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Miles Edgeworth is a Time Lord, and regenerated into Klavier Gavin. Kristoph Gavin is also a Time Lord.

Canonically, Edgeworth does not appear in Apollo Justice. He has been mentioned as teaching in Germany. He could have met a rival Time Lord, who either already has or will regenerate into Kristoph Gavin. Kristoph was the cause of Edgeworth's death, and when he regenerated he took on a form looking similar to Kristoph's. He intended to get revenge on Kristoph, but by then Kristoph escaped to America, to get his own revenge on Edgeworth through Phoenix Wright. Phoenix, knowing what had happened, helped hide Edgeworth until such a time that they could corner and take down Kristoph. When Edgeworth finally showed himself, he claimed to be Kristoph's brother Klavier, a claim Kristoph could not dispute unless he wished to reveal the existence of Time Lords.
  • Uh, Edgeworth has returned as the lead character in Ace Attorney's Investigation series.
  • That is an Interquel set several months after Trials & Tribulations, so the theory still counts.
    • Edgeworth comes back as Chief Prosecutor in Dual Destinies, which is set after Apollo Justice.
  • However, this is because Edgeworth has time traveled to random points throughout history, and as such, has been alive before, after, and at the same time as, other versions of himself. You know that "Garish red sports car" as Phoenix described it? That's his TARDIS.

Alone in the Dark

Edward Carnby is a Time Lord.

The man has a different appearance in each game and in the most recent one, it is said that he is over 100 years old yet he's in great physical shape. Factor in the ambiguous endings for each game and it seems pretty likely that every game has a different regeneration of him.

The character you play is a Time Lord whose TARDIS has broken down.

This one is cut-and-dry. The geometry inside is all higgledy piggledy. You must get through the security puzzles your TARDIS uses to protect itself has to get to the center of the TARDIS and remove the mysterious black blocky alien life form inhibiting the engine from working.

Rover is a Time Lord, and that black space in the menu is his TARDIS

It had to happen. What other explanation do you find? Also, you can go forward in time, not see Rover at someplace, then go back to your correct time. When at the time you went forward to, Rover may be there.

Tom Nook is a Time Lord

It's the only way to explain how he manages to put a basement in your house in one day. All the money in the community ends up looping back to him—he buys things from you and the money you get is paid off in terms of a loan because he needs all of this random crap to power his time technologies. He puts extra bells in the bank and collects interest later. And it would explain why those two little creepy raccoon kids repeat each other. They're telepathic.
  • This also explains how he manages to be in so many places at once! Also, his TARDIS is the shop itself! It explains why his is one of the few places in AC that isn't open 24 hours!

The player is a Time Lord

The house is the TARDIS, and it explains why you can just move the clock, and go to the year 2099 or the year 1900!

Al-Mualim is The Master.

Think about it. Al Mualim translates from Arabic as "The Boss" or "The Master." He used an elaborate scheme to gain control of a high-tech artifact capable of overriding and controlling the minds of humans. Even when we thought he was dead, his voice still spoke as though he was alive and could hear Altaïr, so he had just used the Piece of Eden one last time to mask his regeneration. He has a beard and an olive complexion! How much more evidence do we need!?

Dmitri and Maria are Time Lords.

Both Dmitri Petrovich and Maria Luna show incredible knowledge of sports (more so in Dmitri's case than Maria's) and can play well too. They say that they were born in the 1990s, and judging by the appearance of pros in the Backyard Sports games, they may have transcended time many times to get them to play and learn a lot about at-the-time pros, basing their styles off of them. Dmitri and Maria probably regenerated twice, getting new looks both times. And they never get old, just like a Time Lord, and Maria's pink dress never changes. Dmitri and Maria do not have very good stamina, but that is because they probably take pills (the Time Lords' only weakness).

The Main Character from Baldur's Gate is a Time Lord.

The Pocket Plane is his TARDIS.

Lavok Corthala is a Time Lord.

The Dimensional Sphere is his TARDIS. It's definitely bigger from the inside than from the outside.

The Luteces are Time Lords the have the ability to teleport anywhere at anytime, and can open tears that lead to alternate realities.

Rachel Alucard is a Time Lord.


Bang Shishigami is a Time Lord.

Imran Zakhaev is a Time Lord. Either his beard or the jeep he escaped his assassination attempt with are his TARDIS.

He has G36C rifles on sale and Mi-28N helicopters flying cover in 1996, respectively five and ten years before either of them were adopted by any armed forces. And, when that event is flashed back to in Modern Warfare 3, he now also has even more anachronistic RSASS rifles on display as well.

Saint Germain is the Meddling Monk from Doctor Who

  • Alucard is half-vampire, half- Time Lord. After all, every time he makes an appearance in canon he looks different (different regenerations, obviously). This, of course, would mean that his mother Lisa was a Time Lady—one who had reached her last regeneration and therefore stayed dead when she was killed.

He's not as malicious as The Master, and he's certainly no Doctor, so it's probably the Time Lord at work, trying to stop Hector's quest out of amusement. Not to mention the anachronistic, but gentleman's outfit does suit his character.

Dracula is a Time Lord and the Castle is his TARDIS.

  • He regenerates into different bodies. He doesn't do it instantly because he's a Vampire Time Lord. As for The Castle, it's insides change with every incarnation of its master and it is frequently shown to be bigger on the inside.

Speaking of Time Lords, Near from Death Note is Aeon.

Oh, he was quietly amusing himself as different detectives (including L) throughout the ages, but his experience with Shinigami meant he was hired to clean up the "Galamoth Incident." The Time Storm that got him involved in meant he wasn't present during the Time Lord's erasure.

The Doctor is a Time Lord.

First off, he obviously knew there would be the Demon Crown up there, even though no one had been up there in living memory. So he either used time travel to find out about it or simply has been alive since its previous incarnation. Secondly, there's Black Space, which doesn't really look like the rest of the island. I believe that that part is not on the island at all, but in an extradimensional space. Third is the Doctor's regenerations (2 so far), with the first being Muscle Doctor and the second being the red mist that possesses the Core.
  • Why not go one step forward? An infinite number of random personality changes at the hands of a regenerator will eventually make anybody evil by pure statistical probability... (Yes I know he does have a name hidden on a statue in the hell level.)
  • And then there's the secret boss in Pixel's later shooting game, Guxt. While it's not said to be him, it does look very similar, the theme is a remix of "Zombie", and instead of the normal eyes the rest of enemies have, they look like the one in the crown. The attacks also are solid red like the ones of the doctor, contrasting with the monochromatic blue.

Lavos and Chrono are Time Lords, Lavos is The Master, and Chrono is The Doctor.

Lavos, when killed, simply regenerates in a different form, (starting the events of Chrono Cross), and Chrono is able to regenerate in the same body with outside help. The Black Omen is Lavos's TARDIS and the Epoch is Chrono's.

The Chrono series takes place on ancient Gallifrey

Yeah, we're lousy with Time Lords as it is, but listen: We can fairly safely say that Lucca's research into time travel eventually became common knowledge - Belthasar was able to access it even in the Home World future to build the Epoch, and in the Another World future he built Chronopolis. It stands to reason that, without Lavos to destroy the world, future scientists would eventually be able to build something like the TARDIS.

Some additional evidence: in Cross, it is revealed that Lavos triggered the final evolution of humans on the planet - but we know from Trigger that there were already functional humans when Lavos first landed. The logical explanation is that they somehow transcended regular humanity. Lavos is responsible for the Time Lords' Bizarre Alien Biology.

Regeneration existed, but nobody was aware that they possessed the ability until Lucca discovered it in her research. After Lynx killed Lucca, she regenerated into Luccia and moved to El Nido.

Both series make extensive use of the Timey-Wimey Ball.

In 1999, they use huge Citadel-like domes. The reason Lavos was sent in the first place was to destroy the Time Lords. Eventually, the Gallifreyans became ethnocentric and sent the Demihumans and mystics into the future, far forward in time away from Gallifrey, where they would develop into tons of various monsters. It also explains the Nu Master in the DS version; he's a Time Lord, and guess which one. Lucca invented the DeMat gun. Zeal could have held Omega and Rassilion, and Time Lord lore submerged temporarily until the future, when it came to light again. And Gaspar is the Doctor, given his usage of Victorian architecture, which was not present on Gallifrey, only Earth. He also dresses similarly and is known as the Guru of Time, another alias. Gaspar is probably the Doctor's first regeneration; maybe after he gets back, this inspires him to steal the TARDIS.

