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The Nekci Menij Show, a YouTube animated comedy series created by Ginger The Horse (the entire first season is linked on his page), goes behind the scenes to show you what a good chunk of the world's most popular diva/idol singers do in their spare time.

The show's comedic style is rooted in how all the characters speak in various text-to-speech voices and their ridiculously over-the-top antics. Every character shamelessly promotes all of their musical output as the greatest thing ever produced, competes for the title of music business Alpha Bitch, and abuses Kety Perr. It could also be described as Genius Bonus: Female Pop Edition - fifty percent of any given episode's humor revolves around obscure pop facts and minutae about Billboard chart performances, personal issues of famous pop singers, and single releases. The other fifty percent? Lots of catty remarks and attempted murders.


Has its own Tumblr page and Twitter (or, in the parlance of the show, Twattir). And yes, Nekci is aware of this page.

The Nekci Menij Show provides examples of:

  • Aborted Arc: In Episode 29, Kety accidentally revives Lol Kem, and the episode ends with Lol Kem in a car arriving at the FMAs (hitting Share and shooting her away in the process). However, there is an almost 3-year hiatus between episodes 29 and 30, and the latter does not resume the interrupted storyline. So far we still don't know what happened at the FMAs, and Lol Kem is probably still alive somewhere.
  • AcCENT upon the Wrong SylLABle: Medoner pronounces her name "Meh-DOE-ner", whilst many other characters pronounce it "MEH-dun-er".
  • Accidental Misnaming:
    • Almost no one gets Kety's name right, especially Bayonse and Medoner.
    • In Episode 18, Medoner calls Ke@$h£r "Tri$ha" and "Sa$ha".
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  • Affably Evil: For someone that screws them over so often, everyone still hangs out with wicked-cultured Medoner.
  • Affectionate Parody: Believe it or not, GingerTheHorse has stated that the show is this of pop music fans on The Internet, and how they can get a little too carried away when defending their favorite singers. He claims to be a fan of everybody depicted on the show, too.
  • Alphabet Architecture: Rhenna's house is shaped like her logo, which is a stylized letter R.
  • Alpha Bitch: Bayonse believes she's this.
    Bayonse: Clap 4 da Quen B!
  • Analogy Backfire: In episode 27.
    Kily: The last washed up songer dat got in my wey ended up quite litrely washed up.
    Medoner: ...That refrense went completly ovar my hed.
  • Animesque: Gren Stefony is modeled this way, particularly in her eyes.
  • Anti-Climax: Lol Kem's rap battle with Nekci ends with Nekci just shooting her before she even starts.
  • Anti-Hero: Nekci is easily the most chaotic and unpredictable of the main characters, and yet she names the show.
  • Artistic License – Biology: Adole manages to "give birth" to Kety after eating her.
  • Auto-Tune: All of the girls' voices. Most notable is Ke@$h£r, who sounds exactly like a robot.
  • Back from the Dead: Kety accidentally revives Lol Kem in Episode 29.
  • Bait-and-Switch: In episode 27, it looks as though Bayonse is frantically searching for her lost daughter Blo Ive, when it's revealed she was looking for... a missing small gold statue of herself.
  • Ballroom Blitz: Episode Five, Haus Perty, turns into this once Xtine insults Britain and Nekci eggs everyone into fighting each other.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Kety Perr
    • Loly Alan who in episodes 27-28 takes Merier Care and Kily to a deserted island in her air balloon and strands them there.
  • Big Eater: Adole.
  • Black Comedy
  • Boastful Rap: Medoner's "I Don't Give A".
  • Brutal Honesty: Everyone.
  • Butt-Monkey: Kety Perr can't get anyone to see her new film Pert of Me. It eventually makes her snap and try to first murder, then kidnap, Nekci. In terms of music sales, Xtine is easily the show's biggest Butt-Monkey as well - she's doing poorly enough to offer her album Bionec, her latest film Burlesque, and a bucket of KFC Popcorn Chicken in a value pack for two dollars and her house itself is built out of unsold copies of the album.
    • Whenever Krely Roolind is mentioned, you can be sure someone will be insulting her or telling her to get them a coffee.
  • Character Celebrity Endorsement: Parodied with Rhenna and HTC electronics.
