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André the Giant crushes Miss Elizabeth in the ring
  • To build André the Giant up as a complete monster whom nobody can even faze, he — during a match against Randy Savage — grabs Miss Elizabeth and beats her into a bloody mess, and she dies. (This happens as Savage is also rendered unconscious and is being beaten mercilessly by other members of the Heenan Family.) Savage later tapes a promo, bawling and nearly incoherent but swears he will get revenge on Andre if it's the last thing he ever does ... to which Bobby Heenan (of course) laughs and says, "Bring it on!" After Savage is thoroughly beaten to an inch of his life, a long line of mid-card wrestlers try to stop Andre; none of them come close: Junkyard Dog, Koko B. Ware, the British Bulldogs, Hillbilly Jim among them — are all beaten into bloody unconsciousness. Then Hulk Hogan comes to save the day and finally stop Andre, finally knocking the French terror out by cracking his skull with Hillbilly Jim's lucky horseshoe note .
Miss Elizabeth dies after ring accident on The Main Event
  • Done just to see the camp acting of Hulk Hogan as he begs the doctors to save her life (when Akeem threw Randy Savage on top of her) and the doctor finally (melodramatically) breaks the news: "I'm sorry, Mr. Hogan ... we did all we could." To see Hogan act completely distraught, as though Miss Elizabeth were actually dead, would have been worth the price of admission alone. Same with seeing him wail at her funeral, where we see a close up of Liz lying in a casket, eyes shut and completely at peace.

Hulk Hogan collects Bobby Heenan's $25,000 bounty on Paul Orndorff
A case of Heenan falling victim to the Hoist by His Own Petard. In 1985, Orndorff fired Heenan shortly after the original WrestleMania (after Heenan marginalized him and criticized his performance in the main event match); in revenge, Heenan – after claiming he was about to let Orndorff go – decides to place a bounty on Orndorff's head and pay the wrestler who takes "Mr. Wonderful" out $25,000 (later $50,000). Then in 1986, Orndorff betrays Hulk Hogan, angry that he was living in his shadow, and rehires Heenan as his manager. But the WWF writers forgot about the bounty that was still apparently on Orndorff's head. So after a steel cage match where Hogan completely oblierates Orndorff – in refusing to heed his cry for mercy (and chaining Heenan to the cage and forcing him to watch), repeatedly crusing his skull in with a baseball bat (think the climatic scene in the later Casino), piledriving him from the top rope twice (and then top of the steel cage) and leaving him in a pool of blood – Roddy Piper comes out, takes the mike, and reminds Heenan there was a bounty on Orndorff and tells him Hogan would like to collect the $50,000 bounty ... RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Heenan, already having done several "Oh Craps!," does the ultimate Oh, Crap! and realizes he forgot to cancel the bounty ... and – as the stretcher takes a completely unconscious Orndorff out of the cage – has a lot of explaining to Orndorff's family and Orndorff when (if) he wakes up ... not to mention that he doesn't have the $50,000 with him!

André the Giant crushes Big John Studd in the ring and forces him to pay up ... NOW!
Despite obviously being slammed several times by
André the Giant, Big John Studd refuses to concede that he has indeed been dominated and slammed by the Eighth Wonder Of the World, and he and Bobby Heenan refuse to pay multiple installments of the $15,000 reward. So a frustrated Andre finally gets mean and – in a memorable steel cage match – slams Studd dozens of times, including several powerslams off the top rope. (Andre being able to balance himself on the top rope and carry Studd's weight allows him to do this.) Andre yells out to Heenan to pay the bounty or he'll keep beating on Studd, even if he has to literally kill him. Finally, just after Andre breaks a horribly bloddied Studd's neck and is about to give him a body slam that could put his life in jeopardy, Heenan tearfully concedes and pays up – big time. (At least $210,000 for 14 body slams ... plus about as much for previous times Andre succeeded in body slamming Studd. Total amount of the previous slams is well over $500,000!!!!)

A much bigger and more brutal beatdown was planned for Roddy Piper during his feud with Adrian Adonis
A few weeks after Piper destroyed the Flower Shop, Piper, on a segment of "Piper's Pit" (on the new set), is about to introduce his guest when Jimmy Hart comes in and starts badmouthing Piper. Piper just stands there and takes it and is about to insult Hart right back ... when Adonis comes in along with his buddies, "Cowboy" Bob Orton and the Magnificent Muraco. But in a much more violent reprise of their earlier three-on-one attack, how about a 15-on-1 gangland-style attack? With this time several more heels joining in: Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, "King" Harley Race, Hercules, the Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, Bret "Hit Man" Hart and Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart, Greg "the Hammer" Valentine and Brutus Beefcake and Mr. Fuji among them. And all of them beat up Piper, taking turns in one of the most violent attacks that would be allowed on television, badly bloodying Piper and literally breaking his arms, legs and (through Bundy's repeated avalanches) ribs as the bad guys literally down the new "Piper's Pit" set. Piper is taken to the hospital on a stretcher in the final segment of said wrestling program this aired on.

A (brief) run as WWF World Heavyweight Champion was planned for "Dangerous" Danny Davis
From crooked referee to the World Heavyweight Champion ... Davis somehow defies the odds – i.e., with complete help from manager Jimmy Hart and the Hart Foundation – to pull the upset of upsets and defeat Hulk Hogan for the championship. It happens toward the end of the Hart Foundation's WWF Tag Team championship run (in the late summer of 1987) but after the Honky Tonk Man wins the Intercontinental Championship; for the sake of the angle, Sherri Martel (the new Women's Champion), so with Hart also managing the Glamour Girls (Lelani Kai and Judy Martin) as WWF Women's Tag Team Champions ... Hart goes on an incomprehensibly estatic spiel about how now he's managing every WWF champion possible!!! "All of them!!! Hahahahaha!!!!" and there is this huge celebration (with Jesse Ventura (naturally) egging them on and joining right in). As for how Davis wins the title, it's on the flagship show WWF Superstars of Wrestling where Davis is just getting completely squashed, a rarity for Hogan at this time, as he doesn't even need to "hulk up" (except at the beginning of the match, where Davis tries to jump Hogan from behind) ... he just completely batters Davis before putting him in his old backbreaker move (a move he never used since his early heel days) when Jimmy Hart distracts the referee and Bret Hart knocks Hogan out with the megaphone; a bloody and battered Davis is barely conscious as he is draped over an unconscious Hogan for the unbelievable three count, and Hogan has to be carried out on a stretcher. (Ventura cackles evily at Davis winning, noting that Vince McMahon and Bruno Sammartino never gave Davis a chance, while the face announcers wonder how this miscarriage of justice can possibly be upheld.) The celebration, of course, is short-lived as Hogan completely dominates the rematch two weeks later and regains the championship; Davis does defend his title at a couple of house shows and even once at one of the big arenas (the three were Tito Santana, Ricky Steamboat and George "the Animal" Steele), losing each of them either by countout or disqualification.

