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The Southpaw

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Left-handedness/Southpaw characters on their own aren't tropes. Here is a list of tropes that left-handed characters or left-handedness might fall into:

  • Ambidextrous Sprite: Character sprites in video games are almost always ambidextrous.
  • A Sinister Clue: Left-handedness is used as a sign of evil.
  • The Killer Was Left-Handed: The police focus their investigation on a left-handed person based on a clue.
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  • Left-Handed Mirror: A right-handed character is mirrored by their left-handed counterpart/twin.
  • Right-Handed Left-Handed Guns: In First-Person Shooter games, right/left-handed characters are often paired with left/right-handed guns.
  • Southpaw Advantage: Left-handedness gives a character an extra edge in combat/competitions.
  • Situational Hand Switch: A right-handed character becomes restricted in some way, injured or incapacitated, which causes them to not be able to use their right hand. They now have to learn how to use their left hand.

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