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Invisible Man

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"Invisible Man" could refer to:

  • Invisibility - The power of invisibility (moved from this page).
  • The Invisible Man - An 1897 novel by H.G. Wells.
  • The Invisible Man - A 1933 film adaptation of the Wells novel.
  • The Invisible Man - The 2020 remake of the previous entry.
  • Invisible Man - A 1952 novel by Ralph Ellison.
  • The Invisible Man - A 2000 series that aired on the SciFi channel
  • Invisible Man - A 1950s British series.
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  • The Invisible Man - A 1970s NBC series.
  • The Invisible Man - A 1980s BBC serialised adaptation of the Wells novel.
  • "The Invisible Man" - A 1989 song by the band Queen, also covered by Scatman John

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Alternative Title(s): The Invisible Man