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"Who knows what the future will bring? But I have a good feeling about all of you."
  • In the beginning when Frozone pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment and saves the passengers on the train from crashing & dying when everyone else was busy and all seemed lost.
  • The whole family gets some awesome moments during the opening scene with Underminer's drill.
    • Mr. Incredible going toe to toe with the Underminer himself in the control booth. Also pushing the drill away from colliding with buildings.
    • Elastigirl managing to stop cars from crossing the overpass, and saving a driver that does fall.
    • Dash saving an elderly woman from getting crushed by a car that was thrown by the drill. What makes his moment even more awesome? He adjusts her glasses for her after getting a thank you.
    • Violet using force field blasts to prevent falling debris from hitting a bus. She later uses a force field to protect her family from the drill's engine explosion.
  • There's something kinda awesome that Tony totally subverts No Guy Wants an Amazon and that his awkwardness with Violet before his mindwipe is strictly about the situation. He even states that he's secure enough in his masculinity to not care about her being a super and said fact doesn't change him liking her.
  • Elastigirl chasing after the train going in reverse on her motorcycle before stopping the train from flying off the tracks. The entire sequence rivals live action webslinging scenes from the Spider-Man franchise.
  • Even though "new math" didn't catch on in the long run, it's impressive that Bob managed to study it overnight, and then managed to teach his son in less time that same morning.
    • Doubles as Fridge Brilliance, since Bob used to work in insurance. He might have despised it and been completely miserable, but he's pretty damn good with numbers, despite coming across as the Dumb Muscle of the family.
    • Correction: Bob is far from being a Dumb Muscle and actually leans closer to a Genius Bruiser, demonstrating tactical knowledge and creative thinking on many occasions in the first movie; regarding his work experience at Insuricare, he was also shown helping his clients to circumvent the company's bureaucracy through legal loopholes to get their deserved payments, which requires a keen understanding of the company's inner workings. He is quite intelligent, and him figuring out that New Math book overnight only proves it further.
  • Screenslaver hijacks a convoy of helicopters with the Ambassador on board, forcing Elastigirl to leap out of the building, slingshot and swing between helicopters to find her in time. It's an intense scene that perfectly demonstrates that even with the bright costumes and family antics, the series does not pull punches when it comes to action.
  • Special mention goes to Edna Mode, who truly outdid herself here. In the span of a single night, she manages to learn about every single one of Jack-Jack's superpowers, and made a super suit that accounts for all of them. What a queen.
    • This is even more impressive when you consider that Jack-Jack must have demonstrated all of these powers while Edna was watching him. This is a taxing, sanity-testing job for professional superheroes who are already family or family friends, but regular human Edna Mode, (whose only superpower is her immense intelligence and engineering skills) still has a strong relationship with and affection for Jack-Jack at the end of the night, is prepared for every iteration of his powers, and even extends an invitation to babysit him any time for free!
      • That moment when you realise that Edna likes Jack-Jack because, at last, she finally has a challenge. A Super with 17 powers that she has to accommodate for? She's never had that before. Now, at last, she can flex the old grey matter.
  • Jack-Jack's fight with the raccoon.
    • This has to be expanded on more. Jack-Jack is watching a tv show which shows a gunman robbing a store. He then sees the raccoon, puts two and two together, and decides to stop the raccoon. What ensues is a hilarious yet impressive battle between a baby with a plethora of awesome powers and a normal raccoon.
    • To note, this raccoon puts up a better fight against Jack-Jack than Syndrome.
    • Also: the fact that Jack-Jack immediately puts together that what the Raccoon is doing is wrong and goes to stop him shows the heroics are already rubbing off on him at only a few months.
  • Evelyn revealing she's the Screenslaver by slamming her mind control goggles onto Elastigirl's face just before she can figure it out. She also manages to put the mind control goggles on many other Supers offscreen.
    • She's got more cunning and ingenuity than Syndrome ever had when you think about it. Syndrome needed months at a time to lure supers to his island, and most likely, depended on luring them one by one. Evelyn pulled off her plan in only a matter of days.
  • Evelyn giving Elastigirl a fake easy victory by disguising a hypnotized pizza guy as the Screenslaver. Not only that, but she gives Elastigirl a hell of a fight using her pawn.
  • Every time Voyd is on screen. She uses her portal powers in a creative way, and even hypnotized, is incredibly intelligent. A highlight is when she portals Helen to Evelyn's jet, despite her numerous failures. Another is, while hypnotized, using a fire extinguisher to expose an invisible Violet. She also keeps bypassing Violet's force fields by creating portals inside them.
  • Frozone arriving just in time to protect the kids from Voyd and the other hypnotized supers. He and the kids then work together to protect each other until Frozone gets caught.
  • When Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone are all hypnotized by Evelyn Deavor, that means we get an extended sequence of Dash and Violet being heroes. And they do an amazing job, successfully getting through a cruise ship full of hypnotized heroes - while managing Jack-Jack, no less - and getting the goggles off Elastigirl. From there, the dominoes fall big time for Evelyn.
    • Violet's one-on-one fight against Voyd, which she wins through some creative new applications of her powers, including basically punching her with her forcefields. She's come a long way since her efforts against the lone guard in the first film..
      • When Violet turns invisible, Voyd just uses a nearby fire extinguisher to spot her, much like one of the guards on Nomanisan Island. And when she shields herself, Voyd just teleports herself in.
      • And then Voyd has Violet pinned with a pair of hypno-goggles handy. Just as Voyd has her almost hypnotized, she kicks her back and avoids this. The best part? She was the only super in the film that we actually see avoid getting hypnotized.
