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Film / Gym Teacher: The Movie

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Nickelodeon's Made-for-TV Movie starring surprisingly A-list actors (Christopher Meloni from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Amy Sedaris and others from Strangers with Candy). Meloni plays Dave Stewie, a gym teacher (duh) who hopes to chase away an Old Shame by winning "Gym Teacher of the Year". To do that, he needs a fully-polished and capable class, which he has until incredibly uncoordinated New Transfer Student Roland Waffle arrives. Oh, and the hot teacher Dave has a crush on turns out to be Roland's mom. Strictly Formula here, to the point where the costume design, particularly Roland's helmet and the school's ham mascot, is the most creative part of the whole movie.

This film provides examples of:

  • Affectionate Parody: Of most sports movies.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Almost everything the principal says, left completely hanging.
  • G-Rated Drug: Pirated DVDs, "enough to prove intent to sell..."
  • Large Ham: Pretty much everyone gets a turn. (Also, the school mascot is literally a Large Ham)
  • Made-for-TV Movie
  • Safety Worst: Roland's mom makes him wear a helmet for gym class, which has led to him wearing it whenever he leaves the house, including all day in school- OK, let's start the Fridge Logic with the fact that his mom's a middle school teacher and should know what kind of target that paints on him...
  • Strictly Formula: Will Coach Stewie overcome the humiliation of 20 years of sports blooper shows and finally get on a Wheaties box? Will Roland cast aside his helmet, climb to the top of the rope and save the day? Was there ever any doubt?
  • Writing Around Trademarks: Stewie messed up a jump "at Seoul in 1988". The word "Olympics" is never mentioned...