The WWF had planned one last match for André the Giant shortly after WrestleMania VI ... as a face and teaming with Hulk Hogan.
Friends again, Hogan and Andre hug after the match. By the way, it's a handicap match pitting them against two of Andre's (now-)former Heenan Family members, Haku and Rick Rude, and another former friend ... BROTHER LOVE!!! (The story being that Bobby Heenan decided to hide from Andre and convinced Brother Love to take his place.) The match is somewhat similar to a 2-vs.-3 tag team match Hogan and Andre had with Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy and Bobby Heenan at the Philadelphia Spectrum several years later. In the end, Andre has one last run of glory ... after Hogan hulks up while being kicked by Brother Love and knocking the preacher down, he tags Andre in and Brother Love – still wearing his glasses(!) – is headbutted so hard he starts bleeding. Brother Love squeals out once he realizes he's been busted open and his glasses are broken, and Rude and Haku rush in but Hogan catches them both and after knocking their heads together shoves them into a corner, where Andre is waiting with Brother Love. After Hogan uses Andre as a battering ram to squash all three heels, and Haku and Rude get one last noggin knocker before tumbling from the ring, Hogan whips Brother Love, who catches Andre's chop. One last senton later, Brother Love is broken in half and a pinned, beaten man. Hogan waits outside the ring and some more faces come to the ring to applaud as Andre soaks in huge cheers ... knowing it may be the last time he ever hears them as an active wrestler ... just as Rude and Haku look back as they're carrying a bloody, half-conscious Brother Love back to the locker room, and a catch of smiles on-camera (despite still selling their defeat and injuries) across their faces as they look back to the ring, knowing they all had one last chance to work with a legend. (Thankfully, Andre was still around another year or so in the WWF, but this is a last hurrah that (sadly) never was that could have been and given justice to his long career.)

Wrestlers run on Mana.
  • If the finisher is the move that defeats an opponent, why do wrestlers wait so long to do their finisher in a match? Why not go for the finisher right away? The reason is because wrestlers need to get their mana up before being able to do a finisher, just like in the wrestling video games.
The Undertaker is a spirit who has been set free.
  • The reason The Undertaker has been wrestling in WWE for over two decades is because he's actually a spirit who was haunting the company. He was cursed to haunt WWE, and could only be freed after losing a match at WrestleMania. Now, after all these years, his soul is finally at peace.
  • A lot of wrestlers are crazy or weird. How can so many crazy and weird people end up in a single profession? It's because you have to have something off if you want to be a professional wrestler.
All events depicted in WWE are actually real, and the true coverup is making people think they are not to keep law enforcement away.
  • This would explain how guys like the Nasty Boys or New Jack can almost kill someone, leave them in the hospital and get off with a slap on the wrist. The police watch a single episode of Monday Night Raw and come to the conclusion professional wrestlers try to kill each other all the time, so when the injured declines to press charges or drops them they just go with it.
    • My only thing with this is how would WWE portray The Undertaker and Kane? They're characters with a kind of unique background/character. They've buried people alive who have reappeared later, have supernatural abilities, etc.
Mick Foley has not only survived things that would kill a mere mortal (watch the infamous Mankind vs. The Undertaker HIAC match for proof of that), but also, now that he's "retired" from wrestling, he seems to show up at seemingly-random intervals and act as a bit of a Deus ex Machina to help resolve plotlines that have run themselves into dead ends. He wavers between Face and Heel seemingly at a whim, echoing God by working in mysterious ways. When he's got the long hair and beard in full bloom, there is a definite family resemblance between Foley and the popular images of Jesus (though Foley is a lot heavier). All this combined shows that all those fans who hold up "Foley is God" signs at WWE events aren't just giving out hyperbolic praise to a tough-yet-lovable wrestler; they're prophets who have discovered the truth.Note that this would mean that the ear that Foley famously lost in a match with Vader in Germany is a holy relic; one wonders whose hands it has fallen into and what they could do with it.
  • Alternatively, Mick could be a rare male, older version of Haruhi Suzumiya, showing up whenever he's bored to fix things in hopes of becoming less bored. Also, wasn't that lost ear reattached?
    • No, the cartilage was stored in a skin fold where his ear would be rebuilt later but, for various reasons (see his book), the reconstruction never happened.
    • only 2 thirds of the ear was ripped off and regaining use of it would've been impossible. Either that, or he is a madman.
John Morrison will one day reveal his father is Scott Levy, better known as Raven.
The evidence might be subtle, but it's there. Raven, once upon a time, was a playboy named Scotty Flamingo; Morrison was a playboy named Johnny Nitro. This could show that both made similar errors in character, thanks to genetics. Both frequently refer to a special place of their own (Raven the Bowery, Morrison the Palace of Wisdom), which may well be the same place. Both tend to ramble on with copious Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness. Both seem to collect followers and groups as they go. And they just plain LOOK alike.
  • More than slightly unlikely - Raven's date of birth is September 1964; Morrison's, October 1979. Raven would have been all of 14 at the time of conception - though some of the stories he tells could lend credence even to that.
    • You wouldn't think it looking at Raven today, but, according to him, he was a Chick Magnet and probably got as many ringrats (wrestling-speak for groupies) as Ric Flair or Shawn Michaels.
    • Hey, if Vince McMahon was, as he said, spreading his seed at the age of 12, Raven doing the same at 14 is perfectly logical. Most likely, it was something like the Jack Nicholson situation. Maybe they were raised brothers?
    • While the age difference makes it unlikely (though not impossible) for them to be father and son, it doesn't put them being brothers, cousins, or uncle and nephew out of the question.
    • Hmmm... Tommy Dreamer did steal Beulah McGillicutty from Raven at summer camp... and 14 is just the right age for a camp counselor or the like... perhaps Raven left Beulah with a parting gift that happened to later be named John?
      • How would this figure into Beulah's Sex–Face Turn at House Party 96, where she said that it was Tommy's "baby," which was later turned into the abandoned Girl-on-Girl Is Hot relationship between Beulah and Kimona Wanalaya, a mere three months after she had debuted in Raven's Nest?

Isn't it amazing how there always just happened to be a folding table under the ring whenever the Dudleys needed one? D-von was using Correspondence to grab a table they stashed back in the locker room! This also explained why Devon was always the one told to "get the tables"; Bubba is not awakened.

John McCain bought his bus from Lex Luger
The Straight Talk Express is the Lex Express with a new coat of paint.
  • Could be. It ended up doing McCain about as much good as it did Luger.

