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The King has arrived, ready to take on the challengers who want to claim his throne.
  • Anytime Godzilla shows up with his roar challenging the Monster of the Week and charging up his power breath.
  • S1E04 "Talkin' Trash": Dr. Felix Hoenikker telling off Dean Whitehead what every Godzilla fan wishes to hear whenever a corporate executive pokes their nose where it's not needed after Dean complains about not applying the patent towards the Nanotech Creature:
    "One more word out of you, and I’m FEEDING YOU TO THAT THING!"
  • S1E05 "The Winter of Our Discontent": When Nick finds out that an experimental computer-operated control device created by Winter's was controlling Godzilla, he went into full on Papa Wolf Mode!
  • S1E08 "Leviathan": While it looked like Mendel isn't able to save his teammates from the Tachyon aliens' grasp, he slyly switches out N.I.G.E.L.'s motherboard with one that's programmed with the attitude of Curley, prompting him to go on a destructive streak. When ordered by his idol, Dr. Preloran, to stop N.I.G.E.L., Mendel simply wags a finger and goes "Bad N.I.G.E.L., stop", similar in a manner of a pet owner who's far too amused seeing his pet wreck revenge on someone who had wronged them before. Talk about balls of steel from the resident Butt-Monkey!
  • S1E09 "Hive": Randy points out that one should never underestimate Godzilla.
    Randy: I've said it before and I'll say it again: Never bet against the "Lizard King"!
    • Craven gets two in this episode. The first is when he finally follows Monique's lead and learns to be self-sufficient. The second is when he tries to help an injured Monique escape. When she's too proud to let him carry her, he points out that it wouldn't kill her to accept someone's help every now and again.
  • "Competition" Craven of all people takes the creator and pilot of the Robo-Yeti hostage using N.I.G.E.L. They might have gotten away but it remains moot since King Cobra appeared right after.
  • S1E12-14 "Monster Wars": The Tachyon aliens bought back the original Zilla upgraded as a cyborg! That means he's an Undead Radioactive Alien Hybrid Mutant Cyborg Kaiju ...awesome.
    • What's even more awesome is that both Godzilla, Jr. and Nick stand up to him!
    • From a meta point of view, this is awesome for multiple reasons. First, the cyborg version can breathe fire- meaning that Zilla Sr. finally does what the movie version of him never did. What's more, said fire is blue- like classic fire from the movies. Second, this is basically the series' version of Mechagodzilla, one of the best villains in the franchise, and finally, it made Zilla Sr. awesome. Not bad, show, not bad at all.
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    • When the monsters are finally released from the Tachyon aliens' control, they show their oppressors why you shouldn't screw with them and their home. Giant Bat saves Nick and the HEAT team, Cryptocleidus has its The Dog Bites Back, Queen Bee becomes the first of the monsters to destroy one of the warships and lastly, Godzilla taking down several ships before confronting his cyborg father.
    • Cyborg Godzilla uses all his arsenal to destroy Godzilla Junior who didn't need stinkin cybernetic implants. He only uses his skills and wits to best him. Godzilla delivers the finishing blow and tore his former father's insides allowing him, killing him for good this time. The Tachyon core collective sounds the retreat not long after which means that Godzilla Junior ends the Monster Wars. He truly deserves the spot as the Lizard King.
    • While several of the monsters may have perished, they went down fighting and took some of their enemies with them and thanks to their sacrifices, the humans are able to muster the power to repel the Tachyon invasion succesfully.
  • S2E01 "Future Shock": The team - sans Mendel, who's out sick - accidentally travel to an alternate future, where monsters known as D.R.A.G.M.A.s have destroyed most of the military forces of Earth and basically overrun the world. When Nick hesitantly asks what happened to Godzilla, Future Craven shows him a memorial statute of Godzilla, and states that he fought as long as possible, saving millions of lives before finally being defeated.
    • What makes this even cooler is that these are basically the series answer to DESTROYAH and it's implied Godzilla Jr actually managed to kill some of them.
  • S2E03 Godzilla did an excellent landing before confronting Skeetera and the Giant Bat. Randy is clearly impressed with the feet.
    Randy: The G-Man comes up with the rebound and it's good.
  • S2E05 "Freak Show": Mayor Ebert chewing out Tobias Wilson for Medusa's escape. It shows that while he may be a politician, despite the stereotypes, he truly cares about the safety of the citizens and takes his job deadly seriously.
    Tobias Wilson: You can't destroy Medusa - she's private property!
    Mayor Ebert: People have been hurt, and the city is in danger. I can do what I want, Wilson, including holding you responsible!
  • S2E07 "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been": Mendel drives a speedboat toward the Mutant Bacillus loaded with a drum of the antibiotic Elsie had whipped up. As he bails before the bacteria eats the boat:
  • S2E08"Wedding Bells Blew":An episode centering on the battle between fire and ice. Godzilla met his elemental rival in the form of a mutant Manta. The twos' breath attacks collide that were so intense that it cause the weather to burst into a violent storm.
  • S2E16"Vision": Don't forget about the excellent teamwork both Monique and Godzilla displayed. Monique uses the plane she's piloting to draw the Hummingbird's attention away from the city. When they pursue her, Monique turns the ship towards Godzilla who renders two of the birds unconscious with remarkable aiming with his Breath Weapon.
    • Godzilla's cooperation and impressive combat skills shouldn't be ignored. Despite unable to understand what the visors were, Godzilla trusts Nick to place them on him and try it on and with it, he is able to see the Hummingbirds. Godzilla demolishes the flock using his claws, tail and his Atomic Breath. His marksman ship is unparalleled for a Kaiju as he's able to hit his targets without harming his family and the passengers on that plane.

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