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Doesn't matter if they're on an enemy infested island, there is always time for a family hug.

Heartwarming moments in The Incredibles.

  • It may not look like anything noteworthy but we see the robber at the beginning of the film who Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl argue who got first. He quickly gives credit to Elastigirl for catching him before she punches him out again. He isn't aware they're in love with each other and only engaging in playful flirting but it's a nice moment. He may be a criminal, but he is at least respectful towards the opposite gender.
  • Bob and Helen's wedding in the prologue is a short scene but it's quite sweet with them and their closest friends and allies, in their super suits, showing they took time out of their busy crime-fighting schedule to see their friends get married. We see in their "I do's" the passionate love they feel toward each other. When they are pronounced husband and wife, Helen doesn't even wait for Bob to bend down to kiss him, she just jumps into his arms and kisses him.
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  • Even if it didn't quite turn out the way he was probably expecting it to, the job that Bob chose after the supers were forced to take up a civilian life is quite heartwarming: working for an insurance company. If he can't stop disasters or save people anymore, at the very least he can try to help the victims of those disasters and tragedies get back on their feet.
  • Bob's first scene at his job, he even puts his position on the line to help an old woman navigate the bureaucracy to get the coverage she's entitled to. Even if it's in a mundane situation and his boss reads him the riot act for it afterward, Bob still does the right thing when he can.
    • Which actually serves as a Tear Jerker, considering that this ideology does not work out for him thanks to his boss...
    • Even better: the riot act his boss reads to him reveals that this isn't the only time Bob has done this. He's been going out of his way to help a lot of clients.
    • The old woman's reaction speaks volumes. When Bob indicates that she should write down his instructions, her face lights up as she takes notes, and she attempts to thank him. He shushes her so neither of them is busted. Doubling as a Moment of Awesome when she plays along as he loudly claims that he can't help her, and she gives a sobfest performance. Best of all, Bob's boss doesn't suspect a thing.
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  • One particular object stands out in Mr Incredible's collection of memorabilia from his old superhero days. Amongst all the newspaper stories, posters and awards, there's a simple drawing of Mr Incredible stopping an out of control schoolbus from crashing into the sea, along with the words "Thank you Mr Incredible", and the signatures of all the children who were on that schoolbus. It's a simple reminder that, because of the heroics of Mr Incredible and the other supers, there are people with lives, loved ones and futures who are here today thanks to them.
  • The moment where Helen leaves the kids to go find her husband and Violet runs after her, because she couldn't make her powers work earlier. Helen gives her the best reassuring-parent speech a kid could ask for.
    • After the above scene, when the guard tries to shoot Dash, Violet jumps in front of him - and for the first time is able to project a really large force bubble. It then becomes a funny moment when Dash takes off with both of them inside the bubble like a giant hamster ball.
      • Extra points for Violet here since she didn't know that was going to work. For all their fighting she was fully willing to take a bullet for her brother.
    • Anytime Violet and Dash save each other, especially considering their constant bickering in the first part of the movie.
  • The first thing Bob does when Mirage reveals that his family survived the attack on their plane? He helps her up from the ground and gives her a hug in relief. Considering that he was half-insane with grief and almost choking her to death just a few seconds earlier, this kind of Snap Back is very relieving to see.
    • And after that, when Helen appears, she finally learns Bob wasn't having an affair. What does he do? He pulls her towards him and they share their second (of three) Big Damn Kiss, followed by a line to warm anyone's heart: "How could I betray the perfect woman?".
      • It's also really sweet how despite being furious at Bob since she assumes he's been cheating on her, once he kisses her, she still closes her eyes and reciprocates, showing how strong her love for Bob is.
  • The pair later run to save the kids, and Helen reads Bob the riot act for lying to her about everything. He only says that he's happy she and the kids are alive.
  • Mirage's Heel–Face Turn. "Say please."
  • Bob whispering to Helen that he's not strong enough to lose her or the kids again… and Helen gently reminding him that she's a strong superhero, and so are their children, and they're gonna kick ass together.
  • After 15 years of being in hiding, the Incredibles and Frozone are finally applauded as true heroes.
  • When Helen catches Jack-Jack in midair after his (literally) explosive tantrum following Syndrome's attempt to kidnap him, he instantly calms down and coos "Mama."
  • When Violet and Dash were going to be squashed on and killed by the Omnidroid, Bob rushes in to save them and tells them to go. Not a minute later, Helen literally scoops up a just woken up Violet into her arms.
    • What? Nothing for Dash? If anyone here can recall, when Violet fell unconscious, he didn't do anything. He had plenty of time to run away, but he stayed with his sister, even though he didn't know his dad would save him. Give the boy a medal.
  • Helen giving a So Proud of You statement Violet and Dash at different times:
    • Helen's "What a trooper. I'm so proud of you" line to Dash, after he used his Super Speed to get them to Nomanisan from way out in the ocean.
    • Helen's words to Violet after her daughter saved their family via forcefield from the Syndrome's destroyed plane? "That's my girl."
