Steven Carlson-levels).
  • Jade: Tori may think that things worked out better for Jade, considering that she probably did get the lead role in Steamboat Suzy. But in truth, she has become even worse without Beck as her Morality Chain. Without Tori, her play doesn't happen (And thus her father never sees what is basically calling out for her father to love and accept her). She eventually becomes more irritable and eventually drives away her friends (Even Cat). Losing all hope, Jade decides to go kill her father, her stepmom, and her dog in a double homicide and looks to kill herself, but is stopped by the police before she could do so. She is currently serving a life sentence.
  • Robbie: Tori never met Robbie, and thus she never went to the hospital to see him. Yeah... it's going where you think it is. Eventually, someone with O negative blood is eventually found, but it is too late...
  • Cat: She is among those who have changed the most, being that she is no longer "HappyCat." Among his friends, Cat took Robbie's death the hardest (Among his friends, she was the only one who came to his funeral). She has become pessimistic and bitter as her (naturally) darker hair shows, becoming nearly like Jade. This new change in her personality results in her breakup with Daniel (Without Tori there to kiss him, their relationship would last longer).
  • Rex: With Robbie dead, he was now under Sinjin's ownership (As Robbie's last request). Their relationship is similar to the one Rex had with Robbie but somehow it was just not the same. Now enemies with Cat, with Rex being the main cause of it (She wants Rex as it's the only thing she has left of Robbie, with Sinjin refusing to give him up).
  • Andre: Possible the change that affects Tori the most. After losing his potential record deal due to The Diddly Bops, he became depressed. Without Tori there to cheer him up, he never wrote "Song2You." He started lashing out at his friends (Especially Cat, who he blamed given that it was her idea to perform in the first place) before eventually alienating them, dropping out from Hollywood Arts, and joined a gang (inspiring to be a hardcore rap/hip-hop group), believing that it was his only shot at stardom. Tori confronts him, screaming that he was wasting his talent away to become a "thug who makes music that encourages violence and disrespects women" only for him to turn it around on her, reminding her that she wasted her talent by not enrolling into Hollywood Arts.
  • It was then that Tori realized the consequences of getting her wish. Without enrolling in Hollywood Arts and thus not meeting them, her friends' friendship would eventually crumble: Beck alienating his friends with his new attitude towards women, then Jade becoming unbearable (And eventually sent to prison), and Andre pushing his remaining friends away. Leaving Robbie and Cat (And Rex) the only two left. After thinking about it, Tori heads to Hollywood Arts to enroll in a desperate attempt to make things right, but is turned away, stating that they didn't "just accept anyone" and would consider giving her a tryout within a year. Lane brings up that she didn't wanted to join in the first place before Tori responds that she now wanted to enroll, falling into a tirade about wanting things back the way they were before. Cue the expected ending from this type of episode.
  • Stop stealing my brain! I had an idea for a fanfiction scarily similar to this. Beck turned out exactly the way you described. Exactly. Robbie even dies in my fic too, except in a different way.
  • As morose as it is, it'd be a good way to bring Mitch back.

Trina was originally talented before she entered Hollywood Arts High.
  • Despite the fact that she's clearly the least talented student at Hollywood Arts High School, this many not have always been the case. Whenever Trina was enrolled (which had to be long before the pilot episode), she actually was a fairly decent singer and actress until the onset of puberty, which turned her voice horrible. Now she simply gets by on her looks as she was doing when she was enrolled there in the first place.

Trina is talented, but her minds has inverted what she's good at.
  • Trina is a perfectly good dancer, a middling actress and a terrible singer, but has become fixated on her singing, and then because of the bird scene, her acting. So instead of working on her dancing, she spends most of her time trying to become a singer, and whatever is left over on acting.
    • But in one episode, the one where she claimed Beck asked her out, she's seen in a dancing class, and appears to be just as bad at is as she is with everything else she's seen doing.
  • Personally, I thought she was just taking an advanced class, seeing the choreography did look rather difficult. However, it does seem like everyone ignores the fact she can fight.

