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  • Bob is held in Level A1, Cell Block #13. A113 is also the room number for the conference room where Bob meets the v9.0 Omnidroid.
  • The call-sign of Helen's plane is "India Golf Niner-Niner", or "IG 99", referencing The Iron Giant, director Brad Bird's previous film, which came out in '99.
  • During Bob's first visit to the island, as he runs through the jungle searching for the "escaped" robot, there's a shot-for-shot from Predator of him stepping off a ledge and descending into a valley, and many of the other scenes during that segment are also at least highly similar to ones from that same movie.
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  • Syndrome entitled his project "Kronos", which is the name of a 1957 film featuring a giant killer robot. In Greek Myth, it's titled the 'all devouring' and eats his children, the Olympians (except for Zeus, of course), and in other words, killing.
  • The interiors of Syndrome's base look like those of the "Liparus" and "Atlantis" in The Spy Who Loved Me, as well as Blofeld's volcano base in You Only Live Twice. The scene of Mr. Incredible leaning on the balcony railing is from Dr. No. Furthermore, Michael Giacchino's soundtrack would have fit perfectly in a James Bond film — the opening fanfare is a Suspiciously Similar Song to the theme from On Her Majesty's Secret Service. (Brad Bird initially wanted John Barry himself to do the score, but he was unavailable.) note 
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  • Many of the costumes on display in Edna Mode's studio are shout outs to Marvel super heroes, including Captain America, the Fantastic Four, and Crystal of The Inhumans.
  • Rick Dicker's name and his interrogation of Kari in "Jack-Jack Attack" are reminscent of Blade Runner's protagonist (Rick Deckard) and the iconic interrogation scene at the beginning of the film, respectively.
  • Frozone's power set and method of locomotion is based on Iceman of the X-Men.
  • Gazerbeam's powers, costume, visor, and personality profile are based on X-Men leader Cyclops.
  • Towards the end of the film, Bob throws Helen into the air; this evokes the 'fastball special', performed by Colossus and Wolverine in some X-Men stories.
  • Bob and Lucius' would-be arrest after they accidentally crash into a jewelry shop, is a shout-out to Die Hard with a Vengeance. In both movies, a character played/dubbed by Samuel L. Jackson is held at gunpoint by a nervous rookie police officer, and tries to convince him to let him do a very mundane task.
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  • Frozone's real name, Lucius Best, is a possible reference to Lucius Fox, who's Batman's black friend and confidant in a similar manner to Frozone.
  • The mascot of the middle school that Violet attends — a Spartan — is the same as Brad Bird's high school, Corvallis High School. The design of the high school is also what CHS used to look like (it was bulldozed and rebuilt in 2005).
  • Elastigirl sizing up her butt with shock and disappointment mirrors that of Tinker Bell from Peter Pan, who does the same thing when glancing at her own hips in the mirror.
  • The Underminer, the villain that appears at the very end of the movie, is a Captain Ersatz of the "Mole Man", the first villain the Fantastic Four fight on their very first published comic.
  • In the end, the shot of Mr. Incredible pulling his shirt apart, revealing his superhero emblem, is exactly like Superman.
  • The TV/VCR in the principal's office of Dash's school strongly resembles a Philco Predicta. John Lasseter has one in his office.
  • Doubles as a Freeze-Frame Bonus, when Mr. Incredible leaves the family dinner table to eat quietly in another room he brings a newspaper to read. When he opens it, you can see a headline on the right side which reads "Catastrophe Seen As Crisis Looms" which is a nod to the cannonball scene in The Iron Giant. In that scene, Dean is about to be inundated by a wall of water caused the Giant and pulls up a newspaper to "shield" him. The headline of that paper reads "Disaster Seen As Catastrophe Looms".


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