The Caretaker is a Time Lord and the first one too. His TARDIS is Frehorn's Blade

  • Frehorn's Blade if used for suicide, turns a person into a being of pure will, able to travel across time and between both realms. Time Lords can travel in time.
  • He also turned other beings into Time Lords through suiciding with Frehorn's Blade.

Corvo is a Time Lord

Let's see here. He has supernatural powers in a universe where they are absent, he can instantly travel through space (he's summoning his {=TARDIS=}) and he can bend time. (Once again, by summoning his {=TARDIS=}) and getting the best ending requires being a technical pacifist.

The Outsider is a Time Lord

He has the Time Lord ability to see what events must happen, and took it upon himself to ensure that they do. He has a particularly advanced TARDIS that contains an entire dimension, known as the Void, inside it.

Anders is a Time Lord.

  • His looks and voice change between his original appearance in Awakening and Dragon Age II.
  • Then there's the timeline. According the the codex, the Blight started in 9:30 Dragon and lasted for one year. Hawke meets Anders in Kirkwall shortly after the Blight ends (as Hawke arrived in Kirkwall about two-three weeks after the beginning of the Blight, and works for a year before meeting Anders). However! The events of Dragon Age Origins: Awakening take place, at minimum, six months after the end of the Blight. How can Anders be in Kirkwall, brooding about the events that happened in Awakening, before said events happened? Easy. Time Lord.
    • The timeline isn't evidence, really. We have no idea how long Hawke and family spent in Gwaren, no idea how long they spent on the Amaranthine Ocean (as opposed to the Waking Sea), and thus no idea when — exactly — the Blight ended during their first year in Kirkwall. But Anders is probably still a Time Lord.
  • Justice is the soul of his TARDIS— something happened to it, and in order to save the T, he took its spirit into himself. As seen in The Doctor's Wife, putting a TARDIS soul into a human destroys it, but in a Time Lord, it could turn into some kind of weird pseudo-meld thing.
  • Ser Pounce-a-Lot was his companion, which is why he's so heartbroken over losing the cat.
  • And his championing of the causes of mages is a side-effect of his kinship with the Doctor (as he is, technically, a doctor as well)— like the Doctor, he just can't stop trying to save people.

Timmy Vermicelli is a Time Lord.

And because he's being killed so often in spite of his best efforts, all his regenerations are the same.

Giygas is Ness's father, as well as Lucas and a time lord.

At the end of Mother 1, Giygas could not truly transform or change his ways; what he really needed was for another child with a baseball cap and a striped shirt to essentially save him. After he was defeated by Ness, he went into dormancy, and was eventually reincarnated as Lucas because he was the only one who could stop Porky. When Lucas grew up, he returned to the past and had a child, Ness. He then took a job with horrible hours so that he would never be near Ness before he defeated the Giygas version of his father, hence creating a paradox. Giygas's true form is a failed regeneration, the aura from the regeneration turned into the red mist that is Giygas.

Ness, Paula, and Jeff are all Time Lords!

Their TARDIS? The time machine you use to get to the cave of the past. They could've gone back to the past without being converted into robots but they still did so their secret won't get out. Ness regenerates into Mario, Paula regenerates into Princess Peach, and Jeff regenerates into Professor E. Gadd.


  • Prior to the White Ship, Gallifrey was the home planet of Tazmily's villagers and the end of the world that Leder spoke of late in the game was the Time War with the Daleks. The White Ship carried the last few survivors to a new world. The catastrophic deaths of the Time War put life into perspective for the Time Lords, and they collectively decided to implant fake memories and live a peaceful, simple life to prevent another war and ensure their survival.

Zee Tee is a Time Lord.

The gems are his TARDIS. Zee Tee is the flower guy. This is All There in the Manual.

The Courier is a Time Lord.

The Courier is a exiled Time Lord stranded on Earth. They survived being shot twice in the head and being buried alive by triggering a partial regeneration, allowing them to simply walk it off after they awoke. The Courier is depicted as being a Guile Hero, having a innate aptitude for mechanical tinkering, causing wanton destruction wherever they go, a strong desire to continue Walking the Earth and frequently taking on companions from various disparate backgrounds.

  • Ulysses obsession with vengeance against the Courier likewise makes him falls quite easily into the role of being "The Master" to the Courier's "Doctor".
  • The "Vault 13 Flask" is the Courier's fob watch. The Courier was carrying the Platinum Chip, and restored it to working condition.

The entire setting is Gallifrey millennia after the Time War. There was a "Great War" that wiped out civilization as we know it, and Fast Travel is a form of teleportation. Unfortunately, the Doctor's actions destroyed all civilization much more advanced than modern humans, and the only records left were the Doctor's old Earth history texts.

Cid is a Time Lord.

As everyone knows, each Final Fantasy game features a guy named Cid. They're all the same person. Cid is a Time Lord who travels across the various Final Fantasy worlds. The airships his incarnations usually build are his TARDISes. (TARDii?) Each incarnation of Cid is a different regeneration. Cid has also shown some Doctor-like features - he has had companions, for instance, such as Mid in Final Fantasy V.
  • However, Time Lords only have thirteen incarnations. Cid has appeared in every Final Fantasy game since IInote , plus his appearances in spin-offs and "Sid" in The Spirits Within. He was mentioned in some remakes of the first game, but we never saw him, so it doesn't count. He may still have been in another game's regeneration. That's over thirteen. Cid somehow must have scored extra regenerations, much like the Master has been known to have done.
  • Cid's frequently-demonstrated technological aptitude serves as further evidence for this theory. Time Lords need hobbies too you know. In the cases where there are NOT other airships, they're usually disguised by making them to appear to be part of a Lost Technology cache, indicating that Cid is going to great lengths to keep his TARDIS in airship form without arousing suspicion. Probably a preference. Maybe insanity; we're accusing Cid(s) of being a Time Lord, not of being sane.

Several Characters are regenerations of the same Time Lord;

Known as 'Captain', or 'Pilot'. A freak accident involving Applied Phlebonium caused the heart of his TARDIS to partly fuse with his own, making his body capable of time travel, and his TARDIS capable of autonomous travel. However, he can't control the travel, instead the leap being triggered by his regenerations, and his destination is still ultimately chosen by his wayward TARDIS, which, like the Doctor's, likes to land him in a world on the verge of crisis, but often decades too early. Although there's some personality change with each regeneration, he is always a hopeless romantic who can often only express himself as a Chivalrous PervertIncarnations have included

  • Edge, the hot-headed ninja of FFIV
  • Faris, pirate Wholesome Crossdresser of FFV. Although gender bendered in the regeneration nonetheless managed to find a personal harem in the pirates. Companion was the sea serpent Shera
  • Setzer, obsessive gambler of FFVI. Found a companion in Daryl, but stopped caring about the world he'd found himself in after her death.
  • Cid, bitter and jaded old man of FFVII. Upon arriving, detected his Tardis was in orbit above the planet, and promptly set about building a rocket to retrieve it and fix the whole mess he's in. Found a companion in Shera, but was forced to abandon his Tardis to save her.
  • Irvine, sharpshooter cowboy of FFVIII. Captain mellowed out by the end of 7, and herein returned to his joyful lecherous ways. Eventual Companion in Selphie.
  • Blank, lovable rogue of FFIX. For once in his life(s), he was content to sit back and let everyone else handle the dirty work, ultimately focusing more in his companion, Ruby.
  • Brother, mohawked genki lad of FFX & X-2. Once more content to simply help out, as opposed to directly fighting. Found a nonromantic companion in the young Shinra.
  • Balthier, Gentleman Thief of FFXII. After a two-lifetime break, decided it was time to step back into the spotlight, and steal as much of it as physically possible. Found a like minded companion in Fran.

Aerith the Time Lord is a regeneration of Jesus.

Aerith remembered the regeneration she pulled on Earth, A.D. 33, and did the exact same thing here. When she regenerated, she stayed in the core of the planet using the lifestream-controlling machines to cast Holy and keep Cloud and Tifa from messing up her plans. Oh, yeah, and Zack is Jack Harkness, with his hair starting to look a bit Face-of-Boe-shaped.

Yevon/Yu Yevon is a Time Lord, and Sin is his TARDIS.