    Rhenna: "My HCT is ringing. Who could be ringing my HCT?" (Episode 14)
  • Comically Missing the Point:
    Jasy J: Xtine u shud thenk me. Wen i seng ferget abut teh prace teg i wus askin ppl not to judg ur ablum for costin 99p.
    Xtine: Gled my mesterpize is stil mekin a culterul impect 2 yrs on.
  • Comically Missing the Point: In Episode Ten, Kety threatens to kill Nekci if not everyone watches her film. Bayonse's response to that?
    Bayonse: Free promo!
  • Dark-Skinned Redhead: One of Rhenna's many looks.
  • Deadpan Snarker: The humor is mostly built on sarcastic remarks the characters make on each other.
  • The Ditz: Brinty Spreas.
  • Driven to Suicide: Kety Perr in the Christmas special.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Invoked with Ladey Gags, who sounds exactly like a man and looks... like a robot, probably in reference to the famous urban legend that Lady Gaga is a transvestite.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: In the first episode, Brinty has a different voice, which is later given to Kety. Also, the influece from The Uncle Dolan Show is much clearer in the early episodes: they are much shorter, they mostly feature the characters' sharp interactions on a white background, with little sign of a clear plot, and even the background music is similar. As the series progressed, it developed its own plot and humor, with longer episodes, more detailed scenery (though still with Stylistic Suck), and replacing the generic background music with samples from actual pop songs.
  • Epic Fail: Medoner's latest album, MDNE, and its sales. It was certified 2x tissue paper - for selling ten copies!
    • Medoner's understanding of modern technology isn't great either - she believes her rotary telephone is "Facebook".
  • The Eponymous Show: The show is named after the main character, Nekci Menij.
  • Every Device Is a Swiss-Army Knife: Parodied in Episode 31. "General Product by LJo" is a perfume, a make-up, a hair dye, a hair remover, and a DVD for her new romcom.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: Kety changes her hair from pink to purple in "Rhenna Holidey", to reflect her darker turn in personality.
  • Fake Brit: In-universe. Xtine pointedly reminds Medoner and Merna during Episode Five that they aren't English.
  • Faking the Dead: Even thought she has apparently killed herself in the Christmas special, it turns out that Kety is actually alive and well in Episode 19, when it's revealed that Merier was keeping her as a slave to do her bidding, namely stealing the only copy of Gags' new album Artpip.
  • Felony Misdemeanor: Kety's plan to force everyone to see Pert of Me in 3D is treated as such by Adole, Lady Gags, and Xtine.
  • Flanderization: The series, in a way. Individual traits whether real or speculative of the real people the characters are based on are blown up to absurd degrees.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Xtine.
  • The "Fun" in "Funeral": Lol Kem's.
  • Funny Background Event: Most of what happens during "Blow" in Episode Five.
  • Gilligan Cut: In Episode 12; Lol Kem and Nekci are about to have a rap battle, when Nekci suddenly pulls out a gun and shoots her. The next shot after insisting that Lol Kem will be fine? The cast at Lol Kem's funeral.
  • Guttural Growler: Mashelle.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: Many of the jokes surrounding Rhenna concern her frequent intoxication including forgetting recording her own songs and even where she is.
  • Henpecked Husband: Zey-J.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners / Vitriolic Best Buds: Rhenna and Adole.
  • Hilariously Abusive Childhood: Poor Blo Ive. Not only is she constantly being sold or stolen, but she is also a victim of parental neglect (for example, after Kily Manoge steals her, Bayonse feels like something is missing, except it's not Blo Ive but her "Quen B" crown, and Bayonse also finds it more fun to hang out in Merier's hospital looking for opportunities to hurt people's feelings than to look after Blo Ive).
  • I Ate WHAT?!: Adole doesn't even realize she ate Kety Perr, and instead believes herself pregnant. She somehow still gives birth (rebirth?) to Kety during the Haus Perty.
  • Ignored Epiphany: Nekci has a slight one in episode 27: "Rivelry betwen femeles is dum and gey", and then forgets it immediately by adding "like Azel Bank".
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Kety as seen most in episode 14.
  • The Illuminati: Bayonse and Medoner are both members. They have BBQs, bingo nights, and turn other pop stars into robots so that Bayonse can be the new queen of pop.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Played with three times with Kety:
    • In Episode 4, Kety tries to sell Adole her album "Tenge Dream". Since the album has a candy smell, Adole ends up eating both the album and Kety herself. Adole somehow "gives birth" to Kety in the following episode.