Edge planned on Matt Hardy betraying Jeff Hardy
Edge was upset about losing the WWE title, as expected, but this time he was driven to such levels of assholery... He was behind Jeff's hit and run accident and the pyrotechnic failure, but he understands that people would automatically blame him for such "accidents" befalling the current champion. So he gets Matt to sabotage the match at the Royal Rumble, using the younger Hardy's well-being (and perhaps also Matt's job, considering Edge is married to SmackDown's GM) as collateral. The older brother is now deemed responsible for the attacks, and Edge is champion again.
  • This is very ironic considering that Edge and Matt had a bitter rivalry back a few years before that. Perhaps it's more of a temporary alliance?

There is a concentrated effort underway to drive Rey Mysterio Jr. to snap
First of all, Rey has always been the underdog good guy. Sure, he dabbled in a little bit of misbehavior way back in his WCW days, but about the worst he ever did was make fun of someone whom he later made his best friend. Otherwise, for almost his entire career, he's been The Pollyanna. His main motivation seems to be to do his best, please the fans, and maybe incidentally win a title here and there. Lately, however, there's been a line of horrific, traumatic incidents raining on him one after another...his family and friends turn on him almost as often as Sting's; he's frequently being injured or assaulted or kidnapped or something by some great big bad guy; and as soon as he manages to claw his way free of one, another immediately goes after him. Consider that Mike Knox flat admitted he has no problem with Rey but still keeps stalking him; it seriously implies that SOMEONE is using all these people and making an effort to make him crazy...maybe because this person knows you should Beware the Nice Ones?
  • But why would this hypothetical person care if Mysterio snapped?
  • They would care about it if it got him to leave the company, resulting in one less major threat to their success. Which brings me to my alternate theory. They weren't trying to get him to go insane and turn into some psycho heel, they were trying to get him so fed up with everything that he would simply go "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!" at the first opportunity. Given that he's currently sitting on his hands until Vince finally lets him out of his contract so he can split for AAA

Leonard F. Chikarason is Vin Gerard's father
A CHIKARA WMG: All the promos from Vin Gerard just scream "Daddy doesn't love me!" He's just going for the whole 'bad attention is better than no attention'.

Vince McMahon is Ash's father

That whole bastard son angle did prove that Vince really got around (as did Ash's unknown dad, according to the Pokemon WMG page). Sure, the lawsuit and everything that followed was simply a prank thought up by the rest of the McMahons, but the possibility of a illegitimate child hasn't been completely jossed.

  • Can we even imagine Vince and Delia Ketchum dating each other?
The entire wrestling industry is purgatory

And any wrestler is capable of becoming some sorta Jesus

  • Shawn Michaels was certainly trying to play off of The Undertaker's dark persona with a Jesus-like gimmick in the lead-up to WrestleMania 25; going as far as wearing an all white get-up and quoting scripture. After his defeat, a second coming can't be too far off.
  • Already happened. If we assume that WWE is the Promised Land of wrestling, then the independent scene becomes a hell on earth. Everywhere else- be it TNA, Wrestling Society X, Mexico, Japan- are purgatory, with the smaller promotions that dot the landscape hell. The former WWE superstars, no matter how small, are running around in that level. Therefore, Jesus is in Purgatory as we speak.

The "child" of Mae Young and Mark Henry was an actual sentient being.
After spending some time as Master Hand and receiving quite a bit of cash from it, it got a new job as the fist in the post-Invasion SmackDown set. The retirement of the set mirrors the retirement of the hand, though it still makes appearances in the new SSB games.

In an Alternate Universe where lulz is more important than life, WWE is a literal Gladiator Game

Jack Swagger will get a new Gimmick and win a mid-card title
So he will be the All American American United States Champion.


  • More like All American American American American American World Heavyweight Champion.

The Money In the Bank match winner at WrestleMania 2010 will walk out of WrestleMania as the Champion
  • It is well known that the winner of the MITB cashes in the shot when it's least convenient for the champ, so here's what's gonna go down. First, Randy Orton will be named in the MITB match. Then, at WrestleMania, either he or Christian will win. then, depending on who wins, Orton will jump Cena and take the belt, or Christian will jump Edge.
    • Close. Try the SmackDown after WrestleMania. One could even make a WMG that the cash in was supposed to happen at WrestleMania following the Spear through the timekeeper's area, but got clipped at the last minute due to the Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon match running long.

Samoa Joe planned his own abduction.
Samoa Joe, in an attempt to get away from the lousy booking of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, hired Edge's Slim Jim Ninjas to abduct him in a panel van on live television, knowing that it wouldn't at all seem odd on TNA iMPACT! It was a perfect plan.
  • Shouldn't this be in the TNA WMG page?
John Cena is trying to force the writers to turn him heel.
He's already expressed wanting to turn heel back in 2006, but the writers/Powers That Be wouldn't let it happen. And thus he had to continue his face run in his current gimmick. So he's trying to downplay himself as subtle as possible to make his opposition look better. Whether if he's resorting to poop jokes or making himself look as less bad ass as possible, if the crowd refuse to cheer for him no matter what he (or his opponent for that matter) does, maybe he could turn (back) heel and do something different for the character. The problem? Women and children continue to eat it up. Now, the writers decided to embrace the idea, making him as kid-friendly as possible (Including the FU becoming the Attitude Adjustment), and now his latest apparel is orange (like a certain television network). Cena posing with his haters after winning at WrestleMania is the closest thing he could get to doing actual heel work in his current gimmick. For all of his efforts to force a Face–Heel Turn, Cena's attempts have backfired miserably

Hulk Hogan is working for Vince McMahon in a plot to destroy TNA.
Hulk, despite his various issues, is not a complete and total moron. And despite how much the 'E tries to ignore their "competition", they do realize there is some threat to be had in TNA, and some good wrestlers, so, use a double-agent to destroy the company, and then buy for pennies on the dollar like WCW. This is not a good WMW, as much as I would like to see the talent in TNA get the treatment they deserve.

Kane is the one who put The Undertaker in a coma recently.
This is a current and ongoing storyline, we'll see if this WMG turns out to be the case. To summarize what I'm talking about, recently Undertaker was supposedly found in a comatose and unresponsive state, and Kane has been on the warpath, chokeslamming every suspect. Perhaps he's motivated by some twisted guilt, not wanting to believe that he did it himself.
  • I Knew It!.
  • This is indeed what happened, after a thirteen year long gambit.

Rey Mysterio Jr. is the one who put The Undertaker in a coma...
...but it was still Kane's doing. Combining the above WMGs about someone trying to drive Rey crazy and Kane putting Undertaker into a coma: Kane has been torturing Rey physically and mentally for at least a couple of years, though he's been smart enough to not do all the work himself or else someone else would get suspicious. We've seen Rey in matches twice this year with Undertaker and he managed to bloody the big Taker both times. Kane might be insane, but he's not stupid, and so he managed to get Rey into a position that when he finally snapped, it was on Undertaker. Kane will eventually reveal the truth to everyone to shatter Rey once and for all.

What exactly Kane hoped to achieve with this, who knows, but he's insane, and he has admitted that he just takes pleasure in torturing and hurting people for the hell of it.