Think about it, everytime Sin is defeated, Yevon reconstructs it, likely proving himself to have vast technical knowhow, of course Time Lords rountinely maintain their own TARDISes. In addition, it is probable that Yevon suffered injuries every time Sin was defeated, causing him to regenerate each time. Each Calm was the period where Yevon would properly recover and rebuild Sin. Yevon's physical appearance just happens to be the result of several faulty regenerations. By the time Yuna defeated him, Yevon was already on his 13th incarnation, dying permanently because he had no further regenerations. Or if he still had further incarnations, he could have regenerated again and fled Spira for another world (maybe Gallifrey), giving up his purpose on Spira and explaining the Eternal Calm. That absence may be him remobilizing his resources to try his goals on Spira again in future, preferably after Yuna and her guardians are dead. An alternative theory holds that Yevon was already on the end of his regenerative cycle when he first crafted Sin, and took possession of it to keep on living (the Master did that to others as well when he was in that state). Any Final Aeon that defeated Sin was taken by Yevon to serve as a new host. Since Yuna didn't use a Final Aeon, Yevon had nothing to possess, and permanently died as a result.

The Ascians are Time Lords, Amaurot is on Gallifrey, and the Warrior of Light is a reincarnation of the Other

Yes, Shadowbringers is actually the telling of the Cartmel Masterplan. Amaurot is obviously a city on Gallifrey: they're a highly-advanced society of immortal people who can manipulate reality and see themselves as the stewards of all creation. Lahabrea's real name is Rassilon, and the Fourteenth, who dissented from the Convocation, is none other than the Other. Right before Hydaelyn sundered the world, the Fourteenth threw themselves into the looms, causing them to regenerate differently in every reality: on the Source, they are the character known as the Warrior of Light, in the First their name is Ardbert, and in yet another reality they remained Gallifreyan and started going by the Doctor. And of course the Ascians themselves are a small band of Time Lords who survived the Time War because they were shielded by Zodiark. We know that Emet-Selch is named "Hades" and uses many pseudonyms, including "the Master", but what hasn't been revealed that is that Elidibus and Lahabrea's real names are "Rassilon" and "Omega".

The G-Man is a Time Lord.

Let's see ... mildly condescending towards every human he meets? Check. Controls time and space? Check. Everyone else is doing it? Check ...

His suitcase, with which he is almost never seen without, must therefore be his TARDIS. He is seen without it in Episode One because Gordon is being stored inside it. The "G" in his title must stand for "Gallifrey."

  • That actually... makes some sense. And if we combine this with the "The G-Man is Gordon Freeman, from the future," we can then see that Gordon Freeman is also a Time Lord, with some sort of amnesia (or who simply doesn't comment on his past, since he seems to have a strange level of skill with just about everything). The fact that the G-Man looks so different from Gordon Freeman is because he's another regeneration. Or he's just really, really old, even for a Time Lord. Perhaps both.
  • Which means that Gordon is under the effects of that pocketwatch thing from the new series that makes him forget it all and act human. And also that he is impossible to kill, despite having highly trained Elite Mooks and Humongous Mecha sent after him. Quick load is regeneration, hence why the rebels say "don't worry, he'll be fine" once you die.
  • The crowbar is his fob watch.

Hat Kid is a Time Lord.

Because let's be honest, a Human Alien with a time-travelling spaceship is a lot more proof than most "[x] is a time lord" theories get.
  • Also, her ship is LITERALLY powered by time.

Norman Jayden is a time lord.

Jayden's sophisticated technology he has on hand can be explained when we entertain the idea that he travels in time to solve crimes by impersonating an FBI agent or whoever is the federal investigation agency of the region and era because he's bored, something he hates. The ARI sunglasses/glove act as his TARDIS, but it's killing him; he has to take Triptocaine to counter the effects. He doesn't have a companion, probably because of his track record with partners if his interactions with Blake are like most people he communicates with. It also explains why he doesn't regenerate at any time; Triptocaine does mess with Time Lord physiology, slowly shutting down his body including the part that makes him regenerate, ARI messes with Time Lord physiology, shutting down etcetera, and any other time he dies it's always him being shoved into a grinder, leaving little time to regenerate.

Sora is a Time Lord

No, no, not just because every series needs one. Time Lords have two hearts, which explains why Roxas and Sora can exist at the same time: One heart was used in the making of Roxas, the other one Sora is using. When Roxas gets assimilated back into Sora, Sora can use one heart to turn into a Heartless (Anti-Form), while the other one brings him back to human. The gummi ship is his TARDIS and and Goofy are his companions (or Kairi is, if you perfer romantic companions). Xehanort is the Master to his Doctor, as his various incarnations are the Big Bads of the series (Heartless for the first game, Nobody for the second, above mentioned 'Light' enemy for the third game?).
  • Add in everything with Ven, and that would imply that Sora wasn't born a Time Lord, but instead, became one at the age of four. Is that possible?

No Heart is a time lord.

Xehanort isn't a Nobody, he's a Time Lord. An evil one. He decides to take over Ansem (The Wise)'s castle, and Ansem (Seeker of Darkness) is not his heartless, but rather a time lord/something fusion similar to the Doctor!Donna. His mucking around between dimensions caused the whole Kingdom Hearts fiasco in the first place. Whatever method he used to go between dimensions in the first place was used by Maleficent to bring Riku between worlds, and the heartless result not from people who lose their hearts, but from people whose present is damaged by the destruction of dimensions. The Unbirths go even further, when someone's past is damaged, hence why BBS is ten years ago.

Luxord is/was a Time Lord

It's why he was so polite in 358/2 days. Since Time Lords have two hearts, he had a backup, giving him more morality. However, it worked as only half of a true heart, making that morality only extend to those very near him.

Also, he's British and has a time theme. What more do you want?

Muto is a Regeneration of the Doctor.

Look at him! He looks pretty darned similar to Eleven.
  • Surely, if he looks like a known regeneration of the Doctor, then he's unlikely to be him. All of the Doctor's other regenerations have little in common past looking like male humans.
    • It's settled. Muto is the Eleventh Doctor.

Mishia'a disability is Time Lord!

well what else could it be?

The Nurse is a Time Lord.

  • He actually needed to cause Emi's accident because it was a fixed point in time and stopping it would have screwed up the universe. He feels bad about and so he sticks around to look out for her as a way of trying to atone.

Rugal is a Time Lord and the Black Noah was his TARDIS

  • He appears everywhere from time to time, even in 2000, a canon game wherein he is logically dead, but appears as a seemingly living Striker anyway. He could have appeared in his Black Noah-TARDIS and thought "Fantastic! I'll just make a small interference for lulz!". Wehn he Regenerates like all Time Lords, it doesn't do much to change his appearance, if either disheveling him so he looks manic (95, 98) or well groomed, but still mad (94, 2002/Neowave, Capcom vs SNK) . He later had the 2002 skyship as his TARDIS, til it got bombed by the disembodied hand that presses the switch in that cutscene.
    • Adelheid could be another regeneration as well, but doesn't remember his past; his daughter made up the sibling story out of pity.

Jolee Bindo is a Time Lord

  • How could Jolee know that Kraat's death "changed the political course of the entire sector for centuries to come" unless it had happened centuries ago, or he had been able to go centuries into the future to see the long-term effects of the tyrant's demise? Are for his TARDIS, that's easy: it's his Kashyyk hovel.

The Engineer Is a time lord, He has More than one TARDIS!

  • When reloading his pistol, He Slams a new clip in without ejecting the empty clip, Its bigger on the inside!

  • Every single character in the teams is a Time Lord! This explains how they can respawn, and how multiple copies of them exist at the same time.

  • My Sonic screwdriver wrench skin suddenly makes more sense.

The Administrator is a Time Lady. An evil Time Lady. Quite possibly an incarnation of the Master.

  • A character identical to her appears in several of the story comics as the servant of Zepheniah Mann.

  • In a time long before the Doctor, the Time Lords had a Hunger Games-like fight to the death game where people from time and space were displaced into an arena to fight to the death until one remained. The Administrator may be one of those Time Lords who would enjoy such a practice.

  • RED and BLU's land holdings were turned, with Time Lord technology, into arenas. The actual mercenaries are trapped in some Winter Quay-like pocket dimension, and are really from the future. Each time one of them dies in the arena, he's taken from the moment before he was sent to the past and sent back. So, effectively, each respawn is the result of a self-propagating time loop. Also, the arenas themselves are the sites of time loops. According to the calendars in the spawn rooms, it's always June 1968. In-game, multiple members of the same class are actually multiple versions of each other being sent into the arena from different times. These games often go on for months at a time. Any life they believe themselves to have after joining BLU or RED are actually dreams brought on by psychic pollen.