    • The Christmas episode ends in everyone feasting on Kety, who has apparently killed herself by putting herself inside an oven, so Merier later brings her body as a "turkey". Later on this is subverted, as Kety is revealed to still be alive, since she was saved by Merier who wanted to keep her a slave. (No explanation is given about the body from the Christmas special, though.)
    • Finally, in episode 32, spoofing Katy Perry's music video for "Bon Appetit", Krely serves Bayonse a "salad", which is actually Kety, redesigned to parody Katy's looks during the Witness era. She is not eaten, though, and Bayonse makes a complaint about the "salad", which, according to her, "is clerly in realty an unstable women".
  • Intentional Engrish for Funny: Stemming from Dolan, the characters speak extremely broken English, the captions are deliberately misspelled, and the names of the characters, songs and albums are broken versions of the respective artists and works they parody. Recurring examples of corrupted words are "ablum" for "album", "songer" for "singer", "boby" for "baby", and "lesbon" for "lesbian".
  • Kangaroo Court: After ARTPOP is stolen, Gags arbitrarily decides that LJo was the one who did it, so she sends her backing dancers to arrest her and holds a "trial" with Gags herself serving as both the judge and the prosecuter, and she sentences LJo to 5 thousand years in prison, despite not having any evidence. However, she immediately believes Ke@$h£r when she says LJo is innocent, and after Merier confesses she was the one who stole it, Gags gives her a two-month sentence, so she can get out in time to buy the album.
  • Lady Drunk: Medoner, though drunkenness is not as integral to her character as Rhenna's.
  • Oh, Crap!: Adole and Ke@$h£r's reaction to Kety being hit by a bus while in a baby pram.
    Adole and Ke@$h£r: Oh shit.
  • Only Six Faces: Kety Perr, Nekci Menij, Bayonse, Medoner, and Azel Bank all have the same character design with different coloration. The face is derived from Dolan comics.
    • Played especially for laughs from when episode 26 onwards, Blo Ive has the same facial features as father Zey-J.
  • Palette Swap: Kety, Nekci, Bayonse and Medoner's standard designs are just pallette swaps of each other, since all are designed after Dolan and have the exact same hair (though Medoner also has wrinkles and Nekci has eyelashes, and the characters are occasionally given different hairstyles). Azel Bank is also designed after Dolan, but her standard hair looks slighly different from the other four's.
  • The Pig-Pen: Ke@$h£r. She has a slice of pizza and a toothbrush in her hair!
  • Pretty Fly for a White Guy:
    • Gren Stefony believes she is really Japanese.
    • Kety briefly adopts a 'black' image in Episode 28 to try and look cool to the other girls.
  • Race Lift: For some reason, Rhenna is shown as being white here, while the other black characters aren't.
    • Gren Stefony makes her debut appearance in episode 30, and shamelessly admits to Gags that she, unlike Gren herself, is not Japanese.
  • Robot Me: Bayonse's plan for dominating the charts includes replacing all the other pop stars with robot clones who delay their albums, make terrible collaborations, and re-release their flops, so that Bayonse will be the only pop star of note.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: Kety has pink hair, and is noticeably nicer than the other characters. Until episode 9,that is.
  • Running Gag: Kety Perr's shameless promotion of Pert of Me, Medoner's shameless promotion of MDNE, Xtine's shameless promotion of Bionic, P£nk working all the minimum wage service jobs...
  • Sadist Show: No one in the show is anything less than an egomaniac.
  • Sassy Black Woman: Nekci, Bayonse and Rhenna.
  • Saved to Enslave: Kety tries to commit suicide by locking herself inside an oven, but Merier saves her to keep her a slave.
  • Screw Politeness, I'm a Senior!: Though she has stiff competition, Medoner is the oldest main character and has perhaps the most acerbic humor and forthrightness in her dialogues with the other women.
  • Shameless Self-Promotion: Most of the women.
  • Shout-Out: So, so many to the music industry.
    • The show branched out from its heavy Dolan influence pretty quickly, but some references to Dolan still abound such as McDonald's being called McDolans and Nekci's recurring catchphrase of "[Name] pls".
  • Slapstick Knows No Gender: All of the relevant characters are female, and the show's humor often involves them getting hurt or comically embarrassed (especially Kety).
