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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

All the episodes are listed in production order due to having been aired Out of Order.

1. "New Family, Part 1"

  • While searching the tunnels to make sure there aren't any more eggs, Nick gets Randy to find info if there were any new power or gas outages— Hicks learns that "find info" means Randy bypassing the phone company note  and piggybacking on satellites to hack into Con Ed's systems. Hicks asks who Randy is, Nick jokes back with "I'd Tell You, but Then I'd Have to Kill You."
  • There is something very funny about a juvenile Godzilla getting his front half stuck in the barrel-trap that the group sets up, when they were expecting a more human-sized Godzilla.
  • When the team flee in terror from Godzilla and hide inside their headquarters, not knowing that Godzilla had imprinted on Nick as his dad and won't hurt them, Godzilla reacts as a faithful dog waiting to be let in would: he scratches at the door, turns around a couple of times, and lays down with a sad whine.
  • Nick arguing with the others on the decision to keep Godzilla alive.
    Nick: You're a paleontologist, Elsie. Why the rush to destroy your only living specimen?
    Elsie: Common sense?
    Mendel: Past experience?
    Randy: $23 billion in property damage from his old man? note 
    Nick: (glare)
    Randy: What? No, uh- Well, I'm just sayin'...

2. "New Family, Part 2"

  • Animal bets $100.00 USD note  on Crustaceous Rex when it's fighting Godzilla, and after Godzilla defeats C. Rex, Randy snatches the bill from Animal's jacket pocket with glee.

3. "Talkin' Trash"

  • During Godzilla's fight against the Nanotech Creature:
    Felix Hoenikker: I thought the Army destroyed Godzilla?
    Mayor Ebert: It's New Jersey's problem now.
  • Randy replacing N.I.G.E.L.'s voice with Mendel's mother's voice.
    N.I.G.E.L: Subject asleep. Oy, such a punum.
    Mendel: (glares at Randy) I don't know how you sampled my mother's voice, but I will get you back!
  • After the Nanotech creature trashes N.I.G.E.L. at the first attempt to slow it down with some electric shocks.
    N.I.G.E.L.: Mendel, your father and I are very, very, disappointed in you.
    Mendel: (emotionally devastated) I'll be sending you my therapy bills.
    Randy: (noticing the Nanotech Creature was starting to chase after them) I'll be sending you my hospital bills!
  • On trying to slow down the Nanotech Creature, Mendel reveals that he had cobbled some stun weapons to use on Godzilla, prompting a "What the heck, Mendel?" frown from Nick.
    Mendel: Well, you know, just in case!
  • Randy insists on swapping his stun weapon with Elise's because of him getting into a prank war with Mendel.
    Randy: Prank war, remember? I ain't takin' chances.
  • Bordering on Black Comedy that results in a Both Sides Have a Point when Nick updates Hicks the problem of the out-of-control Nanotech Creature that Godzilla is fighting at an oil refinery.
    Hicks: I'm more concerned about your pet lizard. One blast of that breath and the entire refinery explodes.
    Nick: Well, wouldn't the same be true if you fired your missiles, sir?
    Hicks: So what do we do? Hope they destroy each other without taking the entire Eastern Seaboard with them?

6. "Cat and Mouse"

  • One of the out-of-town hunters tries to patronize Monique, of all people:
    Bill: Don't you worry your pretty little head, miss; we can handle it.
    Monique: Oh yes, please protect me. (fires her crossbow directly over his head and takes out a giant rat)

11. "Freeze"

  • After claiming that he could go 24 hours without munching on some sort of candy or sweet snack, Randy and Monique make a bet where either winner takes the other out to dinner and a dance. Randy proceeds to spend the rest of the episode trying to cheat the bet (with the others teasing him), and only technically wins because they were in the South Pole. Monique gets the last laugh of their bet - instead of them going out, he's made to cook the dinner for her at her apartment and wash the dishes note .

12. "DeadLoch"

  • After Monique performs mouth-to-mouth on Randy once Nessie makes her full on-screen appearance and he nearly drowns, he pretends to still be unconscious to get one more "kiss" from her.
    Monique: Ugh. I should throw the little one back, no?
  • Poor Randy being subjected to the bagpipes being played badly (possibly deliberately) by Mendel, much to Mendel's glee.