  • Basically, the entire gameplay of TF2 is a fucked up game solely for the Administrator's entertainment of tormenting nine men from Earth.

  • The story basically states that RED and BLU secretly control every major world government. Redmond and Blutatch Mann are too old and decrepit to handle themselves, so she has been entrusted with control over both businesses.

  • While I'm at it, GlaDOS and the Combine Overwatch are also the same Time Lady. Both of them are attempts by her in the future to circumvent her last regeneration. In TF2, the rest of the world is actually a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

  • Her control room is the inside of her TARDIS. Its outer appearance is unknown.

  • Miss Pauling is her companion.

The AI Director Is A Time Lord

Actually, several Time Lords, drawn to an Earth event so important-namely, the Zombie Apocalypse-that it created a bunch of Alternate Universes. Which one you get on a playthrough depends on the difficulty setting.
  • At lower ones, you get The Doctor, who is, of course, trying to help you in the most indirect manner possible-he would appear in person, but the Alternate Universe angle prevents him from interfering directly, except to save a few Survivors and hide them in closets.
  • At middling-to-higher levels, you get a run-of-the-mill Time Lord, with varying levels of Jerkass.
  • At Expert, you get the Master. Now you know why the Director cheats at that level.

Bill is a Time Lord.

  • Assuming Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead take place in the same universes.
    • Left 4 Dead is set a couple months in the future, whereas TF2 is set in the 1960's. People who preordered Left 4 Dead 2 get Bill's hat from Left 4 Dead in TF2. The only true explanation is time travel.
      • We even already know Bill's Time Lord title: The Soldier. Needless to say, he mellowed out considerably after regenerating.

Obligatory Timelord theory.

Kain's an obvious choice. His first form being the nobleman, the second being the vampire, and an unknown amount of regenerations between the end of Blood Omen and the beginning of Soul Reaver. Could help explain how he survived his first encounter with the Sarafan Lord in Blood Omen 2.
  • Jossed by Defiance: it's a surprise that Kain survives with his heart torn out. Time Lords have two hearts.

The other obvious choice, of course, is Moebius, with the time streaming device and all.

The Sages are Time Lords

The Time Lords on Gallifrey heard rumors of a planet where there was a temple that allowed the user to travel through time. They then sent either a) Rauru or b) all of the sages except Zelda to Hyrule to investigate.A) Rauru discovered the Temple of Time but didn't know how to get in to close it. After Link opened it he was able to enter the same way Ganondorf did except he became a sage in the process. He would've closed the temple then but first he had to stop Ganondorf who had already messed with time and so he used Link to that end. After using Link he closed the Temple of Time and never let anyone in again.B) The Time Lords investigated each temple while disguising themselves as the local species. They found a way into the Time Temple after Ganondorf did but Raoru didn't have enough power to close it on his own and the other Time Lords couldn't reach him because only Link could enter the Sacred realm through the Temple of Time. Each sage then helped Link through the temples in order that the discover a way to help bring their power to Raoru so he could close the Temple of Time.

The Happy Mask Salesman is the Doctor

A being of incredible power (the masks) who seems to know about your ability to travel through time and who can be unstable and incredibly eccentric? Sounds like the Doctor. Majora's Mask was a powerful artifact he found in the world that could manipulate time and space and so he came to take it so no one could use it for evil. The skull kid stole it from him and used it's powers to transform his appearance into that of a mask salesman and changed to TARDIS to look like a backpack. When he fades out in the end of the game it's because he used the TARDIS.

The banker in East Clock Town is a Time Lord

After all, how the hell does he remember that Link has an account, even if he did stamp his hand? His bank is his TARDIS, and when Link goes back in time, his location is left unaffected.

The Banker, the Happy Mask Salesman, and Princess Zelda are Time Lords

Building on the above theory, the "Goddess of Time" was not mentioned in the creation story from Ocarina of Time, so how could she be part of the pantheon? Clearly Zelda made her up. The Happy Mask Salesman is not the Doctor but rather another Time Lord, collaborating with Zelda and the banker to save Termina without any direct intervention. They can't just stand by and do nothing, but the Banker and the Happy Mask Salesman don't want to be ostracized from Time Lord society like the Doctor, so they just help Link in subtle ways while letting him be the main hero. The Ocarina of Time, given to Link by Zelda the Time Lady, is actually a vortex manipulator (which explains the loss of items when the Song of Time is played as well as the teleportation capability provided by the Song of Soaring) combined with a sonic screwdriver (which explains all of the other songs).

The goddesses are Time Lords

They send Link through time to wherever he needs to be to save the day. Partially confirmed, as one goddess (quite probably Naryu) is refered to as "the Goddess of Time," and Link does deal with time travel in some games.

Link is a Time Lord

The Master Sword is his TARDIS. This is how he stores his Hyperspace Arsenal. Note that he doesn't need to carry too much in Ocarina of Time before getting the sword. Additionally, the Links in each game are not reincarnations. They are regenerations. One last thing that proves he's a Time Lord: he has multiple hearts.
  • If you really think about it, Link has three TARDISes. There's the aforementioned Master Sword, the Ocarina of Time (only in Majora's Mask), and the Harp of Ages from Oracle of Ages.
  • His chameleon circuit works. They're different forms of the same TARDIS.
  • Rather, Link's fanny-pack (what he stores his inventory in) is his TARDIS. How do you pull swords and such out of a fanny pack? It's bigger on the inside than on the outside.
  • No, his hat is his TARDIS, as that is the only place a bomb could fit through the opening. The entrance to the Doctor's TARDIS is no bigger than a police box door, after all.

Ganondorf is a Time Lord

If the Master can take non-human forms, it stands to reason that Ganondorf can too. The 'curse' that turned him into a pig-man was really a botched regeneration.
  • More evidence! Everytime we've seen him he looks different (e.g. flat ears in Ocarina of Time, pointy in The Wind Waker, significantly darker skin in Twilight Princess) and we've even seen him undergo a (botched) regeneration when he turned into Ganon at the end of Ocarina of Time!

Link and Ganondorf are Time Lords and Zelda is a Time Lady.

  • Their endless repeated battles are simply Time Lords dueling across time, and they only use low technology because their initial battles reduced the world to the medieval level it is currently at.

The King of Hyrule is a Time Lord.

  • How else would he know exactly where Link was going to land after being thrown by the Helmaroc King? I doubt he could pick up Link with his head and get him in the back of the boat. This would also explain how he knew to get to the Triforce before Ganondorf, as well as being able to get there in time. His TARDIS is obviously the King of Red Lions (the TARDIS has been said to be sentient, so why not a sentient boat? It'd travel time by sailing or something). This is also how he lived through the period of time between the submersion of Hyrule and Link's arrival.

Live A Live

Demon Lord Odio is a malevolent Time Lord and the 7 statues representing his avatars across the ages are his TARDIS

The player is a Time Lord.

Forget about being a cyborg, this explains why he is able to travel in time and has superhuman strength. There was no Jjaro implant enabling him to control time; his pistol is his TARDIS.

Commander Shepard is in fact the first Time Lord Spectre.

Think about it: s/he dies at the start of the second game and comes back, possibly in a different form. Cerberus doesn't bring him/her back: s/he regenerates! And note how every vehicle s/he uses is bigger on the inside. Of course, just like how the The Doctor's TARDIS' Chameleon Circuit is malfunctioning, Shepard's TARDISes can't actually travel through time.

Also, in the second game, the player has the option to change Shepard's appearence upon his/her resurrection. There's nothing stopping the player from changing Shepard's personality either. Furthermore, using a sniper rifle and/or adrenaline rush slows down time.

Commander Shepard is an amnesiac Time Lord in an Darker and Edgier Doctor Who Alternate Universe

Same base theory as the other TimeLord WMG up above there: Commander Shepard is an alternate universe incarnation of a Time Lord.

