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Kelly Rowland (born Kelendria Trene Rowland, February 11, 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia) , is an American singer, actress, model, and TV personality. She started her career as one third of the girl group Destiny's Child, before embarking on her own solo career in 2002.

Rowland scored her first major hit with international smash single "Dilemma" alongside rapper Nelly. Since then, she has managed a string of hits and song features that have kept her recording career buzzing, and earned her a sizable fan base (especially amongst the international music crowd). Rowland has maintained a viable TV presence as a former celebrity judge for both the UK and US X-Factors, and starring in such movies as Freddy Vs. Jason, and The Seat Filler''. Throughout a career spanning 16 years, Rowland has sold over 25 million albums as a solo artist, in addition to over 60 millions albums with Destiny's Child.

Rowland performed alongside former band mates Michelle Williams and Beyoncé at the latter's 2013 Super Bowl halftime show.


Studio albums

  • Simply Deep (2002)
  • Ms. Kelly (2007)
  • Here I Am (2011)
  • Talk a Good Game (2013)

Extended plays

  • The Kelly Rowland Addition (2019)
  • K (2021)


  • Break-Up Song: "Love", "Better Without You", "Flashback", "Down on Love", "Talk a Good Game"
    • A huge chunk of Rowland's discography is dedicated to this trope.
  • Childhood Friends/Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Beyoncé since they were children. Tina Knowles, Solange and Beyoncé are extended family for Rowland.
  • Hotter and Sexier: While no stranger to sexy outfits and videos during her girl band days, "Here I Am" and "Talk a Good Game" saw her pushing up her sexual image tenfold! It certainly helps to be named "Glamour" Magazine's sexiest woman , and to have an exercise franchise called "Sexy Abs"!
  • Intercourse with You: "Motivation", with lines such as "And when we're done, I don’t wanna feel my legs."
    • A lot of her songs are about sex. "Lay it On Me", "Work", "Kisses Down Low", "Freak", "Need A Reason", "See Me", "Coffee" and "Ice".
  • Leg Focus: Quite well-known for her legs, Tina Knowles (Mama Bear of Destiny's Child and Fashion Designer) explicitly stated that Rowland was often given shorts or mini skirts to show off her gorgeous legs.
  • One-Steve Limit: She has two songs titled "This Is Love:" One from Ms. Kelly and the other from Talk A Good Game.
  • New Sound Album: Solo career wise; "Simply Deep" featured prominent Alternative R&B, "Ms. Kelly" featured a variety of sounds ranging from Go-Go inspired club music ("Like This"), Hip-Hop, dance-pop, and R&B balladry. "Here I Am" cranked up the electro-R&B and Hip-Hop!
  • Self-Titled Album: Not played completely straight, Ms. Kelly not being her full stage name and all.
  • Silly Love Songs: Surprisingly not a big trope with Rowland, especially compared to her contemporaries, but she certainly has them: namely "Keep It Between Us", "This Is Love" (Ms. Kelly) and "This Is Love" (Talk a Good Game).
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: The relationship described in "Crazy".
  • Three Minutes of Writhing: The videos for "Lay It On Me", "Comeback", "Ice", and "Motivation".
  • Title Track:
    • "Simply Deep" and "Talk a Good Game".
    • Also has "Kelly", a track named after herself.