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Wedding-Enhanced Fertility

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The Law of Inverse Fertility is a pain. If you somehow manage to not get pregnant when you are young and single and it would be disastrous for you to get pregnant, you will inevitably have great difficulty getting pregnant once you are married, settled down, and ready to have child. Isn't there any way to just have a nice, happy, non-angsty pregnancy?

Well... there is one way. But the bad news is, it is impossible to make it happen intentionally.


Wedding-Enhanced Fertility is when a female character has an unintentional but not unwelcome pregnancy the moment that marriage gets involved. It might happen immediately after the wedding, or it might happen while she's unmarried but her boyfriend proposes just before she tells him (if she tells him and he proposes because of it, it's a different trope). Both the parents-to-be are happy with the situation and the whole thing is treated as a pleasant surprise.

The confusing part about the trope is that there seems to be no narrative need for it. It is perfectly common for a couple to have children immediately after marrying, entirely on purpose, so the writer could just as easily have gone that route. Since the characters take the whole thing in a stride, there is no angst or drama to be found in either, after the initial shock. It seems that the writer just feels that while a pregnancy can be welcome and convenient, one thing it must not be is expected - essentially, Creating Life Is Unforeseen, even when done the old-fashioned way. See also Babies Ever After.



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     Anime and Manga  
  • In the 3rd Fushigi Yuugi OVA, the baby is conceived on Taka and Miaka's wedding night, making the baby extra special. It's actually a Living Macguffin needed to summon Suzaku and save the Universe of the Four Gods.
  • In CLANNAD ~After Story~, Nagisa is pregnant a few months after marrying Tomoya. It does not end well, or at least not before the Reset Button Ending.

     Fan Works  
  • In the For Better or for Worse fanfic The New Retcons, Elizabeth comes back from her honeymoon with Anthony pregnant. Unfortunately for all, it's not Anthony's baby. He drove her out of the wedding suite when he found out she wasn't a virgin, and she ran straight into Warren Blackwood's arms, leading to her son's conception.
  • In Junior Officers, it's said that Kitsune and Akio conceived Ichiro not long after they got married.

  • Brother Cadfael has Edwin and Edwy, two mischievous boys of approximately the same age who are also uncle and nephew, having been conceived around the time of Edwy's mother's marriage.
  • In Twilight, Bella and Edward conceive a fast-growing Fetus Terrible on their wedding night. Made either more or less astounding since it was the first time either of them had had sex, ever, and they were under the impression that they couldn't have kids in the first place, what with Edward being technically undead and all.
  • In Harry Potter, Lupin and Tonks elope soon after getting together, and she's revealed to be pregnant within a month or two. Whether it was this trope or a Shotgun Wedding is not entirely clear, though it was probably unintentional either way.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, it's pretty obvious that Robb Stark was conceived on his parents' wedding night, since his father left for war the very next day.
    • Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey conceive a child on their wedding night. While the child provides an heir for the Tullys, he is conceived the night of the Red Wedding, the night where many members of the Tully and Stark families were murdered or captured by the Freys.
  • In Slaughterhouse-Five, Billy and Valencia's post-sex conversation on their wedding night is interspersed with narration telling us that their son is currently being conceived.
  • In Rainbow Six, Patsy spends most of the book pregnant, having gotten married to Ding shortly before the story began and conceiving during the honeymoon. Their son is born at the end of act two.
  • In the Danielle Steel novel Jewels, the heroine finds that she has conceived at some point during her honeymoon. It's not entirely surprising, as she and her husband have been Insatiable Newlyweds, but it's still a shock to her since she had a miscarriage and never conceived again during her first marriage.
  • In Heralds of Valdemar, Queen Selenay falls in Love at First Sight with Prince Daren, with fate/the gods forging an instant and permanent bond between them. Their twins are born exactly nine months after the wedding — though everyone knows that a Lifebond means a marriage is just paperwork and no one really cares if they 'anticipated' the wedding night.
  • In The Elenium, Sparhawk and his wife Queen Ehlana only have one night together before he heads off to save the world. He's genuinely startled to return home a few months later and learn that she's pregnant. It's actually a subversion, however, since a few years later he learns that this didn't happen in the usual way. It Makes Sense in Context, although it makes his head spin a little when he figures it out, and he and their daughter agree to never tell Ehlana the truth.