While some of the evidence is fairly obvious now that the sequel is coming out, let's start at the beginning: While Shepard's appearance and background history are all interchangeable depending on the player's choices, you are ALSO given the choice of a default profile when you begin Mass Effect. This gives the Time Lord the following characteristics if you go with the default profile:

"John Shepard is an Earthborn, and grew up in the slums of earth in a rough environment, enlisting in Alliance Military at the age of 18. Following his enlistment, Shepard graduated from the N7 special forces program (service no. 5923-AC-2826), and is initially assigned to the SSV Normandy as Executive Officer, and in the progression of the first game, became the first Human Spectre. During Shepard's military service, a mission he was on went horribly wrong on the planet Akuze. Trapped in an extreme survival situation in trying to live through a surprise Thresher Maw attack, he had to overcome physical torments and psychological stresses that would have broken most people. Shepard survived while all those around him fell, and he alone was left to tell that tale."

So given that background, we can conjecture that he regenerated into a human child on earth, and his time lord essence was hidden in a Chamelon Circuit.

Additionally, while the story of Mass Effect takes place in our Milky Way, the lack of certain aliens encountered by other more well known Time Lords suggest that he is an Alternate Universe version of a Time Lord, or perhaps even cross-over sometime in the past. For unknown reasons, Shepard went into regeneration transforming into a child 'born' on earth. With his rough childhood and enlistment into the military (The Chameleon Circuit cannot hide subconscious desires to 100%) both point to a Time Lord that was originally born of war, and as a result these have all enhanced his fighting abilities and his natural draw to combat and war.

The Time Lord stored his Time Lord essence in a Chameleon Circuit of some design, and so he has no conscious recollection of being anything more then a mere Human. At the beginning of the second game, Shepard is seemingly killed in action, only to be revived by the human-supremacy organization Cerberus. Since the Chameleon Circuit stored Shepard's time lord essence, he could not regenerate like normal, and it was only with a last minute rescue that he was able to survive and have a degraded and much less substantial regeneration, which was aided by cutting edge medical tech.

The great mystery which has proven elusive to answering, is what happened to Shepard to make him become Human and hide himself in this new Identity.

If Shepard ever does 'awaken' to his true origin, he might just take on the title 'Commander', just as other Time Lords have taken to call themselves 'The Doctor', or 'The Master', or 'The Rani', etc., It is also unknown if the individual known as Shepard has a TARDIS in the usual sense, but it might be that Shepard has never had one: So, the Normandy might eventually become his own personal TARDIS in the future. Given the alternate universe implication, there are several obvious analogues between Doctor Who aliens and technologies with the ones found in Mass Effect, but that is for another WMG entry...

WM Ger's Note: Most of the information regarding Shepard came from the Mass Effect Wiki, if you were curious as to where I got my information.

  • I would prefer his Timelord name to be 'The Shepard'. It sounds better than 'The Commander'.
    • Maybe the renegade-aligned Timelord should take the title of "The Commander" and a paragon-aligned Timelord takes the title of "The Shepard?"
    • At the end of Mass Effect 3, Shepard is remembered far into the future as "The Shepard", so that title is somewhat canon!

The Illusive Man is a Time Lord.

It had to be done. His name is The Illusive Man, his TARDIS is the room he's always in, his companion is Miranda. The Reapers are ridiculously robotic Daleks. Or Cybermen (they evolved into Cyberships).

The entire cycle of extinction is a ripple-effect of the Time War.

See above: Shepard and Illusive Man as Time Lords, Daleks and/or Cybermen as Reapers, etc. For that matter, the Timey-Wimey Ball (or The Doctor himself) could easily be responsible for merging the Daleks and Cybermen into the Reapers! All the previously=known aliens from the Whoniverse? Reaped. Gallifreyan technology? Lost. The Starchild's malfunctioning idiocy? Makes perfect sense if you imagine what would be left of Davros' mind after he's turned into a Cyber-Leader.

  • If the Mass Effect universe is a tangent timeline caused during the time war it certainly fits the description the Doctor gave during end of time.
"You weren’t there, in the final days of the war. You never saw what was born. But if the Time Lock’s broken then everything’s coming through. Not just the Daleks, but the Skaro Degradations, the Horde of Travesties, the Nightmare Child, the Could-Have-Been King with his Army of Meanwhiles and Never-Weres – the war turned into Hell!" - 10th Doctor, End of Time
  • Starchild is the Nightmare Child, the Illusive Man is the Could-Have-Been King, the Meawhiles and Never-Weres are the Reapers and Collectors, and the environment of Mass Effect 3 is pretty damn Hellish

Mega Man is a Time Lord

Or at least a cybernetic replica of one. What? It had to be said sometime! This of course means that;
  • Mega Man's regenerations are in this order:
    • Rock
    • Mega Man
    • Mega Man X
    • Trigger
    • Volnutt
    • Mega Man.EXE
    • Omega-Xis
    • Lan Hikari
    • Vent
    • Geo Stelar
  • Rush is his TARDIS.
  • Bass is The Master.
    • And Treble's HIS TARDIS.
    • And his regenerations:
      • Bass
      • Axl
      • Bass.EXE
      • Prometheus
      • Grey
      • Solo
  • Roll is The Rani
    • HER regenerations:
      • Roll
      • Maylu Sakurai
      • Roll Caskett
      • Aile
      • Sonia Strumm
      • Roll.EXE
      • Cinnamon
  • Proto Man, through some convoluted time warp, is the Valeyard.
    • And, once again through a few Hand Waves, his regenerations:
      • Proto Man
      • Vile
      • Chaud Blaze
      • Claud Pincer
      • Proto Man.EXE
      • Zero
      • Ace (Arthur C. Eos)
  • Playing Time Lord Hardball, eh? All right, turns out Dr. Light was Professor Chronotis. Y'know, from Shada?
    • His regenerations are a little mixed up, though:
      • Tadashi Hikari (Lan's grandfather from Battle Network) - Yuichiro and Lan exist because Tadashi was on Earth before Pythia made the Time Lords impotent and forced them to loom their genes around.
      • The Dr. Light we know and love
      • Dr. Cain
      • Barrel Caskett (remember, he was around before the Time Lords stopped using natural sexual reproduction)
    • the next three are after he shaved his beard off
      • Cerveau
      • Girouette
      • Aaron Boreal
  • Which leaves Romana to deal with - How Did We Miss This One??
    • In order of observation:
      • Kalinka Cossack
      • Iris
      • Alia
      • Ciel (fobwatched into Allouette/Prairie)
      • Iris.EXE
      • Tron Bonne
      • Yai Ayano
      • Ashe
      • Luna Platz

Sigma is a Time Lord

Now as fans of Doctor Who should know, each Time Lord is allowed thirteen regeneration cycles, and this limit is only exceeded in extreme circumstances.

So, let's count the life cycles...

X1: Two forms. The first form was not completely destroyed as the head was simply transferred to the wolf body, so no regeneration there. (running total: 1)

X2: Two forms. The second form was a viral ghost of sorts, and thus does not count as a full regeneration. (running total: 2)

X3: Three forms. This is the first time Sigma had to regenerate into a second form during gameplay due to his first body being completely destroyed, but again, the third form doesn't count due to being viral form only. (running total: 4)

X4: Three forms, four if you want to split hairs. Second form was obviously the first form without the cloak, and while the final version had two different bodies, they were likely part of the same regeneration cycle since regeneration is free if done within the first fifteen hours after the most recent regeneration. (running total: 6)

X5: Three forms. Opening boss, Normal Body and Wily Body. All count as separate regeneration cycles. (running total: 9)

X6: Two forms. Only the second form counts as a regeneration because Gate had to bring him back the first time around. If a Time Lord does not regenerate, they can be brought back via other means, this has ended up with them coming back wrong occasionally (which would explain Sigma's poor state of mental health), but it does not add to the regeneration count. (running total: 10)

X7: Two forms. Both count as separate regeneration cycles. (running total: 12)

X8: One form. (wait, what!?) Alright, two forms, but one was only a copy. (running total: 13)

Yes, you saw that right. Thirteen regeneration cycles.

  • "But wait," you say, "what about Xtreme 1 and 2?"

  • Alright, let's go back a little bit.

  • X2: (running total: 13) It is somewhat implied (if not outright stated, I can't remember) that the Counter Hunters brought back Sigma. If that's the case, that brings the running total down to twelve. (running total: 12)

  • Xtreme 1: Two forms, but they were both inside a computer. Viral ghosts don't count, neither do computer reproductions. (running total: 12)

  • Xtreme 2: Two forms. Both would count. (running total: 14)

  • Yes, I know that puts him over the limit. Let's compare something though...

  • X8 Sigma

  • A Time Lord that has gone past thirteen regenerations

Big Boss is a Time Lord.

