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Who says nerds can't become hotties?

Nathan Karl Kress (born November 18, 1992) is an American film and television actor. A professional child model and actor since the age of three, he is best known for his role as Freddie Benson on the Nickelodeon television series iCarly (reprising the role in both Sam & Cat and iCarly (2021)) and starred in the TV-movie Gym Teacher: The Movie.

Married to stunt performer London Elise Moore.

This actor contains examples of:

  • Ascended Fanboy: Is an avid fan of Star Wars and was thrilled when he got to voice Wedge Antilles in Rebels.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: The reason why Nathan got popular, as Freddie Benson, and his role as one-shot character Toplin from Drake & Josh was cut from the show after they decided to cast him as Freddie because of it because it'd be the same thing, Nathan's dogged nice guy character hitting on Miranda's not interested female character.
  • Mr. Fanservice: As of Season 5 of iCarly. A lot of his outfits have definitely been fanservice inspired for the female viewers. His guesting in True Jackson VP where he played a foreign prince handwaved this fact with his Rome-inspired painting.
  • Scully Box: The first season of iCarly had him wear ridiculously thick-soled boots to catch up with the girls' heights.
  • Typecasting: His role as a dorky character with an overbearing mother in iCarly and Gym Teacher.