19. "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been"

  • When it looks like Godzilla's about to sneeze, Monique asks Nick what they should do, as they were in his nose. Nick simply shrugs.
  • Mendel being covered by the Mutant Bacillus's dangerous slime is par for the course. The truly Funny Moment is when Godzilla sneezes a second time (the first time expelled out Nick, Monique, and N.I.G.E.L.), Mendel winds up being covered in his nasal mucus (AKA snot), much like Lex being covered in a Brachiosaurus's snot in Jurassic Park. Like her brother Timmy yelling "God bless you!", Randy yells out "Gesundheit!". Godzilla even wipes his nose.

20. "Web Site"

  • Mendel's skin turns orange due to an unexpected reaction to a lotion with bug-repellant in it that Randy had lent to him.
  • After Nick points out that female black widows only eat their male mates when being in enclosed captivity for long periods of time, Randy has a "Hey, wait a minute" thinking look. note 
  • When Godzilla gets webbed on a cliff, Mendel tries to send him a signal which shows him having a literal visible confusion.
  • When Mendel thinks his sonic signaler is a success after getting Godzilla to roar, he gets splashed by a large wave when the Big Guy belly flops back into the water.

21. "Wedding Bells Blew"

  • Randy reprogramming N.I.G.E.L. to quote lines a'la the Bard of Avon.
  • When Nick is telling Godzilla to "stay", he was talking to Elsie on his cell phone at the same time and she thinks he's telling her to keep staying with her family.

24. "Trust No One"

  • As Godzilla tries out the seaweed-based fish substitute Nick had whipped up and before he spits it back out, N.I.G.E.L. reports in to a familiar tune.
    N.I.G.E.L.: The name is Zilla. Godzilla. Intake completed in approximately 007 seconds.
  • During the examination of the preserved chimeras.
    Mendel: What kind of twisted mind would intentionally make such a bizarre lifeform?
    Randy: Let's ask your parents.
  • Elsie goes into scientific detail on the effect of nitric acid should have on the DNA Mimic, prompting Randy to snark about her needing subtitles. She sums it up on knowing a way on how to kill the Mimic.
  • Randy claims insult when the team catches the DNA Mimic messing with N.I.G.E.L.
    "Hey, it can't do that! Only I can do that!"

26. "The Ballad of Gens Du Marais"

  • Randy tries to create a logo for the team, opting to use computer generated algorithms after scanning in famous artworks to do the work. Both attempts with using older works of art and modern works of art just result in a jumbled mess.
    Elsie: (snatches up the first attempt's result) The Mona Lisa with no arms, sitting in a rocking chair, holding a giant letter H in her mouth. Genius.
    Monique: Art comes from within. It cannot be programmed.
  • Randy suggests putting the team's logo on a T-shirt, which Monique doesn't find inspiring.
    Monique: Ah, the T-shirt. America's contribution to high fashion.

28. "Protector"

  • On needing to track Norrzug, Randy decides to use CIA satellites as they automatically scan for thermal activity. Hicks starts asking how Randy was going to get past the cyber security but quickly changes his mind.
    Hicks: Wait, how are you going to get past Level 8 security codes? (immediately remembers who he's talking to) Ah, never mind, I don't want to have to testify.

29. "Vision"

  • Randy read an email that was intended for Mendel and assumed that a fatal virus mentioned in the email meant that Mendel was dying, so he acts nice throughout the episode, driving Mendel crazy. In the end, the "fatal virus" email was just about an Egyptian mummy autopsy that Mendel was doing for Elsie.
  • When Godzilla is fighting giant mutant hummingbirds, one can't help but laugh when he makes a lucky shot at perfectly smacking one of them with his tail.
  • Mendel and Randy begin a very long jargon-filled description of what the giant visor for Godzilla is before Hicks pointedly requests them to cut to the chase on what the visor can do.
    Hicks: Gentlemen, in English.
    Mendel: (hastily) Thereby making the birds visible to Godzilla.
    Hicks: Just one question: How do we get him to wear it?
    (Cut to Mendel and Randy developing Didn't Think This Through faces)
  • Nick gets put on hold when speaking to an FAA official while trying to convince them to shut down San Francisco International Airport.