Drake & Josh is a reality show in the Schneiderverse
  • In the episode Helen Back Again, it's clear that Helen is the same Helen as was in Drake and Josh. Though, in the very next episode, Drake and Josh is mentioned as a TV show, causing a bit of a paradox. This paradox could be solved, however, by saying that Drake and Josh was a reality show, and all the events from the show actually happened. Why they didn't recognize Helen from Drake & Josh, though, is still a mystery.
  • They probably didn't watch Drake and Josh until after Helen told them to.
  • This WMG would explain why Drake and Josh episodes begin with the titular characters speaking to the camera.

Robbie will have a date and it will be a Whole Plot Reference to The Virginity Hit.
  • It will be the gang's payback for Robarazzi. Sure it will be pushing it, considering the show's rating and all, but considering what's already been done and alluded to, it probably won't stop Dan Schneider from trying.

Trina is famous in Seattle.
  • Both Spencer and Freddie have shown up to watch her perform - first Spencer in Jade Dumps Beck, and then Freddie in Who Did It To Trina. Clearly she must be well known there, if they're both willing to travel all the way to LA just to watch her performances.
    • Alternately: Spencer was on a date (He was seated next to a blonde young woman in pink), who wanted to go see "Trina!". Given that he's not seen again in the crowd while his date is (you could almost spot an empty chair), he probably either went to restroom or walked out. Spencer tells Carly, who tells her friends. Freddie becomes interested as he asks his friend Lane (It's on The Slap, read it up) when would be the next time Trina would perform and to let him know. Thus, when her next performance comes, Freddie has himself a front row seat. Thus, while she may be well known, it's most likely for a different reason.

Cat is related to Socko.

She's a younger cousin or maybe even a little sister. From what we've seen, nearly everyone in Socko's rather large family is creative and talented, with their name fitting to their interests/work. It's safe to say Socko is old enough to live on his own in Seattle, and moved there from Hollywood, or perhaps Cat, her brother, and their parents moved to Hollywood from Seattle to better accommodate Cat's problematic brother and to allow her to attend HA. It's been noted that Cat has family in San Fransisco, so why not further up the West Coast?

Jade and Tori's relationship is a deliberate cosmic inversion of Scrubs.
In Scrubs, JD was mercilessly tortured by the Janitor, who occasionally went by the pseudonym "Jan Itor". In Victorious, Jade (sounds like JD, right?) tortures Tori (which is an anagram of Itor). COSMIC REVENGE!

Andre's crush on Jade isn't one-sided.
Think about this: Jade has yelled at Andre a grand total of one time (when he tried to come up and talk to her in "Stage Fighting", while her makeup was running), whereas she yells at everyone else (including Beck) at almost every opportunity. Also, when she and Andre were working together on the song, she didn't say one word about how bad his song lyrics were. All she said was "let me try something" and then proceeded to write a surprisingly beautiful and romantic love song. It seems like the writers were suggesting that she might have a pretty strong crush on Andre too.
  • Her fixated staring at Andre while he and Tori performed "365 Days" on stage at the Friday Night School concert is enough of an indication that she has a crush on him, whether she knows how he feels about her or not.
    • It sounds like she knows, even before the concert. Listen to the lyrics of the song she sings the night Andre came to Tori- it sounds like a barely coded message that she knows how Andre's feeling and that it's ok that he feels it.
    • That last part seems kind of unlikely though: How could her song be a coded message that she knows what Andre is feeling when he himself said he didn't feel it until after he heard her sing?
      • Sometimes the person in love is that last to realize it, they have denial.
  • In a preview for "The Worst Couple", She outright says that Tori isn't her friend, she only tolerates Robbie, and Cat is just a pet when confronted about how their friends don't want to hang out with her and Beck due to their fighting. Notice who she doesn't mention (or at the very least speak ill of)?
    • Not trying to argue (because I agree that she at least likes Andre a bit more than she does most people), but in the actual episode, Andre gets lumped in with Robbie in her rant (Jade: "Tori's not really my friend, I only tolerate Robbie and Andre, and Cat's really more of a pet"). Semi-paraphrased, most likely, but that's what she said. They just shortened it for the preview.
    • Actually, in the episode (I just checked), she doesn't mention Andre or lump him in with Robbie in her rant.

Cat's brother will make an appearance and will be portrayed by Frankie Grande.
It wouldn't be the first time this has happened in a Dan Schneider show.