When he dies in MGS 3, he creates a Time Paradox, which allows him to instantly continue from a previous point. Why can he instantly do this without being eaten by the Flying Killer Time Monkeys? Because he's a Time Lord, and therefore knows what he's doing. This also explains his superior physical strength and resilience - having two hearts'll do that to you. Of course, Solid Snake only registers one heartbeat when probed with the Directional Microphone because he hasn't regenerated for the first time yet.
  • Explains Big Boss's sterility, too - as a totally different species, he can't cause a conventional pregnancy.
  • It also explains the strange thought patterns of the family - Solid Snake used a robot mouse at one point in his past, a trick recently used by the Doctor (he also tricked a guard into thinking it was nighttime using an owl, a thought pattern the Doctor would be proud of); Naked Snake thinks throwing live scorpions at people is a valid battle tactic; Liquid's instant suspicion when the PAL card goes missing is that Snake should go and blow up a rat. Time Lords are eccentric souls, and the Snakes' improbably high IQs are clearly the result of Time Lord foresight.
  • It also explains why Big Boss looks like Snake when he was younger, but Solidus when he was older. He regenerated!

Colonel Campbell is a Time Lord and scissors are his TARDIS, of which he needs 61 and a tuning-fork-wielding purple stuffed worm from Flapjaw Space to power

Well, how else would he know when a Time Paradox has been created by an exceptionally foolish Big Boss?

Ridley is a Time Lord.

That's why he keeps coming back to life after getting killed, and why he looks different in every game.
  • Then Samus as well: if you look at her you see she appear differently in any game until Metroid Prime 2-3
    • Therefore, her suit's a TARDIS. Morph ball, anyone? It's bigger on the inside.
      • Jossed. An episode of Game Theory showed that Samus could EASILY fit inside a Morph Ball, without it being bigger on the inside. Most people can curl up into a ball the size of the Morph Ball. Sorry, but Samus's TARDIS is not her Morph Ball.
      • Never said she wasn't a Time Lord. Hehehe...
      • If her suit was her TARDIS she wouldn't have to physically escape every time some self destruct sequence went off. No, when that happens, she needs to escape to her TARDIS — her ship!
    • This also explains how she escaped from Phaaze at the end of Metroid Prime 3
    • Slight spoilers for Let's Kill Hitler: With all of those xenocides under her belt, it's entirely conceivable that future societies would see Samus as the worst war criminal ever - she's River Song. Earth even has a river that was once named the Samus river, and I suppose 'Aran' or 'Varia' (the name of her suit) looks like a corrupted version of 'aria'...
    • Also, child stuck in an advanced weaponized power armor suit raised by aliens? Check. Independent female fighter with high-tech gadgets and the ability the survive fatal wounds? Check. How is she "not" River Song?

Gaz is a Time Lord

And he regenerates into Ghost. You saw this coming.
  • How do you explain Wallcroft, though? He and Gaz co-existed for a while.
    • Fifth and Tenth existed together for a bit, Wallcroft just might be another regeneration.

Macmillan is a Time Lord

His ghillie suit is his TARDIS, Lt. Price is his assistant (who is also a Time Lord) and his sniper rifle is his Sonic Screwdriver.

The Wizard of Yendor is a Time Lord, and the Amulet of Yendor is his TARDIS

The opening narration omits a crucial detail - yes, Moloch stole the Amulet from Marduk, but Marduk himself stole it from the Wizard, having sensed what it was. This is why Rodney wants it so badly. Yendor itself is a region of Gallifrey. The Wizard was able to use a few tricks to give himself infinite regenerations, and he uses a transmat he cobbled together to teleport away when he feels a regeneration coming on (leaving a fake "corpse" in his place).

Ammon Jerro is a Time Lord, and Shandra's house is his TARDIS.

First, about the house: it's bigger on the inside, and Ammon revisits it later in the game. If you meet him there, he'll pretend that he's there for the artifacts buried under it, but if you don't meet him, he'll simply return to Crossroad Keep without any artifacts, so the real reason must be something else. Such as time travel...

Second, he looks too young to have an adult granddaughter. Either Shandra and her parent were really young, or he ages slower than a normal human. (And he doesn't have pointed ears, so he's not an elf.)

And third, his last battle against the King of Shadows took place when the PC was an infant. The PC's age is adjustable, and if he/she is, say, an elf, this can push the battle much earlier in the timeline for a human to even be alive by the point the game starts.

  • About the age issue, he mentions spending years "detained" on "The Lower Planes" while the PC was growing up. It's possible he did not age during this time.
    • Except that time passes on the planes at the same rate that it does on the prime. He should have aged.
    • Jerro acctualy has had a high level wizard cast polymorph any object on him every few years to give him a young body, alteretively, he is a lich who has some form of a perment alter self spell (imune to true seeing) on him to disquise his true nature
    • To be serious, I doubt selling your soul to demons and what not wouldn't be able to slow down ageing.
    • The real problem with age is that a number of the characters around at the time of the first battle are human—if you're an elf, how can they possibly be alive? More importantly, if you're an elf or dwarf how can Lord Nasher have been around in the first game, still be around in the second (and only looking 40 or 50), and still have had time to go adventuring when he was young?


Igor is a Time Lord

The Velvet Room is his TARDIS. He has various companions that change over the course of his travels, and his TARDIS changes shape depending on the Perception Filter of those he gives a key to.

The Nameless One is a Time Lord

He regenerates with amnesia, like the Eighth Doctor. He travels with a companion that knows about his previous incarnations but doesn't like to talk about them, à la [[The Doctor]], and the Modron Maze is clearly his TARDIS. Furthermore, the reason for his amnesia is that he's been Fob Watched and when he meets his previous incarnations and battles the Fob Watch at the end, he recovers all his memories.

Also, he has different personalities in each incarnation and is adept at any profession he tries his hand at.

GLaDOS is The Rani

She transferred her mind into an AI so that she could continue her scientific experiments undisturbed by the Time War. Actually, she used a Chameleon arch to make herself into Caroline, a woman who was a researcher at a facility where they researched technology that she had not seen before, but when Caroline was digitalized into GlaDOS the personality filter on the Chameleon Arch failed, but the memory suppression worked overtime. The "Caroline" personality that GlaDOS deletes at the end of Portal 2 is just that: a spare personality. She decided on Aperture Science rather than Black Mesa, since Black Mesa's invasion by the Combine is a fixed point in time. Neither GlaDOS nor the Rani have any ethical constraints when it comes to the progression of science, and are more than willing to experiment on sapient beings. Furthermore, Chell is an imperfect clone of The Doctor (or a regeneration of Jenny who has lost her memories), the experiment's primary purpose was to see if there were any circumstances where the Doctor (or someone made from the same DNA) could destroy a companion (proven correct by Chell euthanizing her Companion Cube.) Knowing that with any form of The Doctor, imperfect clone, DNA remix, or otherwise, that would only make him angry, the rest of the game is simply her giving Chell a reason not to kill her, tear her to pieces, and throw each piece into a fire for real, by letting her believe she's already done it. The Portal Gun itself, instead of being Aperture Science back-engineering Time Lord technology, is a simple trinket based off of it for Chell to believe she's testing, and she gassed the scientists so that she could conduct her experiments without their interference. When GLaDOS tells Chell that she's adopted, its technically true since she was raised by GLaDOS rather than The Doctor's biological parents.

Super Macho Man is a Time Lord and "the Bogus" is his TARDIS

  • Just wanted to fill a quotient. Let's just say the Bogus is a pocket TARDIS that not only hits hard but can cause a rip in the space time continuum. SMM likes causing this because DAYAMN it makes him look cool. He usually attempts to release its full power mid-match, hence "Release the..bogus!"

Boyd Cooper is a Fobbed Time Lord

  • The Milkman was a rebel Time Lord who is hiding on earth from the Gallifreyan government and used his fob watch to become human and take the identity of Thorney Towers night watchman Boyd Cooper. His paranoid conspiracy theories about the Milkman and shadowy government agents are actually garbled memories of his experiances as the Milkman (much like the Doctor's Journal of Impossible Things) and his attempts to evade the agents of the Inner Council. When Raz entered his head, he triggered the fobbed watch from the wrong end (that is, from inside Boyd's head instead of from the watch itself), causing Boyd to turn back into the Milkman, but also driving him insane.'
    • The Gold Watch from the scavanger hunt is his fob watch. Its can be found close by to where he is, disgarded in the fountain as if it were of no importance. The description on the watch also mentions hearing nonexistant hoofbeats, and hoofbeats sound noticaby similar to the four-note drumbeat heard by the Master after staring into the time vortex, indicating that a similar event may have caused the Milkman's insanity as well.