  • The look on Mr. Incredible's face the first time he sees Dash run on water.
    • The look on Dash's face, when he realizes he's running on water!
  • Bob complimenting Violet on her headband. Made even more adorable by Violet's initial flustered reaction at him noting it.
    • In the same scene, though it's meant to be funny, Dash's declaration of "I love our family." is a nice change from the grumpy kid we saw earlier in the movie who felt stifled by his parents and deliberately antagonized his sister for no other reasons than to be annoying and because he was bored.
  • The whole montage of Bob after he takes his new "job":
    • He and Helen share a passionate kiss and some not-so-subtle groping and implications of sex.
    • At one point, Bob sneaks up on Violet and kisses her nose.
    • Bob and Dash spending time together either with racing cars or playing football with their powers.
    • Bob kissing Jack-Jack's head and feeding him (while doing the same face thing Helen did earlier). Particularly cute is seeing Jack-Jack giggling as he's being fed, clearly enjoying spending time with his father.
    • Bob losing the weight he'd gained over the last 15 years and regaining (most of) his trim muscular physique.
    • We see in the montage that all the children are genuinely happy to spend more time with their father. They don't resent him for being rather distant to them before and do truly love their dad.
    • We see that when Bob buys a new car he also buys one for his wife, even having it wrapped in a huge bow. He isn't just using the money he gets from his secret superhero work on himself. He's also using it to give his family nice things and a more comfortable lifestyle.
  • Violet getting confident and comfortable enough to make a date, almost effortlessly.
    Violet: I like movies. I'll buy the popcorn.
    Tony: ...Friday?
    Violet: Friday.
  • The moment when Edna tells Helen to pull herself together is incredibly sweet—and we mean incredible. The expression of sheer glee on her face at the end of her speech and the way she says 'WIN!' shows just how confident she is in Helen's abilities. She doesn't doubt Helen's victory for a moment.
    Edna: "What are you talking about? You are ELASTIGIRL! My God, pull! Yourself! Together! What will you do; is this a question?! Show him that you remember that he is Mr. Incredible and you will remind him who you are! Go! Confront the problem! Fight! WIN!
    • "And call me when you get back, darling; I enjoy our visits."
      • The heartwarmingest thing? Helen can literally pull herself back together as that is what her power is. Edna is basically saying "Go and be a super hero and mess up all of the bad guy's stuff. Then come back and tell me all about the stuff that was messed."
    • When Helen calls Edna on the phone and identifies herself, Edna lets out an ecstatic "DAAAAAARLINNG!" Judging from her reaction, she and Helen must have been good friends back in the day and she is clearly thrilled to get back in touch with her.
    • While Edna doesn't approve of Bob's moonlighting she still sympathizes with him enough to tell Helen to "remember that he is Mr. Incredible". She recognizes that Bob was desperate to feel appreciated, and provide for his family, just made a bad decision.
  • Edna knows the Incredibles well enough to foresee the powers that a tiny few month old baby will later develop. She's not just a fashion designer, dahlink - she knows her friends well enough to be super mondo prepared.
  • A relatively minor moment, but earlier in the film, Mr. Incredible saves a cat that's stuck in a tree; despite already being involved in a high-intensity car chase, he takes the time to help an old woman and her adorable little cat immediately.
  • A ray of light in a very dark scene: the look of relief on Mr. Incredible's face when he finds out that Syndrome has no idea where Elastigirl is.
  • An understated moment, but the fact that despite Elastigirl's suspicions, Mr. Incredible was never having an affair. All he ever wanted to do was be a superhero again, and when she's chewing him out after seeing him hug Mirage when she brings news of her, Dash's, and Violet's survival, he's being 100% genuine when he asks her, "How could I betray the perfect woman?"
  • Even though their marriage has clearly been on the rocks for some time, Bob never expresses any interest in another woman. Even though he gets engages in Witty Banter with Mirage, this is just him being a normal superhero, not actually being attracted to her. Instead, Bob reinvigorates his romance with his wife as a result of feeling satisfied in his new position. Bob's feelings are simple, Helen is the only woman he wants.
  • While it was terribly horrible that superheroes were banned, it was rather nice that there was started a relocation program by the government for them. They may have felt like their actions were too dangerous but they didn't just leave them high and dry as they still respected them. They actually funded an agency to help them get on their feet and fit into civilian society. Especially with Bob, who has blown his cover many, MANY times!
  • A brief moment but when Violet comes up with the plan that they use the coordinates from the last launch to operate the rocket, Bob and Helen share a smile that says "That's our girl".
  • When Syndrome attempts to put his plan into action, bystanders are shown to be excited at the prospect of the supers coming back. They are later seen cheering on the Incredibles and Frozone when they defeat the Omnidroid. This shows that despite the wave of anti-superhero sentiment there had been previously, there are many people who still support them and want them to continue their work.
  • On the DVD extra that included profiles for all the superheroes, Dicker says how he hopes that one day the ban will be overturned and that they will be able to help people again, showing how this isn't just a job for him and he truly cares for all the supers in his charge.