Cat doesn't really have a brother.
Everything that she said happened to her brother really happened to her. She wants to seem weird but not too crazy so the most extreme things she did she says her brother did. She also uses her amazing costuming skills to dress up as a boy occasionally so that people don't get too suspicious.
  • This would make the story about "him" picking up troubled girls VERY interesting.

Rex is Robbie's Stealth Mentor.
Among the cast, Rex probably the one who treats Robbie the worst (which is saying something). Why? Because he is preparing the boy for a harsher world after graduation. Such as if he were to take heavy criticism from a critic or a director that would drive young, up and coming performers (who were more or likely praised for their talent by family, friends, and loved ones around them) to quit, Robbie wouldn't let it get him down (considering he'd probably heard worse at this point). Also, it would help him to stay humble instead of believing that he was the best and above everyone else regardless of talent/potential.

Trina is talented, but since Tori came and upstaged her, she's been trying too hard and veering into Narm territory to try to gain her old status back.
  • This, combined with the earlier WMG about puberty changing her voice.

The Vega parents are international spies and/or assassins.
They are constantly away from home, their father is supposedly a 'cop' which is probably a cover, whatever their mom does (has she said anything about that?) would be part of the cover. It's why they are always away, and why they can live in such a fancy expensive house.

Cat's brother is Spencer's unseen friend 'Socko' from iCarly.
This is based solely on the fact that from what we've heard, they're both pretty strange.
  • Socko has stated as having a brother named Tyler. Cat only has one brother.
    • This WMG was already stated.

Cat has Expressive Hair.
Similar to that of Pinkie Pie. In the pilot, Cat seems a lot more on the moody, uneven side, and her hair is in bushy curls. From the rest of the series, her locks are straight, and her mood has stayed relatively cheerful, now permanently so. Similar principle, opposite effects, maybe?

Daniella Monet's segment on Blooptorious is a Stealth Parody of Ariana Grande's Fan Dumb.
Given that she's been insulted by Christopher Cane, and unfairly compared to Ariana (She was asked if she ever wished she was Ariana). This could be similar to the way Victoria Justice is often bashed (as seen in the comments section of YouTube videos) and how Ariana is better than her and should get more focus. The reason why they used Daniella is because Victoria would have been too obvious.
  • It also helps that Daniella is often the most unappreciated of all the actors and is often left out when someone mentions the "Victorious girls."

  • She saved Helen from Robbie, though not knowing the whole thing was staged, and was pretty damn concerned about Tori in "Locked Up", along somewhat towards that kid in "Ice Cream for Kesha". In a way, she has some capability to not be so self-absorbed.
Cat is definitely someone to watch out for.
  • She had Haley and Tara babysit a drugged-up, crazy Trina, and did not hesitate for a second in punching Tori in the face.

There will be another episode on stage combat and it'll be based on Trina.
  • Sooner or later, they may do an episode on martial arts (Kung-Fu movie like): Trina = Karate, Tori = Crane-Style Kung Fu (Tori = Japanese for "bird" = crane), Cat = Wushu, Andre = Capoeira, Beck = Jeet Kune Do (like Bruce Lee), Jade = Snake Kung Fu, Robbie = Drunken Style.

Jade is an Irken
  • She is very tall, what if the tallest were afraid of her overthrowing them so they sent her away to live with her "Dad"
  • She has a very hostile nature, much like most Irken Invaders
  • She wears mostly dark clothing
  • Tori being Jade's enemy, reminds me in a way of Dib and Zim's rivalry
  • Coincidence much? I mean after all they are both on Nickelodeon

Jade and Beck's relationship
  • Jade delights in being creepy and scaring others, or just freaking them out in general. Beck, according to Jade, is "unscarable." They've been dating for around two years, and seem very happy and close, despite Jade's jealousy and possessiveness. Idea: When they first met, Jade did something that freaked out the entire class- except for Beck. She was determined to scare him somehow, hanging out with him more (despite not liking people very much) and learning more about him to find a weakness. Beck liked her determination and found her to be much more interesting than he first thought, and developed an affection for her when he learned of her issues with her father and her desire to become a playwright/director. Jade became captivated with how well of an actor Beck was, and how he could express emotion so well beyond his normally calm and disinterested manner. Eventually, Jade gave up on trying to scare Beck, finding that she actually enjoyed his company, and he her's, and the two have been together ever since.

