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If other Toho Kaiju had been included in the series…
  • Anguirus: An actual Ankylosaurus, heavily mutated by the radiation from Chernobyl; he becomes friends with Godzilla after working together to take down a third mutation. Almost exactly the same but with the modified head seen in concept art and spiked/clubbed tail.
    • Alternatively, a giant Shingleback from the Australian Outback, created by nuclear tests the British did in the 1960's.
  • Mothra: A giant moth worshipped by the inhabitants of an island off the coast of Japan as a guardian deity; her people claim that she protected the Earth against an "evil from the stars" and that the evil will soon return. She would look mostly the same but with more realistic wings for an emperor moth.
  • Gigan: A genetically engineered monster created by Cameron Winter; he starts out completely organic but becomes progressively more cybernetic in each appearance. Starts off resembling the Imperial Toys bootleg Gigan toy before having his arms, feet and eyes replaced by his classic cybernetic components, then, after suffering further damage, is repeatedly upgraded until his hook claws are replaced with a wrecking ball and a chainsaw.
  • King Ghidorah: A three-headed alien resembling a dragon; he’s initially controlled by the Leviathan Aliens but as soon as he’s freed of their control he attacks them before turning his attention to H.E.A.T. and Godzilla. Unlike most other versions this one would have a more traditionally western look to him.
  • Moguera: Like Gigan, he starts out as a wholly organic creature until Winter mechanizes him. Starting out as a reptilian mole creature, after escaping a fight with Godzilla he's captured by Winter and put through a mechanization process and becomes a cross between a robotic mole and a drill tank.
  • Gorosaurus: A giant mutant chicken, created in a genetic experiment gone wrong. Because of Atavism, it has a long bony tail and small but sharp teeth in the beak's back; it only has feathers on the back, neck, and wings, and none on the sides in leiu of scaley skin. Its main moethods of offense and defense are powerful legs that can deliver powerful punches and oscillating sonic vocalisations. Most people (especially Randy) would be non-plussed if not amused by the idea of a chicken kaiju, but these are quickly shot down by it being a surprisingly lethal opponent to Godzilla.
  • King Kongnote : A mutant chimpanzee, created in an animal testing experiment gone wrong and escaped.
    • More likely they'd go with the classic origin of Kong coming from an uncharted island, brought to New York by shortsighted humans and ends up fighting Godzilla atop the Empire State Building before being humanly subdued by H.E.A.T..
Had Godzilla:The Series continued....
  • Cameron Winter arc: There'll be one or two more episodes of Winter pestering Godzilla culminating in a Final Battle where H.E.A.T and Godzilla put the villain away for good.
  • SCALE. Although meant to be one-shot villains, SCALE can be great reoccuring antagonists.
  • Leviathan arc: One final series of episodes where a grand invasion force both humans and monsters to work side by side. It'll be a fine Grand Finale.
  • Nick and Audrey arc: Concluding the series would be their wedding.

There is a hidden Conspiracy within the series
  • There is a Kaiju arms race where individuals are intentionally creating new Mutations to serve for their own benefit. In fact, it's possible that the Polynesian nuclear testings which gave birth to Godzilla were an attempt to create new Mutations. Possible members of this conspiracy include.
    • Cameron Winter.
    • Tobias Wilson.
    • Maximilain Spiel.
    • The Mexican military general from the El Gusano episode.
    • The creator of Ts-eh-Go.
    • Jonahtan Insley.

Komodithrax and the turtle are both still alive.
  • Kaiju fall from great heights all the time and are fine. Sure, the GTS monsters are a LOT less durable than Toho monsters, but it happens all across the genre. Zilla Jr. himself has tackled kaiju off of cliffs, slipped and fallen, and been thrown around numerous times. He's even fallen into similarly sized pits that have collapsed in on top of him after. There's no way Komodithrax is dead.

Cyber-Zilla's atomic breath is neither an upgrade nor a retcon
  • It's far simpler: She was pregnant in the film. Pregnancy tends to eat up a lot of the body's resources. Could be she just didn't have enough metabolic energy or atomic power to fuel a proper heat ray, and when she tried, it resulted in the "exhale and make cars explode" thing we got in the movie. Once she had been revived as a cyborg, that was no longer an issue, granting her her full range of abilities.

Related to above, Jr's willingness to stand and fight, and slightly better physical performance aren't related to mutation at all.
  • He's simply not pregnant, and therefor at full strength.