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Dug's Special Mission

Charles Muntz's dog pack are chasing after Kevin the bird. Dug isn't among them; he's wandering around the plateau and sniffing at a flower. However, said flower happens to be right in the way of the big chase. Kevin jumps over him and continues going, but the other dogs need to stop for him. Kevin escapes, and the other dogs are very annoyed with Dug for getting in their way. Dug is eager to help catch the bird, and though Beta and Gamma think this is hilarious, Alpha has an idea. He'll give Dug a "special mission" to do, which will keep him out of the way while the others hunt the bird.


Dug: Oh boy! My pack is giving me a special mission! Did you know today is my birthday? I made a wish.
Alpha: Yes, very nice. Your mission is to watch this rock.

Dug eagerly sets to watching the rock. When he questions why he's supposed to do it, Alpha replies that it's Kevin's "favorite rock", and tells Dug to let them know if it moves. They then move out, while Dug watches the rock. However, while doing this, he knocks over small rock, which hits the big rock that Dug was supposed to be watching. Turns out the boulder was quite precariously balanced, and the impact of that small rock sent it rolling down the slope- right towards the rest of the pack. The pack runs away from the rock and into a small chasm. The rock falls over into it, but it's too big to fit down, so the dogs are left on their backs with a giant boulder a few inches away.

Dug: Alpha, the rock moved!

Alpha then gives Dug a new mission- sit in "the bird's favorite hole" and to never (SQUIRREL!) leave. Dug stays in the hole, and the pack leaves to go do the real work. However, the hole isn't what it seems to be- it's more like a downward tunnel filled with sand. Dug ends up sliding down the hole, which turns out to exit on the ceiling of the cave where the other dogs are stalking Kevin.

Alpha: This is our day, my lieutenants. Master will have much rewar- [CRASH]
Dug: Hey, my pack is in the hole too!

Alpha later gives Dug the mission "sit on that rock". Unfortunately, Dug jumping to that rock destabilizes the rock the rest of the dogs are on, and they fall down (Dug's rock is stable and he is fine). Later, the rest of the pack threaten him in the jungle- only to trigger several of Muntz's traps. Dug jumps across rock pillars in a chasm to find the bird- and destabilizes them for the rest of his pack. From at the chasm's bottom, Alpha calls Muntz.

Alpha: This is Alpha, calling to Master. I am reporting that Dug has caused us to not capture the bird. He is a bad dog!

Dug hears Alpha's transmission and runs away across the plateau. He's upset, and his mood is only made worse when he overhears the other dogs talking over his comm about the punishment he's going to get for being The Millstone. He reflects on what a bad birthday he's had so far, and comments on a few of the rock formations he sees.

Dug: That looks like a turtle. That looks like a man.
Carl: I see you back there!
Dug: It is a man!

From then on, we see Dug's introductory scene in Up from his point of view. He happily reflects that it's been a good birthday after all. He got his birthday wish- a new master!


  • Break the Cutie: Dug doesn't take being called a bad dog well.
  • Captain Obvious: Dug tells Alpha that the rock moved- after said rock had already chased the pack down and was an inch away from Alpha's face.
  • The Ghost: Alpha refers to Charles Muntz (who he calls 'master') a few times, but Muntz never appears.
  • The Millstone: Dug. To be fair, it's not always entirely his fault. The thing with the hole can be laid entirely at Alpha's paws.
  • The Pollyanna: Dug again. He is continuously cheerful and upbeat about doing whatever Snipe Hunt his pack sent him on- until Alpha called him a bad dog.
  • Prequel: It shows what Dug had been up to just prior to his introduction in the film.
  • Snipe Hunt: All the 'Special missions' were just excuses to get Dug to stay put and out of the way.
  • Super Gullible: Dug does whatever Alpha says and accepts Alpha's transparent excuses about why he needs to do so.


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