Cat's parents are divorced.
Basically, their marriage ended very badly, possibly when Cat was very young. It would explain why Cat got freaked out so much in "The Worst Couple," to the point of fainting. She was having a Theme Park Version of a panic attack because it reminded her of her parents fighting.
  • That definitely fits with Cat's "I'm under my bed, I'm under my bed" attempt to self-soothe. The last time a couple were screaming and fighting like that it was her parents, and she hid under her bed (possibly with her brother) to feel safer.

Everybody is Robbie's Morality Pet
Rex is Robbie's Morality Pet, but in a different way- the more Robbie uses Rex, the less of a {Jerkass} he is. In Robarazzi, the first episode where he spends long amounts of time without Rex or his friends, he becomes a serious jerk. Now, since he is much stronger friends with Cat Andre and Beck, he doesn't need Rex as much. His father is embarrassed of him and his mom left, implying a great deal of arguing and poor child-rasing took place. Robbie took up ventriloquism, and since Rex was his only male role model, Robbie picked up the jerk aspects. Essentially due to parental neglect Robbie accidentally raised himself to be a {Jerkass}, and without his friends to keep him chained down or Rex to let him vent, he falls into a pattern of being an ass.
  • Except that incident was implied that he let fame get to his head. After all, he probably wouldn't have done Robarazzi had it not been for Rex's goading (He even asked if he was going to be a loser for the rest of his life before deciding to go along with it). But still, he's pretty much a victim of bad parenting and horrible male role models. To say of nothing how his friends treat him at times...
    • yeah, that does make a lot more sense.

"Vegan" was an Unusual Euphemism for "virgin"
Maybe a little too obvious, but still, consider the various contexts...

  • Robbie over-enthusiastically insisting he "loves tacos."
  • Cat receiving an inverted 'slut shaming' from Jade
  • Robbie looking at Tori, and Jade assuming this means they "shared a taco together."
  • Robbie not wanting Tori, specifically, to know he's a vegan.
  • Cat stating that she's willing to try a taco if Robbie is, and them then losing their "vegan" status together.
  • After the "taco-sharing" scene, Robbie and Cat Ship Tease like crazy for the rest of the episode.
  • The fact that they used the term 'vegan' instead of 'vegetarian', despite the claim that it means they "don't eat meat." Vegan actually means they don't eat any animal products whatsoever, meaning eggs, milk, and other such products would also be out of the question. 'Vegan' just happens to sound a lot more like 'virgin' than 'vegetarian' does.

The only reason actual meat ever came into play was to ward off the otherwise unavoidable onslaught of complaints from Moral Guardians. And even though this is basically a Bizarro Episode, both Robbie and Cat have been seen eating meat before, so the idea that they're vegetarians (or vegans) doesn't even make any sense when Played Straight.

  • Um...duh? Considering the whole episode was a "kid-friendly" version of The Breakfast Club, it's definitely a euphemism for virgin.

Robbie's family...
One of them has some sort of handicap and is bitter from it (for the sake of this working better, let's say it's his dad). He takes it out on Robbie becuase he isn't the model son. He would praise Robbie's sister, but since she went off to college, he became much more bitter. He makes Robbie do all his tasks around the house and such. The reason Robbie was searching for adult diapers and worriedly hushed his phone was because they were for his father and if he found out Robbie elt that information out he'd scream at him. Robbie's dad always tells him that he was the wrong son, and rambled on abotu who he should be. Tis is where Rex comes in. Rex is what Robbie's fatehr wants Robbie to be and someone who will be a friend for Robbie. He thought Rex would earn his dad's approval, but it only further embarrassed him. Robbie relied emotionally on his mother, but she was traumatized when her husband got into the accident that disabled him(thus screaming in her sleep), and she could not handle the burden Robbie was creating for her, and left him for a while with only his father. Abandonded by both his parents, Robbie snapped, in a sense, and made Rex come 'alive'. With his mother gone, his father disabled, and Robbie too young to work, they get much financial aid from the state, as well as his now woking sister, and his father let him have any spending money left over from paying bills and food (which accumulated to quite a lot), so his friends could take him out of his hair with his new monetary value. That's why Robbie has such expensive gadgets and can wear nice clothes and also suit up Rex, his father doesn't care giving Robbie a huge allowance, as long as it gets him out of his hair and he doesn't have to look at him. Beck and Jade breaking up reminded Robbie too much of his own homelife, causing him to cry about how the last couple he knew that was still together was now broken apart, like his own family. In essence, Robbie may be a bigger woobie than we thought.

