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In short, wearing gauze, casts, eyepatches and similar items for Fanservice purposes, or seeing it as such.

Particularly well-entrenched as a Moe trait in anime/manga circles, and featured in the cosplay style/fashion trend called kegadoru ("injured idol"). The basic psychology isn't difficult: the appearance of injury implies the need to be protected, which inspires a desire to approach and comfort the injured person. And if they're wearing only bandages, then it also satisfies the Theiss Titillation Theory.

Alternatively, characters wearing Bandages may satisfy the Rule of Cool too, as a stronger, more involved character who wears bandages but doesn't stop taking part in whatever needs to be done is a sign that they're dedicated to helping carry out the plan in spite of their injuries.

A more extreme version of this fetish is abasiophilia, a sexual obsession with disability or the appearance of disability. Amputations, prosthetics, parapalegia, and the like fall under this category.


Unsurprisingly, this is a feature of the Seductive Mummy. Sarashi is a similiar concept that predates this one. See also The Florence Nightingale Effect, which is when a nurse or doctor falls in love with a Bandage Babe. Usually involves a Bandaged Face. Overlaps with Good Scars, Evil Scars.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Hannah Anasfeloz of Black Butler starts wearing a bandage over the left side of her face after Alois stabs out her left eye in the first episode.
  • Ruthlessly subverted with Balalaika in Black Lagoon. One of her flashbacks involves her sitting in a vehicle with bandages covering her burns and wounds from a recent battle. There was nothing remotely sexy about that scene as she looked exactly what you'd expect from someone coming from a war zone. She also retains a large number of scars over her body because of those wounds.
  • Rather common on Bleach since everyone spends so much time having been nearly slashed, stabbed and chopped to pieces. Ichigo takes it so far that even his sword is wrapped in bandages!
  • Jessie, protagonist of Blue Ramun, is often shown bandaging her arms and hands after daily bloodlettings. Her role as a Blue Doctor means she uses the super-curative properties of her own blood to treat patients, and while her injuries heal at an accelerated rate they still need to be wrapped up to protect them from the desert sands.
  • Osamu Dazai from Bungo Stray Dogs wears gauze bandages over most of his body. No reason is given, though since he specializes in manipulation and getting information out of people, invoking this trope is a definite possibility. Due to his massive suicidal tendencies, another interpretation is that the bandages are meant to cover scars from his various attempts.
  • Chii in Chobits when first discovered, wrapped in what looks like bandaging.
  • Takatsu Aoba from Code:Breaker has her right arm all bandaged up and wears it in a sling after Ogami sliced it off.
    • Kagerou/Mishiru from the same series,is bandaged to the point hers gender is unnoticed if you're familiar to her.
  • Suzaku from Code Geass to the fangirls.
  • Mummy Maker from Cube×Cursed×Curious is covered in many bandages that not only hides her many scars and burns but also seems to be alive.
  • Allen Walker from D.Gray-Man is a Moe male version of this trope. Seriously, though—he's so incredibly pretty, and has such an effeminate, slender figure, he fits pretty darn well with all the other examples.
  • After almost dying in the battle against Merak in the Devil Survivor 2 anime the already Stripperiffic Hinako spends the rest of the series with a bandaged eye and arm.
  • Doraemon the Movie #7 and #31 (Steel Troops) spot Riruru, a girl of the movie, getting bandaged up by Shizuka after she's critically hurt from an explosion.
  • Rokujo Chikage from Durarara!!. Evidently, having his face violently rearranged by Shizuo has done nothing to hinder his chick magnet status.
  • Lucy and other Diclonius in Elfen Lied are actually a case of Beam Me Up, Scotty!, aside from some of the box art, Lucy as a child in a hallucination,note  and Mariko in her first appearance, the diclonii don't wear bandages, or usually anything else for that matter.
  • In Excel Saga manga volume 18, Elgala is injured by a bomb, and is shown with bandages like Rei Ayanami's ones. She even says "Maybe I'm the third one".
  • Subverted by Adorea of Franken Fran. A female servant of Fran's covered in bandages like a mummy. Her striking figure, beautiful hair, and selfless willingness to give her organs certainly made her look like a bandage babe, and the volume cover that has her story even made it look like that underneath those bandages was a naked, classic beautiful girl. Then, when a terrorist who was smitten with her asked to see her face, she removes the bandages around her head and we're treated to a frame filled with nothing but tentacles surrounding a gaping maw that she uses to swallow the terrorist whole.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist Lan Fan is injured and cuts off her own arm after an attack from King Bradley and for the majority of her appearances before she leaves to get a replacement arm she's pretty much topless except of the bandages around her chest.
  • Full Metal Panic! has a fanservicey male version of this with Sousuke, in the later parts of the story. Nicely illustrated in the Sigma manga. After being in a coma for a month, Sousuke was rendered very weak and helpless in bed, being half naked and having his bare chest and arms wrapped in bandages. (Of course, "helpless" for him means only being able to bomb the hell out of the enemies that try to ambush him.)
  • Game×Rush gives us two male examples in the last chapter, as well as a single-panel flashback of Miyuki as a Bandage Babe.
  • Mikaila from Godchild is completely covered with bandages (except for her head) under her clothes, due to the fact that she is literally rotting away underneath due to a bad case of clone degeneration.
