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Dangerously Short Skirt

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Dressed for kicking ass, while showing hers off.

Jerry Lawler: Whoever she is, I like what she's not wearing!
Coach: ...the crowd seems delighted.
Jim Ross: That woman can fight!
Mickie James debuts, Monday Night Raw

A Fanservice trope, where Action Girls wear short, above-the-knees skirts.

This is a great way to show off her long legs, but the anticipation of getting an eyeful underneath is also welcomed, despite the bruises that might come from trying to sneak a peek. Sometimes, it doesn't have to be a skirt - it could be a minidress, a miniskirt, or a torn-apart garment that conveniently serves as a skirt. In addition, getting a Panty Shot isn't always guaranteed, but it can compensate by including Zettai Ryouiki, Stocking Filler or thigh high boots, to further emphasize the legs.

A skirt qualifies as dangerously short if it's high above the knees, prone to swirling aside (despite physics saying otherwise) and appears tight enough to ride up for a Panty Shot. Being an Action Girl is an added bonus, and a common subversion is to have her as a Faux Action Girl or a Neutral Female.


This trope does make a tiny bit of sense: if you're wearing a tight skirt into combat, you'd want it to be pretty short. The longer it is, the more it'll restrict your leg movements. However, wearing a looser, longer skirt would work just as well. Or wearing, ya know, pants. Or shorts.

Sub-Trope of She's Got Legs, Stocking Filler and Zettai Ryouiki.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • This regularly shows up in Bleach:
    • Tier Harribel, after she goes One-Winged Angel, dons a more stripperific outfit which leads to this.
  • Lisa Yadomaru wore both a ruffled miniskirt as a lieutenant, and a schoolgirl skirt as a Visored. She's fought in both outfits.
  • Riruka Dokugamine sports a minidress, but surprised fans (who thought of her as a Faux Action Girl) by being a gun-toting Combat Pragmatist.
  • Ying and Yang, the Bodyguard Babes of Kusaka in the second movie, wear and fight in schoolgirl-type skirts.
  • Rukia Kuchiki one kicked Shrieker in the jaw while wearing a school uniform. The skirts' length is even lampshaded by Kon when he looks up at her after she kicks him to the ground.
  • Orihime Inoue wears one in the tenth opening theme song, called Shojo S. She also wears a schoolgirl uniform, complete with Zettai Ryouiki following the Time Skip, but when she tried to fight, she was taken by surprise and ultimately lost.
  • Even Senna isn't exempt from such a fashion choice, but she's never fought while in it.
  • Homura from the third movie has her Shihakusho modified in such a way that the lower half is turned into a miniskirt. Like Senna, Homura herself never fights in it.
  • In the anime version of Love Hina, Motoko wore a school uniform with Girlish Pigtails, slight Zettai Ryouiki and a Dangerously Short Skirt while holding a book. However, she doesn't get to fight in it, and it's used against her by the resident Clingy Jealous Girl, who seduced her while disguised as Naru as part of a Batman Gambit.
  • Ino Yamanaka on Naruto has a short skirt, and while she's proved herself to be an Actiongirl, she wears bandages under it. Temari (who's more like a Lady of War) could qualify as this as well, with all but one of the outfits she's worn that's incorporated a short skirt.

    Comic Books 
  • Rachel Summers from the X-Men, after she took up her mother's mantle as Marvel Girl. She wore a version of her mother's green miniskirt costume (slightly modified to fit current fashions, since the dress didn't age well from the 60's).

    Live-Action TV 

    Professional Wrestling 
  • "El Nuevo Exotico" Maximo competes in a piece of fabric that could charitably be called a skirt. It mainly serves to draw attention to his crotch.
  • The "skirts" Daizee Haze wrestles in tend to be shorter than her Modesty Shorts. This is also true of her protege Veda Scott.
  • Black Rose wrestles in "skirts" that cover more above her waist than beneath it. This is also true of her protege Red Velvett.
  • DASH Chisako wrestles wearing tassels around her hips to form a makeshift "skirt" that could be called "dangerously short Lady Legionnaire Wear".

    Video Games 
  • Trinity wore two, one with pantyhose as a member of the Six Heroes, and another as Platinum.
  • Makoto Nanaya's costumes only had straps keeping her skirt held in place.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Terra of Final Fantasy VI is one of a long line of Dangerously Short Skirt wearers in the Final Fantasy series; particularly noticeable in Dissidia. In her original game, it looks more like she's wearing a Leotard of Power, but it's close enough to her official art that it may be the case that it's just that short.
    • Final Fantasy VII's Tifa Lockhart wears a leather mini as animating a skirt that covered her legs was too technically complicated.

    Western Animation 


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