There will eventually be a fan fic that deconstructs all the tropes in the show

Cat's brother is really...
  • Dez from Austin & Ally. Yes, I know he lives in Florida, but their characteristics are too similar to be ignored. And at the posting of this WMG, he is the only main character without a last name. But that aside, wouldn't it be hilarious if Calum Worthy did a guest appearance as her brother, considering the fact that their respective shows are dueling?

Sikowitz is a pedophile/ephebophile
He's had his class sleep over his house, which can't NOT raise a few eyebrows. He's even got a creepy van. A VAN! Frankly, it's hard to not get some sort of creepy vibe from him...

Jade is in love with Tori, she's just not willing to admit it.
That's why she had a hard time complimenting Tori, and when she did she couldn't bring herself state it directly.
  • I think that was the plot of a really crappy Jori fanfic that I wrote once.
If a season premieres int eh summer, it will be summer school themed.
On TheSlap, Tori once told Sikowitz to get to his summer class; that she had been waiting for a while, showing that they have summer school. I suspect there will be an episode centered around Tori finding out she has to go to summer school and finds all the gang there, then the rest of the season goes normally, it's just summer school, thus adding a season and not making it an unrealistically long school year as a few seasons. Likely it would be some sort of "special program" to enhance their skills by going in the summer, or (in people like Trina's case) they fail something and are made to go. Which leads me to my next theory...
Trina has been failed and held back
She mentions that guy she was crushing on in 'Tori Tortures Teacher' is a senior, which wouldn't be relevant if she was already a senior, meaning she's in junior year. But in the pilot, she's a junior, complaining about working with Andre, who is a sophomore, and they imply in some episodes that it's been a new school year since the first season. Making all the seven characters juniors.
Jade wasn't really planning to kill Tori in "Driving Tori Crazy"
She just wanted to freak her out because she thinks scaring Tori is funny. When she said "next time", it was because she had a scary prank planned for her that she didn't get to execute. She's shown in the past that she enjoys messing with Tori, so why would she want to ruin that by killing her?
Cat is being raised in an abusive household
  • Facts:
    • She mentioned once on TheSlap that her parents left her beside the road over night.
    • In "The Worst Couple", when Jade and Beck fight in front of her, she covers her ears, rocks back and forth, and chants "I'm under my bed". Chances are whenever her parents fought or came after her, she would hide under her bed.
  • Think about this, too: Cat's brother is insane. Is it possible that living in that household with both his abusive parents drove him insane? If so, isn't it also possible that by living in that same household, Cat will end up just like him?

There will be A Very Special Episode dealing with Teen Suicide
We will learn that before going to Hollywood Arts, Robbie was hateful and suicidal. In a form of therapy, he was sent to HA temporarily to help express himself. He complains that it doesn't help, so his therapist gives him Rex to vent his emotions more. He has little faith in the dummy's abilities until he first met Cat. After cracking a joke with Rex, Cat complimented him. Cat's kindness not only drives him out of his suicidal state, but decides to stay at HA permanently.

Cat's brother is Crazy Steve
I can't believe nobody has pointed this out.

The Vegas are going to get divorced.
Mrs. Vega has been acting like a real jerk in her last few appearances and in "Crazy Ponnie", she calls her husband (who's out of town)'s partner attractive, a feeling he reciprocates for her. It's possible they're having an affair and an upcoming episode will deal with a divorce.

Either that, or she's pregnant. This troper can't figure out the reason for her sudden descent into jerkiness otherwise.

Jade will get kicked out of Hollywood Arts in the next episode
Crazy Ponnie ended with her assaulting Cat by shaving her. There is no way the Principle would let something like that slide, because if they did, then someone is getting their pink slip.

Jade is (in secret of course) the first (and so far only) female host to The Darkness
it would explain a lot of her more messed up in the head moments and also, imagine her hearing Mike Patton's voice (which calls her 'temptress of the west' because...well honestly what not-so innocent man would be able to resist her?) telling her to do all that stuff for minor problems that could have been solved differently instead of ...the current way: evil-y

Sinjin is finally over Jade
After running him over in The Worst Couple, he begged Robbie to drag him away from her. Since then, his stalker crush on Jade has barely been mentioned.

