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...and one derp Sea Lion.

Finding Dory can actually be considered funnier than the first Finding, as it's considered by many to be much more lighthearted than the original and has Dory as the protagonist this time.

  • In the East Australian Current:
    Marlin: Totally sick! Totally sick!
    Crush: Isn't it great?
    Marlin: No! I'm gonna be totally sick!
    Crush: If you're gonna hurl, do me a solid, head to the back of the shell, lean out, and go for distance!
    Squirt: We call it "Feeding the Fish"!
  • Dory's response to seeing a hand coming towards her: "Mommy?... AAAH! That is definitely not Mommy!!"
  • In the Marine Life Institute:
    Fish: I feel fantastic!
    (He then sneezes, and all the others swim away from him, looking offended)
    Another fish: Dude.
  • In a fish tank with a group of regal tang:
    Dory: Mom! Dad!
    Marlin: (whispering) She should just pick two, and let's go!
    Nemo: Dad...
    Marlin: What? I'm kidding! It's a reunion.
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  • The sea lions. They're as classic an example of Those Two Guys as anything.
  • This exchange:
    Destiny: Bailey, use your echolocation!
    Bailey: Oooo-ooo- I feel stupid.
  • The scene where Hank tries to pass himself off as a baby, complete with pacifier and wrapped in blankets in the stroller.
  • This exchange between Marlin and Nemo:
    Nemo: I trust Becky.
    Marlin: You trust Becky? Becky's eating a cup!
    Becky: (her head now stuck in the paper cup) ???
  • Marlin is supposed to trill his "r"s and say Becky's name in order to get her to imprint on him. All he can manage to do is get out an "oo-roo".
  • Dory repeatedly getting stung by Marlin and Nemo's anemone home while Marlin keeps trying to get her to go back to sleep is positively Black Comedy after the intro scene, which decidedly did not play Dory's condition for laughs.
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  • Every time Nemo brings back what Marlin said to Dory that upset her in the most sarcastic way possible.
  • Dory under the impression that Sigourney Weaver's voice at the park is speaking to her and treating her like a friend. Made even funnier when one of the sea lions also brings up Sigourney Weaver to reassure Marlin that Dory isn't in danger. And made triply funny with the Brick Joke near the end, when Dory off-handedly mentions something she was told by a friend named Sigourney.
  • The toy fish Marlin and Nemo find themselves trapped with. It's just really ugly swimming around them and tackles Marlin at one point.
  • Becky treats Marlin as an egg, constantly putting him below her, between her feet. After a moment, Marlin gives up trying to get away. Before this, she starts pecking him. Nemo thinks she likes him.
  • While Hank is figuring out how to drive the hijacked truck, he tries to find the accelerator to lose the former drivers, who are chasing the drifting vehicle. He hits the brake instead, and the driver smacks right into the side mirror.
  • As Hank manages to drive the hijacked truck away, one of the former drivers moans "We are so fired."
  • In order to avoid a police barricade, Hank and Dory drive the hijacked Marine Life Institute truck off a cliff, the descent being in slow-motion with "What a Wonderful World" playing is funny enough, but if you look closely one of the officers watching clearly says something to the effect of "How the fuck?" As the cherry on the sundae, the sea lions get hit in the face with a large fish.
  • The end of the sequence has Charlie call out, "Come to Papa!" in slow-motion as Hank and Dory fall toward him, Jenny, Marlin, and Nemo.
  • There's Gerald, pictured above, the sea lion with the Groucho Marx-esque unibrow, his goofy Igor-like facial expression, as well as his hysterical chuckle/laugh.
    • The face he makes each time Fluke and Rudder force him off their rock is pure gold.
    • In order to help Marlin and Nemo get in the park, Fluke and Rudder trick Gerald into giving them his bucket by making him believe he can finally sun himself on their rock. He eagerly gives it up and is able to sit on the rock...for all of five seconds.
      Fluke: Comfortable, isn't it?
      [Gerald nods with a satisfied grin.]
      Fluke: Time's up! Get off the rock!
      Rudder: Yeah, get off!
      Both: OFF! OFF! OFF! OFF! OFF! OFF! OFF!
    • When Fluke and Rudder finally leave their rock in order to watch Dory rescue Nemo and Marlin, Gerald immediately seizes the opportunity and sits on their rock, clapping his fins and laughing uncontrollably.
      Fluke: Gerald? Have you lost your marbles?
      Rudder: Don't get used to it, Gerald!
  • The hyper-talkative clam that won't shut up: "OH, SHELLY!" Made even better by Marlin's facial expression.
  • Dory is in a bucket with dead fish. Her reaction is doubly funny if you know that fish can't blink at all in Real Life.
    Dory: Sorry, I gotta blink. How do you hold your eyes open that long?
  • In the ending, Dory plays hide-and-seek with the children, her friends, Nemo and Marlin, and her parents again. She succeeds in finding everyone but Destiny, who is a whale shark and therefore should be the easiest one to find.
  • Kathy (the blue lisping fish) asking when Mr. Ray is coming back from his migration, answered by substitute teacher Hank that "if he's smart, he'll stay away as long as he can."
  • The Always a Bigger Fish sequence. When the fish truck is hurled into the ocean, a small fish gets eaten by a medium fish, who gets eaten by a big fish, who then sneezes, reversing the sequence.
  • Destiny's introduction. After a bit of swimming she slams right in a wall... and for some reason makes a squeaky noise. It's hard to keep a straight face once you notice every time she does that the same noise happens.
  • This exchange:
    Marlin: Dory, I get the feeling that these crabs are shushing us for a reason. You might wake up something dangerous.
    Dory: Like something with one big eye, tentacles and a snappy thing?