  • Tomoko gets put in a bandage bikini as part of a side story in Great Teacher Onizuka.
  • Gunslinger Girl. A flashback scene shows Henrietta like this before she became a cyborg, when she was in hospital after a brutal attack. Becomes squick when a full-body view shows that one of her legs has been amputated. Triela is also shown this way after her fight with Pinnochio (it's more of a fanservice version as Triela has only got her skirt and bandages on under the blanket, and she gets a Cool Down Hug from her male handler). Due to the nature of the cyborgs she gets better after a quick operation.
  • Ryomou Shimei of Ikki Tousen always wears an Eyepatch of Power, which, in the anime, is a Power Limiter, and many times she gets so badly beaten up that she needs actual bandages ohn her injuries.
  • A male example is Zange Natsume of Inu × Boku SS, who wears bandages over his right eye. Not because he can't see out of it though, as we later learn.
  • Sango from Inuyasha, since she's a warrior, sometimes gets gravely injured having to be bandaged.
    • Inuyasha himself gets this on occasion.
  • Mizho from Karakuridouji Ultimo whose bandages even double as Zettai Ryouiki. She also uses a crutch as weapon.
  • Seems to be an instance of Author Appeal in the manga Karneval, as characters commonly appear on the volume covers in bandages. Karoku is a notable example in that he wears bandages around his head and torso for most of his in-story appearances, for reasons that are currently unknown.
  • Rikka primarily in Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, including Eyepatch of Power and bandaged arms. Other characters, including Yuuta, sometimes show this style when in Chuni-mode.
  • Another male example in Loveless with Soubi, who wears bandages around his neck because the carvings on it bleed when he fights.
  • After Nanoha's Near-Death Experience in the Snow Means Death Flash Back of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, we are shown a picture of her connected to several life-support units, her upper torso clad only in bandages.
  • Given the number of battles and bad-until-magically-healed injuries sustained in Negima! Magister Negi Magi, there's a definite element to this. Mind you, this is a Ken Akamatsu series...
    • Oddly, this seems to apply to Negi more than it applies to any of the girls...
    • Although Evangeline is briefly like this in the aftermath of her fight with Setsuna during the first Tournament Arc.
  • Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion, in the first episode.
    • Subverted in Episode 23: Rei is in bandages AGAIN due to injuries sustained from Unit 00 self-destructing against Armisael. She goes home and discards the bandages, revealing she is injury-free.
    • Asuka ends up as such by the end. The doujinshi RE-TAKE uses that visual of her for all its worth. (Slightly NSFW)
  • Another male example: Kuranosuke Shiraishi from The Prince of Tennis, who wears bandages all over his left arm. There's a Running Gag of him either starting to take them off or threatening to do so, but it never happens. The manga and the OAV's reveals that the bandages actually hide a heavy bracelet/arm guard that acts as his Power Limiter.
  • In Private Actress, Shiho's friend Mariko is seen covered in bandages after she gets doused with acid by the Alpha Bitch Satoka.
  • Hayato Gokudera of Reborn! (2004) wore a bandage-centric outfit to his Ring Conflict battle, having nothing on under his gauze shirt, but wearing impractical skinny jeans and single-buttoned, almost non-existant jacket-y thing in spite of his other injuries. Makes perfect sense, right?
  • Milkit from Roll Over and Die has to wear bandages on her face after her previous master poisoned her because she was jealous of Milkit’s natural beauty. After Flum and Eterna cure Milkit of her poisoning, she prefers to keep her bandages on and only takes them off when she is alone with Flum.
  • Abiru Kobushi in Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei. At one point Abusive Email Girl Meru sends her a text message that "Bandage characters are no longer popular" and she protests that she really needs them.
    • Especially noticeable when Abiru is used by Chiri as an example of perfectly half-naked. Yeah.
      • She's really a parody of this trope, since the bandages cover injuries she brought upon herself by repeatedly bothering rather dangerous animals due to her tail fetish. Also she even admits she just puts them on even when she isn't injured as she likes the attention.
      • Although in the final OVA, Bangaichi, she does get labeled as "Ayanami" in a scrolling screen gag.
  • Shana from Shakugan no Shana, in the flashback of her first fight as a Flame Haze.
  • Snow White and Seven Dwarfs loves this trope, to the point where it'd be easier to name the characters who don't wear or end up in bandages at some point.
  • Mira Nygus from Soul Eater, most of the time.
  • Tiger & Bunny has taken to injuring Kotetsu/Wild Tiger for the purposes of getting him out of his shirt and into bandages.
  • Yamai from Wasteful Days of High School Girls always wears copious amounts of bandages on her body and limbs at all times, even while sleeping, not because she's injured, but because she's, well, Yamai.
  • Shizuka/Serenity from Yu-Gi-Oh! is going blind for a period early in the series, and wears bandages that completely cover her eyes after her eye surgery.
  • YuYu Hakusho: Mukuro double subverts this as her bandages conceal a face covered in horrific burns and scars, over but she still has plenty of ship tease with Hiei in the anime and a clear bond with him in both adaptations.
  • Zombie Land Saga, in order from least to most bandaged: Sakura (ankle, thigh, and upper arm), Saki (chest, right leg and elbow, and left arm), Tae (everything below her neck except her hands), and Ai (literally everything but a small gap she can see through). Of course, they're all zombies, so this isn't exactly played for cuteness.