Cat is related to Debbie

Robbie is consciously controlling Rex
The general WMG (which I find agreeable) is that Robbie suffers from extreme self-loathing and perhaps even has a split personality, but as a less sympathetic interpretation, what if Robbie is simply using a puppet as a scapegoat? Rex is obviously the worst to Robbie, but he can be very rude to Robbie's friends (whether it's insulting them or making inappropriate comments toward the girls) and it's possible Robbie created Rex as a way to openly mock or degrade them without looking entirely guilty himself. He might even have Rex behave harsher toward himself to distance his personality from Rex's and further ward off suspicion that Rex's words are really Robbie's, at least on a conscious level.

Rebecca Martin kidnapped Lola Martinez and they both took on identities as Trina and Tori Vega, respectively.
As part of a ploy to force Chase to be her boyfriend/Zoey to dump Chase, Rebecca kidnaps Lola and claims that the Zoey 101 gang will never find her again unless she gets to date Chase. To hide herself and Lola from them, she creates new identities. Why does she stay in the same state? Simply because no one would expect her to stay so close. Rebecca gets into Hollywood Arts for some undefined reason as Trina Vega, but then Lola (as Tori) takes her place in the showcase in the episode Pilot. She then decides to use her acting skills to act as sweet, innocent Tori so that Trina's bitchiness will be highlighted further and no one will want to be friends with her, frustrating her to the point that Trina/Rebecca would release Tori/Lola. The parents were probably forced into this ploy, too, which is why they are borderline abusive to Trina (or maybe they are Trina/Rebecca's own parents who hate her very much).

Robbie has Multiple Personality Disorder.
Think about it. Robbie probably was probably diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder as a child. Rex is nothing more than a second personality for Robbie, so his parents made him a puppet and made him learn ventriloquism as a coping mechanism. This results in Robbie being so psychologically attached to Rex that he saw Rex as a second entity, eventually breaking into misery when Rex "died".

The Show Within a Show of Cult, as well as the True Believers, exists in the Victori-verse.
This series takes place after the events of Cult, and the guy pretending to be Steven Rae went into Witness Protection and, with a little Obfuscating Stupidity, became Sikowitz.

Robbie is trans.
It seems kind of odd that people are constantly misgendering him, doesn't it? And I've always found his response to it being stated that he had a "bat mitzvah" somewhat odd ("BAR mitzvah! I'm a BOY!") but when you think about it this way, it makes a lot of sense.

Trina is actually talented, but refuses to break character of Girl who is talentless but thinks she has talent
She was told never to break character. Thinking that being told she could stop was just a trick to get her to break character, she refused to do so even when nobody else was around just in case. Sikowitz completely forgot about it.

Jade faced the casting couch as a pre-teen would-be actress.
When she was around 10, Jade got the attention of some talent agent, who turned out to be a child molester, and was busted for raping her. Still seeking a future on stage, her mother opted to send her to Hollywood Arts as a means of helping her with her career. Her Emo/pseudo-goth look, mean-spirited nature, and the tragic play "Well Wishes" are somewhat of a reflection of this period.

Cat's parents are misusing her brother's medication on her.
Cat was originally a neurotic, overly sensitive, and slightly paranoid girl. She also often tells her classmates tales of the crazy antics that her mentally ill brother does, that interferes with much of her life. Apparently her parents have become afraid she will devolve into the same level of insanity, and are making her take some of her brother's "special vitamins," thus causing her to lose quite a number of I.Q. points.

Rex represents who Robbie wishes he could be.
Throughout the series, Robbie has been shown to have really low-self esteem and shows signs of self-loathing. He's also socially awkward, having problems making friends and with girls. Rex is the opposite of that. He's cool, confident, and dates lots of girls. Rex's persona seems to be everything Robbie wants to be. What if Robbie created this persona as a way to live vicariously through his puppet? Rex constantly insults Robbie. Maybe these insults could be Robbie's way of discouraging his own behaviors and telling himself to be more like Rex. As the series goes on, Rex appears less and less. This could represent Robbie becoming move confident.


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