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Incredibles 2

  • A double one with the movie Violet and her boyfriend are going to see at the end of the film: Dementia 113. This is a shout-out to the famous Room A113 at the California Institution of Arts, legendary as a school for graphic design and animation, with a shout-out in every Pixar movie. It is also a shout-out to 1963 film Dementia 13, a cheesy Psycho ripoff that also happened to be the feature film debut for director Francis Ford Coppola.
  • A113 is also seen in the model number of the out-of-control hover-train, on an oven in the Parrs' new house, and in other places.
  • The name of the ambassador who roots for Helen is Henrietta Selick, a tip of the hat to fellow animation director Henry Selick.
  • The Japanese supers during the climax are a nod to Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (or Battle of the Planets to some older audience members).
  • The Pizza Planet Truck can be seen outside the building where Elastigirl captures and rescues the fake Screenslaver. The truck likely belonged to him considering Evelyn revealed the one she set up was a pizza delivery guy.
  • One of the tracks on the OST has the title "Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week to Quit Oxygen".
  • Bob's "I eat thunder and crap lightning" Badass Boast is borrowed from Mickey's line to Rocky in Rocky II (although Mickey had "thunder" and "lightning" the other way around).
  • The Big Bad manages to hold Helen down by freezing her due to her rubber-like abilities, much like what happened to another stretchy superhero.