Raw's mystery General Manager was:
  • Still Bret "The Hitman" Hart, who is laughing his head off at the fans.
  • Shawn Michaels, who has found that retirement can be boring.
  • Goldberg. (See above.)
  • Ric Flair. (Also see above.)
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. (Someone had to say it.)
  • Sgt. Slaughter.
    • Bret? Nah, that'd be a little to clever for the E's writers. Shawn? Not enough time has passed for the fans to really miss him. Goldberg? He ain't broke yet, and since he's in it for the money, I wouldn't expect much, er, Ric Flair is working for TNA so I really, really doubt it's him, Sgt. Slaughter? None of the young fans know who he is, so why bring him in? The Rock would explain a lot, actually, since he is talking about coming back eventually, now would be a great time to do so.
  • Booker T, back to eventually restore himself as King Booker in WWE. The Nexus may or may be secretly working for him as his knights.
  • Michael Cole. He's pretending to be the messenger receiving emails, but is really the one making the decisions.
  • A sentient computer, which may or may not be capable of feeling pain.
  • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Just because.
  • The Swagger Soaring Eagle. The real reason why he traded Edge over to SmackDown was because he wanted to directly confront Edge for Spearing him during the Syfy debut.
    • You do realize that the man in the costume was Chavo Guerrero Jr.? In other words, Edge's step-nephew. And blood is thicker than water. So, no.
  • TRIPLE. H.
  • John Cena. It's all been one Wounded Gazelle Gambit after the next.
  • Paul Heyman. Haven't you noticed that so many of the GM's decisions have favored The Nexus? This is obviously ECW's revenge.

The release of Bryan Danielson is a Worked Shoot.
He's got enough friends in the business, (CM Punk, notably) and fame that being fired over something so stupid is...stupid. My guess? They don't want a potential talent being dragged down by...the differently talented Nexus, (Sorry, but they are not good wrestlers, and they don't get real matches, and Bryan isn't exactly a brawler.) so remove a future main-eventer from a doomed storyline (I really, really doubt they're going to keep all the nexus around, maybe a Loser Leaves Town match for the stable?) that would give him some heel heat that he isn't going to get anyway, in 90 days he'll return, maybe helping John Cena destroy the Nexus and starting his singles career after that, possibly with a feud with Cena after their Enemy Mine to defeat the danger of Nexus.
  • This seems to have panned out; whether or not it was worked or not is debatable, if it was real there was the wink and the nod of WWE telling Danielson "Look, we're scapegoating you, we want you back as soon as all this blows over". In any case, he's back, and he's teamed with Cena against Nexus. Whether it's an enemy mine situation or not is yet to be seen.

John Cena is secretly working with Nexus
He has more than enough reason to have enough resentment towards WWE to want to wreck the system. That reason? They manipulated him into changing from who he was to what they wanted him to be. WWE knew that Cena would become a star so they did their best to mold him into what their ideal face champion should be: A Hogan-esque Invincible Hero who was a shirt-rip and Vitamins-eating and Prayer-saying away from becoming a glorified Expy who convinced him that the fans would love his new character. Needless to say, it backfired. Though he may've eventually gotten back on the fans good graces. Worse, when Randy Orton went under a Heel–Face Turn, he stayed the same as he was (with the fans loving him for it, much to his anger (He had to change after his Heel–Face Turn, Orton didn't). Pissed and feeling betrayed by WWE, Cena made a secret alliance with Nexus, seeing that they used them as badly as they did him. Why was Cena beaten down brutally when Nexus first appeared? Why was Cena the most focused on fighting them? Why was Cena the one to assemble a team to defeat them? To throw off suspicion of his involvement. Summerslam seemed to be a good time to show what's Beneath the Mask, but 1) It wouldn't exactly leave the impact he intended, and 2) It would be too obvious. With Night Of Champions on the horizon, the Nexus title ban lifted, and both Wade Barrett and Cena in the Six-Pack challenge match for the WWE Championship, this could be the opportunity Cena was looking for. With Orton also a part of the match, it brings the possibility of this ending: Cena hits Orton with a padlock chain, allowing Barrett to score the pin and bringing the WWE Title to Nexus, delivering the ultimate F-U to WWE by handing the main title to the renegade group on a silver platter while getting revenge on the guy who he believe to be WWE's personal favorite.
  • A lot of this was jossed, though Cena's involvement has not entirely been ruled out.

The 3rd season of NXT is WWE's attempt at a Springtime for Hitler plot.
By having a show consisting entirely of potential Divas, it doesn't appear that there will be any sort of serious interest in the season. Which WWE may want so it can get the show kicked off Syfy for poor ratings.

There is a Vampire Apocalypse just waiting to rampage through the wrestling world.
This one takes a little explaining, but the page is called wild mass guessing after all.Back in the late 90's, there was Gangrel and the Brood, Edge and Christian. Eventually, the brothers got rid of him, and he brought in the Hardys. Supposedly they were all some sort of vampires while they were with him, altough that aspect of their characters faded in time. However, there's no reason to assume they were ever cured of their vampirism. It seems to have gone into a kind of sleeper state at least, but there's a powerful chance that they still carry the trait. Our Vampires Are Different to an extreme, yes, but it could be a possibility. Or they could even be actively hiding it themselves. At any rate, they could very well still be sleeper vampires. Now consider their reach. Since then, Jeff and Christian have been to TNA. Matt and Jeff have gone through Ring of Honor, and of course all four of them have been bouncing all over all the WWE brands: Raw, SmackDown, ECW, and NXT.What is all adds up to is that through Gangrel, and through Matt, Jeff, Edge, and Christian, every current major wrestling organization could be completely infested with some sort of sleeper vampires. And considering how many wrestlers have come and gone from these organizations and gone all around the world to work, all it will take is Gangrel dropping whatever his activation code is to suddenly awake potentially thousands of vampires, all of them trained wrestlers with exceptional thresholds for pain and abuse already.

NXT is a plot to introduce indie stars into the greater public.
Perhaps a plot to please the Smarks or maybe because Vince realizes he needs to hit a new market, but NXT is pretty much tailor made for person to win by having a bunch of...differently talented wrestlers and one really good one, but they want to have an opportunity to integrate them slowly and give them some introduction.

Chris Jericho is going to save us.
Y2J is making a comeback, he's been heel for a while now, and a change might be good for his character, and since he's in full on Villainous Breakdown now, he has a reason to turn, plus, there's a bevy of new fans that never experienced Face!Jericho.

Darren Young is going to pull a Jay Lethal on John Cena.
Going back to Cena's Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick, WWE will compromise with the fans who want wigger Cena back, keeping Cena as the "Superman" he is and give us "Black Invisibility" Darren Young! Eventually, the two will clash at WrestleMania where they will both No-Sell everything from punches to air-to-ground missiles, demolishing the arena in the process.