    Marlin: Well, that's...very specific, but something like that.
    (Marlin and Nemo turn around to see a huge squid loom up before them)
    All: AAAAAH!!!!
  • All of Destiny and Bailey's constant bickering Like an Old Married Couple.
    Bailey: I really can't echolocate.
    Destiny: Oh, I cannot have this conversation again. I just can't.
    Bailey: I hit my head very hard! See how swollen it is?
    Destiny: Your head is supposed to be big! You're a beluga!
  • While discussing family with Nemo's class, Dory forgets what she is saying, and when Nemo tells her that they are talking about "mommies and daddies", she misinterprets what he means and starts giving the class The Talk, before Mr. Ray quickly cuts her off. Mr. Ray is none too pleased with Dory once again becoming his teaching assistant who always interrupts what he's saying, and just like in the first film, masks his annoyance with hammy behavior.
  • The Stinger.
  • The fact that we see that Mr. Ray isn't the only Large Ham stingray in the ocean when the Stingray Migration passes with all of the stingrays singing.
  • Marlin's reaction to the Humboldt squid: treat it like Cthulhu and offer to build it monuments as placation. Of course where did he get that idea?
    Marlin: We'll worship you... we'll build... do you- do you like a monument...?
  • Destiny and Bailey punning off each others' names.
    Destiny: Don't bail on me, Bailey!
    Bailey: It's your destiny, Destiny.
  • Many of Bailey's lines after regaining his echolocation. Special mention to "MY BEAUTIFUL GIFT!" and "MY LIFE IS A RAINBOW!"
    • The cough-and-you'll-miss-it gag where he imitates the buzz of a camera lens zooming in to focus his echolocation on a particular spot.
    • At one point, Dory is navigating the pipes and Bailey detects something else in the pipes as well... It turns out to be Marlin and Nemo, and as they're overjoyed to see each other again, they all go in for a group hug but due to the "fuzziness" of Bailey's vision...
      Bailey: OH NO! It's consuming her! It's eating her alive!
  • Marlin summoning Becky to get them out of the transport truck, only for her to appear out of nowhere, pail and all, standing on Hank's head.
  • The entire touch pool scene where Hank is cowering like a baby. Eventually culminating when a finger pokes him and he inks the whole pool, scaring the children away.
    Hank: Sorry!
    Dory: That's OK. Everybody does it. Nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Hank's first appearance. He's hiding on one of those kitten-on-a-clothesline 'Hang In There, Baby' posters with his big old eyes in place of the cat's.
  • When Hank says "NOBODY'S FINE!" then a person says on the phone "I'm fine".
  • It's hard not to chuckle at Destiny and Dory's whale-moan communication.
  • Fluke and Rudder end their furious barking at Gerald to instantly resume their laid-back conversation with Marlin and Nemo, in what might be the single biggest case of Mood Whiplash ever.
  • The first time "What would Dory do?" is asked, Marlin goes on about how she would carefully and logically assess the situation, to which Nemo snarks that that sounds more like "What would Marlin do?" For a dose of Hilarious in Hindsight, it could be argued that Dory does EXACTLY THAT while playing Hide and Seek with Marlin, Nemo, her friends, the school children and her parents, with her first counting down, wondering WHY everyone left once she reached 3, deducing that they must be playing hide and seek and then quickly counting up to 10 from 3 afterwards. Then Dory gets back into the ocean, and begins to do the same thing, analyzing the surroundings around her to eventually reunite with her parents.
  • In a Meta sense, if you go through the credits in the Additional Voices segment, you'll find Terrell Ransom, Jr. in there. He's got his fair share of experience voicing animated fish.
  • If you weren't already aware of the premise of her role, the first time you hear a voice echoing over the ocean saying, "Hello. I'm Sigourney Weaver," provides a pretty decent laugh for the sheer WTF factor
  • The Swedish ending to the movie. note 
  • Dory needs to stop traffic. She needs something cute. There's a bunch of cute otters nearby. Who all perk up as she looks at them, with a little musical ting!
  • The exclusive Blu-Ray DVD/Internet short "Marine Life Interviews", detailing each of the main and secondary characters' experiences in meeting or learning about Dory, has a few gold moments too:
    • The whole segment might harken back to the British/American 1989-short-film and early-2000's TV series "Creature Comforts".
    • Bailey still can't quite get his echolocation down, even though he learned how to do so in the middle of the movie:
    Bailey: OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!... Just-a-sec... OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!... Just-a-sec... ooooo—This never happens...! OOOOO—Is somebody wearing metal?
    Bailey, in another segment: OOOOOOOOOO— (turns away, to himself:) You've got to want it. You gotta WANT it! Get in there! (turns back to offscreen interviewer:) OOOOOOOO— (happy) Here we go! OOOOOOOOOO—Now I'm feeling it! OOOOOOOOO— (disappointed) And there it goes, I don't know what's happening, I apologize.
    • Destiny thought Dory didn't like her at first, because she kept forgetting her name, except then she realized Dory forgets EVERYBODY'S name!
    • In the last segment of her interview, Destiny details how Baby Dory used to play hide-and-seek in her mouth, following it up with her suddenly and rather-awkwardly opening her big gaping mouth wide at the camera, with it taking up the entirety of the screen, and then some.
    Destiny: (opening her mouth at the camera) Ahhh! (muddled and slurred, since she can't close her mouth) Ahhy Ahhy, Ahhen Hree! (Olly Olly, Oxen Free!)
    • By the end of the short, Dory says that she can't remember any of that happening.

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