30. "Freak Show"

  • Randy cheers at the idea of a "mutant circus" being cool, just after the team took down Tobias Wilson's hired mercenaries that had been trying to capture Godzilla, prompting a "Really, Randy?" frown from Nick.
    Randy: (immediately chastised) ...if you like that sort of thing.
  • Elsie goes through with a dating agency, getting teased about it, and then has to juggle with their customer rep while Medusa is on the rampage. Her "dream date" in the end turns out to be Mendel, much to his equal surprise when they meet up at the arranged Chinese restaurant (who had apparently also gone through the same agency). Both decide to just make the best of it.

31. "Metamorphosis"

  • After getting $5 million dollars anonymously, the team has trouble deciding what to do with it throughout the episode until Monique finally decides to become their financial handler at the end. And then Randy asks her about his "allowance".

33. "Underground Movement"

  • Monique threatened to hurt their lawyer Ray if he calls her "sweetie" when he shows up to notify the team of getting sued by the city of Miami. He immediately does so, and as Ray goes into details about the destruction caused, Nick has to prevent Monique from punching their lawyer from behind his back without his knowledge.
  • Randy and Mendel after surviving their first night in the woods.
    Randy: Dinner is served. (produces berries in one hand and insects in the other)
    Mendel: Sorry, Rambo, but I am not putting those in my mouth. (proceeds to drink water being filtered through a sock)
    Randy: (stares) Ditto.
  • Monique staring in disbelief at Randy and Mendel still in their survivor getup and getting along, not to mention offering her berries they still had.
    Monique: This is... a hallucination, no?
    Elsie: Nope. Say hello to the Geek Family Robinson.

34. "The Twister"

  • Randy's epic "Noooooo!" on losing his chance to win the radio-sponsored vacation trip to Jamaica, which Mendel inadvertently won when he had intended to call the pharmacy. Randy then tries to dissuade Mendel from going.
    Randy: But the sun makes you blister, sand makes you itch, and swimming gives you earaches!
    Mendel: True, but I am rather interested in the International Robotics Lab in Kingston. Perhaps, I could use an assistant...
    Randy: (rubs hands in glee) Hohoho!
    Elsie: I'll pack for the both of us.
    Randy: ...what just happened here?
    Elsie: Hey, some people are just... (winks) lucky.

35. "S.C.A.L.E."

  • Audrey interviews the team after the events of S.C.A.L.E.'s little jaunt through Monster Island. When it's Mendel's turn...
    Audrey: At that point, Dr. Craven, were you frightened?
    Mendel: I am a professional. I am never - ever - frightened.
    (N.I.G.E.L. promptly turns his head to look at him as if to say "Oh, really?")
    (cut to footage of Mendel ducking just under the Giant Bat's feet, Animal panning the camera down to show Mendel with hands covering head, whimpering and crying for his mother)
  • When Randy activates N.I.G.E.L. to send out a distress call, the yellow bot starts rapping hip-hop (which Randy later somewhat denies having any hand in), prompting two of S.C.A.L.E.'s members to shoot him and give his head to Mendel.
  • Monique's response to Audrey's request for an interview:
    Audrey: ...Ms. Dupre?
    (A ninja star flies out of Monique's room, coming within inches of Audrey's head.)

36. "Future Shock"

  • Future!Mendel gives his futuristic rifle to Nick and tells Nick "Just make sure [my past self] don't barbecue any of you by mistake." Back in the present, when the team are preparing to go after Insley, Mendel accidentally discharges the rifle and damages a counter top just as Monique is walking by, who simply shakes her head.
  • Present-Mendel's bewilderment as the team confronts Insley:
    Insley: What do you think you're doing?!
    Mendel: Yeah! What do we think we're doing??
    Elsie: Go with it, Mendel!

40. "Cash of the Titans"

  • Randy trying his badly pronounced French on Monique.