  • Snark-to-Snark Combat: Most lines of dialogue in the show involve the pop girls throwing shade at each other, bragging about their own success and trying to prove the other one is a "flop".
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Xtine is the second biggest Butt-Monkey in the show after Kety and she's unanimously considered a "flop", but that doesn't stop her from thinking of herself a hugely successful and talented artist, and she's prone to twisting insults into compliments.
  • Spinoff: Bayonse's Quens of Flop and Medoner's Behind the Scones.
  • Split-Screen Phone Call: Utilized most notably in episode 3.
  • Spoiler Title: The title of episode 19, "Kety's Revenge", spoils Kety Perr's return.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Title: "Bayonse Presants Beyonse's Destins Child Sterin Bayonse nd Faturin Bayonse".
  • Stylistic Suck: Much like in the Dolan comics and web videos, this trope is very prevalent here, including the goofy character designs which are caricatures of pop stars, the poorly-drawn (yet surprisingly detailed, especially in later episodes) scenery, and the intentionally misspelled and mispronounced lines of dialogue. Like in Dolan, it's all part of the humor.
  • Surprisingly Good English: In Episode 5, after Rhenna gets too drunk, she actually starts speaking correctly and politely, and even the captions use proper capitalization and punctuation. This becomes incomprehensible to Nekci.
    Rhenna: Good evening, Nekci. How are you?
    Nekci: wo rhenna u mus b drenk i cent undrstnad u at al
    Rhenna: Goodness, I think I must be. I'd better visit the bathroom. Ta-ta.
  • Take That!: The Series. None of the singers gets a free pass. Medoner, Xtine Agailure, and Kety Perr are thrown under the bus (literally in Katy's case) for their Shameless Self-Promotion; Jasy J is repeatedly insinuated to have broken her leg to boost album sales; Nekci Menij is turned into an insane agent of chaos/rapper-for-hire; and Bayonse's ego is implied to be through the roof. Even relatively unknown acts are taken to task; Merna and The Dermonds has this to say about her music:
    Merna: Holywode and amaricon cultur is bad for us and menstram pop lyk Xtine is faek. Esept if its ironec lyk min.
    • Nicole Scherzinger's stand-in's name is Nicel Shitsinger.
    • Medoner holds an adoption agency loyalty card and repeatedly tries to steal black children.
    • When Brinty is replaced by a robot with no personality and terrible career choices, Medoner comments that she's not much different from her human self.
    • Gren Stefony's admiration for all things Japanese applies when she admits that she herself, is actually Japanese. Her 2016 album is also mocked, being called "This Is What A 10 Year Break Sells Like".
  • Terrible Trio: Bayonse, Krely and Mashelle in episode 30. Bayonse has finally reunited with her former Destin's Child bandmates, who are now Bayonse's "top agents" who are trying to track down "Bekcy"... though Krely only procrastinates by googling "mashelle weliums memes", and Mashelle's "investigation" consists of calling random people and asking "helo, r u bekcy".
  • The Unintelligible: Arana Grondy when she sings. According to Rhenna, she sounds like Merier "forgot how to English".
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: While most of the show's disses are done in witty one or two-liners at most, Adole greatly extended against both Bayonse and Lona Delery in episode 7.
  • This Is for Emphasis, Bitch!: "Ders only 1 quen, n dats Medoner..."
  • Unusual Euphemism: "If I hav to flash my sponge puding then so be it" by Medoner in episode 27.
  • Very Loosely Based on a True Story: The characters' real-life music releases, sales, public images and tabloid rumors provide most of the plot points.
  • The Voiceless: Krely Roolind. Until Episode 17.
  • Volleying Insults: Quite often throughout the show, but episode 28 in particular sees it done by multiple divas around a table.
  • Waxing Lyrical: The characters often drop lines from their songs into normal conversation.
  • What Are You in For?: Gags keeps LJo and Lona as prisoners in Episode 19. LJo tries to convince Gags that they're not guilty, but then asks Lona what she's in for, and when Lona says that she "singed abowt how gags is a twat", LJo concludes that Lona is actually guilty.
  • With Friends Like These...: The main characters are supposedly "friends", even though they spend most time throwing jabs at each other and sabotaging each other's careers, if not trying to harm or kill each other.


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