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Everything's Better with Princesses

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Everything's Better with Princesses is a specific type of Garnishing the Story, where a princess (or multiple princesses) is featured in the work to make it more appealing, especially for young girls. Specific tropes include:

  • Good Princess, Evil Queen — being a princess is inherently better than being a queen, despite both being titles for female royalty.
  • Gratuitous Princess — princesses exist in a setting or culture that doesn't actually have royalty, or when there are more princesses than plausible in the setting (e.g. having an entire school of princesses).
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  • Honorary Princess — the character is not a princess, but is referred to as such to show off her distinguished status.
  • Princess Protagonist — the lead character is a princess, because what little girl wouldn't want to imagine herself as a one?
  • Rags to Royalty — an everygirl is given the title of princess or is revealed to be the missing heir to a throne.
  • Save the Princess — the Damsel in Distress is a princess because rescuing a kidnapped princess (and possibly winning her hand in marriage as a result) is so much more glamorous than saving Plain Jane.

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