Orvus is a Time Lord

  • The Great Clock is his TARDIS, Sigmund is his companion, and his staff is the sonic screwdriver equivalent. He's so against others using the Great Clock to travel through time because he knows no one else would be able to do it correctly without screwing everything up. The only other person who can use the Clock correctly is Clank, due to Clank being his son.

The Plumber is a Time Lord

  • Seriously. He shows up in crazy places - even Clank's MIND. Whatever he gives our boys, it helps them in their adventures (be it an Infobot, a Captain Qwark figurine, the 3-3/4 centicubit hexagonal washer, or six minutes). He may be able to see their future timelines and figure out what they will need. He appears to their universe as a Novalian rather than a Gallifreyan because it's a form that everyone there is comfortable with. And...the sewer system is his TARDIS. Yeah.

Wesker is a Time Lord

  • Speficially, he's the incarnation of The Master from the Eight Doctor movie. He survived, somehow, and dyed his hair blonde. His preferance for his normal accent, and his current body's preferance for an American one, also explains Wesker's vocal changes.

The Boss is a Time Lord

  • Obviously. He "changes appearance" between games (possibly gender) and is called "the Boss". The evidence is overwhelming.

Bently is a Time Lord and his wheelchair is his TARDIS

  • At the end of Sly 3, Bently said that he will make a time machine. Time travel is a possibility for Sly 4.

Every character in this series is a Time Lord in their own right

I mean, how can you account for the many incarnations, doppelgängers, art styles and voice actors of much of the main cast throughout all the video games, tv shows, comic books and other media. Sonic characters are often shown as aficionados of Hammerspace, tending to make Chaos Emeralds "disappear" when stored, and then usually brought back after reaching behind their back. The following examples below go into more detail about specific characters:

The Blue Hedgehog himself is a Time Lord.

No matter how many times he's defeated Dr. Eggman/Robotnik, he is always back to square one whenever he gets a voice actor change. His TARDIS is his shoes, where he stores all of his items.
  • Sonic's Time Line:
    • First Sonic (Sonic 1-3/AOSTH/SatAM "The Jaleel White Sonic"): Regenerated after constant meddling with the time space continuum in Sonic CD.
    • Second Sonic (Sonic Adventure/Advance/Heroes "The Ryan Drummond Sonic"): Regenerated after being glomped to death by the Fourth Amy Rose at the end of Sonic Heroes.
    • Third Sonic (Sonic X/Sonic Rush/Shadow The Hedgehog/Sonic Unleashed "The Jason Griffith Sonic"): Regenerated after being caught in a mob of angry fanatics.
    • Fourth Sonic (Sonic 2006): Regenerated after the events of the game were erased from history.
    • Fifth Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog 4/Sonic Colors "The Roger Craig Smith Sonic"): Current Form.

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is a renegade Time Lord

Robotnik clearly has TARDIS technology, judging from how large his vehicles are on the inside. He is extremely resourceful and can build anything without regard to either the amount of resources needed or the time for construction; he shows very plainly that he is immortal and travels through time and space to cheat the system. Furthermore, he has allied with the Cybermen to "upgrade" all the animals on Mondas Mobius Earth.
  • He's regenerated several times over the course of the series:
    • First Robotnik (Sonic 1-2): Regenerated after the explosion of the Death Egg.
    • Second Robotnik (Sonic CD): Regenerated after his hovercraft exploded from having a rock thrown at it.
    • Third Robotnik (Sonic Spinball): Regenerated after falling into a volcano.
    • Fourth Robotnik (Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic/Tails path): Regenerated after his mech was destroyed in space.
    • Fifth Robotnik/Eggrobo (Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Knuckles path): Regenerated after nearly getting sliced in half by Mecha Sonic.
    • Sixth Robotnik (Sonic 3D/Sonic R): Regenerated after bumping his head on the Eggmobile controls
    • Seventh Robonik (Sonic Adventure/Advance/Heroes): Regenerated after Heart Attack.
    • Eight Robotnik/Eggman (Sonic X/Sonic Rush/Shadow The Hedgehog): Regenerated after getting shot by Shadow.
    • Ninth Robotnik/Eggman (Sonic 2006): Regenerated due to the events of the entire game being Ret-Gone.
    • Tenth Robotnik/Captain Whisker (Sonic Rush Adventure): Regenerated due to fatigue from sailing. 9
    • Eleventh Robotnik/Eggman (Sonic Unleashed/Sonic the Hedgehog 4/Sonic Colors): Current form.
  • Sonic beat whiskers (a robot WORKING for and probably built by Eggman). Eggman and Nega are the games' (secret)last boss, and regenerated when their machine went bang.

Amy Rose, Sally from Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) / Archie Comics, and Sonia from Sonic Underground are all the same person.

Sonia and Sally are both the Princesses of Mobotropolis. In the first English manual for Sonic CD, Amy Rose was renamed "Princess Sally" but was still called a Hedgehog, and both are love interests for Sonic. Sonia and Amy are both pink Hedgehogs. And since they are animals AND royalty, its doubly perfectly acceptable for Sonic to be dating his sister. You have to keep the title in the family.

Tails is a time lord.

  • His second tail is his TARDIS
  • Like his buddy (companion?), he's regenerated over the course of the franchise.
    • First Tails (Sonic 2/Sonic Chaos/Sonic 3 & Knuckles): Regenerated after getting caught in the explosion after being left behind by Sonic chasing after the Egg Mobile.
    • Second Tails (Tails Adventure/Tails' Skypatrol): Regenerated as a result of one of his machines going horribly wrong and blowing up.
    • Third Tails (Sonic Adventure/Sonic Shuffle "The Corey Bringas Tails"): Regenerated after leaving Maginaryworld from radiation overdose.
    • Fourth Tails (Sonic Adventure 2 "The Connor Bringas Tails"): Regenerated after being blasted by Eggman aboard the ARK.
    • Fifth Tails (Sonic Advance/Sonic Heroes "The William Corkery Tails"): Committed suicide for not getting as much praise as he hoped.
    • Sixth Tails (Sonic X/Sonic Rush/Shadow The Hedgehog/Sonic Unleashed The Amy Palant Tails): Regenerated after getting shot by an enraged lunatic fanboy for sounding far too girly.
    • Seventh Tails (Sonic '06): Regenerated as a result of the events of the entire game being wiped from memory.
    • Eighth Tails (Sonic Colors The Kate Higgins Tails): Regenerated after time paradox in Generations.
    • Ninth Tails (Sonic Forces The Colleen Villard Tails): Current.

Zasalamel is a Time Lord.

He regenerates, he can travel in time and the clock tower is quite clearly it is his TARDIS.

Fuse is a Time Lord

You know it to be true. How else could he survive that otherwise fatal explosion?

Time Divers are Time Lords

Obvious, really. They have time travel technology, are responsible for maintaining the space-time continuum, and can regenerate after a fashion (Ingram into Cobray, for example).

Mario is a Time Lord

The green pipes are his TARDISes, since they let him travel in time to a future point in the game.

Bowser is a Time Lord

You just can't kill him, he'll just keep regenerating. Also, he somehow has gotten extra regenerations.

Professor E. Gadd is a Time Lord

His time machine from PiT is his TARDIS.

Dhaos is a Time Lord.

His cape is his TARDIS. He also regenerates.

Ethan is a Time Lord and the Hollow Pen is his TARDIS

Self explanatory, I think. More specifically, Ethan is the Doctor, Irving is the Master, and Ethan's father is his regeneration. Or Ethan's his father's regeneration. Something like that. And Kori's his companion.
  • Right, just so we're clear: we've started making WMG pages just for the sake of "X is a Time Lord" comments, right?
  • Scarily enough, this is one of the few "X is a Time Lord" guesses that actually makes sense. There's only one flaw: the use of the Pen expends the user's Time, while using a TARDIS does... wait. If the Doctor didn't use a TARDIS, he wouldn't use up regenerations nearly as fast. The Pen is definitely a TARDIS. Regenerations are equivalent to Time, except you look older in each one, rather than (generally) younger. I also had an idea for a Doctor Who episode involving the use of the sonic screwdriver to open portals, similarly to the Hollow Pen's functioning. Creepy.

