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Who Killed Cock Robin?

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"Who Killed Cock Robin?" is an English nursery rhyme that has been used for the title of a number of works.

  • Cock Robin is an American music group that started in 1982.
  • Who Killed Cock Robin? (Cock Robin o Korosu no wa]) クックロビンを殺すのは (2009 Manga)
  • Dare ga Koroshita Komadori o ~Qui a tué Cock Robin~ だれがころしたコマドリお (2011 H-Game)
  • Deadman Wonderland's first chapter.
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  • Nuga Ulsaeleul Jug-yeossna? 누가 울새를 죽였나? (2009 Manhwa)
  • Who Killed Cock Robin? (2005 film)
  • "Who Killed Cock Robin?" a 1935 cartoon from Disney's Silly Symphonies
  • Who Killed Cock Robin? is the title of several of John Anster Fitzgerald's paintings.

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