Raw's GM (or Vince, if it's not him) will set up a Winner Controls Nexus match between Wade Barrett and John Cena at an upcoming pay-per-view.
If Cena wins this one, he'll be able to go ahead with his original plan without the threat of being forced to leave WWE.
  • Given the angle they seem to be taking (Cena as the reluctant bad guy, Barrett as the bad boss) this seems HIGHLY likely. Bragging Rights, Cena has to help Barrett win the title from Orton, he does only for Barrett to keep treating him like crap. David Otunga and Cena start talking and decide they want to run things. Cena and Barrett are put in a winner controls Nexus match which David Otunga helps Cena win. Cena snaps when somebody tries to stop him and Nexus (as well as the guys from NXT season 2) becomes even more dangerous. They eventually get beaten by Trips, HBK and a revived DX.

CM Punk will win the WWE Championship at Money In The Bank
Only for the winner of the Raw Money In The Bank Ladder Match to run out and cash in on Punk and become the new champion.

Michael's said that he took his ring name from his mother's maiden name, and it just happens to be the same as Mrs. Ricardo's maiden name. Now, obviously, Michael's far too young to be Lucy's son, but it's entirely possible she had a daughter out of wedlock before meeting Ricky. Said daughter would later meet Curt Hennig, and the rest is history.

Wade Barrett will win the WWE Championship at Survivor Series...
...only for The Miz to cash in the Money in the Bank Contract after John Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment on him.
  • Well... close!

The NXT Divas will have their own "NXT Riot" at the Diva Battle Royal match at the 2010 Slammys edition of Raw.
What was the reason why The Nexus came to be in the first place? How badily they were treated. Considering how their season of NXT was treated (They themselves weren't treated much better), it wouldn't be much of a surprise to see something similar happen. And on the night of the Slammys, where (nearly) all the Divas would be involved. When it came down to the final two, Kaitlyn will lead the rest of the NXT Divas to deliver a No Holds Barred Beat Down (Not to the extent of their Spear Counterparts. The other Divas may or may not come out to help. One of their victims, however, will be Michael Cole.

The Miz and John Morrison are expys of Triple H and Shawn Michaels
You have a guy that first found success with a tag team that separates because of the other member's drug problems, and uses a kick and high flying based offense, later, you team with a funny brawler that got his first push as a Take That! (Triple H to Vince's new neighbors and The Miz to John Cena haters) and is a Promoted Fanboy, they form a highly successful tag-team that people love, even though they're heels, later they break up and one of them becomes a face, and the other stays a heel and gets the world title.
  • Considering the success of HHH and Shawn, that wouldn't be a bad thing at all. A major plus in their favor would be that both of them are homegrown by WWE so they're that much more likely to stick around/more likely for WWE to want keep the homegrown talent around versus letting them walk to another promotion.

The Nexus Is ECW Reincarnate Seeking Revenge On WWE for Killing It
ECW's legacy was officially killed when Vince McMahon cancelled WWECW in favor of making NXT. so then the angry souls of the dead ECW plotted their revenge, they sent several of their former talent (The Miz, William Regal, CM Punk, Christian, Matt Hardy, and Chris Jericho). It would have been cool if all eight were former ECW members but six out of eight is good enough) to the new show NXT to train the people who would bring about WWE's downfall. And of course ECW would not accept any of these rookies to be the leader of nexus besides the one rookie whose pro had been in the original ECW: Chris Jericho. And now that the nexus has been split between the new nexus and the corre, they are now taking this mission across both shows, and the final ECW champion Ezekiel Jackson is part of it now.

Justin Bieber will make an appearance at WrestleMania XXVII
  • That way, the contents of the following video can occur

Michael Cole will retire out of humiliation following his match with Jerry Lawler at WrestleMania XXVII.

Michael Cole will be revealed as the anonymous Raw GM at WrestleMania XXVII
  • He'll become WWE's Big Bad from then on, similar to the role Vince McMahon played during the Attitude Era.

Shawn Michaels put The Undertaker in the coma
  • Guess he hadn't gotten over that loss?

The Undertaker made a Deal with the Devil to gain his powers
Mark Callaway, whilst struggling on the independent circuit, made a pact with Satan to be the most powerful being in the WWE, wielding the powers of hell to aid him in his career, but he could only hold on to the power so long as he remained undefeated at WrestleMania. (Quote from Triple H: When the streak dies, you die!) If WWE were to use this in their booking, it would make The Undertaker's highly protected character ruse easy to let go of, once he retires. He should lose at WrestleMania, lose his powers, and thus give his retirement speech as a now mortal man that is Mark Callaway, and not The Undertaker.
  • However, the streak is broken, and yet the Undertaker still continues to be the Undertaker.

My WMG for the 2011 MitB.
Christian finally wins the championship from Orton, only to have Sheamus cash in his contract from that same night. Cue Christian's further descent into Tween/Heel/Anti-Hero-ism, as his conspiracy theory that someone is out to screw him out of the title gains more credence(First he gets the title for just five nights, after seventeen long years, then he doesn't even get to hold it for one). Most likely, Orton/Sheamus/Christian three-way at the next PPV.

Shawn Michaels will be announced as the next GM of Raw.

The Anonymous GM of Raw has not sent any emails in the past couple of weeks (as of 8/2/11), so it's very possible that Triple H is ready to appoint a new GM, or at least unmask the anonymous one. Triple H also just fired Vince from his position, so what better way to add insult to injury by having DGenerationX literally rule WWE, with Trips as the COO and Shawn managing the flagship show?

Note this does not imply that Shawn was ever the Anonymous GM of Raw, just that he is the person that Triple H has chosen for the position.

In the 2011 Slammy Awards (If there is one), "What The Hale!?" will be among the categories.
We've already had a category named after an announcer's catchphrase two years in a row. And seeing as Michael Cole no longer has any more lines to (for lack of a better term)"trademark," Booker T will have to take the reins.
  • If you want to keep it within Cole's territory, either he or The Miz will win a Slammy for the most "Must-See" moment of the year, and Cole will present the award either way. Cole's been using that title for Miz often enough.

Sin Cara will develop a rivalry with Rey Mysterio Jr., culminating in a fight with their masks on the line.
Because both are Lucha Libre style wrestlers, and doing something like this would be dramatic.
  • Confirmed and Jossed? WWE was going for something like this at WrestleMania 29 (as well as, apparently, to set a Guinness World record for most people wearing masks at any event) - but between Mysterio's awful knees and Sin Cara's awful wrestling, it doesn't look like this match is happening any time soon - if at all.

Teddy Long favours tag team matches to give SmackDown an advantage at Bragging rights.
Teddy is training his roster to get better at working as a team so that in the 7 on 7 matches, his roster can work as an effective unit whereas RAW's egos would clash more. It's worked every time so far.

