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Lavender and Old Lace, painted by Carl Barks.note 

All TV Tropes articles about or related to Donald Duck.

For the rest of the main Disney franchise he's a part of, see Mickey Mouse & Friends.

About the character himself and his original cartoons

Individual cartoons or movies:

About the comic strips

TV series


Video games


People associated with Donald Duck

  • Carl Barks
  • Walt Disney
  • Don Rosa
  • Al Taliaferro
  • Clarence "Ducky" Nash, the original voice of Donald.
  • Tony Anselmo, the current voice of Donald.
  • Daniel Ross, the voice of Donald in Mickey and the Roadster Racers / Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures.
  • Don Cheadle, who voices Donald in two episodes of DuckTales (2017) when he speaks with a normal, non-quacky voice.


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Donald at the Barberchair

Donald gets an embarassing haircut on his butt and gets his face painted in black polish face after he tries to scam the robot chair

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