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monster / monsters, n:

  1. A being of frightening and inhuman appearance and/or demeanor, and quite possibly inhuman origin.
  2. A term so broad and popular for work titles that we had to write this page to cover all our bases (and The Other Wiki covers even more of them than we do).
  3. Monster - A manga and anime written by Naoki Urasawa about a doctor who must hunt down a Serial Killer he feels responsible for letting loose on the world as a child.
  4. Monster - A 2003 American film Based on a True Story about a female serial killer played by Charlize Theron with nothing at all in common with the above anime. It won Theron several awards including an Oscar Award and Roger Ebert called it one of the best films of that decade.
  5. Monster - A book about a guy named Monster Dionysus trying to survive real life around his job of capturing cryptozoological monsters while putting up with a girlfriend who's a real monster.
  6. Monster: A Novel of Frankenstein - An adaptation of Frankenstein from the POV of the creature.
  7. The Monster - A 1925 horror movie starring Lon Chaney.
  8. The Monster - An Alien Invasion short story by A. E. Van Vogt.
  9. Monsters: - A horror anthology series from The '80s about, um, monsters.
  10. Monsters: - A British sci-fi thriller released in 2010, directed by Gareth Edwards.
  11. Monster! - A direct to video film about a film director whose monster movies come to life every three years to wreak havoc on a small town.
  12. Monster - A Death Note Dark Fic.
  13. Monster - A song by Skillet.
  14. The musical album by KISS
  15. The musical album by R.E.M.

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