    • Intentionally or not, Jack-Jack has a few moments of his own. While unintentionally being the one to get them into the situation in the first place, he ultimately prevents the kids from getting crushed by changing into a hitherto unseen gargantuan form, effectively breaking the vent, and landing on the mind-controlled supers. Not to mention that he was the one to cause the aforementioned domino effect by floating into Helen's arms, realizing something was wrong with his mama, and throwing a minor tantrum, which leads to him telekinetically removing her goggles from one eye. It was only through that act she gained enough free will to begin the events ultimately leading to Evelyn's downfall.
    • Violet also manages to use him as a firearm against Screech, who had abducted Dash.
    • Each member of the family getting goggles off one of the hypnotized supers they were fighting against.
      • When up against Voyd, Elastigirl keeps trying to get a punch in, only for the portals to redirect it. So thinking with portals, she makes it so the next time a portal deflects her hand, her fist makes a sharp turn towards Voyd, therefore knocking off her hypno-glasses. Guess she really is flexible.
      • Jack-Jack gets one for managing to focus his attention and powers enough to start contributing to the team effort more actively, helping his siblings and breaking He-Lectrix's goggles when he gets the chance after learning they were bad.
  • Winston himself gets a chance to be a hero in his own right by wrecking the screen that was hypnotizing the ambassadors and their countries' respective supers, bringing them back to their senses.
    • Before that, Evelyn was meaning to escape with her brother. But rather than go along with his sister's plan and philosophy, he jumps out the ship and saves the hypnotized heroes and ambassadors. What's more, it may also count as an Ironic Echo of how his father chose heroes over his self-preservation.
      Evelyn: It's for your own good!
      Winston: No! This is! (jumps off the jet)
    • What makes this even more awesome is that Winstonís act of heroism proves Evelyn wrong. Superheroes arenít meant to make people weak, they are meant to inspire others, just like they did to Winston.
  • At the movie's climax, Elastigirl (with Voyd's help) catching up with Evelyn's jet and then capturing her, while Frozone and the other Incredibles stop the ship.
    • Notably, our heroes are getting progressively better and better at saving the day without causing any property damage. It's at this point that (using Frozone's ice powers to cushion the boat) they don't even leave a dent or a scratch on even one building.
    • Dash coming up with the idea that ultimately saves the day: Turn the ship from the outside since the control panels were destroyed.
  • Frozone, man! The dude was kind-of pushed to the side in the first film, but here, he shines clean through. In fact, it's his powers that allow them to save the city without so much as a pebble out of place. How does he do it? By making an impenetrable wall of snow that allows the boat to smush gently against one of the skyscrapers, and allow everyone on-board a safe enough surface to fall against once the boat rocks down. And he was doing all of it on the fly, too! Pretty impressive for someone who's mostly done petty crime-solving in the last fifteen years or so.
    • During the fight at Winstonís estate, it becomes pretty clear that he knows he canít win the fight, so when the Incredibile arrives, he gives the kids the tools they need to escape and ultimately save the day, instead of trying to get to the car himself.
    • It's also probably helped by the fact that in the first film, the big battle took place in the middle of a concrete city. Here, they're in the middle of the ocean, which gives him way more ammunition to use effectively.
  • This is a more understated example, but when Elastigirl confronts Evelyn in the jet and Evelyn mocks Elastigirl for her principles, Elastigirl points out that the main difference between herself and Evelyn is at least Elastigirl has principles. And Elastigirl later demonstrates her principles by saving Evelyn from falling to her death, despite everything Evelyn had done.
    • Before that, Elastigirl defeating Evelyn by using a flare gun to shoot her out the window of a jet.
    • Credit to Evelyn: a perfectly normal woman, now lacking her mind-control tech, nevertheless comes very close to killing a powerful superhero just through creative use of her environment.
    • In trying to permanently discredit superheroes, Evelyn ends up cementing the legalization of superheroes when she creates a disaster situation that the heroes are able to beat without any collateral damage, restoring public confidence in them.
  • At the end, it's revealed that the family has a new station wagon that can transform into a new, improved version of the Incredibile, which they use to pursue a speeding car.
  • After the climax of the film, it's official: Superheroes are back. Doubles as Heartwarming Moment.
  • Violet approaches and strikes up a conversation with Tony, even having the confidence to push down the book he was reading with her pencil to get his attention. The once shy and awkward girl is now brimming with healthy self-esteem.
  • Both awesome and heartwarming, Bob being very much disappointed at not being able to help make Supers legal again but he still puts that aside to make sure he does not ruin things for his wife. He instead learns how to do better at keeping house and caring for their children and nearly breaks himself to make sure Helen is successful. He is painfully jealous about Helen successfully stopping a runaway train (something that he did much more poorly 15 years prior and helped start the banning of superheroes) but he grits his teeth and tells her he's proud of her. What an awesome husband.


  • Once again, Michael Giacchino's sixties-John-Barry-pastiche score brings the Awesome Music.
  • As with the first movie, some tracks seem to be direct pastiches of specific John Barry tracks.
    • "Diggin' the New Digs" is very similar to "Into Miami" from Goldfinger.
    • That song during the climax, "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit oxygen". That song screamed badass. In particular, the strong trumpet notes near the end were impressive.
    • A motif very similar to the Monty Norman James Bond theme can be heard at the 1-minute mark of "A Bridge Too Parr"
  • The theme songs for Elastigirl, Frozone, and Mr. Incredible that play during the later part of the end titles. These songs are brilliant pastiches of the era and milieu they are meant to exemplify. (Frozone's gets bonus points for sounding like it came from a Blaxploitation movie, following the formula from Isaac Hayes's Shaft theme of asking who a person is and then answering with the character's name.)
    • And especially worthy of mention are the versions of these songs (plus "Glory Days" from The Incredibles) by Disney a capella group D Capella that are included as bonus tracks on the soundtrack.