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Just For Fun / Trope Names for a Cocktail

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Here's a Just For Fun index of Tropes that would make a good name for a drink, with a brief description of what the combination of potables and mixers would be.

Compare Trope Title Shows, Trope Names for a Band, TV Tropes Superhero Team, and TV Tropes Supervillain Team.

Some of the trope-named cocktails listed here may contain some dangerous ingredients. Do not try making them at home if you value your life.



  • The Afterafterlife: One-part vodka, one-part bootleg alcohol (to kill you due to a lack of government inspection) and one-part adrenaline shot (to resuscitate).
  • Ambiguously Trained: A mix of imported liquor, whiskey and vodka with the labels removed, garnished with an Iraqi marijuana leaf.
  • The Anti-Grinch: One part egg nog (alcoholic), one part egg-nog (non-alcoholic), one part apple cider (alcoholic), garnished with Fruit Cake crumbs. Make sure to keep insulin on hand.
  • Big Applesauce: An Anita Bryant cocktail with Postobón apple-flavored soda instead of apple juice, topped with a thin layer of apple sauce.
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: Raw egg yolk (or JUST Egg if you're vegan) mixed with whiskey and a whole can of Budweiser & Clamato Chelada, garnished with bread crumbs.
  • Botanical Abomination: Vodka mixed with carrot, spinach, celery, cucumber and ginger root juice.
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  • The Burlesque of Venus: A Venus cocktail but with ginger-ale instead of gin and cranberry juice instead of bitters. Its a Virgin cocktail.
  • Chaos While They're Not Looking: One part Irish cream, two parts Everclear® alcohol, one-half part chloral hydrate.
  • Chocolate of Romance: One part chocolate milk, two parts vodka, and one-half part rum.
  • Criminal Convention: Absinthe mixed with marijuana oil and vintage 19th-century Coca-Cola.
  • Crying After Sex: A Sex on the Beach cocktail (any recipe will do) mixed in a bucket of raw whiskey.
  • Crystal Landscape: Irish cream diluted in vodka with crushed rock-candy and sea salt sitting at the bottom of the glass.
  • Death and the Maiden: Half a glass of Death in the Afternoon and half a glass of Maiden's Prayer.
  • Earth Song: One part organic vodka, one part homemade moonshine, one part kelp juice and one part peoti, all drunk and then immediately followed by a drum-circle in the middle of the desert for full-effect.
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  • Everybody Hates Hades: A glass of raw, unmixed whiskey with red food-coloring passed off as a glass of Hades' Temptation.
  • Everybody Loves Zeus: A Zeus cocktail with a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream in it.
  • Flirtatious Smack on the Ass: A glass of vodka mixed with watermelon pucker, orange juice, grenadine, rum, amaretto and a spray of canned whipped cream.
  • Forgot the Disability: Moonshine diluted to the point where it only causes partial blindness.
  • The Grinch: One part peach schnapps, one part bacardi rum, one part blue curaçao liquor, three parts orange juice a can of lemon-lime soda and garnished with maraschino cherries and orange slices.
  • Hammer and Sickle: Three parts vodka, one part champagne (imported from Russia) garnished with a slice of pickled beetroot and potato skins.
  • Impossible Pickle Jar: Vodka mixed with pickle juice and a mix of spices that makes it somewhat drinkable.
  • Lord of the Ocean: A Blue Lagoon cocktail with a shot of whiskey and a tablespoon of sea salt.
  • Love Is a Crime: A Crime and Punishment cocktail with creme de cacao.
  • Mad Science Fair: A Pineapple margarita with lemon juice, lime juice and a spritz of Blue Curacao liqueur.
  • Molotov Cocktail: A mixed drink solely comprised of alcoholic substances that are flammable.
  • Ride the Rainbow: One part grenadine, one part peach schnapps, one part Pineapplejuice, one part vodka, one part Blue Curaçao and garnished with a cherry, an orange slice, half a box of Nerds candy and pop rocks (any color of your choice).
  • Samurai Shinobi: First mix one-part sake with one part orange juice with a marachino cherry (that's the "samura" portion). Get a second glass and add one-part sake with one-part Coca-Cola and add a dash of Cocoa-powder (the "ninja"). Then mix one-half of the "samurai" mixture and one half of the "ninja" into a glass. Then dunk the remaining part of the "samurai" mix down the drain to eliminate the threat, then do the same with the "ninja" mix because it questioned the authority of your Shogun.
  • Sugar Bowl: A screwdriver cocktail with orange cream soda instead of orange juice.


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