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Directions found in the secret transmission.

Fan Conventions are where fans flock to. Criminal Conventions attract criminals. Here you can find all that you need for your everyday criminal activities. Galleries presenting new top of the line stabbing knives, vendors selling fashionable leather lampshades, vivisection demonstrations, friends who understand just where you're coming from and guest starring Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer! Contestants of the Mad Science Fair get a free admission. No cops are welcome.

Supervillains, serial killers, Fantastic Terrorists, Black Market Dealers and so on usually come to these conventions and share with one another. They are usually kept in secret (unless "supervillain" has a different connotation in the world it is set in), requiring a special password or invite to be accessed. More often, the conventions usually go on without any sort of incident, anything explosive or disruptive would be fashionable and expected from such an establishment. It almost wouldn't be a convention without a casualty or two.


See also Arms Dealer, Auction of Evil, Bad-Guy Bar, Black Market, War for Fun and Profit and Welcome to Evil Mart.


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    Comic Books 
  • In The Sandman #14: The Collectors, a convention of serial killers and mass murderers congregate to share stories and conversation. Here, rogue nightmare and serial killer the Corinthian is found attending the convention, having been an inspiration to many of the serial killers attending. The various attendants go by code-names, the convention called a "Cereal Convention" as to not draw attention to themselves. The convention comes to an end when the eponymous sandman Dream is called there by one of their victims and then proceeds to destroy the Corinthian and show the conventioneers how petty and meaningless they truly are.
  • While three different superheroes (Daredevil, Spider-Man and Wolverine) were after him, The Punisher once massacred a meeting of just about every sample of American organized crime (biker gangs, triads, Russians, and Mafia) who were holding an auction of a captive Bruce Banner. Frank lures the heroes into a position where they're the first thing Bruce sees when he Hulks out.
  • The Punisher MAX: In order to draw Frank out of hiding, Barracuda secretly organizes a meeting of organized crime honchoes (or rather the promoted mooks after Frank's repeated hits) in a high-rise building. He even rigged three entire floors with explosives to make sure no one escaped.

    Films — Animation 
  • In Minions, villains, supervillains and petty criminals flock to Villain-Con where they can showcase their inventions and flaunt their bounty and it is where the minions go to so they could find a villain to work for. The minions learn of it from a secret television broadcast and are sent to Orlando, hitch a ride with a bank-robbing family and eventually meet with famed supervillainess Scarlet Overkill.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The opening scene of Tomorrow Never Dies has James Bond infiltrating an Arms Fair run by terrorists.
    "It's like a terrorist supermarket. Chinese Long March Scud, Panther AS-565 attack helicopter... a pair of Russian mortars, and the crates look like American rifles. Chilean mines, German explosives, fun for the whole family."
  • The ANNUAL TRANSYLVANIA CONVENTION from The Rocky Horror Picture Show might count, as the guests are all alien agents from the galaxy of Transylvania. The only one we see do anything bad is the host, Dr. Frank N. Furter, who murders out of jealousy and turns people into statues.
  • Analyze This starts with a Distant Prologue involving the Real Life meeting of The Mafia mentioned below, and a new secret meeting is an important plot point and the setting of the film's climax. The comparison between the two meetings (as explicitly said by one character: on the '57 one, it was to see how the Mafia families would split the United States among them, while the new meeting is to discuss how the Mafia will survive in a world full of increasing disloyalties, Stupid Crooks amongst the "made man" ranks and Ruthless Foreign Gangsters) is also mentioned.

    Live-Action TV 

    Web Animation 
  • Shaggy Dog Stories Episode 35: "An Apple a Day" has an evil princess attending the Notorious Villains' Ideas Extravaganza.

    Web Comics 
  • One arc of Umlaut House had the main characters, half of them Mad Scientists and one of the others a secret agent, going to Evil Con 2021.

    Web Videos 
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: Discussed in the Spawn/Batman review, when Linkara mocks the plot point that random low-level drug dealers are somehow doing business with agents of a foreign dictatorship:
    Linkara: Oh yeah, I'm sure impoverished drug dealers do trades like this all the time with former dictators. They meet at the Evil People Conventions and exchange business cards.

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • On November 14, 1957, the Apalachin Meeting was a historic summit of the American Mafia held at the home of mobster Joseph "The Barber" Barbara in the New York village of Apalachin, outside Binghamton. It was set up by Vito Genovese, Charles "Lucky" Luciano's former Number Two, to settle mob disputes and assert his authority as Chairman of the Mafia Commission. Around 100 mobsters attended the meeting, but it turned into a huge debacle when a curious cop got wind of it and sent in reinforcements. Many mafiosi eluded capture, but more than 60 of them were caught, including Genovese himself. Despite the arrests of the attendees, all of the convictions were overturned on appeal because there was no evidence that they had actually done anything illegal before the meeting was broken up. Even then, the fallout was disastrous as it exposed the Mafia to open scrutiny for the first time. J. Edgar Hoover had always strenuously denied that there was any kind of national criminal conspiracy, but after Apalachin, he dedicated FBI resources to the Mafia specifically.
  • Since 1974 Chicago has played host to The Players’ Ball, an annual gathering of pimps from across the country.


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