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Drinking Game / The Incredibles

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The Incredibles's Drinking Game is pure easy. Just drink whenever:

  • The signature 'dah dah da-da-daaaah' plays.
  • Someone says the word "super" (or supers, or any variation thereof) or "powers."
    • Make it a double if they say "superpowers"
  • Someone presses a button. Continuous typing counts as one press - if they stop and start again you have to drink again. When someone presses a single button multiple times, each press counts.
  • A door opens or closes. This applies to both manual doors and powered ones.
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  • An explosion occurs.
  • When anyone says the word "special". Do this and get drunk in first 10 minutes.
  • When the In-Universe drinking game shows up, take a shot.
    • Feel free to play along and drink when you see a shot of civilians running.
  • If you feel like just one long draft for this, then this video has got you covered.
    • The film gets bonus points for having some of Syndrome's mooks make their own drinking game watching the Omnidroid destroy the city on TV.


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