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The film takes place in one room and stars the toy of the title, a mechanical one-man band player named Tinny, and a baby named Billy. At first, Tinny is delighted at the prospect of being played with by Billy until he sees how destructive the infant can be. When Tinny tries to walk out of Billy's reach, the musical instruments on the toy's back play notes, attracting Billy's attention. Tinny begins to run, but is chased by Billy. Tinny soon finds cover under the couch, only to find that many other toys have also hidden themselves from Billy there since they are also afraid and have learned the same experience. Unaware of this, while walking and trying to find Tinny and the other toys, Billy tumbles helplessly flat onto the floor, and starts bawling. Tinny, feeling sorry for the baby, goes to the child in an attempt to cheer him up. Billy, upon seeing Tinny, stops wailing and grabs the toy, shaking him around for a few moments before being distracted by the box Tinny was packaged in to played with. Annoyed, Tinny follows Billy around the room an attempt to get his attention but is still ignored. Then he pursues Billy who is instead even more happier playing with boxes and shopping bag while some toys come out from the couch to play. (Also they play together at the end to make the theme come to life)


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