    Comic Books 
  • Nara Kilday from Josh Howard's Dead@17: Afterbirth.
  • Laura Lochs, in her second appearance from Hack/Slash.
  • New Gods: The Female Furies leader Lashina, who, sometimes wears a black jumpsuit underneath, sometimes doesn't.
  • Cierra of Orange Crows is covered in bandages when the S.W.S. find her in the Wilderness. Five years of hard living in the desolate landscape, battling with monstrous Fairies, and fighting other criminals to survive have left her scarred up (on top of the injuries she received during the illicit experiment that led to her banishment in the first place). Even after healers fix up most of her injuries, Cierra continues to wear bandages as a makeshift eyepatch to cover her disturbing Magical Eye.
  • Painkiller Jane's 'costume' includes bandages wrapped around her legs, midriff and head.
  • Rebecca, the main character's love interest in Requiem Vampire Knight is a Cute Ghost Girl initially introduced wrapped in bandages.
  • Wynonna Earp got this treatment (especially on the cover) in the issue where someone attempted to mummify her.
  • X-Men: Lady Mastermind had a scene where she was clad only in bandages and a slipping hospital gown after the X-Men rescued her from a hospital.

    Fan Works 
  • RE-TAKE uses that visual of Asuka for all its worth (slightly NSFW).
  • The Second Try: In chapter 2 "Survive", set after Third Impact, Asuka's nearly whole body is wrapped in bandages -and one of her her eyes covered by a patch- for a good portion of the chapter, and Shinji can not help feel a greater than usual urge to protect her and help her.
  • Though not uncommon in the Naruto universe for shinobi, Ume from Sugar Plums takes it to a bit of an extreme. Under her clothing she is from the neck down covered in bandages because it actually looks more innocuous than people seeing all the scars she's accumulated over her relatively short (three years) career as a shinobi so far.
  • This Bites!: Thanks to Enel's Electric Torture, Cross's forearms and lower legs were flash-cooked inside his armor, leaving them looking like melted wax. Although he can still use his limbs and hands, they are now perpetually bandaged to preserve his exposed nerves.
    • Hattori slashing open his face means he'll be keeping his face bandaged as well.
    • Given that his future-self was covered in enough bandages to resemble a mummy, it's likely this trend will continue.