Who is itbegins2012?.
If you look closely enough at the November 21st, 2011 RAW, you will find a url for a youtube page. Go to it, and you will find a video saying on January 2nd 2012, someone will be making a return to WWE. As of right now, the one video and the age (43) are the only clues we have. Who could be returning? Here are my 3 guesses.
  • 1. Chris Jericho. He is no stranger to cryptic messages and build-up (Remember the Countdown to the Millenium and the Second Coming?) and a lot of people have been missing him. However, it seems unlikly due to him already having a job.
  • 2. The Undertaker. He is also no stranger to cryptic messages (2 21 11). He hasn't really been seen in action since WrestleMania. However, it really is expected that he'll come back for WrestleMania, so it wouldn't be a suprise.
  • 3. Brock Lesnar. This is the one I'm hoping for. First off, Lesnar is appearing in the new WWE game, almost for no reason. Probably for people to remember he exists so he can make his comeback? Also, remember his confrontation with the Undertaker at UFC 116? Maybe we can actually see that happen.
    • It was Jericho.

Kane is attacking John Cena because of Cena's "Rise Above Hate" shirt...
Seems kinda crazy, but let's consider Kane kicking Cena's ass then leaving with the aforementioned shirt. Who's to say that Kane continually beating on Cena isn't just his way of saying that he hates the message of Cena's shirt?
  • Well, close... He wants Cena to give in to the hate, (and thus turn heel), instead of rising above it.

Glacier is the long-lost Brother of Destruction
Undertaker and Kane, the Brothers of Destruction, are often spoken of as opposites, but while Kane is identified with fire, Taker is identified with both death and lightning. One would think that Kane's opposite number would identify with ice... and what wrestler shares Taker and Kane's flair for dramatic entrances, only with an ice and snow motif? Glacier, of course! Too bad Ted Turner gave him more money than Vince McMahon would have and then threw him up against an Undertaker knock-off in Mortis; we could have seen all three Brothers of Destruction as a force to be reckoned with.
  • If Glacier is a Brother of Destruction, then what about WCW's other Mortal Kombat rip-offs Wrath and Mortis who, thanks to a bizarre crossover between Nitro and Conquest, are now part of the Mortal Kombat universe?
    • Undertaker, Kane, Glacier, Mortis, and Wrath are all originally from Outworld.
    • Glacier isn't tall enough.
    • How does this explain the notorious UT/Kane-Kronik stinkfest at No Mercy 2001?

Paul Bearer killed Undertaker and Kane's parents
So, Paul Bearer claims that, as a child, Undertaker set the family home on fire and killed his parents. Taker says, Nuh-uh, my brother Kane did it, but I know it was an accident and I forgive him. So Bearer brings in Kane, who believes Taker did it on purpose and is looking for revenge, and was thought also dead in the fire. They fight a few times; then Bearer turns on Kane and sides with Taker, and all of a sudden Taker's going around talking about how yes, he did kill their parents, and he did it on purpose, and Kane sucks, and ha ha ha. And then, some months later, they're bestest buddies and tag-teaming together as if nothing happened. So what's going on?Simple: Paul Bearer was the killer of Taker and Kane's parents all along and used some kind of mind control to force Taker to admit it. This was all The Plan to turn Kane into his own personal engine of destruction. Undertaker and Kane discovered the truth at some point and reconciled — and then they later put their plan for revenge into motion some years later, when Undertaker returned to his "Deadman" character with Paul once again by his side. They conspired with Paul Heyman to have the Concrete Crypt Match at Great American Bash 2004 specifically to put Paul Bearer into a position where they could kill him without his being able to escape — hence Taker pulling the lever and burying Paul in concrete when he could have rescued him. Paul survived (as reported on, but he learned a valuable lesson — don't fuck with the Brothers of Destruction.

The Undertaker and Kane are reincarnations of the original Cain and Abel.
When Abel was killed, he became the Grim Reaper and Spirit of Death. In addition to his day job, he and Cain appear in instances where sibling rivalry is prominent at an extreme level, continuing their eternal feud of jealousy and revenge. Glen Jacob Callaway was jealous that his brother Mark got more love from his mother because their mother felt jealous over the affair with Paul Bearer. The two ended up fighting and inadvertently started a fire, which consumed the house and killed their parents. It was then that the spirits of Cain and Abel entered Glen and Mark respectively; they continued their feud, this time inside a wrestling ring.
  • This theory fits nicely with the Serpent Seed theory, which states that Cain was the child of Eve and Samael, also known as the Devil, while Abel was the son of Adam and Eve. Hence, Undertaker is Abel, Kane is Cain, and Paul Bearer is Satan himself.

The Gatecrashers put The Undertaker in a coma
Come on! They were told to make an impact.

The Undertaker has retired.
  • At 2010 Bragging Rights, when Kane buried The Undertaker alive, it was Undertaker's final send-off. Mark Callaway is truly now retired with The Dead Man actually staying dead. It was the best way for him to go out.
    • With his actual 20th anniversary coming up with this years Survivor Series (he debuted at Survivor Series 1990), it is possible he might make a return there with a new gimmick of some kind, or even a complete return to his original gimmick.
    • Wait, I thought he was going to retire after WrestleMania XXVIII once the streak was 20-0.
    • Taker's career has been uncertain for years. He's been in such rough shape that people have been speculating on his retirement with a fair amount of seriousness since at least 05. A lot of people honestly thought that Mania 27 would end up being his last match(not a bad match to go out on, though 19-0 leaves that sting of disappointment). As it stands, while most people are speculating for Taker vs HHH 3, no one's 100% on what's going to happen. Personally I'm hoping for Taker vs Jericho or Punk at Mania, myself. That would be a good cap off to the career.
  • With the WrestleMania streak finally broken in 2014, it's likely that the Undertaker is finally calling it quits. He pretty much was only coming back for WrestleMania these days, anyway.

The Undertaker will return at the Royal Rumble and will win it.
And he'll choose to face Wade Barrett at WrestleMania.
  • This will require Barrett to be champion come WrestleMania time, and he's nowhere near either title right now. Taker winning the Rumble...hell, Taker competing in the Rumble this year is a terrible idea. He doesn't need it. WWE doesn't need it.
    • Jossed. Undertaker returned the night after the Royal Rumble and appears like he'll be having a rematch with Triple H at WM28.

Chris Jericho will break his silence shortly after the Royal Rumble, and begin his feud with CM Punk.
  • After weeks of jaunting around and literally doing nothing other than over-playing to the crowd, we'll get Jericho spelling out what he plans to do by going after Punk for supposedly stealing his "Best in The World" moniker, possibly to set up a match between the two at ''WrestleMania XXVIII".
    • Jossed, Jericho broke his silence just before the rumble with "The Royal Rumble will be the end of the you know it" or some such, disappointing everyone by not finishing with "And I feel fine", but we'll forgive him that. Jericho is one of the favorites for a Rumble win and possible Punk feud, but there are a lot of people hoping against the former. Then there's some hope for a Taker feud. The point being, no one knows what WWE is doing right now.
      • The next night, Jericho (who was runner-up in the Royal Rumble) attacked Punk. Are we on the Road now?