Lara Croft is a Time Lord, and Croft Manor is her TARDIS.

Lara's had three regenerations since her first game (four if you count Angelina) and the manor itself has changed shape.
  • And now that it seems like Lara will destroy her mansion in Tomb Raider: Underworld, what does this mean?
    • Since it wasn't her but a clone, that only Time Lords can destroy their TARDIS.
  • The first Tomb Raider film really makes a whole lot more sense if you think of her father as a Time Lord. As he tells her over and over: 'We can't change time.'

Sakuya Izayoi is a Time Lord.

  • She screwed up during her initial landing and, Gensokyo being Gensokyo, the time-manipulation powers were given to her and removed from her TARDIS, which crashed and was never seen again. She possibly is a regeneration of Yumeko, the sword-tossing maid from the PC-98 games. Now she lives a "normal" life at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, believing herself to be human thanks to a certain pocket watch... perhaps another time lord was passing through and she made a request?

Reimu Hakurei is a Time Lord.

  • Think about it. It's suggested that the Hakurei Shrine has been there for ages, but Reimu's ancestors are never mentioned or seen. That's simply because she regenerates every once in a while, so the humans don't get suspicious. The shrine is her TARDIS, her gohei is likely her sonic screwdriver, and she obviously has loads of companions, but in particular Marisa and the partners from Subterranean Animism.

Yukari Yakumo is a Time Lord.

  • And the entirety of Gensokyo is her TARDIS. Think about it.

Derek Stiles is a Time Lord.

Running Gag, much? Anyway, the Healing Touch can be a TARDIS, Angie's the companion, and the... antibiotic gel is the sonic screwdriver. Or possibly the scalpel.
  • How can the Healing Touch be his TARDIS? It's an ability. No, the hospital is a more likely candidate. The gel is definitely a sonic screwdriver, though.
    • The hospital doesn't have any time-related powers, while the Healing Touch does. Remember that it's an inherited ability from Asclepius... How about this: Asclepius was a Time Lord. He somehow engineered TARDIS-time-powers into himself, and they're passed down genetically. It seems that Derek, himself, is the TARDIS...

The entire game is a playground for Time Lord children

It's designed to guide them into best moral choices and gauge their responses and growth. It's run by Sans, who is an ancient Time Lord in the end of his final regeneration - much like the Master, most of his body has decayed away because he is not yet ready to die. He has stepped inside his own game to guide and discipline the players. Saving and loading the game is simply the child going backwards in time to try something else - but Sans sees through this, and so does Flowey, a fellow Time Lord that has gotten stuck in the game.

Werner Maxwell and Gawn Bra(w)dia are two regenerations of the same universe-hopping Time Lord.

Because there has to be at least one of these, come on! At this point it's tradition!
  • Possible name? The Gunslinger. And yes, his other regenerations could potentially include that Gunslinger among them....

Hanekoma is a Time Lord.

Because We need one, So why Not?
  • Well, he's an Angel and that's pretty damn close. But what would his TARDIS be?
    • His Cafe Wild-Kat is his TARDIS.
      • Oh yeah. Duh.

Fei and Elly are Time Lords.

Weltall and Vierge are pretty much TARDIS-es in all but name except for the time travel (and nobody said they couldn't time travel, so that's still open), and Fei and Elly have both shown multiple regenerations throughout the game's history.They have each other for companions, and they even have Time Lord names: The Contact and The Antitype, respectively. This probably also means that Krelian is The Master, and Deus is his TARDIS. Great disguise there, Krelian.

Everyone in the entire series is a Time Lord, and the Pokémon World is Gallifrey.

Everyone's house is much larger on the inside, all of the creatures are strange and alien, and there is even time travel.
  • And Looker is the Tenth Doctor.

Wigglytuff is The Doctor of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Universe.

Only his chamelelon circut isn't broken, allowing him to mask his TARDIS as the Guild HQ. He has his own catchphrase, comes up with most plans as he goes and the only times he get's angry are when people he cares about get hurt or the planet is threatened. He's also incredibly powerful despite being a normal type with a fairly basic moveset and knows every charicter in the present. The Wigglytuff from the original(Red/Blue Rescue Team) is also the same one.

Arle Nadja is a Time Lord, maybe even the Doctor of the Puyo Puyo universe.

Arle's theme song title in Puyo Puyo 15th basically outright states that she can cross spacetime and that she's done it before. She had to also cross dimensional planes in order to get from the universe of Madou Monogatari, which may or may not be Gallifrey, to Purinpu Town in the Fever games, and then one more time to get to the world of Puyo Puyo 7. Amitie has come along with her in Puyo Puyo 7, making her the first Companion.Because we never see explicitly how she travels from world to world, we can assume her TARDIS is fully-functional, including the Chameleon Circuit.In all Puyo Puyo games she plays classically with piece sets made entirely of the original two-Puyo shape, which might be perceived a handicap amongst post-Fever players but can give her a major edge to other players, especially old-schoolers. She is also very much the good guy of her universe, and she's never been beaten yet, going up against (a guy who calls himself) Satan, a drooling Eldritch Abomination and an evil twin.Doppel Arle could also be considered a Time Lord, and the Master to Arle's Doctor, but she has only been seen once so this claim might be unsubstantiated.Finally, we know Arle can regenerate: her appearance varies quite a bit between the games she's starred in, which could just be attributed to an Art Shift here and there, but then again...

Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

You, the player, are a Time Lord.

You have a huge inventory that is able to carry multiple suits of armor at the same time. This fits the 'bigger on the inside' part. You are also able to get a tool that opens (almost) every door in the whole game à la sonic screwdriver. And you also possess the means to teleport (fast travel) throughout the gameworld. There is even a mod that gives you a TARDIS to control.
  • You have superhuman endurance and abilities, and no memories. You obviously lost your fob watch somewhere along the way.

The Prince is a Time Lord.

His TARDIS is usually disguised as a dagger or a pendant. Has taken multiple incarnations over history. Of course, the Vizier is also a Time Lord; possibly The Master.
  • No, you fool, he's The Vizier.
The Dahaka is either a fallen Time Lord, or a being created by the Time Lords to enforce the Laws of Time.
  • Alternately, the Dahaka is one of the super weapons created during the Time War like the Nightmare Child or the Could've Been King.

The Arch angel is a time lord.

The Neuro Tower is his TARDIS, it's power source is the Absolute god. He had to drive it insane and purify it to get control over it after the natives of the Baroque world gave it a way of talking so they could get control of it. The Dabar fusion was an attempt at replacing The Archangel by making an artificial individual with two hearts.


9-volt is a time lord.

You wonder how 9-volt has every single piece of Nintendo hardware and software. At the age of 7. With the NES ending before his birth? This is why. Five dollars here is a lot more in the time of the NES age. If 9-volt has, perchance, $20 dollars, he basically has 3-6 NES games. With his TARDIS being his hoverboard which is also actully a timewarping board, he can go trough ERAS, get silver, gold, or even diamonds to trade in for money, and buy the hardware and software. Simple as that. So with his time traveling, he has a good workout skating, so he has speed that could possibly rival Sonic's.


The Masters of the Bazaar are time lords

The Bazaar itself is their TARDIS obviously. It's pretty clearly sentient.

Jebediah Kerman is The Master.

He clearly gets killed repeatedly, and yet will always show up none the worse for wear a few missions later. He also has that manic grin plastered on his face right up until everything goes wrong and it's clear that he is going to explode. Again. Who else do we know that would be laughing maniacally as he screams through the stratosphere on a collision course with the ground (with or without his ship)? Furthermore, as many of the (clearly dangerous) parts available are listed as being made by Jeb, it could well be that the entire space program is part of his mad plan.

Both Crazy Dave and Zomboss are time lords.

Their TARDISes are Penny and Zombot respectively. Either that, or the Zombot itself is a time lord. I mean, it does appear 13 times throughout the whole series.

"Carter" aka "Chandraputra" aka The Gentleman Who Travels Through Time and Space is a Time Lord, Abigail Williams is learning to be one as his apprentice.

You could argue that the original actually inspired The Doctor and happened "first'; but if asked he'll comment on how Cause and Effect aren't always chronological. If he wasn't "before", he is "now." Their TARDIS is their Silver Key meaning they are their own TARDIS. Other Time Lords think this is a really bad idea but aren't sure how they did it without burning out. (The answer is "with great difficulty and pain.")

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