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Surprise Creepy

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"Surprise Creepy" may refer to:

  • Disguised Horror Story: A work in the horror genre that masquerades as a non-horror work.
  • Surprisingly Creepy Moment: A work has a scary or disturbing image, scene, portion, etc. that clashes with the prior tone of the work.
  • Unexpectedly Dark Episode: A work that's generally a comedy, or at least played less than seriously, has an episode with a much darker tone than most or all of the rest of the work.

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Gleeok (Oracle of Seasons)

After Link defeats Gleeok by slashing its 2 heads from its body, it begins to undergo the usual startup to a boss explosion from both this game and Ages, though its body becomes skeletal, stomping the ground and charging at Link.

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Main / VictoryFakeout

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