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This is the Nickelodeon equivalent to the Disney Channel Live-Action Universe. Is often called the Schneiderverse as Dan Schneider is the driving force behind the most important shows in the universe.

The Nick Verse was generally not based around deliberate crossovers, until Victorious began. Before Victorious, a blasé approach to continuity led to a melding of some quite complicated Recursive Canon-esque elements in certain Nick shows. An animated Nickverse also exists and may be part of the live-action Nick Verse.

Generally speaking, there's been little to no effort to tie the Scott Fellows-created Jack Mackie Pictures shows and other Nickelodeon Productions shows, or the telenovelas made by Cinemat in Miami into the Schneiderverse (although the latter have had their own crossovers at least among English-language ones).

On April 21, 2022, Nickelodeon aired its biggest crossover yet: a Side Hustle special titled When Worlds Collide (originally titled That Young Warped Danger Hustle), a crossover between five of Nick's current sitcoms.

Series confirmed to be in the Nick Verse:

The Nick Verse links

  • All That
    • Many of the shows in the verse are direct spin-offs of sketches from All That, making it the "origin point".
    • Amanda's stalker Penelope Taynt makes an appearance on the set of both The Amanda Show and All That. Both appearances come in the form of backstage interactions rather than sketches
  • Good Burger:
    • In a sketch for Victorious, Andre promises to take his grandmother to Good Burger.
    • Good Burger also appears in The Adventures of Kid Danger.
  • The Amanda Show
    • A sketch from The Amanda Show can be heard playing in the Drake & Josh episode Dune Buggy. Since The Amanda Show is a Show Within a Show, viewers in the Drake & Josh universe are seeing only the monologues and sketches. The backstage story arcs (with Drake Bell and Josh Peck) and those involving Penelope Taynt are part of the NickVerse.
  • The Nick Cannon Show
    • The episode "Latanya, Girl Where You At?" features Latanya from an All That sketch.
  • Drake & Josh
    • Gavin, Craig & Eric appear in the iCarly episode "iStart A Fanwar".
    • Helen appears in the Victorious episode "Helen Back Again" and references Crazy Steve.
  • Unfabulous
    • Main character Addie Singer appears in a clip with Megan Parker in the Drake & Josh episode "Honor Council"
  • Zoey 101
    • Stacy Dilsen appears in the iCarly episodes "iStart A Fanwar" and "iHire An Idiot", as well as in the Sam & Cat episode "#MadAboutShoe".
    • Quinn Pensky is named in the iCarly episode "iWas A Pageant Girl".
    • Pacific Coast Academy's rival school, Northridge High, is mentioned several times in Victorious.
    • Coco appeared in the Sam & Cat episode "#FirstClassProblems".
  • iCarly
    • The appearances mentioned above from Drake & Josh & Zoey 101 characters in the episodes "iStart A Fanwar" and "iHire An Idiot".
    • A direct Crossover with Victorious in the episode "iParty With Victorious".
  • Victorious
    • Helen from Drake & Josh appears in the episode "Helen Back Again"
    • Tori's school at the start of Victorious is stated to be Northridge High, the rival school of Zoey 101's Pacific Coast Academy.
    • The iCarly Crossover in the episode "iParty With Victorious" mentioned above.
    • In content exclusive to, Andre and his grandmother talk about going to Good Burger.
  • Sam & Cat
  • Game Shakers
    • Gibby's fake head and Sam's iCarly remote from iCarly show up in the Lost and Found in "Lost Jacket, Falling Pigeons".
    • However, in the episode "Game Shippers", iCarly is referred to as a television show, and Nathan Kress is approached As Himself to determine who Freddy's true love interest was.
    • Both Helen from Drake & Josh and Rex from Victorious appear in the episode "Tiny Pickles". However, Matt Bennett (Robbie from the same series) appears as himself.
    • Direct Crossover with Henry Danger in the 90 minute special "Danger Games" (listed under the "Henry Danger" episode list).
      • Later crossover in "Babe Loves Danger".
  • Gibby
  • Henry Danger
    • Pear logo from Dan Schneider's other shows appears on a laptop.
    • Herb, a recurring character from Sam & Cat showed up in "Secret Beef".
    • Goomer, also from Sam and Cat, appears in "Live and Dangerous Part 1" and Part 2.
    • Frankini, from the same two-parter, is heavily implied to be Cat's previously-unseen brother; he's played by Ariana Grande's real-life brother.
    • A direct crossover with Thundermans in the episode "Danger & Thunder"
    • Direct Crossover with Game Shakers in the 90 minute special "Danger Games."
    • A direct Crossover with Knight Squad in the episode "Knight and Danger."
  • Hungry Girl
    • The only series in either the Nick Verse or the Disney Channel equivalent that officially exists in the 'Verse that's both not a Kid Com (it's a cooking show) and televised and produced on a completely different network (the unrelated Food Network, which is owned by a completely different conglomerate from CBS/Viacom, which owns Nick). Several shows have featured the Hungry Girl website including iCarly (including in its intro sequence) and Henry Danger (it's shown on the PearBook in the example discussed above). It's also a part of the Recursive Canon as Miranda Cosgrove has appeared as a special guest on the show for a recipe for (naturally) spaghetti tacos. The reason why this show is officially acknowledged in the Nick Verse is because Dan Schneider is married to the eponymous Hungry Girl in real life (so it's meant as a Shout-Out, but it's prevalent enough that it manages to link itself to the 'Verse at the same time).
