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Heartwarming / The Good Dinosaur

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  • Poppa and Momma witnessing the hatching of their children.
  • Poppa and Arlo's entire relationship: The former is supportive to the latter and the latter greatly admires the former. Which makes Poppa's death all the more heartbreaking.

    • Poppa: You’re me and more!
    • The scene where Poppa and Arlo play around with the fireflies, and later when Arlo does the same with Spot.
  • Arlo and Spot's relationship.
    • Spot repaying Arlo for not killing him and setting him free by digging out his leg and getting him food.
    • In his dream with his father, Arlo tells him he loves Spot.
    • Arlo encouraging Spot to go to his new human family because he understands that Spot needs them.
  • Butch teaching Arlo that fear isn't something to forget, but it's a natural process.
  • Ramsey and Nash coming to the aid of Arlo and Spot when they are attacked by Thunderclap and his gang. It first reveals them not as typical mean predators but firm protagonists.
  • After the T. rex family and Arlo all chase Bubbha and the raptors away, the three T. rexes join together in a territorial roar. Ramsey Aside Glances at Arlo, mid-roar, and nudges him. He promptly joins in the roaring with an (at last) full-throated sauropod bellow of his own.
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  • Butch's parting words to Arlo, paying him the highest compliment a full grown T. rex patriarch can:
    Butch: "You'll be alright. You're one tough kid."
  • Arlo saves Spot from the waterfall, and gets him onto shore, where he wakes Spot from unconsciousness. Spot's thankful smile towards Arlo, and Arlo's relieved look on his face really show that they're glad that the other is alright. Tired out from the storm, they close their eyes to rest for a while, and Spot rubs Arlo's head like a boy would do with his dog.
  • For finding his way home, Arlo finally manages to make his mark just like the rest of the family.
  • When Arlo finally reaches home, he and his family share a group hug. Even Buck, who always viewed Arlo as a coward, is overjoyed to see his brother again.
  • When the human woman reaches out and touches Spot, and he gives a blissful smile and relaxes into her hand. It's obvious how much the first human contact he's had in likely a long time means to him.
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  • Though the trope is killed nigh immediately, Thunderclap and his gang's first interaction's with Arlo.

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