Teddy Long's new job is:
  • David Otunga's personal ring announcer.
  • John Laurinaitis' gofer.
  • Perhaps, given his past as a referee, he'll be forced to officiate all of Sheamus's matches. (It may not make sense, but have a look at the conclusion of last week's SmackDown, where Sheamus attacked a referee who had disqualified him in a match, as well as Laurinaitis promising some sort of punishment as a result.)

Lesnar will face Cena at WrestleMania 29
The main reason why Lesnar returned is that he might face Cena (Or someone else) in the next WrestleMania, just like The Rock returned last year. The Rock and Lesnar have became semi-celebrities after they left WWE. The Rock has became actor, and Brock Lesnar is in UFC. So, why not getting old boys back to the company just for WrestleMania?
  • My guess: Yes, Cena will face Lesnar at Extreme Rules on 4/29, but we'll probably see Lesnar beat Cena up to a point where he's injured for the rest of the year, while Brock runs rampant and goes on a monster run in Cena's absence. We'll likely then see Cena make his return from injury at the 2013 Royal Rumble en route to winning it and earning a shot at Brock's WWE Title at WrestleMania 29.
    • Jossed. Cena never left and won the Royal Rumble and now has a rematch with The Rock at WrestleMania 29, who has in turn won the WWE Championship from CM Punk.

Kane will become a Bane expy.
  • Both Jeff Hardy and Sting became Joker expies after The Dark Knight. Kane is the most likely candidate to become a Bane expy when The Dark Knight Rises comes out.

In response, the Undertaker will return as a Batman expy.
  • The Undertaker has always been WWE's Batman, so he will return to save WWE from Kane's rampage.

WWE will unify the WWE and World Heavyweight titles again.
  • They've been having both champions appear on both shows for a while now. Clearly, the idea of seperate WWE "brands" has been largely abandoned. Concurrently, there is now no need to have seperate World Champions for each brand. Unification is therefore likely.
    • So long as they kill off the Big Gold, I'm A-OK with this. Preferably, ECW-style.
    • Confirmed: World Heavyweight Champion John Cena will face WWE Champion Randy Orton in a title-unification match at TLC 2013.

Kane has developed a major identity crisis.
Yeah, this sounds obvious, but I am pointing out something different here: Kane achieved everything he wanted when entering WWE: he got revenge on his brother. While he didn't ultimately destroy him in the Buried Alive match at Bragging Rights 2010, he crippled Undertaker's powers so far that he barely manages to uphold his WrestleMania streak which still takes an incredible toll on his physical body and his soul (this would also explain why Undertaker never attempted to get revenge on Kane in the build-up to WrestleMania 27 because both he and Kane realised/believe that 'Taker would not be powerful enough to win, or even survive, another battle) and which he may or may not continue to be able to do, his personal apocalypse being only a question of time.

Now that he had the VENGEANCE he always wanted, he - like so many normal humans - realised that he had not thought further than the culmination of his revenge which exposed his otherwise rather meaningless life. He has nothing to go to, no normal life (any chance of that dying with Lita betraying him) to retire to, no hope for a peaceful rest, the demons of his life forever haunting him. This tragic realisation is also why the same being that could dominate the legendary Undertaker got completely outsmarted and outmatched by Edge and explains his seemingly out-of-character promo about him loving holidays and other mortal stuff in that mold since the power that his desire to destroy The Undertaker gave him had virtually left him and the Kane who, like most humans, just want to be content with life emerged.

In an desperate attempt to give his life a new meaning, Kane decided to recover the mental scars and the mask. After understanding that he will never have a normal life, he hoped that in returning to his old ways of being uncaring and destructive could give his soul rest, if ever so short-lived. However, his powers still were not as great as when he was about to fulfill his revenge. This, combined with his failure to make John Cena embrace the hate, served as a reminder that hate is not always the answer and only increased his identity issues. Refusing to face the issues in his life, Kane decided to go after Randy Orton, using him as a scapegoat for failing to have a "proper identity", but noticed that no peace was to be gained in destroying Orton. Now Kane will continue to pursue a meaning in life, the conflict between his human core and the walls of evil build up around himself getting perfectly demonstrated in his battles with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan whilst also doing the "right thing" by warning AJ about him not being good for a woman.

The NXT Championship was forged from the One Ring.

The One Ring was noted not just for its power, but in how it corrupts the people who possess it. Since WWE rebranded their developmental promotion into NXT, they have instituted a new NXT-exclusive championship title belt, made of gold with the NXT logo on it. However, since the NXT title's inception, it has been held by two men, Seth Rollins and Big E Langston. Both men were huge heroes on NXT television when they won the title belt, only to debut on WWE television within the month as hated villains. Therefore, the gold used to make the NXT Championship was in part gold forged from the One Ring, which corrupted both men's spirits as they debuted on WWE television.

  • This means NXT can only be destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom.
    • Hey! That explains why the fans hated on Bo Dallas so much when he won the NXT title.
      • After three years of success, FINALLY Jossed when Sami Zayn successfully had a NXT Championship reign begin and end while never being corrupted by its power (Adrian Neville did try to become the more "evil" one of the two, so it counts.) Whether it's the theory dying or Sami Zayn is just that Incorruptible Pure Pureness to survive its corruption has yet to be seen.

Sister Abigail is Michelle McCool
The Wyatt Family were sent by the Undertaker to sacrifice as many Superstars as possible. The Undertaker wants Michelle McCool back. This would explain why the first person the Wyatt Family attacked was Kane. Also, Michelle McCool has stated that she wants to come back to the WWE, and she believes there's no better time to return than now.

Craig Thomas and Carter Bays were in charge of scripting WrestleMania 30
Because having Brock Lesnar end The Streak is about as dumb as Ted Mosby and Robin Scherbatsky ending up together. And how coincidental is it that these two boneheaded TV decisions were aired within a week of each other?

"Bray Wyatt" is the product of a malevolent entity possessing Husky Harris, and we've seen it before.
In 1995, the WWF featured vignettes from a gently-spoken, southern-tinged psychopath named "Waylon Mercy". He wrestled in a few matches, where he would greet his opponent in a kind, genial manner, even shaking his hand before the bout. Then, when the bell sounded, his face would immediately twist into pure rage, and he would rip into his victim like a side of beef and choke him out with a sleeperhold within a few minutes. Once he let go of the hold, the smile and the gentle spirit would return, like it had never left. "Waylon Mercy" was WWF/NWA/AJPW veteran "Dangerous" Dan Spivey, who suddenly vanished from competition and retired in October of that year, citing mounting injuries. Spivey fought the darkness and won. Husky Harris, evidently, wasn't so strong-willed.