  • Knight Squad
    • A direct crossover with Henry Danger in the episode "Knight and Danger". It should be noted that this series is located in an alternate reality from Henry Danger.
  • The Thundermans
    • A direct cross over with Henry Danger in the episode “Danger & Thunder”.
  • The Haunted Hathaways
    • A direct cross over with The Thundermans in the episode "Haunted Thundermans".
  • The Adventures of Kid Danger:
    • Animated Adaptation of Henry Danger. In the first episode alone, Yotally Togurt and Good Burger make cameos.
Instances where shows are shown to be within each other rather than parallel
  • All That
    • An early version of Megan Parker's web site,, includes a quiz she made about All That. Since All That is a sketch show, it is likely that the sketches are non-canon while the backstage scenes are of a shared universe
  • The Amanda Show
    • In the Drake and Josh episode Dune Buggy, a sketch from The Amanda Show can be heard playing. The same logic applies to The Amanda Show as All That
  • Drake & Josh
    • In the Victorious episode, "Who Did It to Trina?", Cat explains a scene from a Drake & Josh episode, after which her friends explain that it wasn't real, it happened in a TV show: Drake & Josh. The show can also be seen on Carly's listings on her TV in the iCarly episode, "iPear Store". Additionally, Carly and Spencer have been seen watching some episodes (Carly tended to be seen watching Megan-centric scenes and Spencer tended to be seen watching Crazy Steve-centric scenes.) In Sam & Cat, Sam watches a part of Drake and Josh in Episode 2, "Favorite Show". And in Game Shakers, the first episode has the characters watching an unspecified episode of the series in the middle of class.
  • iCarly
    • In two episodes, Carly is seen watching Drake & Josh, in one case commenting about the character Megan. (Both Carly and Megan are played by Miranda Cosgrove)
  • Zoey 101
    • As with Drake & Josh, the show is listed on Carly's TV in "iPear Store."
  • The Nick Cannon Show
    • Latanya exists in this universe, but is merely a sketch character in All That. This could mean that the whole Nick Cannon Show exists within the universe of a single All That sketch
  • Taina
    • Latanya sneaks into the set of Taina, ties Christina Vidal up, and tries to become the star of the show. This means that Taina is a TV show within The Nick Cannon Show and the All That sketch about Latanya.
  • Henry Danger
    • Nathan Kress shows up as himself in one episode and even demands to see his manager.
  • Game Shakers had an episode "Game Shippers" where they watched an iCarly marathon (which really took place on Nickelodeon the week before this episode aired) and tried to determine who Freddie loved most in the show.
  • One-sided: Fred exists as a web show within iCarly, as seen in "iMeet Fred". Lucas Kruikshank, Fred's real-life actor, plays himself. This presumably means that the Nick-produced Fred: The Show is also fictional within the iCarly universe.
Series which exist in a secondary NickVerse (may or may not be connected to the primary NickVerse):
  • Big Time Rush.
    • A Big Time Rush poster can be seen behind Jade in the Victorious episode "Wi-Fi in the Sky". However, Big Time Rush exists as both a fictional band and a real-world band, so we can't determine if the storylines in this show occur in the same universe or not.
    • Star Wars and Green Day exist in Big Time Rush, whereas in the conventional Nick Verse they are replaced with Galaxy Wars and Yellow Day. This may be evidence against BTR being set in the Nick Verse. however characters from Star Wars have been mentioned in iCarly like Darth Vader, which could imply that Galaxy Wars and Star Wars exist together.
    • Miranda Cosgrove was also on an episode As Herself, which complicates things further. however should be noted that Miranda (along other actors) have played multiple characters in Nickverse. Even Josh Peck appeared as himself in Victorious despite the fact Victorious shares continuity with Drake and Josh.
    • One Direction exists in Big Time Rush and iCarly.
  • SpongeBob (Patchy the Pirate segments)
    • The real-world parts of SpongeBob exist in the same universe as Big Time Rush. This is justified by Patchy the Pirate's appearance in "Big Time Beach Party."
  • Yo Gabba Gabba!.
    • Yo Gabba Gabba makes a cameo in Big Time Rush episode "Big Time Cameo". The two groups meet backstage, but Yo Gabba Gabba continues to act as if they are in a children's edutainment show. This suggests that Big Time Rush is interacting with the actual Yo Gabba Gabba characters, and they live in a universe where the Yo Gabba Gabba characters exist offstage.
  • True Jackson, VP.
    • The characters in the show run into Yo Gabba Gabba in the episode "Trapped in Paris". Again, Yo Gabba Gabba acts like they're in a children's show despite being in a non-performance environment. This suggests that they are interacting with the actual Yo Gabba Gabba characters rather than their actors (i.e. they are talking to DJ Lance Rock rather than Lance Robertson)
  • How to Rock
    • Big Time Rush has made a guest appearance on the show.
    • Since minor characters from the show Big Time Rush do not appear, we can't determine whether this is the real-world band or the fictional band.
  • Marvin Marvin:
    • The title character appears in the Big Time Rush episode "Big Time Marvin".
  • Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn:
    • In the special "Go Hollywood", it is revealed that the quads watch The Thundermans.
Series in the animated Nick Verse:

We know that SpongeBob exists as a show within the secondary NickVerse because Patchy the Pirate is a big fan of the show. Because of this, the following shows all potentially exist with their own NickVerse:

Actors who play multiple characters in the NickVerse

Tropes constant across the Nick Verse.

  • Alternate Company Equivalent: Many of the shows or stars could be considered this to Disney Channel, for example Big Time Rush to JONAS, Miranda Cosgrove to Miley Cyrus, etc.
  • Common Crossover: Daka Shoes, Pearpods (an Ersatz of Apple products), Wahoo Punch, Blix and several other real world brand-inspired products.
  • Continuity Snarl: The concrete canon nature that iCarly, Victorious, Drake & Josh and Zoey 101 exist in the same reality with each other, then having the cast of Victorious say that Drake & Josh was a TV show. This came the episode after they had Helen, a major character on Drake & Josh show up on Victorious and reference Crazy Steve.
    • As can be shown above, Big Time Rush existing as a fictional TV show and a real life band complicates things quite well.
    • The record might be the episode Tiny Pickles of Game Shakers. Helen, who became the principal of Hollywood Arts in Series/Victorious, has a talk show where she interviews Matthew Bennett, the actor who played Robbie on Victorious, and talks about his role on Victorious. All while outside, Rex appears as a sentient puppet, but with it implied that it's actually Rex, as opposed to being Christopher Cane, the fictional sentient puppet actor from the Victorious bloopers episode who played Rex.
  • Cowboy Be Bop At His Computer: As children's programming has always been a hot topic, there will be frequent "experts" who have much to opine without actually having basic knowledge of the shows they're talking about. Take these two articles - whatever the validity of their argument, their points are not helped with some very basic factual errors. Misspelling series names (iCarly is simply Carly, JESSIE is JESSE - and to boot, a screenshot from that show is attributed to Wizards of Waverly Place), much attention has been given over to shows that have been canceled, etc. Much of this would have been avoided if only they visited the shows' IMDb pages.
  • Celebrity Paradox: Several actors have shown up as themselves on various shows in the Nick Verse despite playing characters that exist as real in the same universe. The most obvious example would be Drake Bell showing up on Zoey 101 as himself, despite his character Drake Parker existing as a real person in the same universe that Zoey 101 and all the other Nick Verse shows are part of. In the first Drake & Josh movie, footage of Drake Bell As Himself performing for PCA in Zoey 101 ended up being repurposed as a performance for the character Drake Parker, and none of this is commented on by anyone. This is an aversion of Celebrity Paradox.
  • iPhony: Started with a Pear Company laptop in Drake & Josh and Zoey 101 but spread massively during iCarly.
  • Jerkass: Plenty, including the lead characters in several of the shows.
  • Laugh Track: Every show that isn't Zoey 101.
  • Odd Couple: Many of the issues, particularly in the Schneider-verse, use this as a major source of conflict.
  • Prolonged Prologue: Since 2016, it is normal for Nick's sitcoms to have long cold opening, typically taking between 5-10 minutes for the theme song to start playing. Warped!'s cold openings are much shorter than other modern Nickcoms (although still long for kidcom standards).
  • Recursive Reality: Zigzagged. Sometimes the shows are Mutually Fictional even though by all acounts they should take place in the same universe. For example, though Drake & Josh exists in the same universe as the rest of the shows (as can be seen above), the Victorious episode Who Did It To Trina has the characters come out and say that Drake & Josh was a TV show.
  • You Look Familiar: In iParty with Victorious, Freddie remarks that Tori looks like Shelby, but that Tori is hotter.