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The Nekci Menij Show, a YouTube animated comedy series created by Ginger The Horse (the entire first season is linked on his page), goes behind the scenes to show you what a good chunk of the world's most popular diva/idol singers do in their spare time.

The show's comedic style is rooted in how all the characters speak in various text-to-speech voices and their ridiculously over-the-top antics. Every character shamelessly promotes all of their musical output as the greatest thing ever produced, competes for the title of music business Alpha Bitch, and abuses Kety Perr. It could also be described as Genius Bonus: Female Pop Edition - fifty percent of any given episode's humor revolves around obscure pop facts and minutae about Billboard chart performances, personal issues of famous pop singers, and single releases. The other fifty percent? Lots of catty remarks and attempted murders.


Has its own Tumblr page and Twitter (or, in the parlance of the show, Twattir). And yes, Nekci is aware of this page.

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