     Live Action TV  
  • Torchwood: Gwen and Rhys even talk about having children a few episodes before Gwen finds out she's pregnant, but the reason for it is apparently still that working for Torchwood puts your body through so many strange things that "the bloody pill doesn't stand a chance."
  • Doctor Who: River Song is conceived on her parents' wedding night - it is somewhat of a shock to the Doctor when he realizes that. Of course, the real shock comes from learning who her parents are: Rory and Amy.
  • On Roseanne, Darlene proposes to her boyfriend David and only tells him that she's pregnant once he says yes.
  • The last ever scene of The Mentalist takes place at Jane and Lisbon's wedding; the two sneak off to hang out by the lake while their friends enjoy the party, and Lisbon tells Jane she's pregnant - to his joy as well as her own - just before the credits roll. Despite a few very subtle hints in the preceding episodes that Lisbon is a little more emotional (read, in hindsight: hormonal) than usual, (and even this gets buried under her understandable reactions to Vega's death, Jane's disappearance after the funeral, and his sudden proposal upon his return), you'd be forgiven for feeling like it came out of nowhere. To be fair, it does round off the series in a way, since it demonstrates that Jane's story has come full circle (the series started with him losing his first wife and child, and ends with him gaining a second wife and child), but the lack of build-up is slightly odd.
  • Sherlock plays with this, as Mary got pregnant slightly before her wedding, but the two were engaged long before then and as such the baby had nothing to do with their decision to get married. In fact, her husband only finds out on their wedding day, shortly after the wedding, in a rather heartwarming scene.
  • Invoked in the Designing Women episode "E.P. Phone Home" when Charlene tells the others that Elvis got Priscilla pregnant on their wedding night.
    Charlene: That why they called him 'The King'.
  • On My Name Is Earl, it's mentioned that Carl and Kay conceived Earl on their honeymoon. Because Earl was such a difficult child right from the start (and later, Randy didn't help matters any), Carl never took Kay on vacation again until she proved to him that she'd officially reached menopause.
  • Another World's Josie confides to husband Gary on their wedding night that she's pregnant.
  • Played with in Charmed (1998), wherein the pregnancy is only a surprise to one of the parents (Phoebe). The other parent (Cole) not only wanted the pregnancy to happen, they actually used magic to bypass birth control in order to ensure it. But they both treat it as this trope, until... other concerns take precedent. The sequel comic reveals that Phoebe's oldest daughter was conceived when Phoebe was on her honeymoon with her second husband. In that case everyone was happy because Phoebe's efforts to ensure her daughter was conceived drove her actions for the better part of two seasons.
  • One Life to Live: Blair tells her ex-husband Todd that she's pregnant just as he proposes to her. Very significant, since their first marriage fell apart after she found out that she pulled The Baby Trap on him with an initially Fake Pregnancy (she actually did conceive at some point, but he discovered her deception when he realized that she wasn't as far along as she should have been).
  • Invoked (but did not happen) in the pilot of the short-lived My Big Fat Greek Life, a spinoff series based on My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Toula's mother greets her hopefully upon her return from her honeymoon:
    Mother: Are you pregnant??
    Toula: *baffled* We've only been married for ten days.
    Mother: So?

    Video Games 
  • In the third game of Gardens Inc, Mike and Jill - the owners of the eponymous landscaping company - get married at the end of the main campaign. The bonus chapter takes place immediately after their honeymoon, and at the end, Jill informs Mike that she's pregnant. She gives birth at the end of the fourth and final game.

  • In Arthur, King of Time and Space, Modern-arc Guinevere finds out that she's pregnant right before Arthur proposes. Poor Fairytale-arc Guinevere is stuck with the Law of Inverse Fertility instead.
  • In Doc Rat, Ben and Daniella conceived their children not long after their wedding, despite Danni being on the Pill.
  • Mac and Sam in Greystone Inn. Their honeymoon was to Disney Land, and apparently it's impossible to get hold of birth control there.
  • Kevin & Kell:
    • George and Danielle conceived their son, Francis, not long after they got married.
    • Carl and Leona conceived their daughter, Savanna, during the lockdown, which began immediately after the honeymoon. It is explicitly shown that they treated the lockdown as an extended honeymoon. Though Lindesfarne stated in her Fourth-Wall Mail Slot that it wasn't expected, there's no evidence that they were trying not to.
  • Strongly implied in the final monthly Sabrina Online comic, which is a direct lampshaded Call-Back to Timothy's conception, which was a Shotgun Wedding instead.
  • In Shortpacked!, Amber realizes that she's pregnant right after Mike proposed. It turns out that it wasn't his... eccentric means of asking that made Amber throw up.