    Film — Live Action 
  • In Brazil, Jill wears a bandage on one of her hands. According to Word of God, it was added to give her "more personality."
  • Gabrielle in David Cronenberg's Crash straddled the line (metaphorically and literally) between abaisophilia and bondage, using chrome and leather/vinyl full leg braces.
  • Leeloo in The Fifth Element wears a "costume" pretty much made out of strategic "thermal bandages" as her first outfit.
  • Arguably the leads in The Human Centipede.
  • Ahkmenrah as a Mummy in Night at the Museum, especially in this picture.
  • In Prometheus, both Vickers and Shaw wear bandage-like undergarments, although Shaw spends more time wearing them (notably during the Cesarean section scene).



  • All the mummies from Monster High count, mainly the DeNiles and the Ptolemies. In case of the DeNiles, it is explained that they have to wear bandages at all times to avoid being reduced to dust. Extrapolation and off-hand comments, like the Ghoulfriends books calling a mummy's wrappings as innate as a werewolf's fur, makes it seem like this is the case for all mummies. However, they don't have to wear full-body wrappings, as much as one strip is enough, and Rule of Sexy is enforced almost constantly.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Warhammer 40,000 has the Sisters Repentia, members of the Adepta Sororitas who have forgone their armour and firearms in order to undergo penance for their sins, and charge into battle wearing nothing but ragged strips of cloth and wielding chainsaw-swords almost as tall as themselves.

    Video Games 
  • Animal Crossing of all things lets you purchase and wear a post-op patch over an eye. There's also headgear called "Dressing" that covers your entire head except one eye in bandages.
  • Ezio is briefly bandaged at the beginning of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's second sequence.
  • Ellie in Dead Space 2 after Nolas Stross takes out her eye with a screwdriver.
  • Xelors in Dofus are covered in bandages. Probably for good reason, as Wakfu reveals that they aren't even strictly organic...
  • Burn victim and all around badass Joshua Graham from Fallout: New Vegas, fully bandaged from head to toe apart from his Icy Blue Eyes, sometimes receives this treatment at the hands of the Fangirls.
  • Yoimiya from Genshin Impact uses this for modesty's sake, covering her chest and waist, as well as a set wrapped around her arm.
  • Final Fantasy XIII: Can Snow Villiers count? He is bandaged, and he is a (male) babe...
  • A.B.A. from Guilty Gear has bandages as most of her clothing, only wearing a miniskirt and very strange top besides. She also cuts herself open and uses her own blood to fuel several attacks, so those bandages get put to good use.
  • Alyx Vance in Half-Life 2 has bandages on her right wrist, probably after being injured in a fight or cutting herself on some machinery. Given that she uses her hand freely, the injury must be minor and/or mostly healed.
  • Official artwork of Eriko Christy (and her super-rare action figure) from Illbleed shows her with bloody bandages wrapped around one arm and both legs. Fulfilling certain conditions in a New Game+ can cause her to suffer such severe Clothing Damage that she's wearing practically nothing except a few bandages by the end.
  • In the The King of Fighters, Mature makes her comeback in XII as one.
  • Litty from The Legend of Dark Witch 2 regularly wraps several parts of her body in bandages, including her otherwise-bare chest. (Exposing tons of Underboobs in the process.) Her excuse is that she "gets hurt a lot."
  • Alta, the heroine of Mighty Flip Champs!, has the bandages-replacing-underwear variety.
  • Mileena's secret third outfit in Mortal Kombat, reproducing how she looked when she came out of the Flesh Pits - you also fight her like this in Story Mode, after Kitana discovers her existence. Crosses well over into Stripperiffic territory.
  • Female (and male) stars in The Movies recovering from chest augmentations wear these on top, and pajama pants on the bottom. The same set is available as a costume option for use in movies.
  • In Neverwinter Nights, when you first meet Aribeth, she is scar free, and her army is shiny and at %100. However, When she turns to the bad guys, she gets new armor, a new model, and a new portrait. You can see a heavy bloodstained bandage around her waist through the part of the armor that normally would have shown some skin
  • Kainé in NieR keeps her left arm and leg covered by bandages constantly. It's never revealed what's under them, but it's implied they were scarred in a Shade attack. Also, her bandages cover more skin than her actual clothes.
  • Ada Wong in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles is covered in bandages during her short scenario Death's Door.
  • Ursula from Riviera: The Promised Land is not hurt, but her attire can be described as "bandage that floats around and loosely covers her body." The same is true for the Half-Identical Twins Blue Fool and Red Sage.
  • Beating the Ultimate Bass Challenge in Rock Band 2 unlocks an all-bandages outfit for your created character.
  • Alessa Gillespie appears briefly in bandages during the game start animation of Silent Hill. This scene never appears again in the game.
  • In SoulCalibur 4, female custom characters have the option to choose a layer of bandages as their underwear.
  • Bandage Girl in Super Meat Boy can be seen as this taken to ridiculous extremes.
  • Touhou Project: Kasen Ibara's entire right arm is covered in bandages. Or rather is made of bandages.
  • World of Warcraft players can invoke this trope with either of two expensive "shirts" available in Wrath and otherwise stripping down to the waist.

