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Spot of Tea

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It may refer to one of these tropes:

  • Asians Love Tea: Tea associated with Asian, particularly East Asian, culture.
  • Brits Love Tea: British people stereotypically love tea, or tea is associated with British culture.
  • Calming Tea: Characters drink tea to calm themselves after experiencing shock, trauma or stress.
  • Drink-Based Characterization: Beverages, such as tea, used to represent a character's personality.
  • Food Slap: A character throws or pours their tea on another character.
  • Hot Drink Cure: A hot drink, usually herbal tea, is used to treat someone's illness.
  • Tea and Tea Culture: A Useful Notes page about tea and the culture surrounding it.
  • Tea Is Classy: Drinking tea signifies a character's wealth and prestige.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: A certain food or drink, such as tea, that a character loves to have all the time.

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Alternative Title(s): A Spot Of Tea