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Godzilla: The Series is a side-scrolling Beat 'em Up based on the animated Godzilla: The Series show, developed by Crawfish Interactive and published by Crave Entertainment in 1999 for the Game Boy Color. The game is largely a retelling of several episodes from the series' first season, rewritten into a fairly loose plot. A sequel, Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars was released the following year, and is based on the three-part storyline of the same name.

The first game features the following mutations as bosses:

"Monster Wars" features the following mutations as bosses:


  • Adapted Out: The second game, "Monster Wars", excludes King Cobra, Queen Bee, and Crustaceous Rex (despite the latter appearing on the cover art) even though the latter two appeared in the first game and all of them featuring prominently in the "Monster Wars" episodes. Inverted with the Nanotech Creature, who was added to the story despite only appearing in one episode earlier in the series.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Godzilla is never placed under mind control in "Monster Wars" by the Leviathan aliens, and thus is never used as a weapon against humanity.
  • Alien Invasion: "Monster Wars", although the aliens never appear in person, the involvement in the plot is very minimal, and their intentions go unknown.
  • Artistic License – History: The game states that the Tachyon signal sent by the Leviathan aliens has been active for 55 million years, despite the fact that ship is supposed to have been on the bottom of the sea since the Mezozoic Era, which ended 65 million years ago.
  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign: Monique's usage of the French expression "sacre bleu" is misspelled as "sacre blue."
  • Big Bad: Cameron Winter is behind the military's attacks which drive the plot of the first game. In the second game, the Leviathan aliens take this role.
  • Boss Game: Both games are largely a series of Boss Battles separated by side-scrolling levels.
  • Compressed Adaptation:
    • The overall plot of the first game is based on the episode "The Winter of Our Discontent", with the Boss Battles taken from "Dreams of What May Come", "Hive", and "New Family: Part Two".
    • The second game is unsurprisingly based on the "Monster Wars" three-parter from the animated series' first season, with the most notable difference being the fact that Godzilla is never put under Mind Control by the Leviathan Aliens.
  • Covers Always Lie: Godzilla battles Crustaceous Rex on the box art of "Monster Wars", despite C-Rex not appearing in the game itself.
  • Death by Adaptation: Nick's comments heavily imply that Cameron Winter is dead after Godzilla destroys the Solstice Technologies building.
  • Final Boss:
    • Cameron Winter's Solstice Technologies building, with hordes of tanks, Cyber Flies, and missile launchers to ward off Godzilla.
    • "Monster Wars" has Cyber-Godzilla as its final boss, just like the storyline the game is based on.
  • Flunky Boss: Both Queen Bee and the Solstice Technologies building rely more on their minions to do the fighting. The latter is particularly notable as the building loses its own weapon systems during the later stages of the battle.
  • Gender Flip: Cyber-Godzilla is referred to as female in the "Monster Wars" game, despite being explicitly male in all other media.
  • The Goomba: Godzilla fights his way through waves of soldiers and military equipment, as well as giant squids, mutant rats, and giant bees.
  • Kaiju: It is a Godzilla game, after all.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: The Solstice Technologies building spends most of the battle spamming out missiles at Godzilla, though it loses this ability after the top few floors of the building are leveled.
  • Not Me This Time: After Godzilla is repeatedly attacked by military weaponry, Nick calls Major Hicks and demands that he call off the attack, only to be informed that no one in the military has orders to attack Godzilla. It is later revealed that Cameron Winter is responsible for the attacks.
  • Spell My Name With An S: Cameron Winter's name is misspelled as Cameron Winters at the end of the first game.
  • Tank Goodness: Cameron Winter builds a tank capable of going one-on-one with Godzilla as part of his anti-mutation weaponry. After his first tank is destroyed, he creates an upgraded Solstice Tank to act as the game's penultimate boss.