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Do people not appreciate your paper mache volcano using real lava? Need to replace your lousy, hand-me-down tesla coils at an affordable price? Want to trend in the latest, fashionable hunchback assistant? Visit your local Mad Science Fair! Purchase a raffle ticket on the way in and earn the chance to win your very own Neiman Marcus-brand Mad Scientist Laboratory!

Mad Science Fairs are like regular Science Fairs, but on a more exaggerated scale, with Mad Scientists showcasing their various creatures, doomsdays devices and various other miscellaneous contributions to Fringology.


Should the scientists that regularly attend possess intentions of world conquest or genocidal aspirations, the Mad Science Fair may be just a part of a Criminal Convention.


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    Comic Strip 
  • In Foxtrot a summer camp Jason and Marcus went to had a science fair with projects like cold fusion and a synthetic tadpole brain. They themselves made a miniature warp engine but due to accidental sabotage there's no indication if it would have worked.

    Fan Works 

    Film - Animation 
  • The Evil Science Fair in Igor is designed like a gladiatorial contest. Mad scientists from the Kingdom of Malaria create doomsday devices of various shapes and sizes and pit them against one another. The winner wins first place, the invention used to threaten the world with ransom to fuel Malaria's economy.

    Live Action Television 
  • The kids at Tesla High in Eureka are just as much of mad scientists as their parents; experience has taught Deputy Jo Lupo to attend the science fair in full SWAT gear.

    Web Comic 
  • The Cinderella holiday short from Girl Genius replaces the grand ball with a Glorious Science Faire, the winner of which will get to marry one of the princes- or both of them. Agatha's stepmother sets the stepsisters up with Agatha's potato clock, ant farm, and model volcano (after rejecting her other inventions, including a talking fish and a machine for getting parallel lines to meet) and ordering her to stay home. Agatha shows up to the science fair anyways, with her own project: an army of giant robots.
  • Most entries in the Gunnerkrigg Court science fair in "Two Strange Girls" are fairly normal, but there are exceptions. We don't see much of Annie's, but it appeared to involve medical impliments and blood, and the audience reaction was "Ewwww!" We see even less of Zimmy and Gamma's, except that it's microscopic, Annie considers it an abomination, and we later see it being removed by a Hazmat team while Zimmy insists it isn't dangerous. And Kat created an antigravity chamber ... to study how proteins form in zero-gravity, and is very confused that nobody seems to be interested in that bit.
  • The penultimate story arc of Narbonic takes place at one of these, and among other wacky hijinks involves Dave joining a henchmen's union and Artie being recruited by a think-tank that turns out to have a sinister agenda.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • The The Tick episode "Tick vs. Science" features a Mad Science Fair where Carmelita's father presents his new mind-switching device.
  • In the Mary Shelley's Frankenhole episode "H.G. Wells' Scary Monster Contest", mad scientists all over travel to Somewhere in Eastern Europe for the Scary Monster Contest, where they showcase their terrifying creations to a panel of judges.

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