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Heartwarming / Godzilla: The Series

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A bond between father and son isn't just in the blood. Its about accepting one another despite how tall, strong or heavy the other was.

All the episodes are listed in production order due to having been aired Out of Order.

  • Whenever Randy cheers on the "Big Guy" during a fight. While everybody but Nick seems to see Godzilla as a frightening monster, Randy thinks he's awesome and is almost as protective of the Big Guy as his adopted parent. Later on, you can occasionally see the rest of the team cheering or showing relief whenever Junior shows up.
  • Despite the occasional clashing between Nick and Audrey over what's important at the moment (science and journalism, respectively), the scenes where they show concern for and reconcile with each other is equally heartwarming, especially for couples that are/have been in similar positions.

1. "New Family, Part 1"

  • Nick has an awed "You remember me" after the juvenile Godzilla recognized his scent, licked him, and placed him back down without any harm.
  • When the team (sans Monique, who hasn't joined yet) flee in terror from Godzilla and hide inside their headquarters, Godzilla reacts as a faithful dog would: he scratches at the door, turns around a couple of times, and lays down with a sad whine.
  • When Hicks and his platoon shows up to "take care of" Godzilla near the episode's climax, one can hear the desperate fear and sheer panic in Nick's voice at the thought of Godzilla being killed like his birth father, frantically ordering his "adopted son" to swim away. Much like how a parent/guardian would react on realizing that their child/ward's safety is at stake in an extremely dangerous situation.

3. "Talkin' Trash"

  • After the Nanotech Creature's defeat, Nick immediately tells Godzilla to quickly get back into the water before Hicks' men could start shooting at him.

9. "Hive"

  • Godzilla swims right next to H.E.A.T.'s dinghy as the volcano erupts, averting a No One Could Survive That!, which prompts a joyful - and relieved - Nick cheering happily.

12. "DeadLoch"

  • Godzilla helps reunite Nessie with her baby by biting open the cage that was holding Nessie, Jr.

15-17. "Monster Wars"

  • Nick and Godzilla's relationship was put to the test when Cyber Godzilla makes his debut. However when Godzilla was gunned down by the smaller Taychon fighters, Nick rushed to his adopted son's aid and encouraged him to wake up and stay strong. His efforts were paid off as Godzilla responded to Nick's voice and mustered all his strength and prepared himself. Godzilla has made his decision: he'll defend his adopted family and what proceeded after was him giving the fake father a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. It's heartwarming as it is awesome.

25. "Lizard Season"

  • One by one the Lizard Slayers were taken down by the combined efforts of the military, HEAT and Godzilla. The final piece de resistance was when Godzilla sensed his father inside one of the slayers and in danger. His answer: To take a bite out of the mecha's head and showed a Death Glare.

26. "The Ballad of Gens Du Marais"

  • After Godzilla yanks back the Swamp Monster from the fish processing plant, he pokes his head through the roof to check on Nick, as if to say "Hey, Dad! You're okay!" Nick has a relieved smile on his face as well.

27. "Ring of Fire"

  • Both father and son, one right after each other. Nick's determined look and resolute "I'll protect Godzilla" shows the level of his devotion to his adopted son. When Nick starts faking his distress, Godzilla was fighting the Fire Monster and barely hesitates before swatting the Fire Monster aside with his tail to rush to Nick the moment he heard his adopted father's voice. When the eventual nitroglycerin explosion dislodges Nick's safety line, really putting him in danger, Godzilla catches him with the top of his head (pictured above). The following line pretty much seals it on showing how deep their parent-child bond goes.
    Nick: (smiling) Knew I could count on ya.
  • As Mendel struggles to guide a nitroglycerin-laden and wrecked N.I.G.E.L. towards the Fire Monster all the while lamenting his decision and plan, Randy comes to help despite the danger of also being blown up.
    Randy My point is, we're partners! And partners split everything, 50-50. Glory and responsibility.

28. "Protector"

  • Despite being temporarily incapacitated by Norzzug's blinding sandstorm attack, Godzilla sticks a claw out just in time to shield the team from being crushed by a scaffolding tower that got knocked loose by Norzzug's wing.

29. "Vision"

  • Even though it's a Mistaken for Dying plot, Randy assuring Mendel that he'll be there for him for however long he has left is genuinely touching, as is Randy wanting to spend time with him even after being told the truth.

30. "Freak Show"

  • When Monique catches Elsie faxing her profile to the dating agency, Elsie prepares to get mocked. Instead, the French spy has a much kinder response.
    Monique: It is often difficult for a strong woman to meet a man who is her equal, no?
  • A subtle one. Hicks, of all people, asks if Godzilla is dead in a worried tone after Medusa severely dehydrates the Big Guy. When Hicks sees that Godzilla's too weak to move, he orders his tanks to push Godzilla into the reservoir so he can drink.
    • What makes this truly heartwarming is that Hicks didn't had to be asked—while Nick, Monique, and Randy are trying to think of what to do, Hicks just pulls out his radio and starts giving orders to help Godzilla out.

34. "The Twister"

  • When Elsie tries to get Nick to relax with the others on the beach and that they can't control the weather, Nick is mostly concerned about the dry spell causing Godzilla's food supply to diminish due to shrinking the harbor's water level.

36. "Future Shock"

40. "Cash of the Titans"

  • Once the team confirms that Godzilla's alive and in one of Spiel's holding pens, this line from Nick.
    Nick: Godzilla's always saving us. Time to return the favor.