    Visual Novels 
  • From the Ace Attorney series:
    • Viola Cadaverini from case three of Trials and Tribulations. She considers herself the "lover" of Furio Tigre, although it's debatable as to exactly what they've been up to. Given that he's flat-out terrified of her (or rather, her mobster grandfather), the answer's probably 'whatever she wants'. That bandage is the reason Furio Tigre had a debt himself.
    • Defendant Lana Skye cut her hand, supposedly while she was attacking the victim with a knife. You find out about this when the otherwise stern Lana holds up her bandaged hand to cover her mouth when she gasps in surprise at something said.
    • Kay Faraday also ends up covered in bandages after she gets attacked in case four of Ace Attorney Investigations 2
    • In Dual Destinies, Apollo Justice sports this look himself after he's injured in the bombing of Courtroom No. 4, though it's later revealed that he's wearing the eye patch for a different reason altogether.
  • Amnesia: Memories indirectly mentions this trope. In Heart World, the heroine is wearing bandages over her injuries. Waka mentions that she should keep wearing them, even after healing up, because the look has attracted more customers to the café. Similarly, Ikki looks at her and admits that he never thought about it, but that bandages can be rather sexy.
    Ikki: Makes me want to unwrap them.
  • Mikan Tsumiki of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is a strange example of a nurse who also does double duty as a Bandage Babe, having her entire right leg and left arm covered in bandages. She's extremely clumsy as a ploy for attention, which may explain some.
    • It is revealed during her Free Time Events that her injuries are from the physical abuse and bullying she suffers from her peers.
  • Chihiro's eyepatch in ef - a fairy tale of the two..
  • Caren from Fate/hollow ataraxia, not visible in her usual clothing (the most you see is some wrapped around her hands), however underneath most of her body is covered with bandages.
  • Anghel Higure's human design in Hatoful Boyfriend. The one on his chest makes sense— he's actually a bleeding-heart dove—but the eyepatch and arm bandaging is probably just for this trope.
    • He does talk about having a "Demonic Red Eye". ...Anghel is confusing.
  • Hanako from Katawa Shoujo may count, due to an artist pin-up found for her evolution over the years.
  • Downplayed example with Sachi Usui from Love At First Sight/Hitomebore: she's not covered in bandages but, more realistically, "just" full of plasters, bruises, scars and has gauze around her head. Of course, the most noticeable thing about her is that she's a cyclops. The game's creator actually has a fetish for both scars and cyclopes.
  • The attractive ojou Katja in Missing Stars wears a medical bandage over one eye. Much more hidden are the bandages she wears on her wrists, which can be seen underneath her school uniform. Eric internally comments on both when he meets her.
  • The Secret Character from Nameless has a bandage patch over his right eye to symbolize how beaten-up he became from Eri's constant playing with his teddy bear form before she forgot him.
  • Hazuki Azuma from Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito sports some bandages, if only for the aesthetic appeal. Though it may symbolize the mental injury that Hatsumi/Eve's disappearance has inflicted upon her...

    Webcomics / Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Zuko in the Avatar: The Last Airbender Grand Finale. He shows up with his eye bandaged in a flashback from his banishment, too.
  • Nefertina in Mummies Alive!. She's a mummy!
  • Helena Saint Tessero of Neo Yokio spends all of the first season in bandages and a hospital gown. At first it's because of the injuries sustained while being possessed by a demon, but she later keeps the look as a statement against her perceived evils of fashion and consumerism. Both the gown and the bandages are quickly adopted by other girls as trendy fashion statements.
  • Disco Mummy in Plastic Man's The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show looks like this.

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