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Film / Alice, Girl from the Future

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These are the adaptations of the Kir Bulychev series Alice, Girl from the Future.

  • The Mystery of the Third Planet (1981) starring the voice of Olga Gromova as Alice.
  • Guest from the Future (1984) starring Natalia Guseva in the most famous adaptation.
  • Liliac Sphere (1987) starring Natalia Guseva again.
  • Island Of General Rusty (1988) starring Katya Prizhbilyak.
  • Prisoners Of The Yamagiri Maru (1988) starring the voice of Tatiana Aksyuta.
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  • Alisa's Birthday (2009) starring the voice of Yaroslava Nikolaeva.
  • Captives Of The Three Planets (2011) starring Darya Melnikova.


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