Vince McMahon is deliberately attempting a Zero-Approval Gambit
For some time now, if anything has been stagnant or wrong with the product, the finger is usually pointed at Vince. Seeing as he has been the mastermind behind much of what happens in WWE for decades, some of Vince's more recent counterproductive choices have been a ploy so that when Vince finally retires, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon (and now Shane McMahon as well) will be viewed as saviors rather than Replacement Scrappies.

WWE signed Místico not because they wanted to reproduce the success of Rey Misterio Jr.
The idea that WWE wanted another Rey Mysterio makes sense by itself, but they way they supposedly went about getting him makes none, not by rational thinking nor in following the logic the WWF has traditionally operated on. WWE didn't sign Rey Misterio Jr. because he was a legendary Welterweight, JBL went so far as to lie on camera and say Rey Mysterio was a heavyweight champion in AAA! No, Paul Heyman hired Rey Misterio for his legacy, WWE was just picking up what was left over from its former competition. Remember all those luchadors The WWF brought in from Mexico back in the 1990s? Of course you don't, because the WWF never had any intention of doing anything with any of them. It never has operated that way.

Sin Cara was a calculated effort to hinder the success of CMLL. WWE's tours in Mexico hadn't been particularly successful, while the council was starting find success in expanding into other countries, Mistico making more money than most WWE wrestlers, including main eventers, as well as practically becoming a legend in Japan after not one year there. Fearing his box office would eventually overtake John Cena's, Mistico's momentum had to be halted. With Mistico gone, CMLL's ratings declined and their presence in Japan dried up beyond their ties to the existing promotions. WWE then made sure to make Mistico looked stupid on television for a prolonged period of time while also making him look incompetent via the supposed wellness violation. This was also meant to cripple AAA, who was also expanding, into the United States via Lucha Underground. By making the hottest Mexican star of the last ten years look dumb, they gave fans in the USA one less reason to care about Mexican style wrestling coming to their televisions.

The name Sin Cara is even a bastardization of Cien Caras, an actual Mexican heavyweight. Even if Sin Cara performed well on WWE television(which he was starting to do towards the tail end of his run) it's doubtful CMLL would have ever made him World Heavyweight Champion(Universal Champion maybe, but that's another story) but WWE wanted the viewer to think they would, to give you the idea that Mexican wrestlers were tiny and weak. Of course "Alberto Del Rio", who was clearly their actual attempt to appeal to a Latin American audience, challenged that notion by simply being on TV, so WWE found the quickest excuse it could to fire him. The main event wrestler gets fired after slapping an expendable social media worker who he thought was being racist once while the lowly developmental trainers who actually abused and injured the students who would hopefully become the future money makers for the company simply got shuffled around before getting their jobs back?

Kane had abducted Dr. Issac Yankem and used his body parts to rebuild himself.

  • Now, Kane was really horribly scared when he was burned as a child. After he was betrayed by his father, Paul Bearer, he decided to go off and rebuild himself. So, he found Dr. Yankem and decided to keep him alive just long enough to harvest his face, and voice, and his skin and put him on himself. He did it bit by bit so no one would notice with a crack team of evil plastic surgeons. And then killed those plastic surgeons after he was fully unmasked to hide his dark secret. That's why no one knows where Dr. Yankem disappeared to and how Kane looked normal.

Mr Mc Mahon is both gay and straight at the same time.

The New Day will break up after losing the tag team titles to The Wyatt Family
On the 4th of July 2016 edition of RAW, it seemed to hint toward that happening possibly. Or instead of this happening..

  • Jossed. They stayed together and as of SummerSlam, they show no sign of splitting. In fact, they are even still the WWE Tag Team Champions after SummerSlam!

The New Day members will all be drafted, breaking them apart.
The rules of the draft were released. Tag teams count as one pick unless a Commissioner/General Manager specifically only wants one member of the team. Hopefully New Day will be drafted together still.

  • Jossed. All three were drafted to Raw as a unit.

Kofi Kingston will be the one to turn heel and split up The New Day
When they were heels, Kofi seemed to be the more serious acting member. He also seemed to be the most angry with the fans initial rejection of The New Day ("We either clap...or we snap!") and was the first one to act outright heelish. Xavier Woods is popular online for his Up, Up, Down, Down channel and Big E's antics are so hilariously over-the-top (even on Twitter, he's hilarious), he seems like a natural face. With Big E's charismatic personality and being known for being hilarious (His promos in NXT and with The New Day, the signature New Day intro, etc.) and Xavier Woods' Up, Up, Down, Down show and trombone playing skills, Kofi seems like the odd (or perhaps, "normal") one. He definitely seems to be the one that exudes the least extreme positivity.

Eric Bischoff will return to WWE to become Goldberg's advocate for his Survivor Series 2016 match against Brock Lesnar.

The WWE Universe is actually a wrestling game and Roman Reigns is someone's Create-A-Wrestler.
Think about it; Roman's push defies all logic as he keeps getting pushed as a babyface when it's patently obvious that the majority of fans despise him and/or said push. Roman's push only make sense if some outside force is truly in charge of the regular control of WWE.

What was the Reason for Paul Bearer leaving WWE in 2000
After WrestleMania 2000, Paul Bearer left WWE TV to work behind the scenes, & because of both Kane & Undertaker changing gimmicks But He left with no explanation storyline wise, Even more odd, His return in 2004 with Undertaker at WM 20 seemed to imply the Paul Bearer Character died somewhere in between 2000-2004;

The reason John Cena has been losing matches lately.
John Cena has been losing to semi-new and newer superstars is due to possibility leaving the company. He's just there to put new and younger talent over because he has done everything for WWE already he wanted to do. Vince and Triple H aren't making him do it, he is doing it on his own terms.

#DIY will reunite, but as Heels.
That's right, Johnny Gargano's turning heel. Tommaso Ciampa's reason for his Face–Heel Turn was due to the fans willing to replace him with another partner. Tommaso's problem was with the fans, not Johnny (At least not initially). Johnny understood how Tommaso felt and likely sympathized with him. But this disrespect and disregard drove Tommaso mad and turned his focus towards Johnny anyway. This would lead Johnny to have various conflicts with Tommaso which led to him losing his career (though briefly) and his wife Candice LeRae being injured. All of this because of the fans. Those ungrateful, selfish, fickle fans... One could only imagine what all of this is doing to Johnny's mental state.

AJ Styles will come back with supernatural powers and challenge The Undertaker
AJ only said that he's alive, he never said HOW he is alive.... He was buried alive and perhaps he will gain some supernatural powers from The Druids, Gallows and Anderson or something.

The Fiend will come back with a scarred/stitched face akin to Chucky from Bride of Chucky
Just a theory and would be fun